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Horländer GmbH from Speyer

Horländer GmbH

Herr Klaus Müller

Werkstraße 5
67346 Speyer


Horländer GmbH, Werkstraße 5, 67346 Speyer Deutschland
GF: Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Klaus Müller
HR B 52407 Registergericht Ludwigshafen
Erfüllungsort und Gerichtsstand ist Speyer

Wir sind ein ehemaliger Betrieb der Kunststoff- und Papierverarbeitung. Wir verkaufen nunmehr unseren Maschinenpark.

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Eckputzmaschine Corner Rotox EPA 176
International voltage -2 x scraper -2 x end mills Liaw2 Supporting table
Berstorff ZE25RX40D-UT-UG - Doppelschnecken Extrud Berstorff ZE25RX40D-UT-UG - Double screw extruder
Make Berstorff GmbH, Type ZE 25R x 40D-UTS-UG, [...] 902011336-0010/2003, Double screw extruder , Screw diameter 25 MM, Vented ZE25, Number of heating zones: 8, Electric heating "Bröckskes type T245-010-895", Water cooling "Singl ...
Injection molding machine up to 1000 KN ARBURG 270 V 400-135
screw size:30 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol:65 g/PS closing pressure:400 kN daylight:270 x 270 mm opening stroke:350 mm mould height - Max./min.:200 mm control:Selogica (1. Version) daylight between platens - max.:550 m ...
Injection moulding machines Battenfeld Smart Power 240/1330
Control Unit Brand Unilog Model B 8 Bg7nw9uio3 Injection Unit Screw diameter 55 mm Stroke volume 653 Injection pressure 2041 bar Clamping Unit Clamping force 2400 kN Opening stroke 750 mm Distance between bars 670 x 620 mm Moul ...
Cold Circular Saw KALTENABCH SKL 400
saw blade diameter 400 mm cutting diameter 130 mm stroke 135 mm mitter cutting - all-position 0-45 ° turning speed range 1420 / 2840 U/min capacity 45 degrees: square 110 mm capacity 45 degrees: flat 50 x 240 mm capacity 90 degre ...
Profile transport trolley 5 Stck. PTW 20
5 pcs. Profile carriage mobile, L= 2000 W= 1400 H= 1900 mm, C8w2tvrr3 20 compartments per side, 84 mm profile width. Up to approx. 90-95 mm possible.
Doppelgehrungsssaege Rapid Gohl GCS
Control Gohl control system Saw blade ø 400 mm Max working length 3200 mm 23fgayst Saw motor 2,5 kw Olive drill Milling motor
Sweco LS-30 S 66 - Rüttelsiebe Sweco LS-30 S 66 - Vibro sieve
Make Sweco Europe SA, Type LS-30 S 66, No 50646, New unknown, Material Stainless steel, Vibro sieve (1x), Sieve surface 0,45 M2, Number of sieve decks: 1, Sieve sizes dia. 762mm (30"), With cover (plastic), Outlet 2x dia. 150mm, M ...
Plastering machine with feeder Urban SV 480 + WT 485
Plastering machine with automatic feeding Clmkdnw8 Tools for Rehau profiles available (Brilliant and Geneo) Disassembled and freely loaded
Injection moulding machines Battenfeld ECO Power 180/750
Control Unit Brand Unilog Model B 8 Injection Unit Screw diameter 50 mm Shot weight max 700 Stroke volume 442 Injection pressure 1714 bar Clamping Unit Clamping force 1800 kN Opening stroke 580 mm Distance between bars 570x520 m ...
Injection molding machine up to 5000 KN BATTENFELD BA 950 / 315 CDC
screw size 40 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol 182 g/PS closing pressure 950 kN mould height - Max./min. 250 - 725 mm opening stroke 475 mm tool clamping area 640 x 640 mm 420 x 420 mm Oipksj88c total power requirement 27, ...
Two Component Injection Molding Machine ARBURG 420C1000-150/80 2K
