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Jan-Christian Maaß
Eichenhain 6
D-35641 Schöffengrund-Laufdorf

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE 251425102

Mr Jan-Christian Maaß
Eichenhain 6
35641 Schöffengrund-Laufdorf

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Car wash
Car wash BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH Waschmaschine Rotocleaner RC 1250RW-2T

BvL cleaning and degreasing systems are suitable for the surface cleaning and degreasing of degreasing of parts made of most known materials. The cleaning system is designed for aq... ...

cleaning machine
cleaning machine Teknox Robur 1000

2 heated tanks of 300 liters, one tank for cleaning and the other for rinsing. oil skimmer is in the cleaning tank the machine is also equipped with suction comes with 2 stainless... ...

Lanner chip centrifuge
Lanner chip centrifuge Lanner Spänezentrifuge Zentrifuge ME41-2K

Lanner batch centrifuge ME41-2 for removing oil from metal chips -Plug-and-play delivery and very simple operation -Very long service life, vibration-free operation -Compact and ea... ...

solvent metal washing machine
solvent metal washing machine IFP/Glogar KP50 HMA

Fully automatic solvent cleaning system KP50 HMA for operation with solvents (hydrocarbon or mod. alcohol) under full vacuum. The cleaning and drying process takes place fully aut... ...

sproeiwasmachine SME Reinigingstechniek

Italian spray washer fully insulated electric basket drive with new redutor and motor oil skimmer Basket with cogwheel Hmejt97up... ...

Cleaning Technology
Cleaning Technology metalas mc 100 mc 100

Metalas mc 100 steel Rseuh9f7lp Working seen on video 100 cm korg water jet powered... ...

Centrifuge RUMA MZ150

Ruma centrifuge MZ 150 Dozdnn Volume flows from 1 - 150 l/min Drive power: 4.0 kW (optionally 5.5 kW) Rotor capacity: 15.0 liters Solids filling volume: 10.0 liters Clean liquid w... ...

Centrifuge RUMA MZ90

Ruma centrifuge MZ90 Year of construction: 2007 Volume flows from 1 - 90 l/min Drive power: 2.2 kW (optional 3.0 kW) Rotor capacity: 4.5 liters Solids filling quantity: 3.0 liters... ...

Fully automatic SPS parts washer
Fully automatic SPS parts washer BIO-CIRCLE RWR 80L Auto KST

BIO-CIRCLE Type: RWR 80L Auto KST Description: RWR 80 L KST fully automatic SPS parts washer The RWR units from Bio-Circle are the optimum solution for cleaning internal circulatio... ...

Washing machine - Parts cleaning
Washing machine - Parts cleaning Filcon Waschmaschine WM-34

In General: Filling volume: 8,100 dm³ Maximum medium density: 1.05 kg/dm³ Medium: Water, quenching oil, WGK 1 Turntable diameter: 2,300 mm Equipment: Filter: Paper band filter Bn7... ...

Cyclon steam cleaner Machine cleaning
Cyclon steam cleaner Machine cleaning C.C.Technology

Steam cleaner stainless steel 400 V 16 Ampere 9 KW 6 meter steam hose Bn309jfeqsu 180 C... ...

metal parts washer
metal parts washer DURR ECOCLEAN UNIVERSAL 81 S

WE OFFER AN VERY NICE CONDITION DURR UNIVERSAL 81S TECHNICAL DATA: Description: Bn3beiwk27e Materials Tanks - Sheet Stainles Steel Flooring - Sheet Stainles Steel Housing -... ...

Washing machine
Washing machine MAFAC SF 60.40

1 x parts cleaning system Mafac SF 60.40 Year of construction: 1998 Technical data: Dakbkfhk (see photos) The machine can be inspected under power.... ...

Car wash
Car wash LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH PowerLine 600 T2

For sale is a used continuous cleaning system from LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH with the product designation PowerLine 600 T2. The machine is fully operational and can be inspected ... ...

heavy duty spray wash machine
heavy duty spray wash machine Metalas MCF1500

external dimensions: 2100x1730x2350mm Rkntf2qgo9 input via roller table max dimensions 1200x1200x800mm weight 1.074kg mobile feeding table oil skimmer... ...


Mfd. 2018 Uses Modified Alcohols, HFE Hydrocarbons Load Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 150h Load Weight: 30 KG Machine Dimensions: 1300 x 2000 x 2000h Bnnuea7uy9d Cycles/Hour: 4-6... ...

Car wash

Used parts cleaning system / single chamber spray cleaning system The system was partially overhauled by the manufacturer in 2023 for €9,000 and is in very good condition. All tech... ...

Parts cleaning system
Parts cleaning system Teijo 1600 PD-1

Professional machine for cleaning all kinds of parts such as engines, hardware, dirty parts, greasy parts etc ... The machine is in very good condition and comes with a cart and 9 ... ...

Car wash
Car wash Dürr Ecoclean 80 S

Used Ecoclean 80 S / 91 S, size 2, can be inspected at any time. Bwi2drijhi... ...

Industrial car wash
Industrial car wash DÜRR ECOCLEAN Compact 80P

Machine Durr Ecoclean Compact 80P (modified alcohol): - working hours - around 25 000 hours - cycles - around 20 000 - basket size - 530x320x200 mm - max. basket weight - 75 kg - ... ...

Brush washbasin Water without solvents
Brush washbasin Water without solvents Metalclean Waschtisch 8-BAR Pinselwaschtisch 3

Manual cleaning is carried out using special gloves in the front section. Bmcvjl9rcm8 The effectiveness of the cleaning is ensured by a 0-8 BAR wash pump and a special spray nozzle... ...

parts washer, spray washing machine
parts washer, spray washing machine Metalas MCF-1500

Parts cleaning system / Spray cleaning system Metalas MCF 1500 System was in use until our takeover in mid-March 2024. Basket: 1,200 x 1,200 mm (with beveled corners) Max. loadin... ...

Drum cleaning system
Drum cleaning system Roll RCTS 067-048-030-03

DETAILS Bmr097nf23 - Energy-saving design - For the use of hydrocarbon cleaning agents or modified alcohol - User-friendly system control with visualization and touch screen displ... ...

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Parts Cleaning System
Parts Cleaning System BUPI Golser Powertec DB7HP

Partial cleaning machine used in the production of machines. Max. Current consumption: 134.7A, total connected load: 78.4kW. Additional descaling system, 4 trolleys for loading and... ...

Spray cleaning system with 2 chambers
Spray cleaning system with 2 chambers Metalas

Spray cleaning system with 2 chambers. Cleaning, rinsing, and drying with hot air. Heated by means of 2 central heating boilers. Machine has an oil skimmer Workable size 2.2m - 2... ...