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Dividing head, dividing head, tool holder for grinding, drill grinding machine, milling cutter grinding machine, drill grinding holder, milling cutter holder -Accessories: for dividing head 2k0hjcbbb -Socket: Ø 65 mm -Grooves: 16 mm -Dimensions: 370/210/H120 mm -Weight: 7 kg
Derby, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
296 km
ready for operation (used)
MM 890 trimmer 2 up attachment, castings only ! Cginchgy
second hand Made by Holz-Her Type PK Machine no. 2235 Motor 3.0 kW Cutting length approx. 5100 mm Cutting height approx. 2200 mm Middle edition Saw blade diameter 200 mm freestanding Support ledges wood Space requirement approx. 6000 mm x 1400 mm x 3100 mm Total connected load approx. 3.0 kW Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty Gj7jq8skq
Babenhausen Germany
1029 km
reconditioned (used)
Second-hand machine - year of manufacture 2013 overhauled by a specialist, with 6 months warranty The Quadro Filius is a program-controlled machine for the gentle processing of all types of roll dough. The following types of rolls can be produced: - Rustic rolls, square - Rustic rolls, square, dotted - Rustic rolls, diamond-shaped - Rustic rolls, triangular - Grain bars The machine is characterized by a high flexibility in the production of these bakery products in small and medium-sized busine...
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1137 km
base plate: 210x110 mm weight of the machine approx.: 60 kg Yqbzw0 space requirements of the machine approx.: 0,7x0,52x0,5 m copy device for grinding machines for grinding wheel forming ( profile device) details: - adjustment travel upper table longitudinal=60mm (manual) - transverse travel = 20mm - under frame=approx. 60mm ( lockable) - template table size 310x150mm perfect used condition
2 days left
Kirchlengern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
870 km
Harvesting attachment, manufacturer: BISO SCHATTENECKER, type: VX-TL, year of construction: 2015, serial no.: 615BTL6235, width: 750 cm, model VX-750 Crop Ranger, with trailer chassis BISO Profi-L, serial no.: 07F018, weight: 4,500 kg, axle load 1,700/3,000 kg, year of construction: 2015 Bveublvehl
Tapping chucks, thread chucks, tapping chucks, tapping attachments -with: slip clutch -Integrated reverse gear with: fast reverse -Thread sizes: M5-M18 -Recording: MK3 -Dimensions: 380/95 mm Bbyc2mhh7w -Weight: 2.6 kg
Derby, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
296 km
ready for operation (used)
2 up trimmer kit for a MM 251 trimmer, castings only ! Fb8kssx
Rotary table with digital display WALTER type Rt 400 HD dividing table, dividing head No: 5013 Year of construction approx. 1990 table diameter: 400 mm slot width of the T-slots: 14 mm table height: 128 mm table bore: 40 mm transmission ratio: 180 : 1 - Crank with fine adjustment - Digital display unit HEIDENHAIN VRZ460 Progr. 246 004 09 (display in degrees,000 = example 355,859°) - readable degree scaling on rotary table - manual mechanical clamping space requirement: 750 x 730 x 128 mm weight:...
Witten, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
840 km
max. ram stroke:100 mm Bex2qgl
4th and 5th knife attachment for Trimmer Müller Martini Zvgktplp Year 1999 - Serial-No. DSS 2609 -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect- -On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnb
Mörfelden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1007 km
Dough Dividing Machine WP Multimatic PRO G 5 INDIVIDUALLY APPLICABLE – The MULTIMATIC convinces the world with its unique properties: the particularly gentle dividing and moulding process, the maximum weight accuracy and the extremely solid design. Small artisan bakeries as weil as semi-industrial enterprises rely on the performance of the MULTIMATIC. As a stand-alone machine the MULTIMATIC is used upstream of further manual condition­ ing and it can be controlled manually. As head machine upstr...
Hydraulic clamshell grab, hydraulic rotary grab, shell grab, hydraulic grab -Clamshell grab attachment -Above locating bolt: Ø 60 mm -Above mounting intermediate dimension: 265 mm -Bottom location bolt: Ø 45 mm Fm9db2b0w -Bottom mounting intermediate dimension: 113 mm -Weight: 40 kg
Derby, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
296 km
ready for operation (used)
MM 360 - 2 up trimmer kit, castings only ! Tvcdgi0z
centre height 90mm spindle culvert in tie rod 25mm Bkwlcz9 transmission 40 : 1 weight approx. 41 kg  
Dividing head in very good quality Make: ACIERA from a F4 centre height: 110 mm spindle mount: SK 30 M12 Transmission ratio: 40:1 - Crank with perforated disc and scissors - perforated disc with number of holes 17, 29, 36, 37, 40, 42 Dimensions L x W x H 330 x 320 x 250 mm Weight: 25 kg good order Bech3afimh
Swivelling dividing head with perforated disc 3-jaw chuck diameter 130 mm Bvvw0j7bkb Counter-holder bridge Weight approx. 30 kg
We are ACCEPTING OFFERS for this unit! Visit our website EQUIPPO and send us your best offer now. Buying with Equippo is easy: • Fully inspected machines • Delivered to your jobsite Bdpt7gl3q • Money Back Guaranteed • Safe payment methods with possibility to pay at delivery 2005 - Erkat ER 1500 XL | Used Rotary Drum Cutter Attachment for 20t to 40t Excavators with quick coupler support. CE marked: No EPA marked: No 5 Inspection points 5 Approved 0 Imperfections 0 Issues Visit EQUIPPO to see t...
