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Packaging machinery for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Shrinking and welding in one operation Qkv93hmle -Control of the welding temperature -Control of the temperature -Interior L 450 / T 300 / H 220 mm more
Machine is in excellent condition. Dxpnmtefi more
Henkovac TPS Compact XL semi-automatic traysealer Superb condition Henkovac traysealer from the TPS range. This particular model is equipped with a Busch vacuum pump. Unlike many other compact machinery this model has an automatic film-wind up system that winds up the waste film making it much more efficient to work with. This Henkovac can be compared to the Reepack traysealer that’s also in stock. Compact, reliable and very easy to operate. Settings like the amount of vacuum/gas and sealin... more
The packaging line for packaging products in vacum in shrink bags. Bktjieko The line consists of the Webomatic System 4000 Automatic machine, two conveyor belts: feeding and receiving and shrinking machines. The line is fully functional, perfect technical condition, Can be seen during work. more
• Vibrating feeder o Used to convey the materials to Z-shape elevator and also sieve material in multiple sizes. o Made of stainless steel o Multiple size screens o Screens are easily to be changed by loosen & fasten several bolts o Easy operation and maintance o Power: 0.35kw • Z-Shape elevator o Is used mainly to convey the solid food o Speed can be adjustable o All the parts touching the food are food grade o Fully made by stainless steel 304 Biaoybqxio o Easy operation and maintenance o P... more
we develop various machines that can be used in or on your packaging machine. All our machines are developed according to the wishes and needs of the customer, and later they are always adapted to new needs. Bhxjsi0fqw more
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
dealership location
6377 km
Vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine -with one us output conveyor -Control Siemens Type Simatic Panel Touch -Aluminiumkaschierung -Film width 600 mm -3-fold coiling Qk8mdjtxi -Tellervereinzellung -Shulbeutelbildung with Heizspiegeltrennung -Teilschutzeinhausung -Corpus stainless steel VA -Assembly 4500/1400 / H2150 mm -Weight about 2000 kg more
Parts shown by hand not come. Wf7s80 more
Semi automatic traysealer from multivac. Bidfwwdjah Semi automatic Multivac T200 traysealer. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac can be put in very small operating places/ kitchens. The multivac is capable of processing up to a maximum of 6 cycles per minute. Depending on the set-up results may vary. The digital MC electronic control can be operated simply and intuitively. A membrane keyboard, which is easy to clean, is used together with a LCD display... more
The CFS Compact 360 packaging machine from 2004 Jvlv3a The width of the lower foil 422 mm, the width of the upper foil 420 mm, including with printing. The machine contains 7 packaging forms. The machine is fully functional. more
Newtec Jasa packaging line Available beginning of April, directly from production. Very well maintained Newtec lineair multihead weigher with Jasa 250 vertical bagging machine. This particular line can be sold as demonstrated without the conveyor belt (feeding belt). The Newtec and Jasa machines can also be offered separate. Biabwhahuu A Lineair weigher (most common is Newtec) is a weighing machine that is capable of handling delicate products. Compared to a round Multihead weigher it is less da... more
• New, BJ 2019 B9o2r8qo • Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz • Working air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa • Filling quantity: 1L • Accuracy: ± 5 ‰ • Speed: 0-40 bottles (based on 500ml / bottle) • Container size: 50 l • Machine size: 930x680x290 mm • Weight of the machine: 30 kg • Foot pedal & table bracket more
Vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine Ekbhhwx -Film width max. 400 mm more
Parts shown by hand not come. V3mnkz more
