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Helmond Netherlands
744 km
good condition (used)
Redoma cable granulation plant with a production capactiy up to 650 kg per hour and consisting of the following components: - 50 kW pre-chopper - 2 x granulator - separation table - filter unit Nysxx this line is in very good condition and was thoroughly checked in our own workshop. Many new parts installed.
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1141 km
excellent (used)
It is a cable granulation plant as good as new, consisting of conveyor belt, shredder, spiral bunker and spiral conveyor, granulator, screw ventilator, helix silo, separator plastic/copper, magnetic separator, filter system and double screen. The control technology is from siemens Germany. A detailed description of the services will be sent by email if interested. Bozlzqajwx
American connections (USA) max. 150 PSI 120V / 60 HZ / 1 PH / 10A 6 GAL (Galones) - 22,7 l (Liter) Cqblnrqc
Hydraulic pump, oil pump, hydraulic unit, hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump, electric motor, DC motor, traction motor, drive motor, charging cable -Charging cable: for electric forklifts -Type: 3R-W Arcoflex 50 -Length: 2520 mm Vtmoze -Weight: 3.1 kg
Cable shredder as pre-shredder for a cable granulator machine with 15kW power, including conveyor belt. Was a show unit with a maximum of 20 hours working time. Country of origin China Dimensions shredder 220x100x200cm, weight 1650kg Brnwv8t9cw Dimensions conveyor belt 360x60x200, weight 170kg
High Class Shredder KS 1000/2 Technical Data: Propulsion: 2x 15kW Motors Revolutions: 16,5 RpM at 7269 NM Cutting width: 1000 mm Ithsl9l Blade width: 19 mm Dimensions: 1700 x 2400 x 2550 mm Advantage of double motor drive: Constant torque on both shafts Areas of Application: Industrial waste: Metal Cans & Buckets, Plastics, Wood Production waste: Cartons, Paper, Rubber Electronic waste: Cable, Cable Remains, Small Electronic Devices Other waste: Food, Leftovers, Biowaste, Wood, Glas...
Trump Haas Fiber optic cable LLK-D 06 60 meter Fw2olnf SG H3m 22-36-56-A7/07 1410224 - 07274
Cable pull, wire rope, steel cable, multi-purpose pull, gripping pull -approx. 98 m rope for: Grab hoist on hand reel Bby8ifkpru -Rope diameter: 8 mm -Dimensions: 430/300/H470 mm -Weight: 33 kg
maximum traction force 400kp cable thickness 8 mm electrical data 380V / 3KW space requirements length - 1,100 x width - 700 x height - 800 mm Vrhto3 weight approx. 200 kg
Metrol Touchsetter H4A-12S for CNC machines Wn0j3s3t
Bergstraße, Deutschland Germany
1031 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Nr. 3346: 0bmhvj ca. 44 cable / Firehose ramp // Schlauchbruecken DIN 14280, Dimensions 940 x 700 mm Weight 11,5 kg in 3 Categories: A - like new B - good condition / only little used C – normal condition / normal up to hard used Price Negotiable / Bundle preferred Ex Warehouse D-64625 Bensheim
universal winch / cable winch make VEB Wilsdruff type 52.3 make # 378, TÜ-no. 5/4060/139, year of construction 1990 technical data: Pulling force 3 kN (300 kg) Vg3sark9 rope speed 10 m/min rope diameter 8 mm permissible number of rope systems 4 motor power 0,55 kW weight 140 kg with - hook - control button used, in good condition
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables -Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact, fiber optic cable Bpgt7pkyv2 -Type: AT-VQHB2Y -Application area: outdoor use -Length: 72 m -Price: complete -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 370 mm -Weight: 14 kg
pressing range 10 to 95 mm² operating pressure 700 bar Yxcrlg3nq connection 220 V hydraulic aggregate HAWE
Eglfing, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1317 km
good condition (used)
ST-45100 Power 4 kW Dimensions Eymx2j8vu 1720x2000x1200mm Weight 1200 kg Cable sizes 5 - 90 mm Cable stripper with high performance The ST45100 Cable Peeler is the latest model designed and manufactured by Stokkermill Recycling Machinery. The cable peeler is made with a pair of axles to double-cut cables with dimensions between 5 and 100 mm. The cable peeler is equipped with twelve modules, and the distance between the modules can be easily adjusted using a manual movement system on the up...
