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Insulating glass making machines for sale

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Two-component sealing system as good as new Siliconizing machine from Rheinhardt Technik Conti Flow Vario ! Conti Flow Vario is a precision gear metering system. Multi-component ! Ogkhefe Two component sealing system !
Hotmelt extruder machine Machine specifications: * Capacity of 50 kg tank * Adjustable speed for material * Temperature control systeem in 2 stages * Low temperature safety system Bvupwtsugz * Sensitive temperature adjustment with pid control system * Easy adjustable digital temperature system * Timer system * reliable and compact hose/gun
Both machines are from running production and ready for immediate use. Bweuwy2pbs Data: Bayer Bender with Videojet Printer: - Type: TE - Serial number: 1.110 - Year of construction: 1994 - Weight: 1590 kg - Power: 400V, 50 Hz, 1.5 kW, 5.2A, 6bar Bayer Frame filler: - Type: RFA - Serial number: 2.110 - Year of construction: 1994 - Weight: 1000 Kg - Power: 400V, 50Hz, 1.5 kW, 5.5A, 6bar Price including Bender, Printer and Filler 4.000 € ex works Pleystein
Giętarka do ramek dystansowych Lisec BSV-45 wraz z podajnikiem do ramek oraz drukarką. Min. wymiar ramki: 250 x 150 mm Max. wymiar ramki: 3000 x 2200 mm Napięcie: 380-3/N~50Hz Złącze: 10 kW Pvu7tm Ciśnienie: 6 bar Waga: 1125 kg Gwarancja rozruchowa.
machine in working order, will be removed for plant change available in August, stainless steel washing tanks Bwlar7duns
Lisec VHW-25/V8 washing machine with 1 inlet and 2 outlet conveyors. High: 2500mm Low-E brushes Bumks9kw8v
BYSTRONIC / LENHARDT 5000 x 2700 – Gas + Robot + Scanner Autom. IGU Glass production line, H=2.7 m Gas press, Robot, Scanner Right – Left Max. glass sizes: 5000 x 2700 mm, Year: 1997 / 2012 – GW-SU-2,70, Washing and Drying Machine (8 brushes) with Inlet Conveyor, – Water treatment station, reverse osmosis, – Quality Scanner, Viprotron, year: 2009, – Frame Mounting Station, – ZP-2,70-3,50-VR-SP-G-1AS, Autom. Gas Filling Press, – Cork pads applicator, – Sealing Robot, Bystronic, year: 2012 Bvpaln...
Automatic profile bender High-tech automatic machine to bend the spacer hollow profiles to produce spacer frames in single piece. The machine can process spacer hollow profiles in aluminum 2smeeu The machine is basically made up of magazine with 8 feeding stations, main body and control desk panel. • Magazine (8 feeding stations) Solid structured steel, coated with two-component anticorrosion paint. The process starts in the magazine (supply chamber), which is made of 8 feeding station housing ...
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
ready for operation (used)
Butylextruder in working order, manufacturer Lenhardt Bnrb0jstwj
Pleystein Germany
1246 km
good (used)
Data: - Type: PM-45/4 C2j9gbn3 - Serial number: 0594 - Weight: 500 kg - Year of construction: 1994 - with automatic material feed - with discharge conveyor and grid enclosure - Power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 6 bar Price on request
Technical data Hersteller: Tamglass Type: HTF-2442-CTA-10-L Baujahr: 1996 Glasplattendicke: 4 -19 mm Glasplattenbreite max: 2400 mm Glasplattenbreite min. : 200 mm Glasplattenlänge max: 4200 mm Glasplattenlänge min: 300 mm Leistung (Heizung) 630 KW Bhccy73s Leistung (Gebläse) 526 KW Steuerung: Karten gesteuert Aufstellungsfläche: 26 x 6 m Zustand: gebraucht, betriebsbereit, zu verkaufen wie gesehen
Glass-Robot :Automat do uszczelniania szub zespolonych w bardzo dobrym stanie. Kierunek pracy z lewej do prawej. Max. wysokość 2,3m Ju8s0u
Lisec AKL-25V Condition: Good working order Height: 2500mm Bfeupzqlbj Year: 1996
In excellent condition washing machine from the top brand Forel. The machine has been serviced in 2018 and is in very good condition. The machine has an assembly part and a roller press. Machine specifications: * Automatic inlet part: 3600 mm * 6 brushes washingpart: 2590 mm * Brushes Low E compatible * Automatic out part 2400 mm * Assembling station part: 3600 mm Bpvpl2veng * Roller press * Automatic outpart 3600 mm
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
ready for operation (used)
automatic frame bending machine for aluminum + stainless steel +plastic Blrafk78yz
LiSEC TAL-60 N, PU System for Manual Sealing of I.G. Units Using 2-Component Sealants Year: 1996 Hn2pm2kn3 PU Barrel pump: 200L A component and 20L B component . Profile width: 6 – 24 mm In good working condition. Available: NOW
Data: - Height: 2700 mm Jidkzdr - Infeed and outfeed conveyors as required Price on request
Bender and backfilling machine for spacer for insulated glass units Nn8qr
Armatec crane system 250Kg Dimensions: Lenght: 8,6m Width: 5,3m High: 4m Bgy2a0mbwv
The DFN632 drills the spacer frame externally using 2 drills set at 90° to enable the desiccant material filling, the 2 holes are then hermetically sealed by the application of butyl rubber. The spacer is drilled externally to leave the receiving walls intact. The machine is also capable of managing shaped spacer filling in addition to adapting to the variations in spacer dimensions. 1 to 4 sides of the frame can be filled, above all using either one or both heads. Only one operator is needed to...