Webomatic TL500 traysealer Dsi3xttwq The fully automatic Traysealer TL 500 (Busch 300 m3/h regular or oxygen safe vacuum pump) is the ideal tool for high industrial packaging capacities. Depending on the tray size the TL 500 effects up to 12 cycles per minute with MAP or up to 15 cycles per minute only sealing, with a tray depth of up to 120 mm. Freshness and quality of the packed food products attain a long shelf-life due to the integrated MAP and vacuum system. For non-food application the TL... more
Stratford Upon-Avon, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5801 km
good condition (used)
Multivac R230 Thermoforming machine In Excellent condition Svpz7nx2 Previously used for washed potatoes. Formed base with film lid With tooling Bhtsnviam7 more
Production speed:Up to 60/70 ppm; G7r37ix Product dimensions: W 60-130 mm, L 50-240 mm, H 40-100 mm; more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGSYSTEM - Coffee Powder Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine - 8 lane Automatic container filling machine including sealing module. - Suitable for the filling of powder products (coffee, chocolate, tea, milk powder, sugar, etc.) in different sized capsule containers (e.g. Nespresso, K-Cup - with/without filter -, etc.) and subsequent sealing. Automatic filling, weighing and sealing of capsule. Nitrogen filling device included. Automatic film infeed and double heat sealing. At las... more
Vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine -Transition in actual condition as visited -The machine comes from a bankruptcy and must be re-commissioned -with film dispenser max. 420 mm -Low-pressure facility Qleesrogt -Sealing station -Schnitzel suction -Switching control unit more
Hood shrink machine Dibipack 3246 STX Performance up to 200 cycles / hour Qq0ka98 Product size max. 310 x 250 x 210 mm, WxDxH Film width max. 400 mm with base Machine mobile Connection 220V, 2100 watts Used machine cleaned and checked more
Sandiacre vertical bagging machine Sandiacre vertical bagging machine Vertical bagging machine with new couple year old control panel. With gas-flush installed. Nxhjx Sealing bars width: 410mm Capacity: 35 bags/minute Width of the foil: 530mm more
Stratford Upon-Avon, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5801 km
good condition (used)
Multivac R530 Thermoforming machine In Excellent condition Previously used for washed potatoes. Bhtsnviam7 Formed base with film lid With tooling more
Speed 20 to 130 ppm, nominal only. Muuwew Product size: W 40-140 mm, L 40-210 mm, H40-110 mm; more
For sale: used filling machine Hugart DS 7500 for plastic cups dia. 95 mm Betrfitcay The machine is in excellent condition only temporary service needed. more
- efficiency: approx. 4 cycles / minute, Wlg0lwc2 - made entirely of stainless steel, - with vacuum and welding regulation, - equipped with a gas dosing system, - full control from the control panel, - manually closing and opening the drawer, - the function of cutting off excess film around the tray, - 25 work programs can be saved, - simple matrix change and operation, more
Urk, Netherlands Netherlands
6248 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Multivac R275cd skin-pack thermoformer Only ±360 production hours, like new. Multivac R275CD thermoformer capable of doing MAP (modified atmosphere packing) and SKIN-pack. Skin pack (or darfresh) is a film tightly secured around the product with a strong vacuum. For a very nice presentation of the product and longer shelflife benefits for numerous products. The Multivac is equipped with 2 strong Busch pumps for the forming of the trays and for the vacuum necessary for the packing. Also equipp... more
Zamosc, Poland Poland
7424 km
excellent (used)
Reeflex 150 is an automatic tray sealer available with vacuum and M.A.P. Reeflex 150 is an efficient and flexible machine thanks to the optional equipment and fast mold switching technology. Made of stainless steel, it offers optimal hygiene conditions. Programmable PLC - with 15 different programs. Two forms in the set. Manufacturer: Reepack Model: Reeflex 150 Height: 1800 mm Width: 1050 mm Length: 2800 mm Weight: 1000 kg Nw98n Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N Total power: ~7,5 kW Efficienc... more
