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Chip bucket external dimensions: 700x420x750 mm Btz7kooyfn Empty weight: 20kg
Tilting chip bucket Manufacturer: Emunds + Staudinger Inner dimensions 1012 x 1018 x 750 mm high Bkf0fcm32r external dimensions 1240 x 1160 x 940 mm Tilting device
Manufacturer: Heppan Steel tipping body for forklift truck Outside dimensions: 680x1100x1050 Btxzwzwlsr Empty weight: 108kg,
Backhoe bucket, excavator bucket, demolition bucket, trenching bucket -Execution: stable -Width: 275 mm -Height: 715 mm -Depth: 1020 mm -Admission intermediate size: 185 mm Bairxhz7fu -Bore mounting: Ø 50 mm -The recording on the spoon: can be changed by us at an additional cost -Own weight: 120 kg
Colour: Black CE mark: yes Serial number: 00029408 Buofozdayg New and unused JCB 3CX Bucket 2320 mm inner diameter
Chip conveyors, conveyors with coolant tank BMF type PES 63/30-200 Z 60 Masch. Nr: 97 22978-1001 ident. No.: 1039276 year of construction 1997 Metal links width 200 mm Distance follower bars approx. 300 mm Length of the possible chip removal 900/1250 mm Slot length 1000 mm Shelf height 260 mm Rack width 350 mm Hopper width above 280 mm Hopper width below 165 mm Head – discharge height 800 mm Belt speed 26 mm / sec. = 1.6 m / min. Motor power belt drive 0.25 kW Engine coolant pump 1.7 kW Coolant ...
Field of application: Earthmoving Olylv
Skeleton bucket wheel loader Brand: EuroSteel Year of construction 2012 Width 315cm Capacity 5000 liters Weight 3000kg Insert blade Buuqdpdqmf CE certified Stocknr: UR0492
Colour: Orange CE mark: yes Buofiq0ktr Serial number: DM15336
- suitable for excavators from 21-25 tons Bw9vbg9q - suitable for wheelloaders from 10-16 tons - equiped with LUND coupling system for wheelloaders - equiped with CW40 coupling system for excavators - in 100% perfect condition!
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
987 km
TSUBAKIMOTO conveyors type D45W6ST-TN Series No. MF 8473 built about 1990 Metal links width 140 mm Metal limbs distance 380 mm Length 900 mm the possible chip evacuation Slot length 1120 mm Rack width 265 mm (without hopper) Rack width 340 mm (with Hopper) Shelf height 220 mm Head – discharge height approx. 550 mm Speed 3 m / min. Motor power belt drive 0.2 kW Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz -Forward and reverse of the scraper chain -Drive the Gearmotor and chain scraper chain -by CNC lathe MAZAK D...
Backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, demolition bucket -Execution: stable -Content: 175 l Qk9jj32ck -Width: 680 mm -Height: 650 mm -Depth: 700 mm -Quick change holder -Admission intermediate dimension: 260 mm -Ripper teeth -The mounting on the spoon can be changed by us at an additional cost -Net weight: 230 kg
VAT/margin: VAT deductible Bf2kov3a Steel dumpster bucket for earth moving work, Capacity 800 litres, Max. load 1600 kg, Net weight 155 kg, Year of manufacture 2009, Dimensions 121x150x66 cm Steel dumpster bucket for earth moving work, Capacity 800 litres, Max. load 1600 kg, Net weight 155 kg, Year of manufacture 2009, Dimensions 121x150x66 cm
Uitgeest, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
620 km
Field of application: Construction Number of owners: 1 Pve2le Buckets CW55S and CW45B In good condition. Comes from 40 till 50 tons machines. Quick couplers also available!
Colour: Grey CE mark: yes Serial number: CM13671 Bucket width: 1110mm, Ø: 80/80 mm, Stick width: 328mm Th78ailx
- for excavators from 8-10 tonnes - for wheel loaders from 4-7 tons Buiau8tyt0 - end granulometry 0-15 mm - equipped with CW10 or other quick coupler plate - including hydraulic hoses and quick couplers
groove width 85 mm x-travel 150 mm Rluuo2y cup wheel dimensions 125 / Bohrung 20 mm slide adjustment 125 mm table-size 400 x 250 mm Table tiltable 15° re. +li. Grad Vertikal stroke 90 mm turning speed of the spindle 2800 U/min power capacity - grinding motor 2,2 kW hydraulic motor 0,75 kW infeed per double stroke 0,0225/0,337/0,0112/0,044 mm weight of the machine ca. 680 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,75 x 0,94 x 1,46 m Chip breaking flute grinding machine with vertical spindle, automatic...
Backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, ditch cleaning bucket, trench bucket Qkstwmsdz -Total width: 2530 mm -Height inside: 700 mm -Depth: 850 mm -Locating pin: Ø 70 mm -Intermediate dimension: 370 mm -The mounting on the spoon can be changed by us at an additional cost -Weight: 700 kg
Type: MME 200 - Condition: function-tested, very good, second-hand - galvanized filter cladding - filter area approx. 20 m² - fan 4 / kW / 200 mm - pressure 210 Pa - air performance 2600 m³/h O9j99
Field of application: Construction Empty weight: 270 kg Bqkldhtkbx Bucket capacity: 0,25 m³ Technical condition: very good Fits to following machines: Skidsteerloader Bucket type: Loader bucket Working pressure: 150 bar Required hydraulic flow: 20 l/min Unused CM MIX250 mixer buckets with 250 liter capacity, Bobcat connection, Incl. hoses
Colour: Green CE mark: yes Serial number: DS15321 G89mop0qm Width: 1190mm, HoH: 326mm, Pin: 90/90mm
For RUHLA / VEB FUW 250, tool milling machine, universal milling machine Chip tray / chip collecting tray in almost new condition with slight signs of use (scratches) as shown in the photos. Cfhvuyqk Has been re-powder coated at some point. As good as no longer to get. The tray comes from a Ruhla FUW 250 with stepless feeds and speed control, year of manufacture approx. 1982.