1,0 St. gebr. Zwei Komponenten Spritzgießmaschine mit Roboter Hersteller: ARBURG Typ: 420C1000-150/80 2K Baujahr: 2001 Schließkraft: 100 Tonnen Schneckendurchmesser 1: 25 mm Spritzteilgewicht: 45 ...
Zweikopfschweissmaschine Hassomat ZL2
Two head welding machine, two head welding machine, plastic window welding machine -2 x 90 ° welding Arm's length 1500 mm -Max profile height 85 mm Lh9y2 -schweißbare length of min 460 mm -schweißbare length max 2,900 mm
APV Products MP-19 - Doppelschnecken Extruder APV Products MP-19 - Double screw extruder
Make APV Baker ltd, Type MP -19, [...] NEF 950055 701/1, Double screw extruder , Screw diameter 19 mm, Number of heating zones: 5, Electric heating , Water cooling , DC-motor 2,2 KW 180V, Feeding with metering screw , New 1995, Wi ...
Glass bar saw Urban GLSM 200
Glass Strip saw with fence Bdnp77vuqn
injection molding machine Arburg 470C 1500-400 m. Wittmann Robot
Arburg 470C 1500-400 Year of construction: 2006 Control unit: Selogica Machine no. will be named in case of interest Operating hours: 36890 h Extras: - 1 x core puller - Wittmann take-off picker - 1 MSM vacuum conveying device - ...
Injection molding machine up to 1000 KN KLOECKNER-FERROMATIC FM 160
screw size 60 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol 380 g/PS closing pressure 1600 kN mould height - Max./min. 300-850 mm tool clamping area 700x700 mm 450x450 mm Bfqbyse2o8 total power requirement 45 kW weight of the machine c ...
Two Component Vertikal Injection Machin ARBURG 1500TS2000-350/150 2K
1,0 pcs. two components vertical Injection moulding machine Manufacturer: ARBURG Type: 1500TS2000-150/350 2K Year of construction: 1999 Bfutoh339y Closing force: 200 tons Screw diameter1: 40 mm moulded part weight: 163 ...
Single head welding machine Urban AKS 3310
Single head welding machine, plastic machine, fighter welding machine, butt welding machine Lh9hb pneumatic workpiece clamping Foot switch Dimensions 1450/1100/H1750 mm Weight 500 kg
Fb Lehmann VSC - Rüttelsiebe Fb Lehmann VSC - Vibro sieve
Make [...] Lehmann GmbH Aalen, Type VSC, No 010580, New 1993, Material Stainless steel, Vibro sieve (1x), Sieve surface 0,46 m2, Number of sieve decks: 1, Sieve sizes dia. 840mm, With cover (plastic), Inlet dia. 100mm, Outlet 1x d ...
Glass bar saw Rotox GLA 303
Cutting height: 32 mm Gfwn7gp Cutting length: 44 mm Cut 2 strips at the same time Saw blades cut at a 45 ° angle Pneumatic blade feed
Injection molding machine up to 5000 KN ARBURG 520 C 2000-800
screw size:35 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol:176 g/PS closing pressure:2000 kN daylight:520 x 520 mm opening stroke:max. 650 mm mould height - Max./min.:250 mm control:Selogica daylight between platens - max.:900 mm Yr2v ...
Injection molding machine up to 1000 KN KLOECKNER-FERROMATIC FM 110
screw size 50 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol 200 g/PS closing pressure 950 kN Bfqby2wbc9 mould height - Max./min. 250-700 mm tool clamping area 590x590 mm 380x380 mm total power requirement 33,2 kW weight of the machine ...
Injection molding machine over 5000 KN STORK SX6600-8600
screw size 98 mm injection shot weight in Polysterol unbkt. g/PS closing pressure 8600 kN B9gqfeec total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m
Four-head welding machine Hassomat LTW-4/2WT
pneumatic workpiece clamping – Schüco tool Qku3d0jhm
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