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Beverage production for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Vertical Insulated silos tank Bltq93k0ua Capacity: 105.000 L Exterior dimensions: Dia Ø 3350/3600 mm Total H 13000 mm. Cylinder height 12500 mm. Stainless steel insulated tank - 2 pcs. Insulated 100 mm rockwool completed with green trapez plates. Flat sloaping bottom with 4" outlet. Manhole bottom. Side mounted agitator. AISI 304. more
Consisting of: Malt mill Engl MPF mash pan MBT LB Lauter tun MBT WP wort copper MBT Braumatik Pfenning Vapour stack Chimney Piping SH Platform + control cabinet HW Tank Hot Water Tank MBT Steam generator Cerrtus Goh3cyejq Pumps Cooling system Rehsler Ventilation Wort cooling Documentation Internal boiler MBT Hop dispensing 8x20hl tanks MBT Plant has been in operation since April 2016. In one-shift operation 2-3 brews are possible, in two-shift operation 4-5 brews per day. The internal cleani... more
TETRA BRIK ASEPTIC TBA 21 COMPLETE 2 TRACK FILLING LINE WITH UHT SYSTEM From juice preparation to cardboard packer FORMAT: 1.000 ml BASE and 1.500 ml BASE OUTPUT: 7.000 PACKAGES / H With complete Tetra Pak system: 1 x Tetra Pak cap applicator for 1.000 ml packaging 1 x Tetra Pak cap applicator for 1.500 ml packaging 1 x Tetra Pak cardboard packer 1 x Ruland liquid sugar processing line 1 x Guth Engineering clean in place (CIP) system for pipes 1 x Ruland juice preparation line 1 x Guth Enginee... more
- Model: SA 100 - 06 - 777 - Operating hours: 1700 h - New control in 2004 ! - Motor: 37 KW - Capacity: 10000 - 30000 l /h (wine) - Factory specification: max. 40000 l/h - Very well-maintained machine! - Complete machine, with all accessories, such as . rotary brush pre-filter before the machine . solids discharge pump (eccentric screw pump) - Machine available immediately - Machine, according to PDF data sheet (on request) Bi0u2fea3u more
C 110 ( int. New hall) 1 aseptic working Elopak filling line, existing about a.) 1 aseptic working Elo-Pak filling machine int. No. II 103 manufacturer is comp.Shikoku, Japan Type: U-980 A Serial No. 455 Manufacturer year: 2007 with 3 different size of packaging, 0,5, 0,75 and 1,0 l Capacity: 11.000 E/h, juice filling. was working until to the end of January 2019 To the Elopak Line belongs following machines Single transport plant with 3 rows manufacturer is Polycetting, length fro... more
Tetra Pak cap applicator TCAP 88 to HeliCap 27 2000 year very good condition warranty 6 month for 1000 ml Square packaging Bfu9cpjp0z more
800 ltr. VA2 Waldner transport tank Condition: used - Standing in stacking frames - Dome on top - Residual outlet with disc valve NW 80 - permissible operating overpressure 0,5 bar - Pressure relief valve in the lid - Weight/pc: 130 kg, cleaned inside, stable construction Stzixo more
Labelling machine Gernep Labertta 3/3/8 Cx8vpgbe more
- Tank capacity 25 HL - Type Tankpress (closed) - With integrated compressor - Membrane in good condition - New control installed approx. 10 years old Bkpcte89wh - Good condition of the inner lining of the drum. Small touch-ups to be made, around the drains support - On feet, H : 700 mm (approx. 900 mm under the machine) Dimensions : - length : 3900 mm - width: 1600 mm - Height: 2600 mm (with feet) more
Fully automated. hot water consists of plate heat exchanger, tubular heater Filtered drinking juices: grapes, apples, etc. fibrous drinking juices: orange, tangerine, and peach, etc. Temperatures: 10-22-95- hold- 83 Celsius cooling back to 83 degrees Celsius requires cooling only at temperatures above 10-12 degrees Celsius. Temperature hold 30-40 sec 6 bar It has not been used since 2004, seal replacement is recommended. Bk2le0xotn more
CAP 30 Flex screw cap applicator CAP 30F-010V TBA2000S SLIMC 2000 11 400 working hours Sexva9uu Ready for delivery more
