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A fully refurbished desiccant drum, replaced parts: Top and bottom centre wear seals in PTFE Bpl3hnjco Outer perimeter wear seals in PTFE Centre to outer seals in PTFE Fully guaranteed process in use since 2008 100% satisfaction Installation service available can offer replacement drum seal, O-rings and demisters All models available IMD260, MD27, MD50, MD100-MD400, MD600-MD800, MD1000-MD1300, MD1800-MD2600, MD3, MD4, MD5 & MD6 This is a service exchange offer
Certified Dealer
14 days left
Schenefeld Germany
879 km
good (used)
1. refrigeration dryer, manufacturer: KAESER, type: TB 26, S/N: 1336, year of manufacture: 1999 Byoxp73km
Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer -Drying capacity 1200 L / min -Max. Pressure: 13 bar -Operating voltage: 240 V -Dimensions: 485/350 / H450 mm -Weight: 23.5 kg Bfg2axiyr8
Used compressed air dryer Compressed Air Trocker Atlas Copco CD 60+, with all documents. Was replaced due to age, a maintenance and renewal of the drying agent is pending. Po3bz
Refrigeration compressed air dryer Donaldson Ultrafilter - still orignally packed - : Prices (net) ex location: now only 3.950.-€ instead of 4.950.-€! Refrigerated compressed air dryer for safe and economical compressed air drying Manufacturer: Donaldson Model: DV 2800 AP Type: 817A Year of manufacture: 2014 Etcbb0z80 Refrigerant: 134a, 6,5kg Volume flow m3/h: 2.800 = / min. 47 Differential pressure mbar: 120mm 16 bar 380-400V 4,3KW Compressed Air Volume: 62L, PS 16 Bar Refrigerant Vessel:...
The ADQ 3000 dryer is fully functional and ran until 09/15/2021. The following core data can be taken from the machine: - 11,8 Kw - Max. 13 Bar operating pressure - 50³/min. - Weight: 550 Kg. - Serial No.: CAI545416 - Maximum inlet temperature: 55°C - Last check: 21.04.2020 - The dryer is connected to the compressed air network after the compressors and before our compressed air boiler and is working. Byo3ze2e0l Please note: Bought as seen!
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
979 km
Cooling air quantity: 250 m ³/h Heat output: 965 W Compressed air inlet temperature: + 35° Compressed air outlet temperature: + 27° Flow rate: 75 m ³/h Bacz32rxu0 Operating pressure: 7 bar maximum operating pressure: 15 bar Compressed air connection: R 3/4 " Condensate separator, capacity: 0.5 l Quantity of condensate at nominal load: 316 g / h Electr. Connection: 220 V Weight: 105 kg Space requirements: 870 x 560 x 620 mm
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1137 km
operating pressure: 13 bar volume capacity: - 7nkgtxinl voltage: 230 V air-pressure connection: Aus- und Eingang: 1" Zoll total power requirement: 0,54 kw weight: ca. 52 kg dimensions L x W x H: 0,8 x 0,4 x 1,0 m - dehumidifying of compressed air - working pressure air conditioning max. 35 bar - refrigerant R 134 A - heat exchanger - size 320 x 180 x 315 mm - fan dia. = 260
Compressed air dryer, refrigeration dryer -Max. Pressure: 16 bar -Operating voltage: 380 V Vqgsyxq2r -Dimensions: 1050/950/H1770 mm -Weight: 556 kg
2,6m³/min - 156 m³/h - 16 bar - 230V 50Hz - connection output = G1" - Power of the installed motor (kW) = 0,58 kW - Actual flow at 7 bar = 160 m³/h (±10%) - Absorbed motor power (kW) = 0,33 - Height = 795 mm - Length = 407 mm Used. Good condition. Gxsa00 Only while stocks last. Subject to prior sale. Payment in advance. Delivery ex works within the EU.
Ingersoll Rand DPRA870/AC compressed air dryer Pzbaoto
Air consumption m³/h Motor output 1 kW Overall size mm Number of working hours h Weight kg Receiver L Effective free air delivery L/min Y7rgg L/min Max. pressure 16 bar Dimensions (LxWxH)
maximum pressure: 13 bar Power: 390 m ³/h maximum temperature: 55 ° C maximum ambient temperature: 43 ° C Electr. Drive: kW 220 V, 1.64 Weight: 80 kg Bebjkzfyzy Space: 600 x 600 x 1000 mm
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1137 km
operating pressure: bar volume capacity: voltage: V air-pressure connection: Zoll total power requirement: 0,16 kw weight: kg dimensions L x W x H: m Damwkzd dryer Buran Buran DSM, YOM 1998; capacity 0,16kW, possible pressure 16bar, Filter-Ultramat Typ AG 0009, with internal safety against overpressure - with oil separator
6,2m³/min - 372 m³/h - 16 bar - 230V 50Hz - outlet connection = G1"1/2 - Power of the installed motor (kW) = 1,27 kW - Actual flow at 7 bar = 400 m³/h (±10%) - Absorbed motor power (kW) = 0,4 - Height 795 mm - Length 407 mm Used. Good condition. Bw3i09soox Only while stocks last. Subject to prior sale. Payment in advance. Delivery ex works within the EU.
