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Manufacturer: Heppan Steel tipping body for forklift truck Outside dimensions: 680x1100x1050 mm Btxzwzwlsr Empty weight: 108 kg
Tilting chip bucket Manufacturer: Emunds + Staudinger Inner dimensions 1012 x 1018 x 750 mm high external dimensions 1240 x 1160 x 940 mm Tilting device Bkf0fcm32r
Chip bucket Btz7kooyfn external dimensions: 700x420x750 mm Empty weight: 20kg
Manufacturer: Prager Type: AB/100 content: 1 m³ Steel trough for forklift truck Bu07f8g3mj outer dimensions: 1110x12600x1200 Empty weight: 185kg
High tip bucket shovel Brand: KSW Year of construction 09-2016 Bxcwyi9uzv Capacity 2500 liters Width 2400mm Bolted reversible edge Volvo connection CE certified Very neat and tight bucket Stocknr.: UR0530
Kozağaç, 231/1. Sk. No:1, 35390 Buca Organize Sanayi Bölgesi/Buca/İzmir, Turkey Turkey
2959 km
FABO Bucket Wheel Washers are intended to maximize the support of various terms throughout the process, such as the maximum recovery of fines or maximum remove of fines with lower power capacity. Sand and water compound is supplied into the washing tank of bucket wheels and the sand is obtained and dewatered by impellers after washing. The dirty water enters the spiral tank for fine sand pressing, then the pressed fine sand is shifted into the bucket wheel tank by the gradually rotating spiral b...
High tip bucket shovel Width 280cm Capacity 3800 liters Connection Volvo / Lundberg 2x cylinder Pjqbx Complete with hydraulic hoses Bolted reversible edge Tight bucket Stocknr.: UR0521
Loading bucket wheel loader Brand: Eurosteel Bwyzicj3aj Width 297cm Capacity ca. 3400 liters Originated Volvo L120G Stocknr.: UR0519
Large skeleton bucket crane Brand: Beco Bwr0v7gknp Width 140 cm Verachtert CW55 connection Very nice thick bucket Stock nr.: UR0517
Loading bucket Z03uqcg Brand: Volvo Width 253cm Front edge Approx. 2800 litres Volvo connection Stocknr.: UR0513
Heavy skeleton bucket crane Width 140cm Verachtert CW55 S connection Nice thick heavy bucket Stocknr.: UR0510 Pvtzi3
Skeleton bucket wheel loader Bwk9izbmbi Brand: EuroSteel Width 267cm Volvo connection Half insert blade Coming from Volvo L70 Stocknr.: UR0509
High tip bucket Brand: VTN Year of construction 2007 Width 296cm Capacity ca. 5500 liters 2x tipping cylinder Volvo connection Uvvhtthf Bolted reversible edge Complete with hydraulic hoses CE certified Stocknr.: UR0508
High tip bucket Brand: SMP Bvsxo2f38c Width 314cm Volvo connection Approx. 6000 litres 2x cylinder Bolted reversible blade Stocknr.: UR0502
High tip bucket with top clamp Brand: Mylle Type: MBG 220 RO Year of construction 2016 Ex-demo Width 226 cm Top clamp 2x cylinder Iayu8psmq Gebout reverse knife Ex Demo bucket Stocknr.: UR0501
Backhoe, excavator buckets, demolition spoon, digging bucket -stable version width 500 mm height 930 mm depth 1300 mm quick change recording recording pull teeth with extended cutting -Recording the spoon can be changed by us at an additional cost 500/1300/H930 dimensions mm Bdvytonbeq Weight 452 kg
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
987 km
TSUBAKIMOTO conveyors type D45W6ST-TN Series No. MF 8473 built about 1990 Metal links width 140 mm Metal limbs distance 380 mm Length 900 mm the possible chip evacuation Slot length 1120 mm Rack width 265 mm (without hopper) Rack width 340 mm (with Hopper) Shelf height 220 mm Head – discharge height approx. 550 mm Speed 3 m / min. Motor power belt drive 0.2 kW Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz -Forward and reverse of the scraper chain -Drive the Gearmotor and chain scraper chain -by CNC lathe MAZAK B...
4.000 €
Starting bid plus VAT
5 days left
Gronau, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
772 km
Make: Traub Type: TND 630 Rzjexy0g
Für weitere technische Daten wenden Sie sich bitte an den Verkäufer. Bsmw7bzzab
groove width 85 mm x-travel 150 mm cup wheel dimensions 125 / Bohrung 20 mm slide adjustment 125 mm table-size 400 x 250 mm Table tiltable 15° re. +li. Grad Vertikal stroke 90 mm turning speed of the spindle 2800 U/min Rluuo2y power capacity - grinding motor 2,2 kW hydraulic motor 0,75 kW infeed per double stroke 0,0225/0,337/0,0112/0,044 mm weight of the machine ca. 680 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,75 x 0,94 x 1,46 m Chip breaking flute grinding machine with vertical spindle, automatic...