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
excellent (used)
Frame bender with drum magazine for 8 profile widths F9zluzd
Bystronic-Lenhardt VA 1K-V 1.60 3.80 Sealing Robot Year: 2011 Direction: Right to Left Double barrel pump: 2 x 200L A component and 2 x 20L B component . IGU size max.: 1600 x 3500mm IGU packages max.: 60mm Glass thickness max.: 15mm Shapes: No Pbt7j In very good working condition. Available: July 2021
Maximum glass thickness up to 100mm Glass weight up to 500kg Siemens control 8 brushes in the washing machine With tilting table length 3700mm at the end of the line Iqhwoer
Lisec RZVS-25/25 Automatic butyl extruder Ix7nwfeae Height: 2500mm
Product Features: • Stainless steel washing unit • Equipped with 2-4 or 6 brushes • Durable tire transport wheels • Business direction 'back and forward • Adjustable working speed with control switch • Stainless steel water tank • Adjustable temperature of washing water by digital indicator • Electrostatic powder coating for long-term protection • Dry fan Glass thickness 3 - 12 mm Min. Dimensions 160 x 320 mm Max Dimensions 3000 x 2000 mm Ojkltn8
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
ready for operation (used)
Butylextruder in working order, manufacturer Lenhardt B2x89nop
LiSEC, Right - Left - A2RL-25/25HA, 1995, Fully Autom. Tandem Desiccant Filling Machine for Bent Spacer Frames - LBH-25AR, 2009, Autom. Butyl-Extruder / Butyl Application System Blu2f7zijs Very good condition. Dismantled.
Line after renovation, working. Available from 1.04.2021 Modernized-production of two-chamber narrow door inserts-100mm .... Wsmkwuj7
A complete line for the production of insulating glass units is on sale. Iiaizkanw
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
ready for operation (used)
Butylextruder in working order from manufacturer Lenhardt X9ox3gof
2001, LiSEC, BSV-45ANK + PM-45 Automated Bending Machine for Spacer Bars In very good condition Bkqpstofff
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
excellent (used)
Break and tilt table with air cushion, hydraulically operated with integrated breaking bars for jumbo sizes. Bhgmiiuo3l
Autom. IGU Glass production line LiSEC, h=1.6 m, Jwnz83 Gas press / Robot, Right – Left Max. glass sizes: 2500 x 1600 mm, Year: 1994 / 2000 - VHW-16/V8, Washing and Drying Machine (8 brushes) with Inlet Conveyor, - RSV-27/16U, Frame Mounting Station, - FPS-25/16U, Autom. Gas Filling Press, y. 2000 - VFL-1 + DOS-1TH, Sealing Robot - Outlet conveyors. In good condition.
Light over-craning with suction lifter and rail system, very good condition, load capacity 350 kg Bplklx0m
Light over-craning with suction lifter and rail system, very good condition, load capacity 350 kg Bvchhsegzu
Light over-craning with suction lifter and rail system, very good condition, load capacity 350 kg Bozofgiq
Roller tilting table, hydraulic, particularly suitable for heavy glass discs, very good condition, external dimensions in horizontal condition: L=5300 mm, W= 2400 mm Br0liczhqg
Roller tilting table, hydraulic, particularly suitable for heavy glass discs, very good condition, external dimensions in horizontal condition: L=5300 mm, W= 2400 mm Gnncnq9h
Glass size max. 2500 x 1600 mm, working direction right - left, main components: Edge deletion, washing machine, frame conveyor, assembling station, gas filling press and robot sealing Btwmo3v
Light over-craning with suction lifter and rail system, swivel range 90° horizontal to vertical, very good condition, load capacity 500 kg Bslomu9aad
transport line for insulating glass, manufacturer Lisec, for glasses up to 3,5 m high Bl9rr2soom
Aschersleben Germany
1058 km
ready for operation (used)
rolls-work-table l= 2400 mm, w = 1200 mm, h = 945 mm Tpgmvmud
Hight 6,00 m, length 4,00, lifting capacity max. 630 kg Btmju7si9r

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