Marketplace rules

Specific offers only

Please only enter specific offers into the database. Listings that consist of general advertising such as „All types of XY machines“ will not be published. For each listing, either a specific machine or a fixed package of several machines must be offered. In case of a machine package, a clear description of the associated machines in the listing text is required. However, experience has shown that individual machine listings attract considerably more attention than machine packages.

Listings should always contain meaningful technical descriptions

Include a convincing description in the technical data field with your listings on Machineseeker. We do not allow listings which provide no technical data. Here you can find useful tips for creating sales-boosting listings.

Anonymous listings and listings with alternative modes of communication are not permitted

When submitting an listing, always include your full name and address. Anonymous listings are not permitted.

No phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses or internet addresses should appear in the text of an listing

Listings may not include phone numbers, fax numbers or e-mail addresses. Your contact data is automatically generated from your customer account and displayed in the finished listing too. Therefore, an additional entry of your contact data in the listing text is not necessary.

No internet addresses in listings

The listing text and the pictures of the offered machines may not contain internet addresses. If you are interested in logo advertising for your homepage, you can book it here.

No references to other listings

Listings cannot contain any references to other listings of a seller. Additionally, references to online shops of the seller as well as references to other trading platforms or auction platforms are strictly forbidden.

Machines listed as classifieds cannot be part of an auction simultaneously. .

Delete sold items

Please delete or pause sold items immediately. We try to keep our database as up-to-date as possible, so expired offers are extremely unwelcome and prohibited in our Terms & Conditions.

No re-upload after listing was deleted

The immediate upload of previously deleted listings is not permitted for reasons of distortion of competition.

Company logos may not be used in machine pictures or as pictures of machines

Do not use logos instead of pictures of machines. The placement of company logos in machine images is also prohibited.

Only use images that you are legally entitled to use

Likewise, photos whose copyright is held by the manufacturer or photos owned by competitors may only be uploaded with the written permission of the respective copyright holder.

No placeholder images

Listing images that only contain "photo to follow" or similar are not allowed.

Never copy texts from your competitors

Please write your own technical descriptions of the items that you are offering for sale. Copying texts and sections of text from the listings of other sellers is forbidden and usually results in awkward situations that are best avoided.

No keywords / search terms should be listed in listings

Only include technical descriptions which are specific to the machine you are offering. Using lists of keywords or search terms is not permitted. The inclusion of listings for other machines, products, consumable materials and general advertising is also not permitted.

No company names and word repetitions in listing title

The naming of one's own company name as well as word repetitions in the listing title are prohibited. Manufacturers are excluded from this regulation.

Select the right machine category

Please make sure to place your listing in the right categories – in your own interest.

No 1€ listings

Please do not indicate 1€ prices in the listings. Listings which show 1€ as purchase price (also as fixed price or negotiating basis) will not be activated. If you do not want to enter a price, please leave the price field blank. Then the note "Price info" will automatically be displayed for your listing.

No promotional titles in listings

Please provide relevant information in the machine type / vehicle type as well as the manufacturer and model field, and do not use promotional wording. Only this way your listings can be found by potential buyers via the search function.

Accessible telephone numbers in contact data

When entering your contact details, please make sure that you enter an accessible telephone number.

No duplicate listings

Do not list the same item more than once.

Additional marketplace rules for Buy-it-Now listings

Absolutely no contact information

It is not allowed to include any contact information in Buy-it-Now listings. In addition to telephone numbers, fax numbers, cell phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, this prohibition includes your own company name, your own company logo, your own address, and the names of contact persons. Likewise, pictures, videos, and file attachments shall not contain any contact information. Notes such as "Refurbished by [own company name]" are not permitted.

Location information in the "Listing location" section must be limited to city and country (e.g. Essen, Germany). It is not allowed to enter the exact address including street, house number, and postal code.

Detailed description

Buy-it-Now listings sell especially well if you include a content-rich description. Describe your Buy-It-Now listings in detail to facilitate uncomplicated sales and reduce your workload. Build confidence by making sure spelling and grammar rules are used correctly.

Recommended contents:

  1. Precise category classification
  2. Detailed technical description
  3. Areas of application, buyer groups (e.g., DIY, craftsmen)
  4. Descriptive image and video material (high quality)
  5. Optional: Compatibility with other machines, accessories, etc.
  6. Explanation regarding condition
  7. If applicable: Number of hours run

Single item listings only

Buy-it-Now listings must refer to individual items or assembly groups. A bundling of different items in one listing is not effective for Buy-it-Now listings and therefore prohibited.

Please always list items or assembly groups by creating an individual, new Buy-it-Now listing. This ensures that each new Buy-it-Now listing is assigned its own listing ID and, hence, purchases or purchase requests can be unambiguously attributed.

Conditions for simultaneous offerings on other platforms

Goods listed via Buy-it-Now may only be offered simultaneously on another online platform or in your own online store if the following conditions are met:

  1. The seller must ensure that the goods offered on Machineseeker are always available.
  2. Should an item be sold on another platform or via the own online store, the Buy-it-Now listing on Machineseeker must be deactivated immediately.
Note: All other marketplace rules also apply to Buy-it-Now listings.