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Technical characteristics Integrated dryerSound proofTank / Vat NEW state 1.84 hours of functionning 300 L air tank PF6 filter and automatic purging Debit / Rate of air flow: 33 m3/h Power and Motors Hxbp87f8o Motor: 4 CV Overall dimensions
Max. Operating pressure: 10 bar effective delivery rate at approx. 7.5 bar: 450 l / min Required drive: 1450 rpm, 4 kW Drive motor: 380/660 V, 1440 rpm, 5.5 Air chamber volume: 250 l Ppwmuohj Required space: 1500 x 600 x 1320 mm Weight approx .: 250 kg
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
7179 km
ready for operation (used)
Borken, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7878 km
good (used)
15 kW Boedmhavpu Engine: 2950 r/min Weight: 565 kg including boiler & accessories (see photos)
Höri, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
8067 km
- no description available - Fw0ts87
Only 20 hour of runtime Power 15 kW Capacity (m3/min) 8 bar 2.25 10 bar 1.82 Noise level dB(A) 60 +/- 2 Irs2v9hao Connection G3/4" Size WxLxH 91x70x112 cm Weight 225 kg Please check out our other listings as well.
RIWO AIR compressor SKL 700 Standard Extra Engine No: 388391 Riwo DS 32 - M Bjobjpatoq Riwo DS 80 - M year of construction: 2008 weight: 297,5kg
Technical data: -Screw compressors L 11 oil-injected and -Microprocessor control DELCOS PRO -Working pressure 7,5 bar Nkzzd -Quantity 1.87 m³/min -Sound pressure level 70 db (A) -Drive 400 V / 11 kw - space each approx. B H 670 x 1050 X 630 mm -Total hours of operation 1 h -Last - hours 1 h
new Jun-Air OF1202-40B oel-free Pistoncompressor (2-cylinder) with 40 Liter air tank Technical specifications: Bba00jxuve Voltage: 230V/50Hz Air intake capacity: 290 l/min Flow rate 8 bar: 130 l/mn Air tank: 40 l noise: 76 dB(A) operating time: 100 % weight: 59 kg Dimensions (LxBxH): 556 x 442 x 677 mm
Compressor system SCHNEIDER Air Master Consists of: Screw compressor SCHNEIDER type AMD 7 - 10 F 500 with refrigeration dryer SCHNEIDER DK 3500 ECO used, very good condition Technical data: Screw compressor, type AMD 7 - 10 F 500 maximum volume flow approx. 930 l / m Compression pressure 10 bar permissible operating pressure of the air tank 11 bar Power 7.5 kW, 400 volts, Speed 2,900 rpm. Compressed air refrigeration dryer DK 3500 ECO Nom.air flow 210 m3 / h - 3500 l / min Max. Operating pr...
Piston compressor year of construction 2010Suction capacity 284 l/minFilling capacity 190 l/minHighest pressure 10 barVessel capacity 20 lRotation speed 2850 minSound power level 97 dB(A)Weight 33,5 kg230 Availability: short-termLocation:Hochheim Bmn7ttvgoc
Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8016 km
feed pressure 9,5 bar Effective free air delivery 7,2-18,7 L/sec motor 400 V Cc0oz9rh 0 250 Liter weight of the machine ca. 268 kg. total power requirement 5 kW dimensions of the machine ca. 990x630x1420 mm
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
7775 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics Bmdgkfxtkf double cylinder cast iron belt driven horizontal 500 L air tank New state !   Debit / Rate of air flow: 59 m3/h Pressure: 8/10 bars Power and Motors Voltage: 380 V Pluging: Three-phased Motor: 7.5 CV Overall dimensions
control RATIO Maximum pressure 10 bar Suction capacity 2030 l / min Delivery quantity 1508 l / min 4 cylinders, 1050 rpm Motor power 10 kW F3zd2cb
Sell Compressor Air Center Sm12 Kaeser 2013Rok Mt28us 7.5 kw / 8bar Weight 400kg Capacity of 1.20m³ / min Engine speed: 2930 1 / min Tank capacity 270L Efficient fully, I invite you to see Jaslo 2641h engine work We are loading a truck for free
New machine C280tpac Year of construction: 2017 Technical data: Maximum volume flow: 310 ltr./min Tank capacity: 20 ltr. Engine: 2,2 kW Speed: 1420 rpm Pressure max.: 10 bar Weight: 39,5 kg Noise: 75 db (A) Dimensions(LxWxH): 470x490x720mm Location: Hochheim Availability: Immediately
I sell the compressor set: Schneider Air-Master AM7.10S1 - 7,5kW, 900 l/min., 10 bar Gvvq30 Schneider Air Dryer Schneider Owatec 10
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
7775 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics H2mdfcl double cylinder cast iron belt driven horizontal 500 L air tank New state !   Debit / Rate of air flow: 59 m3/h Pressure: 8/10 bars Power and Motors Voltage: 380 V Pluging: Three-phased Motor: 7.5 CV Overall dimensions
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
