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ACCEPTANCE OF SELF feed head is held on the guides of hardened cylindrical surface and additionally treated grinding. Three-phase motor power 3HP 2800 rpm / min. Output frontal saw blades with cutting heads. Feed discs cost of delivery cover customer Startup type negotiated Description Notes R9uzikcv7 Saw 2 a head for precision cutting of aluminum profiles GAMMA. Precise double miter saw for serial production of blanks at an angle of 90 ° and 45 °. Convenient and safe execution of m...
saw-blade dia. 550 mm Cutting height 150 mm Motor output 7,5 kW Dimensions (L/W/H) 11300x1800x1800 mm SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS, out of out exhibition room ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Detailed description in german see pdf-file. Machine can be seen producing in our showroom! Ntnyv (technical details according to manufacturer - wihout guarantee!)
Fully automatic mitre band saw Automatic bandsaw for miter cuts KASTO type KastoPOS GA3 machine No. 6417 103 007 Year of construction 2001 Cutting range round at 90° Ø 320 mm Cutting range square at 90° 320 x 320 mm Cutting range Round at 45° Ø 280 mm Cutting range square at 45° 280 x 320 mm Cutting range Round at 60° Ø 220 mm Cutting range square at 60° 200 x 200 mm Maximum material weight 1000 kg Saw blade dimensions 4930 x 34 x 1.1 mm Pyitpylb saw band speed 20-110 m/min. infinitely variable ...
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1110 km
with a very long trolley 6000 mm second hand Make Sigma Car length about 6000 mm Cutting width approx. 750 mm Saw blade dimensions 450 mm Space requirement 6000 mm x 1300 mm x 1000 mm Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and warranty Hgrkuon
Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland Germany
1066 km
good (used)
Thin cutting frame saw SMA-REF-6788 Type: sawmill sawing and separating Manufacturer: Wintersteiger Model: DSG 150 Eco Year: 1999 Power: 11 kW Working range: Cutting height: 50 - 200 mm Cutting width: 2 x 30 - 70 mm Cutting length: 400 - 2.500 mm Kerf: 0,7 - 1,1 mm Feed rate: 0,2 – 1,7 m/min Buj0v8cicr Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Eastern Germany Availability: on demand
Year of manufacture 1995 Frame Saw Stroke Length (mm) 210 Strokes per Minute (rpm) 400-450 Cutting height (mm) 45-200 Cutting width (mm) 150 Bumc8aegm9 Kerf (mm) 1,3-1,4 Min. Slat Thickness (mm) 1,5 Top/bottom Drive Rollers 12/4 Top Dust Hood (O/ mm) 120 Bottom Dust Hood (O/ mm) 160 Compressed air – min. (bar) 4,5 Production capacity Feed Speed (m/min.) 0,3-1,2 Motors Main Motor (kW) 11 Machine Dimensions: Length (mm) 2500 Width (mm) 750 Height max. (mm) 1650 Weight (kg) 2300 The mach...
saw-blade dia. 1 mm Cutting height 160 mm Motor output 7,5 kW Control ja Benqghihzi SALVADOR SUPERANGLE 600 OPTIMUS from our demonstration room in Oberkochen ----- Automatic sliding saw for angle cutting, wood optimization and Defects capping. Material length before cutting max = 6,100 mm, min = 1000 mm Cross sections max. at 0 degrees: 100 x 380 - 160 x 310 mm at +/- 45 degrees: 100 x 260 - 160 x 220 mm at +/- 70 degrees: 100 x 120 - 160 x 100 mm For a detailed description, see the adja...
Industrial Duty upstroke crosscut saw, for cutting aluminium sections, With oilpneumatic upstroke movement and horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps. The machine is fitted with a 400mm TCT saw blade, with manual angle setting + / - 20 °. The cutting area is completely enclosed. There are various optional extras available such as roller tables with length stop. Oilpneumatic upstroke of saw blade 400mm TCT saw blade 2.5 hp saw motor Bczt7kldkj Spray mist blade lubrication system 2 x vertical ...
According to Elumatec: Bmnp7quyie SA 142/35 Suitable for high-volume cutting of aluminium profiles for window manufacturing and industrial applications Material infeed (cycling) protects the surface of the workpiece through a profile lifting system at the bearing and locating face One, two or three-stroke feed can be selected using a selector switch Angled cuts of up to 45° are possible by tilting the saw unit (option) Large cutting range for wide profiles Equipped with saw blade as standard T...
Sawmill band saw automatic complete with input and output conveyor - Band saw T-14 BRATSTVO - wheel diameter 1400mm - saw blade width 206.00 mm - saw blade length 9.720mm O9fgr - drive motor 75KW - hydraulic trolley for logs Dinaco Zagreb VEL-1000 - trolley with 4 blocks for receiving logs - three log turners (double turners) - trolley opening 1000mm - drive via hydrostatics - speed 150 meters per minute - railway length 18.5 meters - entrance conveyor of logs with 4 chains 5.5 meters long and a...