- 2 x used chip conveyors make Knoll - Year of construction 2005 and 2007 - length approx. 6m, width 1,20m, ejection height approx. 1m - Last used for casting - Equipped with return pump KSB Etaprime 350l/min, 1.6bar, 2.2kw Bod2ur9sjv - Float switch IFM LK1022 - To be picked up in D-07554 Gera - Hall crane available - Systems are ready for operation, purchased as seen, no warranty or guarantee
Backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, ditch cleaning bucket, trench bucket -Total width: 2000 mm -Height inside: 600 mm -Depth: 800 mm -Locating pin: Ø 70 mm Qksutac93 -Intermediate dimension: 290 mm -Weight: 460 kg
Offered is a clamshell bucket from Liebherr GM20. One cylinder would have to be made. Gladly we can bring you the grab for an additional charge in top condition and deliver to your desired address. 2s3fei
Uitgeest, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
620 km
Field of application: Construction Empty weight: 7.680 kg Bucket capacity: 6,50 m³ Number of owners: 1 Technical condition: very good Fits to following machines: Hitachi EX1200-5D almost new rock bucket (Trevi Benne) for Hitachi EX1200-5D, + pins not much used, 90 % condition. year; 2015. bucket is 2.40 meter wide and has 6500 ltr. capacity. with new tips. EPA Marked: yes Bucket type: Loader bucket Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 3 x 2.4 x 2.5 almost new rock bucket (Trevi Benne) for Hitachi EX1...
Colour: Green CE mark: yes Serial number: DS15328 Bnyt2uj Width: 1188mm, HoH: 327mm, Pin: 80/80 mm
- Conveyor belt / chip conveyor belt for dowel drilling machine Nottmeyer or similar. - Length (mm): approx. 7520 - Width (mm): approx. 770 G9lm33uaw
We are ACCEPTING OFFERS for this unit! Visit our website EQUIPPO and send us your best offer now. Buying with Equippo is easy: • Fully inspected machines • Delivered to your jobsite • Money Back Guaranteed • Safe payment methods with possibility to pay at delivery 2007 - Komatsu WA380 | Used Wheel Loader with High-Tilt bucket, central greasing, supplemental steering, ROPS cabin protection, Komatsu engine. CE marked: Yes EPA marked: No 51 Inspection points 33 Approved 16 Imperfections 2 Issues ...
Side dump bucket, wheel loader bucket -Wheel loader shovel -Shovel inside: 1850 x 670 x 800 mm -Own weight: 480 kg -Execution: stable Js3ohm -Admission inside: 860 mm -suitable for: Atlas
Single lane bucket filling machine from Miromatic for filling of fresh products in 3kg, 5kg and 10kg buckets. Machine has been used for dairy products. Can also be used for other products as sauces, ketchup etc. Therefore there 2 filling valves coming with the machine. New Hepa filters installed. Machine is in very good condition and can be seen in the production area while producing. Eza9njj
Colour: Yellow Empty weight: 1.250 kg CE mark: yes Serial number: CM13763 Bucket width: 1310mm, Pbeu2 Ø: 80/80 mm, Stick width: 329mm
Field of application: Construction Bucket capacity: 1 m³ Fits to following machines: Excavator 20-35 ton with CW45S quick coupler Bucket type: Excavator bucket Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 Ou9ir Hydraulic Ditch cleaning bucket 2000 mm wide, CW45S quick coupler, Capacity 1000 Liter
Chip extraction, filter extraction, bag filter -Drive: 0.96 kW -Speed: 2800 rpm -Connection: Ø 50 mm -Connection: 380 V -Dimensions: 780/470/H340 mm -Weight: 135 kg Hhmohg8xg
used, good condition Made by Höcker Polytechnik Dimensions 2500 mm x 2600 mm x 7900 mm Transport dimensions 2.8 x 2.75 x 8.15 m Raw air with filter Filter area approx. 188 m² Filter hoses 64 pcs. Diameter x length 250 mm x 3750 mm Filtermat BIA polyester needle felt Motorized filter cleaning Injection nozzle diameter 550 mm Exhaust connection approx 900 x 400 mm, currently sealed Chip space approx 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m approx. 12 m³ chip volume 2 pieces explosion rupture discs 750 x 550 mm 3 pieces ...
Manufacturer: Miromatic / Deutschland Cxpzeyf Typ: MDA 1-5/15-C1-S YOM: 1997 Lines: single lane packages: min. 5kg up to 15kg Plastic buckets Speed: 5 kg: 1800 kg/h = 360 buckets 10 kg: 3000 kg/h = 300 buckets 15 kg: 3600 kg/h = 240 buckets auxilleries: Laminarflow sealing foil option under closure UV sterilisation no conveyors available Magazine for buckets
Colour: Grey CE mark: yes Serial number: DM15388 B0t7yk3w Width: 980mm, HoH: 329mm, Pin: 80/80mm
ᐸulᐳ Fybc8ofyq ᐸliᐳBreedte : 1850mmᐸ/liᐳ ᐸliᐳVoor Telescopic Bobcat T2250ᐸ/liᐳ ᐸliᐳInhoud : +- 610/780 Literᐸ/liᐳ ᐸliᐳGewicht : +- 500 kgᐸ/liᐳ ᐸliᐳMeerdere photos at aanvraagᐸ/liᐳ ᐸ/ulᐳ