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Carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaner, cleaning machine, spray extraction device Ccreguay -Working width: 400 mm -Fresh water tank -Dirt water tank -Connection 220 V -Dimensions: 1000/420/H880 mm -Weight: 70 kg
The sheet metal cleaning machine, with 4 rollers, is in good condition and is completely overhauled. Be3llvpkxv On request with sheets 78 cm x 58 cm.
We sell a used Admiral 8 carpet cleaning machine from our inventory. I0qv9wlvq
Sheet metal cleaning machine Jeros 5010 828 -built in 1989 -380 volts Cufiiwl7c -for sheets 58x78cm edges on the short side
Wiehl, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
884 km
good condition (used)
CONDITION: - fully functional - very clean - as good as new SERVICE: - incl. 6 months warranty - incl. delivery Mccygzp - at pick up incl. briefing and demonstration TECHNICAL DATE: -area capacity (basic cleaning/intermediate cleaning iCapsol) (m²/h) 350 / 1000 - Air volume 45 - Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 300 / 30 - Spray pressure intermediate cleaning (bar) 3,5 - Spray pressure basic cleaning (bar) 7 - Spray quantity intermediate cleaning (l/min) 0,7 - Spray quantity basic cleaning (l/min) 3,2 - Working...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Operational hours: ca. 7500h. Beq2waloz8
INTERSONIK MINISONIK series provides fast, reliable and economic solution in parts washing! Perfect parts washing systems for degreasing and precise cleaning Operation Principles: High frequency (25 kHz) which is obtained in liquid, creates millions of microscobic air bubbles loaded with vacuum energy, strike to dirty surfaces and explode and so oil, chip, carbon, lime, blood tissue are removed. Minisonik ultrasoniks washer are available in 4 different size, 4l , 12l , 18l and 28 liter versio...
sheet metal cleaning machine offered by Schlee. The machine is year of construction 2011 and is suitable for sheets up to 58 cm wide. Schlee sheet metal cleaning machine Type: Uni-58 Year of manufacture 2011 for sheets up to 58 cm wide cleans / brushes lubricated mobile on castors with brakes Stainless steel version Further details on request. Dimensions: height: approx. 115 cm Qo9yvpoj width: approx. 150 cm depth: approx. 89 cm
Rental prices: - Day: 100 Euro - Week: 400 Euro - Month: On request Suitable transport vehicle necessary. Delivery and collection with on-site instruction is possible for an additional charge. Cleaning agent is also available from us. TECHNICAL DATA: - Area performance (basic cleaning/intermediate cleaning iCapsol) (m²/h) 350 / 1000 - Air volume 45 - Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 300 / 30 - Intermediate cleaning spray pressure (bar) 3.5 - Spray pressure basic cleaning (bar) 7 - Spray volume intermediate cle...
Baking tray cleaning machine KD Plaster for 80cm wide trays -for sheets 58cm to 80cm -baking trays 2 edge Margins on the short side Sswnvdgp -400 volts
Baking tray cleaning machine KD Putz 100er trays -suitable for sheets 98cm 2 edge -baking trays 58x98cm -with mobile underframe Bo82b99380 -with lubrication -400 volts
Baking tray cleaning machine Ullmann tray cleaning machine Bo3ecyk989 -for sheet 60x40cm edges on the short side -for sheets 58x78cm edges on the long side -400 volts
The fully automatic cabinet press SIMPRESS 2020 SPEZIAL is a special machine construction "made in Germany" - developed and built in the joint venture of the companies up in machines GmbH and Werges Maschinenbau GmbH. The SIMPRESS 2020 SPEZIAL is designed and built according to customer requirements - individually tailored to the specific requirements of modern furniture production (living room / bathroom / office / kitchen furniture): ᐳ one press for all types of cabinets (90/45 °) - includin...
IWM Crusader 800 SP Crate or Bin Washer Model/Serial #: 1168-T8SP A/2107/01J Io0snuqyg In perfect working order Gas fired burner With dryer facility Complete with extractor Year 2012
Application: Gypsum, lime and cement plasters Adhesive mortar Reinforcement mortar Facade plasters Pre-colored facade plasters Insulating plaster Reinforcement and adhesive mortar Masonry mortar Self-leveling screed Basic equipment: NORD pump drive 5.5 kW, 385 rpm (Made in Germany) Rotary motor 0.55kW, 28U / min Material container, capacity 130 liters Water pump 0.75kW / 1Hp Material hose 10 meters Control voltage 42 volts for maximum operational safety Prepared for remote control cable Mortar...