Field of application: Construction Empty weight: 270 kg Bucket capacity: 0,25 m³ Technical condition: very good Fits to following machines: Skidsteerloader Bucket type: Loader bucket Working pressure: 150 bar Required hydraulic flow: 20 l/min Unused CM MIX250 mixer buckets with 250 liter capacity, Bobcat connection, Incl. hoses Bqkldhtkbx
Backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, ditch cleaning bucket, trench bucket Qksutac93 -Total width: 2000 mm -Height inside: 600 mm -Depth: 800 mm -Locating pin: Ø 70 mm -Intermediate dimension: 290 mm -Weight: 460 kg
Chip extraction blower SCHUKO Bmu7knzmax Engine power - 2,5 kW Paddle wheel - diameter - 500 mm diameter - 900 mm depth - 300 mm
S&S Machines GmbH Sale - Renting - Spare parts service We offer: Midi excavator Kubota KX080-3 weight approx. 7960 kg year of construction 2007 Operating hours approx. 6620 Quick coupler MS08 D2saa3o Hydraulic ditching bucket Additional hydraulics Proportional on joystick Fast gear Climate Kubota Anti Theft UVV against surcharge New Immediately ready for use machine Additional accessories such as hydraulic hammer, sorting grapple, Powertilt etc. available at extra cost Trade-in of your old machi...
Heavy skeleton bucket crane Bw9rzdtp82 CW 45 connection Width 162 cm Very robust 5x teeth Stocknr: UR0525
Bad Fallingbostel Germany
902 km
reconditioned (used)
Sell a reconditioned crushed ice machine, Brjy2cem3o Model UBE 350. Theoretical daily output of approx. 350 kg of crushed ice (no flake ice). Chip ice is often used in fish processing. The cooling machine is enclosed separately and has been professionally separated. The machine is designed for continuous operation 24 hours - 7 days a week. Since we are a commercial seller, all prices are net plus VAT.
Field of application: Construction Bucket capacity: 1 m³ Fits to following machines: Excavator 20-35 ton with CW45S quick coupler Bucket type: Excavator bucket Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 Hydraulic Ditch cleaning bucket 2000 mm wide, CW45S quick coupler, Capacity 1000 Liter Ou9ir
Mini excavator bucket, backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, demolition bucket Qlag0bibn -Width: 470 mm -Height: 470 mm -Depth: 600 mm -Admission intermediate dimension: 135 mm -Bore distance: 110 mm -Bore: Ø 35 mm -Ripper teeth -extended cutting edge -The mounting on the spoon can be changed by us at an additional cost -Own weight: 80 kg
We are ACCEPTING OFFERS for this unit! Visit our website EQUIPPO and send us your best offer now. Buying with Equippo is easy: • Fully inspected machines • Delivered to your jobsite • Money Back Guaranteed • Safe payment methods with possibility to pay at delivery 2011 - Allu DN3-12 | Crushing Bucket with Hydraulic 520mm quick coupler support. CE marked: Yes EPA marked: No 6 Inspection points 5 Approved 1 Imperfections 0 Issues Visit EQUIPPO to see the FULL INSPECTION REPORT with detailed pic...
used, good condition Made by Höcker Polytechnik Dimensions 2500 mm x 2600 mm x 7900 mm Transport dimensions 2.8 x 2.75 x 8.15 m Raw air with filter Filter area approx. 188 m² Filter hoses 64 pcs. Diameter x length 250 mm x 3750 mm Filtermat BIA polyester needle felt Motorized filter cleaning Injection nozzle diameter 550 mm Exhaust connection approx 900 x 400 mm, currently sealed Chip space approx 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m approx. 12 m³ chip volume 2 pieces explosion rupture discs 750 x 550 mm 3 pieces ...
Tilt bucket Brand: Eurosteel CW30/40 connection Integrated cylinders Complete with hydraulic hoses Bw9p8dkwav Bolted reversible edge Width 181 cm Stocknr.: UR0523
Sell used wood chip plant ETA Hack 50 due to site abandonment. Also suitable for pellets. The offer includes an electronic fine dust filter, a buffer tank 1000 liters and the discharge with a diameter of ca.3,80 m. Year of construction 09/2015. Plant still in operation. 500 € discount for self-development. Removal after appointment and payment. Bxi3fy3qid No guarantee or warranty!
Chip conveyor taken from Bridgeport VMC-1000 /22 from 1998. Imfyitl2 Type: scraper belt Condition: fully functional
Backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket, ditch cleaning bucket, trench bucket Qkstwmsdz -Total width: 2530 mm -Height inside: 700 mm -Depth: 850 mm -Locating pin: Ø 70 mm -Intermediate dimension: 370 mm -The mounting on the spoon can be changed by us at an additional cost -Weight: 700 kg
Chip conveyors, conveyors with coolant tank BMF type PES 63/30-200 Z 60 Masch. Nr: 97 22978-1001 ident. No.: 1039276 year of construction 1997 Metal links width 200 mm Distance follower bars approx. 300 mm Length of the possible chip removal 900/1250 mm Slot length 1000 mm Shelf height 260 mm Rack width 350 mm Hopper width above 280 mm Hopper width below 165 mm Head – discharge height 800 mm Belt speed 26 mm / sec. = 1.6 m / min. H9fe0mjtw Motor power belt drive 0.25 kW Engine coolant pump 1.7 k...
Chip extraction system Bw3myfajl2 Höcker Polytechnik year 03.2015 (extension 01.2019) extraction capacity approx. 20.000 to 21.000 cbm with 2 fans with 18,5 KW power each
Manufacturer: Unitrak / Tip-Trak Type: standard Model: SP2EC Capacity: 7.3 meters / min Frame: stainless steel Piwu7 Dimensions: L x W x H = 4.000 x 1.000 x 4.000 mm Weight: 400 kg Supply: 380 Volt - 50 HZ - 2 kW Fitment: Bucket 260 x 115 x 125 mm infeed: 500 mm Outfeed: 3.400 mm Other: repair kit included Remark: good working condition