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Laboratory installations for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Available with 96 well and 384 well. Bh90verw 6 filters. more
Hand Trefactometer, Refactometer Ubzkt2nl2 -Dimensions 165/55 / H40 mm -Weight 0.3 kg more
Here we offer you a spectrophotometer. From the QC laboratory to the research laboratory, the SpectronicTM HeliosTM series offers you more versatility and productivity, to meet your analytical requirements. Yudpc7e Scanning single beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer Wavelength range 190-1100 nm, fixed bandwidth of 2 nm Local control or MS Windows VISION PC software Type: Helios Gamma condition: used / used Scope of delivery: (See pictures, including accessories as shown) (Changes and errors in the tec... more
Year of manufacture 12.2010 Type 2-447BST with lighting and suction L x W x H Bi0alqjhx3 810 x 640 x 1350 mm 230 V, 140 Watt more
Hamo T420 cleaning and sterilizing machine APPLICATION For efficient cleaning of various materials and components such as glassware, vessels, filling equipment components and and other parts in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. DESCRIPTION - The l-lamo T-420 Pharmaceutical Washing Machine is equipped with a programmable PC controller control system. - Hamo Pharmaceutical Grade washing machines are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented to the latest GMP ... more
Exposure system Category: Laboratory equipment Used exposure system Made in Germany Manufacturer: IST METZ GmbH Type: "Cold Mirror" conveyor system M-30-2x1-BLKU-TR-5SS-N2-SLR / M30-1-MBS year of construction: 2005 make/serial number: 0.34309/054908 Year of construction: 2010/2011 (radiator) Weight: approx. 1.000 kg Accessories: UV LED lamp HP8-70x50-365/12 Switch cabinet with control New price at that time approx. 60.000,- CHF Biwjhpzn3f Current selling price 8.000,- € more
Refurbished, gets certified before shipping. The 96-capillary 3730xl DNA Analyzer is the Gold Standard for high throughput genetic analysis. The 3730xl is used for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, SNP analysis, mutation detection, and traditional DNA sequencing. Get the highest quality data at a low cost per sample. F3zaynz more
Metal Detector / Metal Seperator from the German Company MESUTRONIC Type : Pharmatron 05 - CI Touch Biq7bk72gm included technical Documentation for continuous Products e.g. Tablets / Pills - for mounting on Tabletpresses and Dust extractors with automatic (pneumatic) ejection of contaminated products more
The disposable isolator HECHT EWI can be used for safe and contamination-free dosing, sampling, decanting and weighing in of small quantities of highly active or highly dangerous substances. It is a closed foil system. The different types of manipulation can be carried out with the help of gloves. There is also a connection adapter with a customized uploading container (barrel, box or bag). There is a weighing system which is located outside the isolator (only the weighing plate is in the isolat... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 80W, length: 1850mm, width: 950mm, height: 2600mm. Bibno7wrxq more
Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC 500 The Cytomics FC 500 is a sophisticated benchtop flow cytometer equipped with Beckman Coulter's most advanced technologies. Laser Dvxxg2y0m - Air-cooled argon ion laser, 488 nm (20 mW power) - Air-cooled helium-neon ion laser, 633 nm (20 mW power) - Argon laser beam spot size: 10 microns high and 80 microns wide (elliptical) - Helium - neon laser beam spot size: 9.5 microns high and 85 microns wide (elliptical) Detectors - Forward scatter side scatter detectors ... more
Refurbished, gets certified before shipping. The ABI QuantStudio 3D is a simple and affordable platform, producing absolute quantification data with the precision and sensitivity needed for demanding applications. The system uses sealed chip technology that provides streamlined, reliable, and robust methods for performing digital PCR. It is less than 50% the price of competing platforms, a turn-key chip based workflow, and concentration measurement in copies/microL without standard curve. Ejrvvb... more
- Our offer number: 27/99 - Laboratory quick stirrer, stirring unit consisting of: - Manufacturer: Janke + Kunkel / IKA - Type: RE162 E Controller/Controller - with 2 speed controllers of 10-1600 rpm - Serial number: 609828 - 230 watts, 190-250 volts Bfhuzu9nio - The glass from the display is broken (see photo) - Manufacturer: Janke + Kunkel IKA - Type: RE162A agitator - from 10-1600 rpm - 5-190 V - Serial number: 612678 - Stand/tripod max. height up to drill chuck approx. 570 mm - Tripod feet... more
Type: easy load 7518-10 Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz I9b3qqd Rotation speed: 600 rpm more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Temperature range: -40 to 180°C, ambient temperature: 5-35°C, connected load: 6.5kW, weight: 340kg. Bh09ukd8a2 more