Dividing head, dividing head, tool holder for grinding, drill grinding machine, milling cutter grinding machine, drill grinding holder, milling cutter holder -Accessories for: dividing head -with: hand crank Fq2bjaz -Dimensions: 390/400/H200 mm -Weight: 28 kg
. Attachment for grinding tools , Fabr. LECHLER . type 060 29 make no. 025 year of manufacture 1978 . Scope according to pictures ! . ..... E3bjxc2
second hand Striebig brand Type 6220 A Year of construction approx. 1975-1980 Motor 4.4 kW Cutting length approx. 5100 mm Cutting height approx. 2150 mm Central circulation Saw blade diameter approx. 305 mm Wall mounting Slatted frame moving away Bpnndcvq0s Support ledges wood Extraction connection D 120 mm Space requirement approx. 6400 mm x 1400 mm x 2800 mm Weight approx. 1200 kg Total connected load approx. 4.4 kW Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the cu...
Reversible clamp, rotary table, dividing head PEISELER type 20.0000 Biiyfngf9b No. 715 table diameter: 500 mm Index pitch: 24 (15°) Drill hole in table centre: Ø 63 mm - Readable degree scaling on the rotary table - Lever for brake and engaging pin - 20 mm T-slots - turnable by hand or drive via central pin Dimensions L x W x H: 650 x 580 x 320 mm Weight: 230 kg sound condition
Baguette - dough divider JAC Paniform - Dough weight from 150g to 950g Nwxeh - automatic dough division and shaping - Easyflour enables flour dough to be floured in a single, flowing ergonomic movement - Automatic locking of the grid holder - Modular solution thanks to partial and molded grids - Space saving - fast and efficient - versatile use - 80 different grilles are offered - Up to 3000 dough pieces per hour are divided and shaped Connection 400V 1.5 kW, 16A-CEE plug Demonstration machine w...
Rotary table, rotary indexing table, dividing head, dividing head -Dividing attachment with: three-jaw chuck and crank -Chuck: Ø 160 mm -Dividing head: rotatable, swiveling -Dimensions: 540/470/H250 mm Bixs8k23ue -Weight: 67 kg
Schwabach Germany
1190 km
ready for operation (used)
.clamping surface , D = 320 mm.grid bores every 15°direct partsIndirect parts with two perforated discs. Fxfd2ww
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1110 km
second hand Make Striebig Type 6220 Year of construction 1983 Machine no. 870 SSD 2 V Motor 5.5 kW Cutting length approx. 5300 mm Cutting height approx. 2200 mm Middle edition Pvmilq Saw blade diameter approx. 300 mm Wall mounting Slatted frame moving away Support ledges wood Digital display B Extraction connection D approx. 120 mm Space requirement approx. 6400 mm x 1100 mm x 2800 mm Weight approx. 1200 kg Total connected load approx. 5.5 kW Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, un...
Aach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1192 km
good (used)
NC Attachment table Ø 560 mm The NC top table can be used vertically as well as horizontally THE NC ADD-ON TABLE FITS ON A COVER MAHO DMU 60 T , DMU 80 T , DMU 100 T ! THE NC ADD-ON TABLE IS IN A VERY GOOD CONDITION ! Lrqg30d2
Vibration frequency: 800/1200 double strokes/min Vibration amplitude 0-5 mm infinitely variable contact pressure 0-400 N weight approx. 28 kg The superfinishing unit is an attachment for stone finishing. It is suitable for processing pre-ground or finely turned surfaces. Etb2tg7 The device carries out an oscillating movement, the workpiece feed is carried out via the support of the lathe. The unit has been cleaned and checked. A new seal set has been installed and an oil change has been made (or...
Dividing head for milling machines Burfirstfv
Contactor, semiconductor contactor, contactor, power contactor, illuminated pushbutton, indicator light approach -Square D: indicator light attachment D1V1W -Diameter: 22 Vt027m -Price: per piece -Number: 100 pieces -Dimensions: 50/40/H55 mm -Weight: 0.05 kg/piece
Delloro dough dividing machine works very well Ikjzcrf from ca.50gramm to ca.450gramm
Bread dough dividing and kneading machine "Meisterhilfe" BTW 1 - divides, kneads and shapes rye and mixed rye bread up to 40% wheat content as well as the heaviest brown bread and wholemeal doughs perfectly without finishing - accurately produce dough weights from 500 to 3500 grams up to a dough yield of 180 - low space and power consumption Suvwwg - 1,45qm and 0,4kW/h
For sale is an almost unused vetikal NC- dividing head from Peiseler face plate 600 mm dividing accuracy +/- 10 sec. face plate load 800 Kg Pbe2n in counter bearing operation up to 1200 kg face plate speed max. 20 rpm. Servo motor Heidenhain QSY 155 D angle measuring device Heidenhain RCN 226 Own weight approx. 500 Kg
Frequence DH/min: max. 2200, min 2000 Amplitude 3-5 mm Weight 12 kg Stone guide stroke max. 25 mm With stone holder and tool holder for internal machining of holes (last picture). including manual VERY GOOD CONDITION-LOOKS LIKE NEW Mwb9lw Auxiliary equipment for Superfinishing of parts with a diameter of 10 to 100 mm and 1,000 mm in length. Superfinishing with plongée system auxiliary device. This auxiliary equipment of Superfinishing to install on lathes and grinders, is ideal for the Superfi...