AMTEC MIXINGmachine Industrial Mixer H210 Paddle Agitator Horizontal single-shaft mixer for blending dry, moist and pasty products. - Specifications: agitator type: S-shaped mixing paddle; volume tank: 300 liters; processing volume: max. 210 liters per run; stirring speed: max. 24/min; stirring motor power: 5.5kW; discharge motor power: 1.1kW; machine dimensions approx.: L2160�W700�H1200mm; weight: 750kg. Our machines are available as sample, exhibition or demonstration machines and available... more
Unscrambler for PET bottles 0,5 and 1,0 l completely overhauled with in and out transporters. Coqafhh more
Angle welder with shrink unit, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, hood shrinking machine, hood shrinker, film wrapping machine -electronic temperature control Bkxr97x -max. Pack size 800 x 600 x 310 mm -max. Packing weight 18 kg -dimensions Machine 1870/1010 / H1200 mm -weight machine 212 kg more
Brugg, Switzerland Switzerland
6650 km
unexamined (used)
The machine is currently out of service and can therefore be picked up immediately. Ideal for resellable tasks. Born in 2000 Two different punching inserts Eee7lsd Must be dismantled yourself. more
Automac Elixa XS plus Excellent working condition Elixa XS shrink-film packaging machine. One of the most popular compact shrink film packaging machines in the industry. The tray is automatically fed into the machine where the film will be wrapped around the tray/ product. Once ready the tray will progress to a heated conveyor belt where the film will shrink around the tray. This giving a nicely packed product. Up to 18 packages a minute; Bhn8txktvs 30 Seconds to change the reel; Min tray for... more
Semi-automatic sauerkraut, kimchi(for other products specify) filling machine. The machine is intended to fill products in Jars, Buckets, Pouches. Made of acid-resistant stainless steel materials AISI 304, 316. The product is filled with volumetric filler. Liquid filler, a transporter for product loading are optional. The machine can be equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Equipment can be attached with conveyor, round tables or can be put under filling nozzles manually. Nvxyp Technica... more
AMTEC VERTIwrap NEW VERSION Mini Complete System Pillow/Stick-Bags - Powder 50 O8eo7le New Version complete small vertical packaging system including dosing unit for powder (auger filler). OMRON PLC and 7"-touchscreen, stainless steel version (SS304 - optional SS316). Self-diagnosis functions, OMRON PID temperature controller, SCHNEIDER or OMRON electronic parts, motorized tension control, fast and smooth film transportation, AIRTAC pneumatic components. Back seal type bags (pillow-/stick-packs... more
Cup filler Hamba BK 8008 with pre and main doser, to fill liquid and semi liquid products like milk and milky products (yogurt, kefir etc.) into plastic cups 95 mm with aluminium cover. The machine has been equipped with double dosing system allows to fill independently two different ingredient in one cup (e.g. fruit concentrate and white yogurt). The machine was completely overhauled in 2012 by company Lekkerkerker from Netherlands.The price includes Hamba cup filler, Tray erector, Tray pack... more
The semi-automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC is suitable for industrial use - for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. It seals trays made from various materials, such as plastic, aluminium, cardboard and foamed materials, as well as a large variety of cover films. It's a reliably and safely processed. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be used flexibly. Easy to use, clean and maintain. Because of it’s compact design this multivac c... more
A machine that wraps cakes in a "brick" type packaging, side seals, envelope type, capacity about 24 pcs / min, product filled manually in a chain. Bfljy0ptq8 more
Henkovac Traysealer TPS Compact XL Superb condition Henkovac traysealer from the TPS range. This particular model comes with a 1-tray mould and is equipped with a Busch vacuum pump. Settings like the amount of vacuum/gas and sealing time can be adjusted with the buttons on the control panel. After the settings have been changed these can be assigned to a program number for easy access the next time. More information can be found on the official Henkovac website. A big benefit of this Henkova... more