"Clean Air fume hood Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 180 x 54 x 60 cm External dimensions of the complete print (WxDxH): 193 x 86 x 227 cm very solid and high quality The cabin is made of stainless steel Nhp8r - USED PRODUCT - More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request!" more
Here, we offer laboratory work. Used lab work for the cell production of lithium-ion batteries 3-axis robot in glovebox to the construction of Conizellen or mixture of fluids with precise dosing Manufacturer: KMS automation Construction year: 2013 Documents are available Dimensions: (Lxwxh) 4.7 x 1.8 x 2.2 m Weight 1600 kg Accessories: -Glovebox (MBraun) with 2 vacuum locks, 1 x Heatable Gas cleaning plant Dosing unit for µl volumes with rinsing unit -Conizellbauteilracks Camera system Precision... more
CA 94598, United States United States
3840 km
refurbished (used)
5 filters. Vs7c9u The 7500 Real-Time PCR System is a powerful platform for labs requiring superior performance and maximum dye versatility. This system is a sophisticated platform for users who require extended capabilities and maximum versatility. more
Laboratory Coater for coating laboratory sheets (metall or plastic) Bflii2cjx7 more
Brieselang, Germany Germany
dealership location
6702 km
Incubator with control up to approx 80 ° with about the internal dimensions 400 x 500 x 350 Fqy7rbz more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. frame stencil dimensions: 820x736mm, connected load: 4.2-9kW, weight: 570kg. Benlcaql3b more
CA 94598, United States United States
3840 km
refurbished (used)
24 capillaries, syringe - Research ONLY. The ABI 3500xl- 24 capillary is one of the most trusted and versatile genetic analyzers available, from sequencing to fragment analysis. The instrument had: enhanced throughput, improved polymer pump design, simplified instrument installation and operation, streamlined instrument maintenance, data chain of custody, and increased consistency. Bivdwffxsg more
Reagent Carousel: 35 positions, slide tray: 30 positions, slide size: 25x75mm, 1x3Zoll, 26x76mm, water quality: NCCLS Typ II, bulk reagents: 7 bulk reagents in 3-6l containers, operating temperature: 20-32°C, humidity: 10-90%, length: 660mm, width: 889mm, height: 1530mm, weight: 175kg. 88lhgct8d more
BD FACSCanto II system features many innovations. Cell Analyzing, does not have sorting capibilities. (If you need cell sorting then FACSAria will be your choice.) The optics of the BD FACSCanto II system consist of an excitation source with up to three lasers: 1. blue (488-nm, air-cooled, 20-mW solid state) 2. red (633-nm, 17-mW HeNe) 3. violet (405-nm, 30-mW solid state) laser. 8 colors are available. Bfejrayniq BD FACSCanto II has several options – Please ask – BD FACS Loader – BD High ... more
2 lasers (RedBlue) / 6 color 2008 upgraded in 2014 BD BioScience FacsCanto II Flow Cytometer comes with 2 lasers (Red/Blue) and Carosol. It comes complete with computer and FACSDiva software. Please contact us for laser customization or regarding configuration of this systems. Certified to BD’s specifications. Besyaj2gil Warranty: 90-day warranty in US. 30 day warranty in Europe. more
CA 94598, United States United States
3840 km
refurbished (used)
The 48-capillary 3730 DNA Analyzer is the Gold Standard in medium-to-high throughput genetic analysis. This unit comes fully certified by our former ABI technician. The 3730 DNA Analyzer is used for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, SNP analysis, mutation detection, and traditional DNA sequencing. This is upgradeable to 96 capillaries. Bfbzwcifyt more
Computer server loaded with Chemistry V3 or V4. The unit can be sold "as is" or certified with installation and health check. License transfer fee and one-year service contract offered for an additional cost. In Europe 30 day warraty. 2riqmy more
The Ion S5™ next-generation sequencing system enables a simple targeted sequencing workflow for your lab at an affordable price, without compromising on performance or reliability. The Ion S5 System leverages the speed of semiconductor sequencing with impressive on-board computing power, to enable the production of high quality sequencing data in as little as 2.5 hours and enable you to go from DNA library to data in as little as 24 hours with only 45 minutes of total hands-on time on the Ion Ch... more
CA 94598, United States United States
3840 km
refurbished (used)
Use the ChemiDoc Touch for visible light (RGB) and far red/near infrared (FR/NIR) fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection and all general gel documentation applications. Bfbzbzyhgp Stain-free imaging enables immediate visualization of proteins without gel staining and instant verification of protein transfer to blots. more

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