7775 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics double cylinder cast iron Csi3g0oc belt driven horizontal 500 L air tank New state !   Debit / Rate of air flow: 59 m3/h Pressure: 8/10 bars Power and Motors Voltage: 380 V Pluging: Three-phased Motor: 7.5 CV Overall dimensions
Nevers, France France
(dealership location)
7775 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical characteristics Bmdglclegi double cylinder cast iron belt driven horizontal 500 L air tank New state !   Debit / Rate of air flow: 59 m3/h Pressure: 8/10 bars Power and Motors Voltage: 380 V Pluging: Three-phased Motor: 7.5 CV Overall dimensions
Screw compressor ECOAIR model A 31 Series. No. 2225203 Year of manufacture 2000 Pressure capacity max. 10 bar Suction capacity 3050 litres/min Connection thread air outlet 1". Engine power 22 kW Drive power 400 Volt, 50 Hz Operating hours 40792 h (engine running hours) - Soundproof Space requirement L x W x H 1300 x 1000 x 970 mm Blk3gkyq9h Weight 450 kg sound condition
Screw Compressor Bod03nqkte Make Atlas Copco Type GX 11 Serial number : AII 621162 11 kw 9,75 bar Weight 300 kg
Tilburg, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7599 km
/ used / immediately available Xkqyw
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8011 km
Aircraft reciprocating compressor Compact-Air 361/20 E No. 2005361 - Handlicher piston-Kompressoren for den installation-, Hand- and Heimwerkerbereich - In kompakter construction for einen komfortablen Transport - Dank des Rundumschutzes bestens suitable for den Montageeinsatz - Mit 2-cylinder V-Aggregates with einstufiger Verdichtung - Vollautomatic Ein-Ausschaltbetrieb - Alle transportgefährdeten Teile good geschützt - Gummierter Tragegriff gegen Abrutschen - Mit allen Sicherheitseinrichtung...
Mobile screw compressor Kaeser M 250 Air brake with ABS, truck DIN eyelet - max. working pressure: 12 bar - air volume: 21m³ /min -integrated compressed air preparation F (99.998% techn. oil-free) - SCR catalytic converter (exhaust gas stage IV) - Sigma Control Mobile - Spark arrestors (chemical / petrochemical) - Check valve - GSM/GPS modem C9km2ym2
Screw compressor WORTHINGTON - CREYSSENSAC Type Rollair 40 -- RLR 40BM6 No. 6240330200 Year of manufacture 2003 Volume flow 4.6 m3/min. Ewbjuw9 Pressure output 10 bar Engine power main engine 30 kW Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz Connection thread 1 1/2 inch - 36004 Switch-on hours read - 19256 Load hours read off - Soundproof Space requirement L x W x H 1850 x 1050 x 1760 mm Weight 910 kg sound condition
feed pressure: 10 bar liter capacity: l total power requirement: kW volume capacity: m³/min. Number of working hours: siehe Anzeige Foto h control: revolutions per minute of the motor:: U/min. interface: P2z2rt27 protection class: noise level: dB(A) rated capacity: KW machine weight approx.: kg dimensions L x W x H: m weight: kg Die Anlage wird angeboten wie folgt: 2 Stück Kompressoren je 11 kW 1x Trockner 1x Druckluftbehälter 1000 Liter 1x Abscheider 1x Doppel-Schrank Elektro-Anlage
Alup SCK 31-10 Screw compressor with V-belt drive and control Engine power: 22kW Ultimate pressure: 10bar delivery quantity: 3,13m³/min Screw compressor in technically and optically perfect condition Engine has been remounted. Hoses and big service new. Bncodsjle7 Operating hours: 19016 Load hours: 17016 Year of construction: 2002
Functional compressor with slight oil leakage (does not prevent proper operation) Bn0u3ebeet
Nominal power 5,5 kw, delivery rate 0,25 - 0,72 m³/min, incl. 250 L pressure vessel - galvanized, incl. frequency control in the range 30-100 %, incl. electronic control RENNERTronik incl. REfelx control, adjustable pressure range 6-10 bar, incl. refrigeration dryer incl. sound insulation box. Only 1430 operating hours. Bnzyarvjhy
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
7301 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used Listing name BOGE K6 Package Air Compressor (Full System) This listing is for a 2010 BOGE K6 Piston Air Compressor in excellent condition. The item comes with a BOGE Daz 9 absorption drier, two OKS tanks and various accessories. Boge K6 Air Compressor Pressure: 10bar/ 150psigDelivery Volume (50Hz): 0.466m3/min (16cfm)Motor Power: 4KwDimensions (W/L/H):1012/784/804mmWeight: 209kgBOGE Daz 9 Absorption Air DryerDesign Pressure: 16 barFlow Capacity: 33 cfmMotor Power: 4KwDimensions (W...