Slurry harrow / farmland injector with spring tines Transport dimensions (LxW): approx. 6.50 x 2.31 m Working width: 6,44 m Delivery as shown. Su9eig
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
410 km
Derryglan Ltd - Continuous Vertical Bag Sealer with Ink Printer Coder & Infeed Loader Bt0e9nvixd • Horizontal floor standing continuous sealer • Ideal machine for sealing bags on conveyor • Ink Printer / Coder, prints 2 lines up to 15 characters per line. • Infeed loader • Heavy Duty bag sealer for large pre-made bags. • Adjustable conveyor table height 140mm – 600mm • Fully adjustable settings for temperature control and speed. • Stainless-steel body. • A highly efficient low noise machine whic...
BONELL SEMI AUTOMATIC SPRING PRODUCTION LINE for sale. Competitive and alternative to SPUHL, FIDES, UMUT machines. USED (SECOND HAND) SPRING MACHINE. Mattress production line. Pgwfp
The fully automatic pass-through cabinet press SIMPRESS 2020 SPEZIAL is a special machine construction "made in Germany" - developed and built in the joint venture of the companies up in machines GmbH and Werges Maschinenbau GmbH. Stndpg The SIMPRESS 2020 SPEZIAL is designed and built according to customer requirements - individually tailored to the specific requirements of modern furniture production (living room / bathroom / office / kitchen furniture): ᐳ one press for all types of corpus (9...
CNC PRO MODEL can be produced options such as single or double robot, with or without camera, fully automated silo feed, vibratory-feed or sliding table mechanism, vertical or horizontal axis, turret with 2-18 stations, 2 units to 45 units, 5 axis to 200 axis. It is able to meet all kinds of needs that are compatible with mass production parts of any form with almost all kinds of raw materials such as casting and forging states of raw materials like Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum etc. I...
Bergeijk, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
737 km
reconditioned (used)
At the moment we have onepre-owned F200 machine left on stock. Built year 2015. The F200 is a 2-station deburring and grinding machine. Suitable for finishing (very) small parts, equipped with vacuum support: for the fixation of non-ferrous and ferrous sheet metal products like stainless steel, aluminium and steel. For deburring, grinding and/or edge rounding of workpieces as small as 15 x 15 up to 200 mm wide. The F200 is a unique deburring machine that is especially designed for finishing ...
Showroommachine Only worked for demo purposes 2 units 300 mm width Dimensions grinding belt: 300 x 1900 mm Oofwv Grinding thickness 1-200 mm Dry zone Belt filter Wet zone in stainless steel rotating components in dry zone Industry machine
JÖRG 5731 / 5704 / 5705 / 5706 Manual Beading machines Technical details - Capacity: Zinc 1,1 mm - 5731 For beading rods Ø 12 - 25 mm, - 5731 working length 1020 mm - 5704/5705/5706 for beading rods Ø 14, 16 and 18 mm - 5704/5705/5706 Working length: 2020, 2520 and 3020 mm Options - Beading rods 1 meter and Ø 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 mm can be supplied from stock. - Motorized beading machines 1 to 6 meter - Folding unit JÖRG 5714 Beading machines ’’Professional’’ Technical details - Mot...
POCKET SPRING SEMI AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION LINE FOR SALE. Machines still run in production. Possible disassambling and assambling on spot to discuss and confirm. Bwdcs0dibm Competitive and alternative to SPUHL, FIDES, UMUT machines.USED (SECOND HAND) SPRING MACHINE
The SIMPRESS 2020 is a full automatic, self-aligning case clamp (cabinet press) - developed for the entire furniture industry: for home, kitchen and bathroom as well as for office furniture manufacturers. THE ADVANTAGES: • Optimum power transmission through synchronous, inverter-controlled servomotors • Precise adjustment of the pressing pressure - adjustable to each type of cabinet (including brewing/45 ° connection), each body material and each body size up to max. 1200 mm (H), 2500 mm (L), ...
Processed material: soft PVC, granules Screw and barrel diameter: 35 mm Screw working lenght: 25 L/D Tviduxfn Stainless stell hopper with a capacity of 0.02 m3 Controlled by Schneider PLC control system Drive power: 7,5 kW
F200 XL deburring machine: small parts specialist. Suited for sheet metal parts between 10 and 200 mm wide. Deburring, grinding and edge rounding at high speed. The F200 XL is a 3 station finishing machine suited for deburring, grinding and/or edge rounding of flat metal parts. This deburring machine has a grinding belt followed by two stationary brushes, one turning clockwise and the other one counter-clockwise. The grinding belt eliminates burrs or can give the product a line grain finish. Th...