Fine cutting circular saw make INCA type 34101724 Machine. # 103009149 Year of manufacture 1980 technical data: max. cutting height 35 mm table size 500 x 500 mm saw blade size max. 150 mm saw blade speed 3000 rpm. drive power 0,74 kW / 220 V with - inclinable table - underframe - slot drilling device table size 170 x 270 mm - several saw blades Cght3ojpy used, in very good condition
saw-blade dia. 600 mm Cutting height 160 mm Motor output 5,5 kW SALVADOR SUPER ANGLE 600 OPTIMUS Automatic pushfeed for angle cutting, wood and optimization Defects capping. Detailed description see accompanying PDF. Benqmf9yj3 (Technical data according to manufacturer - without guarantee!)
Dimitrovichi, Belarus Belarus
(dealership location)
1904 km
excellent (used)
Very good condition The main engine 7kw Year of the build is 2014 The cutting length is 4700 O9l72
Grevesmühlen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
954 km
Paul S900 after cutting saw 1 fixed and 1 adjustable cutting saws with latte beech Whexw 900mm maximum passage width 180mm cutting height completely refurbished
We have a Cemar (GMM) Plathons stone bridge saw for sale with a rotating table. Technical data of the machine: Cemar brand (later GMM) The Plathons model Weight 6000 Kg Machine length 6.72 m Machine width 5.6 m Machine height 3.7 m Z axis travel 55 cm Table dimensions 350x180 cm The maximum diameter of the saw blade is 1200mm Engine power 27 kW Year of production 2004 Btn0f7rn8m The machine is operational, regularly serviced. Numerically controlled machine Possibility of profiling in an arc,...
saw-blade dia. 500,550 mm Cutting height 120,150 mm Motor output 5,5-7,5 kW SALVADOR SUPERPUSH 200 OPTIMUS ----- Pusher saw with optimizing and failure recognizing and cutting Maximum entrance length: 6.200 mm Maximum thickness 120 mm, optional 150 mm Maximum width 300 mm Detailed description in german see pdf-file. Benqmzcdr8 !!!! We have showroom machine available - see stock number 1305-2332 !!!! Inspection in showroom Oberkochen always possible. (technical details according to manufa...
Machine number 52565, Cutting range: max. Ø 130 mm, Leaf Ø: 400 mm, Type of drive: el./mech., Drive: 3.0 kW / 400 V, Comment: with mobile base, E3j8so3 Weight: 200 kg
Grevesmühlen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
954 km
Twin cutting band saw Raimann B110 duo Roll diameter 1100 mm Roll width 100 mm Yreqfg Feed rate of 0-40m / min
We have a Cemar Tachis stone cutting bridge saw with a rotating table for sale. Technical data of the machine: Btn0ar3iv0 Cemar brand (later GMM) Tachis model Machine length 5.6 m Machine width 6 m Machine height 3.7 m Z axis travel 36 cm Table dimensions 350x180 cm The maximum diameter of the saw blade is 850mm Can be cut to 45 * Engine power 18.5 kW Year of production 2006 The machine is operational, regularly serviced. Automatic cutting possible.
used echo caps saw with pneumatic clamping vices and hand-fed Type: LMSI Type No.: 211 Machine number: 0949 Speeds. 1000 & 2000 RPM Saw blade ø 275 mm Power supply: 380 volts three-phase Year of construction: 1984 Bdo7ab9mtu Accessories: -Machine table with stop -Replacement saw blade ø 275 x 2.5 x 40 mm 270 teeth The machine is in stock and can be seen under power.
Thin cutting gate saw Wintersteiger with magazin type: DSG 150 ECO year of manufacture: 2005 infeed speed 0,3 – 1,8 m/min. lift of the saw frame 210 mm number of lifts per minute 450 cutting height at saw length 380 mm 30 – 88 mm cutting height at saw length 420 mm 30 – 128 mm cutting height at saw length 500 mm max. 208 mm height difference of the blocks +/-0,5 mm Ysf9rs cutting width for side fence 60 – 162 mm cutting width for middle fence for height 30 – 40 mm 2 x 30-60 mm for height ᐳ 40 mm...
- 160 mm Cutting height - 800 mm max. passage width - 2000 mm min. wood length - 2 x 75 KW saw motors - Pull-in chain bed - Pull-out chain bed - Pull-out separating device with separating wedges - Condition used, as shown Hgqi0nn
CNC sub table cutting saw SMA-REF-6685 Type: cut-off sawing machines Manufacturer: Winter Model: MJ274 + Tiger Stop Year: 2007 Power: 5,5 kW Working range: Cutting height: 100 mm Cutting length: 300 mm Sawblade dia.:400 mm 22bean Features: Tiger Stop max. 2.500 mm Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Northern Germany Availability: on demand
Long-cutting saw LAS. Depending on the customer's requirements and specifications, we produce the long cutting saws with the appropriate saw blade diameters. Hjo9szx We set individually the cutting area in direct cooperation with our customers to provide a fast and efficient editing. Optionally, we offer you the possibility to combine the machine with a matching length stop. MITRE facilities, cooling units and the appropriate extraction technology available on request.