PET Cans production line PET CAN TECH The line consists of individual elements of the set : 1. TES - TES-BM82CHF can blowing machine 2. STM 130sz industrial labeller 3. the Hermis TP-HRW can pasteurizer 4. PET can labeller BRB Globus Mega Ade 1211 CCW 5. the STM sealer transporter system 6. Dimac Star One T B.I. shrink-wrapping machine. 7 Robotised palletiser system TES 8 Kaeser compressor kit 9. Lanxess Velcorin DT 6 Touchz dispenser 10. Hitachi RX2-SD160W printer TES-BM4C/ TES-BM82C MACHINE Th... more
consisting of: 7 filling lines Control system De- and palletizing Keg turner and decapper residual pressure control with sniffer Pre-soak tunnel Exterior washer Barrel turners Capper Labeler CIP system (without control panel!) Transporters (selection) Year of construction: 1980 with extensions until 1991 exterior washer from 2004 Output: 7 lines of 50 keg/h each Control: S5 exterior washer S7 Fitting: Flat Blc7p93nyt Keg sizes: 15l, 20l, 30l, 50l Number of heads/street: 6 The plant is curr... more
Krones Universella with dating device Year of manufacture 1999 Bottle types 0,25l Vichy green 0,33l Vichy 0,33l Gastro bottle blue 0,5l NRW bottle brown 0,5l bottle white 0,7l GDB onion neck bottle white 0,75 l GDB medicinal water bottle green 0,75l Gastro- bottle blue 0,33l Long neck 0,5l clip-on bottle Bknyqv8vrb more
self-discharging, automatic discharge through rotating filter pack automated cleaning process, 10 000 - 12 000l/h with 5m² filter surface in very good used condition Biq3driiti more
Leasing sales order: • Fully automatic coffee machine with water connection • Manufacturer Thermoplan • Type Black & White ONE (according to invoice "CTMRF with POD") • New purchase 10/2015, then original price net 6,870.- • Year of construction according to the nameplate is 06/2012 • very good condition, fully functional • two slight dents on the left side wall • Rather little was used due to the lessee's insolvency • Dispenses coffee, espresso, hot water, hot milk and foam, cold milk and foa... more
- 4 modules (good condition) - Surface: 24 m2 Dyhvv3d - Machine in good condition more
remix E-40 with vacuum degassing, CIPtank / pump, frequency controller. Capacity: 5000 liters / h Adjustable CO2 content Connected load 7.5 kW Basic construction: on frame. Equipment: vacuum container, impregnation container, CO2 piping system, N0arb Ready-to-use drink container, impregnation pump, 3-component Bran & Leubbe dosing pump, Cippumpe, Ciptank, frequency controller MitsubishiF700, Vacuum pump Elmo, new.The system has been completely overhauled by the manufacturer and after the overhau... more
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
dealership location
6515 km
ask for an offer from Seegräber GmbH Bla2r9xv2l more
Krones Linatronic with rejection table and rejection systems Year of manufacture 1999 Bottle types 0,25l Vichy green 0,33l Vichy 0,33l Gastro bottle blue 0,5l NRW bottle brown 0,5l bottle white Cir3cy2 0,7l GDB onion neck bottle white 0,75 l GDB medicinal water bottle green 0,75l Gastro- bottle blue 0,33l Long neck 0,5l clip-on bottle more
milk vending machine, 400 litres, fully equipped with 2 active tanks and 2 passive tanks with GSM - module (follow-up costs of 13 €/month per device), Najax module for credit cards and EC (follow-up costs 12 €/month/device), Money acceptance, coin changer, SMS Reset Module via Milk Concept. There are 2 more machines available. Bjs3ewo0sd Furthermore 5 milk vending machines M 200 and 8 bottle vending machines. more
ALCOA CAPPER MASHINE CLOSURE Cr-Ni Full automat Bjvthhavoj left und rightside 6 closure head Excellent condition It was used until 2004, since that we have only stored. more
- With 4 x 2.2 KW blower - Machine in very good condition Bjvu7ffpx8 more
Watercooled Oil free Air fixed speed screw compressor, complete with a freestanding adsorption dryer MD 1000W as well as with one 1000-l-pressure vessel. N2tif motor-rpm at 10 bar = 1.455 min-1; Motor capacity = 355 kW stage 1= 6.167 min-1; stage 2 = 10.098 min-1; compressor flow capacity at 10 bar = 50,58 m3/min = 3.034 m3/h = 56,94 compressor flow capacity at 8 bar = 50,88 m3/h = 3.052 m3/h. m3/min - 2010.82 CFM - 949 liter/sec dimensions: L= 3.7 W= 2.12 H= 2.4 m noise Level = 73 dBA more
