CNC Hungaria Kft. - used machines in Tát

CNC Hungaria Kft.

CNC Hungaria Kft. from Tát:

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Ms Krisztina Erdősi-Szabó
Gorkij fasor 32.
2534 Tát

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Jig Exeron Exeron 312 MF

Exeron 312MF Machine no. 2140 Bl7dbythide Year of construction: 2002 Machine hours: 19835 Travels: X = 450mm Y = 300mm Z = 300mm... ...

Plunge edm
Plunge edm ONA TECHNO H 300

HEAD: Electrode holder stroke: 300 mm Maximum weight of the electrode: 100 kg Maximum weight of the electrode with STATIC C axis: 50 kg Maximum weight of the electrode with DYNAMIC... ...

Jig ONA Poli spark IN 260 S2000-60A

ONA Poli Spark die-sinking EDM machine Type: IN 260 S2000-60A Bed: 410 x 645 mm Documentation included Machine dimensions: 160x130x215 cm LxWxH Bi98i0pfq7i Cabinet dimensions: 130x... ...

Jig HANSEN 750 S

1564 1 gebr. Senkerodiermaschine Jstoisqwrt - ungeprüft aus Lagerberäumung - HANSEN 750 S TNC 121 / Eropuls NC-2000 ca. 500 x 300 x 375 mm Tisch ca. 780 x 500 mm Platzbedarf ca... ...

EDM machine
EDM machine OPS Ingersoll Gantry 500 / 64 bit HSJ

Year of manufacture: 2004 Generator: 70 ampere, multipulse Jbcpaz3o0f Control: Mitsubishi - 64 bit CNC HSJ technology (High Speed Jump) Speed Jump max. 12.000 mm/min. Programming s... ...

The sinkers
The sinkers Agie Agietron Innovation 3

Agie Die sinker Fntrc8by... ...

edm ona H300
edm ona H300 ONA H300

capacity 400X300X300MM table 550X400MM Bldyquar9... ...

Drahterodiermaschine Mitsubishi FA 20S

Alarm contact: alarm hand wheel Dlhj0z... ...

EDMs machines
EDMs machines STRATHCLYDE STZ 30-25

Made in China Z8jcmomt Spark Plug / elektroerosive sinker X 400, Y 350 Table 400x500 To machine is no technical passport (only user´s manual in czech language)... ...

Jig Dieter Hansen 450 C

EROCOM die-sinking EDM machine 3zuh7qeewt Control Heidenhain ME 102... ...

EDM 312MF30
EDM 312MF30 Exeron SLM

EDM312MF30-SLM (second-live machine) Technical data: Adjustment travel: 450x300x300mm workpiece clamping table 820x400mm tank size 900x520mm filling height 300mm distance table/ele... ...

Eroding machine
Eroding machine Hansen

Hansen eroding machine 450S 7NC complete as spare parts carrier control TNC 125 0pf3ectv... ...

Cavity Sinking EDM - Machine
Cavity Sinking EDM - Machine Eurospark H 425

table length 430 mm table width 300 mm Crrbtij x-travel 260 mm y-travel 160 mm z-travel 300 mm weight of the machine ca. 0,5 t... ...