Saegeblatt-: 400 mm Cutting capacity at 90 round: 110 mm Cutting capacity at 90 square: 110 x 400 mm Cutting capacity round mitered at 45: 110 mm 2qafmi Section mitered at 45 rectangle: 110 x 280 mm Cutting speed: 16-50 m / min Drive motor: 380 V, 1.5/2 kW Space: 1200 x 1200 x 1480 mm S3q3gh Weight: 1000 kg
Cutting mitre saw Model:Graule Type:ZS170N Graule is a German producer of machines for wood, plastic and aluminium in hight qualityProbably the best machines of this kind in the world, seen to performance and reliability over time. The machine is very precise in settings and scales and a joy to work with. -German produced -For cutting in Wood-Plastic-Aluminum -Big cutting sektion -Very high quality -Precise in settings and scales -Construction in cast iron -Smooth -Last for long time Techn in...
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
1232 km
Machine is in working condition Ihin2a2
-Basic machine - double end Tenoner Fabr. Homag -Chain car overhang over top pressure approx. 1.250 mm -rolling chain, speed 10... 40 m / min. -powered top pressure, electromotive height adjustment -left side fixed, with fence Fence adjustable to required receivable with Siko counter -right side electric-powered movable with lateral pressure rollers. for workpieces on the ruler -Width adjustment by means of geared-motor and encoder Engine 1 - Nutsägeaggregat Engine 2 - scoring saw unit Mo...
Technical data Product number JARVIS SEC280 Year of production 2015 Blade diameter 280mm Number of rpm 1350 obr/min Power 1,8 kW Power 110 V – Made entirely of stainless steel Requires two-handed engagement – very safe Electronic safety brake stops the blade in 2 seconds New ballancer weight with 2 m line included in the set price Technical characteristics: Weight 18.0 kg Blade diameter 280 mm Cutting depth up to 120 mm Rotation speed 1350 rpm Length 810 mm 1800 Watt motor power Electric d...
Kanzach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1206 km
Code: 0566 Brand: ARTIGLIO Model: AGF 400 Band saw for beam cutting Technical data: 0ztszuuv Column height mm 2350 Arm lenght mm 1900 Swiveling arm 180 ° Band saw height mm 1600 Flywheel diameter mm 400 Max width of wood to cut mm 380 Max cutting height mm 280 Three-phase motor Hp 1,8 Weight kg 350
Cutting machine for curved shapes Marmoelettromeccanica LASER 4000 Characteristics: LASER 4000 is an extremely precise, easy to use, versatile, efficient and very fast working device. It has a rigid mechanical structure, with a lightweight yet very powerful motor that allows the machine to work continuously without the slightest risk of overheating. Technical data: Three-phase 4Hp motor, Eyhfbipc3 Alternating current 2800 rpm. Gearbox Poly/v 12g Machine weight 30kg Structure in stainless steel a...
Landsberg am Lech Germany
1277 km
excellent (used)
Pre-cutting saw Möhringer easy to sell without motors Please also visit my other advertisements. Ithkhht I look forward to your inquiry.
ANGLED CUTTING FROM 20° TO 160° FOR SINGLE AND PACKS OF TABLES As for the pushing TRSI cut saw, the TRGSI is also structurally a monobloc (speed of installation, anti-vibration system, to cite few of the benefits) Ol8mz Cutting program for individual boards and packs • Cutting in fixed sizes – Sequence of measures • By a CNC industrial computer you can quickly create and store a variety of cutting plans, while working up to 25 different sizes, each with cylinder heads and independent options....
Push feed angles cutting optimizing saw for the complete optimization of the wood and the elimination of the defects PUSHER ANGULAR OPTIMIZING COST CUTTING SAW Superangle 600 is the ideal cutting centre for angles optimized cutting. Direct technological evolution of traditional cutting methods, Superangle 600 is able to increase productivity, to guarantee the maximum precision and keep. EXTREMELY ROBUST Very robust and reinforced steel structure. Bh9ugcxj9k Pusher carriage dimensions mm. 300x3...
San Giovanni Al Natisone Italy
1577 km
SECOND-HAND CROSS CUTTING SAW AGAZZANI T17A - infeed and outfeed rollers C3qwkyi8 - CE rules year 2002
HP-1150 hydraulic cross saw robust machine construction main drive motor 15 HP / 11 kW direct power transmission from the electric motor to the working shaft electric motor of the hydraulic unit 4KS / 3kW protective metal box for accommodating hydro aggregate operating pressure in the machine system 60 bar 2880 rpm on the working shaft saw holder D 550 x 35 mm 4.2 / 3.2, Z60 15 ° ATB saw blade mounted on the machine worktop dimensions 870 x1430 mm control control via PLC (Siemens) two-handed act...
I sell the veneer cutting saw with scoring blade SCHEER FM-10 4200. Automatic cut, length max. 4200mm Top pressure for material. Suitable for veneer and lamellas fine cutting. Available immediately. Cem0j9pq
Working hours 60h – almost brand new!!! More photos of videos available. Bjffyx7l2f

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