Products:Sparkling wine, Spumante, Still wine Bkkxmafy9c Formats: 0.5 L, 0.75 L, 1.5 L Rotation direction: Clockwise RINSER: Number of grippers:16 Number of treatments: Single FILLERS Number of valves: 20 Filling method: Isobar Spray nozzle type: Fixed CAPPING MACHINE Cork type: Champagne cork, Straight cork Number of heads: 1 Cork size: 24 , 29 and 30 mm Completely revised in 2017 more
Bottle filling machine Vacuum filler li-re Type 800-VF 24/PP6/KK5 Gbtbaptdc Year of manufacture 2002 Crown cork capper 5 Screw capper 28 MCA Adelski 24 filling valves more
Cleaning station for 6 Milk Concept containers with automatic control, Puiwfu V2A grid floor, drive-on rails. (Precondition: 600 l hot water with 1 inch pipe with 55 degrees C, cold water 1 inch pipe, waste water intake by means of gully, power current 16A, C-automatic) more
Döhler syrup room for sale. Like new, it was used only for half year. It was stored in our store room since 2004. We were soft drinks producer company. We stopped our activity in 2004. We thought we will use it later again, but now we know, we don"t need it. The equipment is in excellent condition. You can visit us to see it personelly. With documentation. Price : The equipment consisting of: I. System of loose components dissolving No.1.: capacity: 2000 l/h 1.Dissolving tank 3000 l made o... more
- Membrane: in order - Incl. air pump/compressor Fjp9voep3 - Control: VELO original - With feet, height 650 mm - Mobile, on wheels - With central filling more
Zalkin Model: CA3 six head rotary capper Fe7si8z stainless frame, 30mm cap diameter, up to 90 bottles per min, also have a Hema filler that went inline with this, full manuals / electrical drawings. more
with manual hydraulics and 79x plastic filter plates Bkxnfpgiaw 1x VA starter plate 1x VA end plate more
Labeller Krones Vinetta Year of manufacture 1994 li-re Bknx3d7rk3 6 plates 1 wet glue unit Container 0,7l Vdf hull 1,0l Vdf trunk chest 0,2l Vdf hull more
Milk vending machine, 200 litres, fully equipped with 1 active tank and 1 passive tank with GSM - module (follow-up costs of 13 €/month per device), Najax module for credit cards and EC (follow-up costs 12 €/month/device), 0pw2pfm Money acceptance, coin changer, SMS reset module via Milk Concept. more
Stainless steel vertical tank for beer. Exterior dimension: Dia Ø 3700/3800 mm Total H 15000 mm. Vertical insolated stainless steel tank - 2rsoiu 6 pcs identically beer tank with 100 mm PU 100 mm PU foam finished with aluminum flat plates. Manhole in bottom Cip Pressure 2.0 Bar. AISI 304 more
Orange vending machine Place of Origin: Spain Manufacturer: Zummo Model: Z10A Weight: 298 Kg Feeder Capacity: 45-50Kg. (110 lbs) Automatic delivery: 100-110 servings without need to replenish fruit Serving Delivery Time: 20-26 seconds Fruit size: 55-75mm N3g9n Optional: Large Fruit Kit: 70-90mm Glasses: Anti-static glasses Cooling Fluid: R134A Dimension: 1830mm. x 1000mm. x 680mm. more
Model: Contiroll Aggregat HS - Modul II Performance: 56.000 b/h Equipment: Wrap-around label from a role Year: 2013 Bjd0x3fd0z Direction: L-R Kind of manufacture: Modul II Station type: CONTIROLL-labelling staiton highspeed Vacuum cylinder D=500mm Counter press walt D=250mm Station height adjustment with controlled drive for label length adjustment and lane regulation Gluing Beginning and edge gluing Roller insertion For two label rolles - gluing automatically Roller diameter: Inner min. 15... more
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
dealership location
6515 km
Kurve 90 Grad Tap N3hjx more