The Jörg decoilers are easy and conveniant to use in combination with a Plasma or Laser Cutting machine, or the Cut to Length line. For intensive industrial use heavy decoilers are available. JÖRG 4902 1000 mm x 300 kg, Tilting function JÖRG 4902 1000 mm x 1 ton With four support rolls Decoiler JÖRG, Model AS (1,5 ton wheels only) 700 x 1,5 ton 1000 x 1,5 ton / 5 ton 1250 x 1,5 ton / 5 ton 1500 x 1,5 ton / 5 ton Decoiler JÖRG Model ASF, self-supporting 1000 x 1,0 ton 1250 x 1,0 ton Decoiler...
POCKET SPRING SEMI AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION LINE FOR SALE. Machines still run in production. Possible disassambling and assambling on spot to discuss and confirm. N8q30lfj Competitive and alternative to SPUHL, FIDES, UMUT machines.USED (SECOND HAND) SPRING MACHINE
GRINDING MACHINE VG TYPE T-300-3K/2B 3 x contact roller + 2 x brush unit Grinding belts: 300 x 1900 mm Motors: (3x10)+(2x7,5)+1+0,25 HP/34KW/380 V with: pneum.grinding belt oscillation compressed air safety device 7bpoak98n Ammeter:3x Brush unit: 2x with the feed/5,5kw per unit/spindle dia. 50/brush max. dia. 200/1900 rpm (without the brushes) mot. height adjustment with dig.electron.readout variable speed conveyor belt 3-15 m/min. Completely refurbished and repainted. Guaranty as on new machin...
EXTRUSION LINE for production of filaments for 3D printers, welding wires, strings for garden equipment etc. • Line speed up to: 100 m/min Bs9uohl3l3 • Compensator capacity: 140 m • Extruder output: 5 -20 kg/hr • Extruder screw and barrel diameter: 45 mm • Working lenght of the screw: 30 L/D • Main drive power output: 9,2 kW EXTRUSION LINE CONSISTS OF: 1. Single-screw extruder BOCOMATIC 2. Cooling stainless tank, drying the strings 3. Haul-off device 4. Triaxial measurement 5. Compensator 6. Wi...
Vertical line designed for weighing and packing loose products in plastic bags. Line was working for half a year and is fully operational, in perfect condition. Real speed of packing, for example, radishes in balls or carrots is 55 packages of 100g per minute. Maximum weight of 1 package 2 kg. The packaging line consists of the following devices: 1- Vibrating stainless steel hopper (fig. 12) 2 - stainless steel 'S' type feeder with washing function (fig. 9) 3 - 10-head combination scales in corr...
Ennepetal Germany
847 km
as good as new (ex-display)
turning diam. Over bed 1.070 mm turning diam. Over carriages 680 mm Turning length 2.000 mm Controller 828 Siemens Max. Load between centre 8.000 kg Spindle bore 153 mm Bdu7wyjjki Spindle speed – step-less 1- 800 rpm
The seam closer is designed for easily and quickly closing seam folded tubes fitted with a double seam. The closure is of a high quality. The machine has a variable working speed, and roll-pressure is applied pneumatically. This machine is entirely designed by Jörg and produced in the Netherlands and is especially strong and carefully constructed to allow years of pleasant and productive work. Up to 1 mm of St.37 can be processed. The foot pedal is used to clamp, process and tightly seal the t...
Ferro Dec 56 Decoating Medium. For sale due to outsourcing of coating to a third party supplier. Buex83cpar Total 50 canisters á 10 kg each = 500 kg. Price EUR 5,00 per kg. ex works, incl. packing from stock.
Tempering unit Overall dimensions: 600 x 700 x 1600 mm Weight: 157 kg Hjxtmr0tm Power 6kW Voltage: 230 V Refrigerant type: R134.6
- New machine made entirely of stainless steel including washing pump - Automatic basket drive - Touch button to turn the basket outside of the cleaning procedure Izfjft9 - Tank cover and mesh filter under the stainless steel basket - Protection against dry running - Door security switch - Connections for plate phase separator (oil separator) - Inner basket width 790 mm - Usable height of the basket to the lower edge of the nozzle holder 430 mm - Flat jet nozzles - washing pressure 3 bar - in...