The plant is 6-row. Storage on boxes 60 x 80 cm. Viewing possible by arrangement. Gg82sl07u
Contactor, semiconductor contactor, contactor, power contactor, illuminated pushbutton, indicator light approach -Square D: indicator light attachment D1V1Y -Diameter: 22 -Price: per piece Hynjuzr -Number: 40 pieces -Dimensions: 50/40/H55 mm -Weight: 0.05 kg/piece
extremely strong Kemper distributor fully automatic type 2 suitable for 25 to about 85 g dough. completely overhauled. Nljsd machine no. 040383
Dough dividing and kneading machine Fortuna Automat A3-30 -30 division -with 3 kneading plates -with knitting cut-off switch -electric head Xhobgq8 -weight range of dough pieces 32-80 grams -dough insert per kneading plate 960-2400 grams -weight of the machine approx. 540 kg
Matelica (MC), Italy Italy
(dealership location)
1790 km
ready for operation (used)
PRICE: On demand C0nqkmx
Biesse SELCO EB80 Saw length 3800mm Depth 3200mm. Cutting height up to 80mm Main + scoring saw motor 7 package clamps 10 roll bars 3 air cushion tables Machine year of construction 2004, only delivered in 2008 and relatively few operating hours. Connected load 19kW Weight approx. 3300kg New PC computer installed in 2020 with (Windows 10) G2vbllyb Available from KW25/2021 Still to visit in the factory at the customer ! Sale on behalf of the customer.
Protection class (IP): 54 / 34 Item condition: New from stock Manufacturer: Pfannenberg Current: 4,2 A Packing: Original packing Pressure (pmax): 10 / 28 bar Scope of delivery: With mounting accessories and operating instructions Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz Voltage: 400 V AC Warranty in months: 12 Item number: DTI 9841 Buppk90uyx
Absolute rotary encoders, encoders, rotary encoders, encoders, incremental encoders -Manufacturer: Balluff, Incremental Encoder from Lathe Kern CD 480 -Type: BDG 6360-0-05-W031-1024-65// -Price: complete Bqjwk8gnyc -Dimension: 100/90/80 mm -Weight: 4,3 kg
Wiesbaden Germany
980 km
excellent (used)
Normal center height: 200 mm Center height increased to: 230 mm with four-jaw chuck RÖHM, 250 mm Ø, bore 75 mm and Bpdvsgst7i Tailstock, center height 230 mm, taper MK 4
Babberich, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
740 km
excellent (used)
Specifications US Standard Metric Horizontal Yes Vertical Yes Diameter 220 mm indexing 360.000 ° Centre height 220 mm Control system Siemens 840D Dimensions Length 600 mm Width 400 mm Height 800 mm Weight 200 kg Horizontal: Yes Vertical: Yes Diameter: 220mm indexing: 360.000° Buk2ov273 Centre height:220mm Control system:Siemens 840D Length: 600 mm Width: 400 mm Height: 800 mm Weight: 200 kg Please Note: The information on this page has been obtained to the ...
Matelica (MC), Italy Italy
(dealership location)
1790 km
ready for operation (used)
ACCURACY INDEX: index 20" USEFUL HEIGHT: 180 mm Be9fbukm3t TABLE DIAMETER: 250 mm MAX ADMITTED LOAD: 125 Kg TABLE SPEED: 22 rpm WEIGHT: 132 Kg OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 380 x 455 x 334 mm PRICE: On demand
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
796 km
Dividing head SIP Clamping surface diameter 300 mm 8 T-slots 12 mm wide Yvt9krpr Tiltable 0-90 degrees Length 800 mm Width 600 mm Height 300 mm Weight 120 KG
Dough dividing machine weigher Kemper Imperator -Kemper Imperator dough weigher -with stainless steel hopper Bq0iloj3cq -mobile on rollers
Dividing head, dividing head, gearwheel, gears, lathe -Gears: 8 pieces -Shaft mount: Ø 28 mm -Teeth: 57/78/87/99/104/114/126/130 -Dimensions: see photo parts list -Dimension total. Ø 198 x 143 mm -Weight: 18.9 kg Dxl8sy
1 baked rotary table (adjustable) with 3rd jaws chuck, diameter 200 mm. Coqjanx

Used Dividing attachment

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