In recovery of the two external corridors of the sorting table, to convey the second quality grapes in a receiving bin. - Length between drum axes: 4000 mm - Stainless steel frame 304L . horizontal length 2000 mm - inclined length 2500 mm Xhu3c - Modular belt width: 600 mm - Slat width 50 mm - Polypropylene material - intralox cleats H: 60 mm - step 350 mm-- belt speed 0.75 m/s - 45° curve - Drive shaft stainless steel - bearing DN 30 PVC - Geared motor control unit power: 1.5 kW - Juice recover... more
Tetra Pak cap applicator TCAP 88 re-conversion to HeliCap 27 in 2020 year 2006 year of production only 672 working hours, as new warranty 6 month for 1000 ml Square packaging Condition of the machine : Very good Cap Applicator, used with a Tetra Pak SQUARE aseptic machine, 1000 ml, square line shaped, conveyor speed 21,00 m/min. , Cap feeder with bunker and elevator , Bjgsqe3zni Installation: lengthwise. Including Hotmelt Nordson 3100V, PLC Fanuc and documentation. Ready for delivery more
FILLING MACHINE FOR LIQUID IN BAGS Type: EL2 A-2160402 Machine no.: 427 Type: EP2 A-2500200 Machine no.: 25036 Year 2010 Connection: 400V 50Hz 6kw Output: 5400 U/h Volume (Max): 450 ml Volume (Min): 200 ml Other Specifications: Ecolean EL-2 bag filling line, year 2010 Capacity: 5400 packages/hour (200ml and 250ml) and 5000 packages/hour (450ml) Product shelf life: - For pasterized milk and butter milk 10-14 days - For yoghurt 30 days Volume: 450 ml, 250 ml and 200 ml With Straw app... more
The machine consists of two units. Fzwnd8p It was in operation in a brewery. This facility was placed on the bottling lines. The machine should check the bottles and sort out the faulty bottles. more
Complete concentrating plant/ evaporation for fruit juice concentrate/ apple juice concentrate. Consists of 5 concentrating columns, overhauled and upgraded. Capacity: 15.000 l/h of cherry juice, 18.000 l/h for apple juice in working condition, height 12,5 m Be7fzoyjil more
Geisenheim, Germany Germany
dealership location
6515 km
Leimpumpe mit Heizung Hartjmb more
- Length between drum axes: 4600 mm - Frame in 304L stainless steel profiled tube - Removable, adjustable longitudinal guide rails - belt width 1000 mm (food quality) - White colour with 2 central guiding cups, for canalisation - belt speed from 3 to 8 m/mn, variable - Easy belt disassembly - Juice collecting tray tilts over the whole length with connection DN 50 Bhxifiyt99 - Rubberized stainless steel drive and return drum - Frequency converter motor drive unit 0.75 kW - Set on 4 swivel wheels... more
Automatic bottle washer ZM Jerzy Robak type PBSz-01-12 - carousel according to the manufacturer is a device designed for rinsing with water glass bottles and bottles and packaging made of hard plastic. Technical characteristics - Manufacturer - Zakład Mechaniczny Jerzy ROBAK - Type - PBZs-01-12 Not9n - Year of production - 2017 - Power supply - 400 V - Power - 2.5 kW - Number of washing heads - 12 pcs. - Capacity - up to 4000 bottles / h - Weight - 1,200 kg - External dimensions: - length - 1 8... more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
6256 km
Rectangular mixer tank with insulation and connection for heating/cooling, capacity 4.000 L, Stainless Steel quality AISI316, Insulated, manhole at top, double jacket press 3 bar, working temperature 95 C, agitator inside from top. Brand Food-Tech Sweden 2001. 2 pieces identical! Sdn372oi Dia Ø: 2800 mm Total H: 3100 mm more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. drum rotational speed: 3400/min, output: 5-35m³/h, machine is as good as new, drum and control cabinet are still packaged. Pt2htq more
Products:  Fruit juices  Nectars Type of filling: Hot Fill Format:  0,25 liters (glass)  0.50 liters (glass)  1.00 liters (glass) All bottle formats available in PDF file! Capping: Twist Off diam. 38 mm Label: Wrapper sleever Juices production:  10.000 bp / h (0,250 En)  5.000 bp / h (0,500 En)  2.500 bp / h (1,000 It) Liquor production:  1.500 bp/h (0,250 It)  bp/h (0,500 It) Packaging: WRAP AROUND cartons (6x4 on 0,25 and 2x3 on 1 It) SPECIFICATIONS 1.A BOTTLING ROOM  Sem... more