For sale is this tray sealing packaging machine of the manufacturer Sealpac, type: Sealpac 350 At the moment there are tools for the following masses inside: rectangle: 32x26 cm Cpmkxlrl8 Oval: 22x13cm For further pictures or information we are of course at your disposal. more
AMTEC VERTIwrap Complete Stick System 12-lane 720 - Powder Vertical packaging machine including dosing system(s) with 12 manufacturing lanes to produce "stick-packs" with back center sealing (alternativ: 3-/4-side sealing - surcharge applies) to pack powder (pepper, milkpowder, etc.) - OMRON PLC and colour touchscreen, auto diagnostics. AIRTAC pneumatic parts, OMRON temperatur PID, SCHNEIDER and OMRON electronic parts. Film pulling, AB converter control, stainless steel version (SS304), auger f... more
Large double chamber - Vacuum Webomatic PNC 20 with compressed air and gas connection, external touchscreen control, Workshop tested: vacuum pump oil, air de-oil elements, safety strips, lid seal, Teflon strips new, a welding ice machine renewed, Dimensions chamber approx. 60x85x16cm, Dimensions machine LxWxH approx. 187x95x115cm, weight approx. 724kg Nvbq7 very good condition, works perfectly more
It's a brand new electric linear weigher, bought and used only for tests for project that was canceled.You can find all the technical, additional data, instructions and declaration of confirmity attached in "DOCUMENTS" section. The semiautomatic linear weigher mod. K1 is the suitable system for those wishing to optimize the dosing's time, for every goods of fine granulometry (until 8cm). 4 indipendent vibrating channels (2 bulk and 2 fine channels) and 2 detection photocells of stuck products en... more
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia Slovenia
7214 km
unexamined (used)
SN: 7214 -machine connection power: 220V - power of the machine: 2,6 kW - Working hours: 230h trial production of chocolate packaging the machine housing is on wheels, which allows the machine to move Dimensions 3770 x 670 x 1450mm Weight 440 kg C3hybcnq more
Machines for industrial meat processing and packaging Manufacturer and model: KOLBE / NECKER / RISCO / HANDMAN / K + G Cooz93ha3 more
DATA ON THE MACHINE Machine type: Hood shrinking machine Manufacturer: Quick Pack Group, Interdibipack Model: Flash Pack Digit Condition: good technical condition, immediately ready for use, not used for years Bhgptr2yht Year of construction: 2000 DESCRIPTION Compact hood shrinking machine from Quick-Pack. Suitable e.g. for shrink-wrapping products such as CD cases, office supplies, household goods, toys, technical articles, printed matter, cosmetics as well as textiles or food (bakery products,... more
AMTEC VERTIwrap ECO-Complete VFFS Granulate/Multihead M Gmf8bu20i Complete compact vertical packaging system including 10-head multihead weighing unit (1.3 l/head), z conveyor, platform, outfeed conveyor and rotary table for finished products. Suitable for packing of bulk materials with irregular shape such as potato chips, cornflakes, biscuits, peanuts, sweets, shrimps, industrial parts in general such as screws, nails, metal parts or plastic components etc. The vertical packaging machine (VFF... more
Dane Techniczne Nazwa: Webomatic PNC 20 Rok Produkcji: 2005 Wymiary komory: 850x720x200 mm Długość listw zgrzewających: 830 mm C9euwbyae Ilość listw zgrzewających: 4 Wydajność pompy: 250m3 / h Wymiary gabarytowe: 1720x780x1220 mm Zasilanie: Elektryczne: 400V 50Hz 5N Moc całkowita: 5,5 kW Główny materiał: Stal nierdzewna, kwasoodporna Maszyna w stanie idealnym bardzo mało używana - wyposażona w podwójny zgrzew i automatyczne przekładnie komory Dwukomorowa pakowaczka próżniowa Webomatic PNC 20 i... more
Łódź, Poland Poland
7148 km
reconditioned (used)
Multivac R-230 - packing machine Nuyvz - machine after general renovation based on original parts. - machine under warranty of 6 months. - capacity of 12 cycles per min. - large Busch vacuum pump 250 m3. - has gassing. - a new vacuum cleaner. - new driver. - machine length 6m. - documentation. - perfect condition of the machine. more
Gornja Radgona, Slovenia Slovenia
7214 km
good (used)
Packing machine Kolman, model Kolpak. S/N 093196 Machine was used for packing small bags Packing capacity 17.000pcs/8 hours C220sbmi Dimensions: 1500mm X 1500mm X 1400mm more

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