Hankison refrigerant dryer for piston compressors Delivery rate ~700l/min Power consumption: 0,47 KW Bpvpca8kyf Max. operating pressure: 16 bar Weight: 42 kg L*W*H 60*40*40 cm
The refrigeration dryer worked flawlessly until it was taken out of service by a professional company on 9/8/21. The last inspection was in May 2020. Technical data: - Type: T 430 E - YEAR OF MANUFACTURE: 1988 - Operating hours: unknown - Perm. operating pressure: 15 bar - Power: 1,2 kW - Capacity separator: 6,7 l - Refrigerant: R404A - Filling weight: 2,1 Kg - Last test: 5.2020 Bxx72rjpyl We sell the refrigeration dryer only to tradesmen and under exclusion of any warranty. We also assume no l...
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1137 km
volume capacity: 1,00 m³/min Electric capacity: 0,17 kw electrics - voltage/frequency: 220-230/50 V/Hz protection class: IP20 S8zhlurfn air pressure: min/max:15/45 bar weight: 38 kg dimensions L x W x H: 600x450x550 mm nominal power of the dryer: - pressure connections 3/8" - refrigerants R 134a - removal of condensate G - PED 97/23/EC - TSL 2°C - TSH 60°C The mentioned details are relating to a operation pressure of 40 bar, of a aior pressure entrance temparature of 25 °C, such as an ambient t...
delivery capacity: 9,50 m³/min max. pressure: 14 bar Ecuidbkk Only while stocks last. Subject to prior sale. Payment in advance. Delivery ex works within the EU.
Centrifugal Condensate Separator Carbon Steel Shell MTA Type MS270 Airflow 1620m3/hr or 27 m3/min Height 685 mm, Width 380 mm Flanged DN80 Weight 24 kg Gxq79g -10/+ 65 Dgr C (See Data Plate)
Build in 2007 2tdh9u Pressure max 16 bar Desiccant dryer, heatless regenerated
ALUP ADQ720 12.0m3 DRYER 2018 Refrigerant dehumidifier ALUP ADQ720 Capacity 12000 l/min Year 2018 Dehumidifier fully operational; Bocz8l8qu we provide service. net price 8800 pln gross price 10824zł
Compressed Air dyer Operating pressure: 13 - 18 bar Flow rate at 7 bar: 12,7 m^3/min Ezcgokb Voltage: 400 V Weight: 660 kg Overall dimensions: 1050 x 1550 x 1500 mm
The air dryer is in good condition, tested and maintained. - The dryer has a level sensor condensate separator, which separates condensed water from the system only if it has formed. As a result, the dryer is more energy efficient. - Line connections: 2" SK Producer: Almig Model: ADQ 1000 Year: 2009 Capacity: 16 660L/min, Max 12 Bar Motor: 2580 W 2kde79b9 Power: 400V / 50 Hz / 3 F Weight: 168 Kg Sizes: 690 x 770 x 1300 mm We offer line filters for the compressed air dryer to ensure the best c...
Beckingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
957 km
good condition (used)
Compressed air refrigeration dryer Manufacturer Atlas Copco Type FX7FC C98xf3rju Year of manufacture 2018 Was little in use Very good condition
Energy Saving Refrigerant Dryer Kaeser TF280 SECOTEC Bwpfo99uxr Build in 2014 Pressure 16 bar
The dryer has a cold accumulator and therefore does not run constantly Max. Pressure are 15 bar Air flow rate at 8 bar is 2000 l/min. Dyh2lq Air connections 3/4"
Zander adsorption dryer, pressure booster KE-MT 15 Operating overpressure: 7 bar Permissible operating overpressure: 16 bar B8ffmo9c Volume: 24,4 L Medium: compressed air
Compressed Air dyer Manufacturer: Kaeser Type: TE 141 Manufacturing year: 2001 Operating pressure: 13 - 18 bar Flow rate at 7 bar pressure: 14,3 m^3/min Voltage: 400 V Weight: 660 kg Overall dimensions: 1050 x 1550 x 1500 mm Bxsqruaz80
Burgoberbach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1171 km
good condition (used)
Fully functional 2 stck available, can be viewed . Bxcvz3hw8p
Air dryer from Schneider Model DK 1000 PT. Gxtu9s Due to a new compressor system, the fully functional air dryer is sold.