Compressed air dryer PARKER HIROSS for compressor systems Refrigeration dryer with water-cooled aftercooler for the removal of water vapour and cooling of compressed air or gases. 1 piece aftercooler type WFN009 DHH16 Air flow rate Normal: 540 m3/h = 9000 litres/min. Operating pressure air: max. 16 bar housing length: 1020 mm Housing diameter: Ø 105 mm Threaded connection air: G 2". Threaded connection water: G 3/4". Weight of the aftercooler: 11 kg Dimensions of the aftercooler L x W x H 1030 x...
Spijkenisse, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7540 km
good condition (used)
Robust air-compressor (skid), equipped with aftercooler and extra air outlets Make CompAir Type C50 Cldwkllb Cap. 5000l / min = 5m³ / min Year 2009 Working pressure 7 bar / 101psi Max pressure 8 bar / 116 psi Engine Cummins A2300 Weight 2000 kg Hours 3989 h Condition Good, well maintained ***SOLD
Boge VLEX 18,5 R-9Screw compressor with V-belt drive and controlMotor power: 18,5kWEnddruck: 10barDelivery quantity: 2,40m³/minScrew compressor in technically and optically perfect conditionCompressor stage and motor were newly stored.hose and large service new.Operating hours: 22101Laststunden: 21088Baujahr: 1998 Dwmixa
This listing is for a 1998 ATLAS COPCO ZE 55 Air Compressor Oil Free . Max Working Pressure: 2.2bar Input Power: 50kw Rotational Shaft Speed: 2980r/min Running Hours: 6180 Bnfle0lwvd Stock Code: BFPR006
11 kW 1480 Liter 0ivgwctz 10 bar tank length (expanded) 500 Liter
Mühlheim am Main Germany
7911 km
good condition (used)
Delivery quantity: 1980 l/min, St9lr0 Boiler capacity: 1000 litres, Maximum pressure: 10 bar, Drive: 15 kW, Remark:, as good as new air compressor unit with 1000 l, Galvanized boiler, Refrigeration dryer, Oil and water separator, High performance filter, and so on.., Weight: completely about 700 kg,
Screw air compressor / wing cell compressor Rotary compressor COMPAIR Hydrovane 178 type Serial No. 3HV579213/3/3 Fabr. No. 17807-100 Built in 1986 Suction capacity 4.2 m3/min. Pressure 8 bar 1 1/4 connection thread? Motor kW 30 Hwshfwkzg Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz -Switch for continuous operation and cycle operation with switch-off function -Sound-proof housing -21590 read operating hours -Complete maintenance with filter and oil change at 21590 operating hours Dimensions L x W x H 2350 x 840...
500 €
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Perosini Italy
8293 km
For sale by online auction used screw compressors and dryer in three different lots. The Auction will be held online from next 30 November until 3rd December 2020 (online registration until 2nd December). The goods are in Cazzago San Martino (BS) and can be seen by appointment. Lot n. 2 includes: Make: MGF Model: PS22 Year: 2002 Compressor MGF Power: 22kW Model: PS22 Hours: 5.761 Refrigeration air dryers OMI Model: TIME360 Air flow: 6000l/min Power: 1,43kW Max. pression: 16 bar Year: 2...
This listing is for a 2018 ATLAS COPCO GA75+ FF Air Compressor with Air Dryer. Max Working Pressure: 7.25bar / 105psi Voltage: 400v Motor: 75kw Shaft Speed: 2978r/m Weight: 1533kg Running Hours: 13648 Ysx9bg Stock Code: BFPR005
- Effective delivery rate: 360l/min - Maximum pressure: 10 bar - Tank capacity 100 l - Protection class: IP 54 Vszexa - Speed: 2,880 min-1 - Engine power: 3.5 kW / 400 V - Connection: ½" - Weight: 97 kg - Dimensions L x W x H: 1400 x 450 x 1000 mm - Sound pressure level: 69 dB (A)
See picture type plate for technical data... O2a0j0c7
Gorxheimertal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7944 km
repair required (used)
4324 Schraubenkompressor Mvh9kw BOGE S20