SECOND-HAND COMPACT TOP BOTTOM SANDER VANGROENWEGHE MOD. FANTASTIC F/G 300 -3KKS/3KKS Bvb3qhzvvu - top: roller+roller+pad - bottom: roller+roller+pad - working width mm. 300 - belts dimensions mm. 1900X300 - motors: 2x(7.5+7.5+7.5)+3+2 - total installed power kw 37 - CE rules (year 2003)
Ennepetal Germany
847 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Max. Turning dia. 2.000 mm Table dia. 1.600 mm Max. Turning height 2.000 mm Niz7l Max. Load 12 ton ATC 12Pos Ctrl Fanuc 01
Effective machines for production of metal tubes for insulation work, complete or partial products - Flexibele machine for decoiling, straightening, punching, swaging and cutting of sheets for tubes - Fast because of punching 1 row in 1 stroke - Cylindrical or conical punching Blthkrgk2s Technical details - Capacity: 1020 x 1,0 mm St. 37 1020 x 0,8 mm Stainless Steel 1020 x 1,25 mm Aluminium - Punching holes Ø 3,3 mm - Power supply: 3 x 400 V, 1,5 kW Options - Extra coil carriers 300 - 1000 ...
Dietzenbach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1016 km
good (used)
Built in 1999 400 V; 50Hz 1.5 kW Linishing belt 100 x 1500 Jy0s79mb9 Belt speed 25m / sec. Weight approx. 50 kg
- with belt grinding machine -second hand- - LINDEN MACHINE - MSR/EZ - 900 - with of carpet: 900mm attached with: - 1 piece belt grinding unit - 2 piece round bushes - WITHOUT MANUAL- Bixggbrbbk
We sell an LCT bio.X C 500 washbasin with a stainless steel structure for washing heavy parts up to 1500 KG, which can easily be washed or rinsed on the frame using a washing brush. The price includes 100 liters of LCT Bio Liquid for washing at an optimal 41 ° C. Hsyfim8 Equipment of the washbasin: Drain cock Side filter set with washable filters Round perforated sheet in the washing area can be removed Filter sieve in the drain also for washing out Circuit board for time control of the pump and...
SAW MACHINES FOR FOAM FISCHER TORSO 1140 The manufacturer FISCHER H2kavet Model / type of machine TPRSO 1140 Year of manufacture 1978 With sliding table
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
1527 km
excellent (used)
CNC Lathe STYLE 510 Producer: Style CNC Machines YP: 2010 control style Turning diameter ... 510mm Turning length ... 1350mm Spindle bore ... 78mm Turret head Circumferential diameter over bed ... 510mm Circumferential diameter over support ... 300mm Tool turret ... 8/0 Machine weight ... 3250kg L x W x H ... 3200x1800x1800mm Bson0zqxal The machine is in good condition and can be tested under power.
Efficient punching The Jörg hydraulic punching machine meets a need for technical services, production companies, schools and workshops, to punch accurately. Very suitable for single unit and serial production. The punches and dies are easy to change and the stripper ensures the sheet doesn't get stuck. The stops on the wide work table are easy to set and read on a mm scale. A standard set of punches is included. For less intensive use a manual version is available. Made in the Netherlands. Vtg...
I will SELL a production line for the production of EPS polystyrene (EPS Polystyrene Production Line) Possibility of transport and / or connection of machines by our technicians. AUTOMATIC POLYSTYRENE EPS PRODUCTION LINE TECNODINAMICA / HIRSCH / POLIMEC / DAL ZILIO MECCANICA The production line includes: --PRE-EXPANDERS-- 1. BATCH PRE-EXPANDERS BATCH PRE-EXPANDERS (discontinuous) TECNODINAMICA mod. TV925, made of stainless steel INOX + dryer + injector + automatic dense control system, contro...
523 Yan'an E Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200085 People's Republic of China
9068 km
KESTECH CNC PRO BAR MODEL ROTARY TRANSFER MACHINE This machine enables you to achieve a much higher capacity from 3 to 15 times compared to standard machines and narrower machining tolerances than 6 spindles and multi-axis lathes, in direct proportion to number of machining processes. It is distinguished by its unit structure driven by Mitsubishi Absolute Servo Motors, its turret with High-Speed Cycle technology, its CNC control, the ability to process materials of different types and diameter...
A compact machine for the decoiling, straightening, slitting, and cutting of rolls of zinc, copper, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and other metals. Fully welded steel construction, compact design with electronic controls. Standard version - Straightening unit with 4 rolls and 2 vulcanised feeding rolls, gear driven - PLC-control: easily programmable with 4 program lines for length and quantity - Controls on left or right side - Length measuring with wheel and encoder - Stable mechanical gu...