Staphorst Netherlands
701 km
ready for operation (used)
These heatless compressed air dryers provide clean, oil-free, dry compressed air. It is energy efficient and can deliver a pressure dew point of -40°F. The CD17+ is equipped with an integrated afterfilter. Clean, dry air improves production efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and downtime. MIN/MAX Working Pressure: 58/232psig Bvvtp7ji03 Air quality ISO8573.1 CLASS 2.1 standard.
Rogowo, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1400 km
good (used)
Air dehumidifier 7 bar 13200 litres/min. Vr3hi8k2
Compressed Air dyer Operating pressure: max. 16 bar Temperature range: 5 - 43 celsius Voltage: 400 V Bxsqiv7rf3 Weight: 625 kg Overall dimensions: 1300 x 900 x 2100 mm
Beko Refrigerant Type Dryer + nominal power 0,18 kW + air output G1/2 BSP-F + dimensions L x W x H 740 x 345 x 420 mm + max. compressed air input temperature 70°C + Min./max. operating pressure 4/16 Mxiez + 230 V
Refrigeration dryer Kaeser SECOTEC TF 340 manufactured in 2014, flow rate: 34 m3/min., refrigerant: R-134A, Kaeser filter, operating pressure: between 3 and 16 bars. Normal ambient temperature: between +3 and +450C, max. inlet air temperature: +600C, weight: 415 kg, size (L x l x h): 2000 x 835 x 1230 mm. Very good condition. Price Euro 3.600 Euro + VAT, FCA: Oradea/Romania Irrtum, Anderungen und Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten / Subject to errors, changes and prior sale / Ne rezervăm dreptul l...
Energy Saving Refrigerant Dryer Kaeser TF280 SECOTEC Build in 2016 Pressure 16 bar Bwpfmkfcdi
Used refrigerator dryer offered with energy efficient SECOTEC control with electronically controlled condensate spot The dryer is fully functional and in very good condition. Has been technically checked POWER SUPPLY: 230V / 1 / 50Hz PRESSURE: 16 bar FLOW: 2.1 m3 / min DEW POINT: 3 ° C MAXIMUM AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: 50 ° C TYPE OF GAS: R-134a 1' connection P0nf3w3h
I offer an adsorption dryer from the company Zander. You can use it to prepare compressed air for the mechanical and medical purpose. The dryer can be viewed on site. Since it is a used machine I can take over no guarantee or warranty. Brwbpnxon7 The dryer ran until about mid-January but was disconnected because a new compressor has been purchased.
Compressed Air dyer Operating pressure: max. 16 bar Temperature range: 5 - 43 celsius Voltage: 400 V Weight: 625 kg Overall dimensions: 1300 x 900 x 2100 mm Ikkeozn
Herrenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1132 km
as good as new (ex-display)
DRYPOINT® RA, the most economical way to dry compressed air - incl. level-controlled condensate drain BEKOMAT - Technical data: Volume flow (m³/h)* 21 Volume flow (m³/min)* 0.35 Volume flow ( l/min)* 350 Power consumption (kW) 0.16 Compressed air loss ( Δ p bar [g]) 0.02 Air connection G1/2 BSP-F Dimensions (mm / HxLxW) 740x345x420 Max. Compressed air inlet temperature (C°) 70 Min./max. operating pressure (bar [g]) 4/16 Min./max. ambient temperature (°C) 2/50 Electrical connection 230 V, 50-60...
Flow treated according to temperature of compressed air input - 35° C: 36m³/h; 21,2 cfm - 40° C: 29,5m³/h; 17,4 cfm - 45° C: 24,8m³/h; 14,6 cfm Nominal electrical power: 0,16 kW Bj0kqalmf3 Power supply voltage: 230V/50 Hz./1 Ph Refrigerant gases: R134a incl. Oil Condensate Seperator S13
Freeze Dryer Kaeser TE 141 SECOTEC® Serie for compressed air systems Technical specification: Flow rate: 14,3 m3/min Gauge pressure aiir system: 3-16 bar Power consumption: 1,6 kW (at 100% flow) 0,88 kW )at 50% flow) Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph Rated current: 4,6 A Dimension (W x D x H) : 1060 x 1520 x Dye2iq 1513 Weight: 660 kg
Atlas Copco Refrigeration dryer FX13 Fv2wwu3zw Compact, fully automatic, air-cooled compressed air drying system. Final pressure: 13bar Volume flow: 9.90m³ / min
Donaldson ultrafilter HRS-SGD 2400 M compressed air dryer Donaldson ultrafilter HRS-SGD 2400 M Heat regenerating adsorption dryer Dryer type: HRS-SGD 2400 M voltage: 400 V Operating pressure: 4-10 bar Prefilter element: MF 02/5 Post-filter element: PE 02/05 Tank: Adsorber DN 750 Volume: 610 liters PT: 16,16 bar PS: 0 / 10 bar year: 2016 flanged radiator: 32,5 kW Typical applications for the HRS adsorption dryers are ● Central compressed air treatment: Generation of dry, oil-free and particle...

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