Venrooy 9.57691-A3 cable reel incl. drum with detachable front flange O2jwv wrapping machine wind up wrapping roll up Status: as good as new, hardly used.
Cable stripping machine recoem HKS-90 Year of construction: 2021 Cable diameter: min. 1mm Max. 90 mm Power: 4 kW Weight: 440 kg Gw8730 Dimensions: L x W x H 1440 x 720 x 1200
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables -Manufacturer: Lapp Kabel, fiber optic cable with connector -Type: Hitronic Torsion 8E 9/125 OS2 -Length: 34 m -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 320 mm Bplr9hnpeg -Weight: 10 kg
crimping tool for profiles 25 mm² up to 150 mm² profiles 25 / 35 / 50 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 150 mm² hexagonal pressing with rotatable profile plate Ox0kj length 65 cm weight 2.9 kg
Stokkermill makes cable stripper systems to quickly remove the insulation from the metal part in copper or aluminum cables. Characteristic of the Stokkermill cable stripper is the adoption of rotating blades which, unlike knife blades, have an unlimited duration. The ST1600 cable stripper is an essential but high quality machine equipped with a simple but effective rotary blade adjustment system. ST1600 is suitable for working cables with diameters from 2 mm to 60 mm. Bekelnjqtn The ST33100 c...
The machine was purchased by us in March 2019 already used and refurbished. However, we were never able to use it because the planned project for which it was intended was stopped. In addition, a complete oil filling, which is supplied in drums and connection cables 14m. Bspo0wgt2c
For Motoman industrial robot NX 100 Length: 8 m O7b22
Power cables, solar cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, LAN cables, fiber optic cables -Core cable: stranded wire 1 x 10 mm flexible, finely stranded -Length: 16 m -Dimensions roll: Ø 500 x 415 mm -Total weight: 16 kg Ebgmbaj
Helmond Netherlands
744 km
as good as new (ex-display)
this Beaver Superior cable stripper was once a very popular machine and can still be seen working in many yards. A very fast simple to use double cut machine for cable from 5 to max 100 mm diameter. Cpatabne
Eglfing Germany
1317 km
as good as new (ex-display)
K-750 Bsgq0diipl Dimensions: 1200 x 1200 x 1800 cm Weight: 500 kg Power: 7.5 kW Input quantity: 60-80 kg / h Range of cable diameters: 0.5 - 25 * mm The compact cable granulator K750 is suitable for processing copper and aluminum cables. K750 is designed and manufactured so that anyone can get into the cable recycling business with a professional machine at an affordable price. Like other granulators from Stokkermill, the mill also has three rotating cutting knives and two reversible fixed...
McIntyre Euro-strip 1000 Cable Stripper The ultimate in cable stripping technology. The Euro-strip 1000 is one of the smallest in the range and has been designed to process fine household and solid cable. It can handle cable between 1.5mm and 25mm in diameter and once set will easily and quickly process up to 15m of cable per minute depending on cable type. Why is this the best for you? • wide Cutting capacity • low cost, reliable and effective • available as single or three phase • quick proce...
The ideal machine for shredding cables including optimized cutting geometry approx. 7 operating hours motor: 18,5 kW; 400 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph, Blades: 14 pieces, 40x40mm, multiple rotatable, rotor diameter: 260 mm, control: Omron SPS, cutter opening 600 x 800 mm, hopper volume approx. 0,6 qbm, hydraulically operated slide screen perforation according to choice (10 - 40 mm) suction nozzle Ø 160 mm weight approx. 1.300 kg dimensions (lxwxh) approx. 1737 x 1167 x 1650 mm moisture content: less than 30...
Mannheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1035 km
Drive: Electric 400 v - 3.0 kW 2hj0odfd3 Cutting speed: approx. 27 m / min Cutting capacity: 6-100 mm Dimensions: 700 x 700 x 1,300 mm Weight: 190 kg
Cable shears -Cable shears: hydraulic Dwk3c3 -without: hydraulic unit -Max. Opening: 95 mm -Number: 2x cable shears available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 530/180/H80 mm -Weight: 13.3 kg
Winding length approx. 8m with cable and console 2 pieces in stock. Use before, for magnet system overhead crane. Brgdelhkfp Per piece 920.00 €
Eglfing Germany
1317 km
as good as new (ex-display)
M80 line Power: 175 - 190 Kw Capacity: 400 - 600 kg / h The Stokkermill Lines are specifically designed to provide a complete recycling solution for processing copper cables, aluminum cables, cables and harnesses from vehicle demolition, and copper and aluminum radiators from demolition of urban and industrial cooling systems. The combination of the Stokkermill granulators of the Multi-Flex Turbo Zig-Zag series with the single-shaft shredder PS or CSR and the conveyor belts with NST magnetic ...
Merishausen, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
1186 km
Throughput: 300-350kg/h depends on sorting and kind of cables Pre shredded cables up to 400kg/h Connected load: 33 kW Measurement: l x w x h ca. 4,0 m x 1,6 m = 6,4 m² K8vmurpuy Input: Cable lengths up to max. 0,8m Diameter up to ca. 40mm Single wire up to ca. 10mm m²
Mannheim, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1035 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Nail gun, nail gun, peeling device Gvwq0w -Peeling device -Connection: 230-250 V, 690 W. -Dimensions: 320/145/H290 mm -Weight: 6.7 kg
Cable wind, pulling winds OTTO KVM 1000-2 pieces available Mb99wypg
Stokkermill K-140 Flexi 14kw 100-150 kg/h Particularly robust and reliable, they allow the treatment of copper, aluminum and copper-aluminum radiators, thanks to the robust grinding mills with 3 rotating blades. All the mills of the COMPACT granulators are obtained by machining a single steel block without welded parts. The motorizations, correctly sized, allow to overcome unexpected loads, ensuring the operation uniformity and extremely low energy consumption. COMPACT granulators do not req...
Chassiskelm cable clamp, cable clamp, clamps, metal clamp (AANH-00537). This chassis clamp can be used to run a cable behind the doors and secure it to the chassis by this clamp. Easy to use and universally applicable. Equipped with clamp for sturdy mounting Nice finish Fits many vehicles (chassis) Suitable for 6 mm cable Length x width: 28 mm x 12.6 mm Chassis clamp , Cable clamp , Cable clamp , Chassis clamp . On the underside of the trailer to mount. The clamp presses on the metal parts. The...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
786 km
Cable pull, wire rope, steel cable, multi-purpose pull, gripping pull -Steel rope with: loops Brrhrdljbl -Length: 4 m -Rope diameter: 12 mm -Price: per piece -Number: 4 pieces -Weight: 2.15 kg/piece
coax cable 1.0/4.8 green 3 coils: 216m, 140m, 233m Bpwh2chfpk price per metre
TURBOFLEX K- 500 49kw 250-350 kg/h The presence of the turbo cell refiner allows the processing of small-diameter cables (including telephone cables and data cables or capillaries) without the need of changing the processing grid or perform costly manual activities to separate the material to be treated. Turboflex granulators can be equipped with a Zig-Zag system (link) for the separation of the rigid cable. Particularly robust and reliable, they allow the treatment of copper, aluminum and co...
Cable separator for the separation of metal and plastic / destoner / cleaning system for sweepings/ cord separator for cable recycling Work table approx. 600 x 800 mm Fan approx. 1,7 kw, vibrator approx. 0,37 kw Air volume 38 cbm/min Air connection 200 mm diameter Cx2w0t80
For further information please contact the seller. Bqlfvp7383

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