Bischoff Druck GmbH

Bischoff Druck GmbH from Oberursel:

Handel im Bereich gebrauchter Bogenoffset-Druckmaschinen und
Maschinen aus dem Bereich der Nachverarbeitung:

Dealing with used sheetfed-offset presses and Post-Press Equipment


Mr Majid Davoodabadi
Strackgasse 17
61440 Oberursel

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Profile grinding machine
Profile grinding machine ELB

Year of manufacture: 1991 Condition: Connected ready for operation and can be tested Location: Pirmasens with Fibaron FIB1200 separator Display error Dpfuwl... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine MORGANA DigiFold Pro

Instead of the usual buckle plates, the DigiFold Pro uses an electronically controlled folding knife ("flying knife"). ("Flying Knife"). A dynamic sheet deflector only comes into c... ...


Format: max. 300 x 540 mm Btec27Wi9M... ...


Fabr. No.: 64 00 05 01 Formats: Feeder: max. 53,0 x 84 cm / min. 15 x 15 cm Cross break: max. 53,0 x 43 cm / min. 15 x 20 cm Triple break: max. 26,5 x 43 cm / min. 20 x 30 cm Pock... ...

Vertikale Pressauslage / Vertical Press Delivery
Vertikale Pressauslage / Vertical Press Delivery MBO FA 82-ME Navigator

Vertikale Pressauslage / Vertical Press Delivery MBO FA 82-ME NavigatorYear 2010 - Serial-No. 104197100101 Arbeitsbreite / Working width max. 820mm mit integrierten Presswalzen /... ...

Schuppenauslage mit integrierter Presse / Stream d
Schuppenauslage mit integrierter Presse / Stream d MBO ASP 66 - 2 ME

Schuppenauslage mit integrierter Presse / Stream delivery with integrated pressing MBO ASP 66 - 2 MEBaujahr / Year 2006 - Serial-No. 06060608 Dpetxl Arbeitsbreite / Working width ... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine Mathias Baeuerle CAS 38

Overhauled folding machine year 2002 in absolute top condition. Mileage approx. 45 Mio. All wearing parts replaced, roller adjustment in steel execution overhauled rollers with sli... ...

Cylinder Heidelberg Cylinder 56 x 82

Cylinder 56 x 82 Dperi7... ...

Folding Machine
Folding Machine GUK K 52/4 KL - F4

Size: 520 x 800 mm Dpep8X Equipments: flat pile 2 Knife 4 buckle plates... ...

Folding unit
Folding unit MBO Fw3-56-1

3,Folding unit, mobile 4 buckle plate Intrinsic control Navigator control Ruler with tapered rollers Dpd9Sv... ...

Bookletmaker Uchida U-Booklet

Very nice Uchida booklet maker for sale, showroom model. The U-Booklet is a tabletop booklet making machine, that automates stapling / folding documents. booklets. By easy operati... ...


Format: A3 Pockets: 4 Equipment / Additional information: up to 4 folds extended input up to A1 Bo8Aiucopw... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 56-6-6

Year of construction 2008 Plano format max. 56×90cm Plano format min. 14×18cm Paper weight 40-250 (g/m²) Stack height max. 80cm Diameter of folding rollers 44mm Speed max. 230 m/mi... ...

Zig Zag Card folding machine
Zig Zag Card folding machine Universal Zig Zag Card Line

Ref:10718 . NEW 2024 Universal Z Card Line. Fully automatic line for making Z card fold-out maps, timetables and other promotional card leaflets etc. State of the art modular desig... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine MBO T960/44K-R

Ref:10652 . 2019 MBO T960/44K-R Part of the MBO ‘Perfection’ series - high operating speed, robust construction & very user-friendly resulting in the highest possible folding perfo... ...

Auto setting combi folding machine
Auto setting combi folding machine MBO K800/4 S-KTL -FP Navigator

Ref:10653 . 2009 MBO K800/4 S-KTL -FP Navigator 16pp+ High speed B1 combination folding machine. Equipped with: FP120 Pallet loading flat pile feeder with ‘Vaculift' and 120 cm pil... ...

Press display
Press display Heidelberg VSA.D 66+MKE

Max working width 66cm Mobile Height adjustment Independent control Marking device Bmrrv7T7Ky... ...

Inserting machine (12 month guarantee)
Inserting machine (12 month guarantee) PALAMIDES SIMA 220

This machine costs you less than 0.1ct per insertion With our latest project, we offer you a completely overhauled inserting machine for less than 30,000 euros, with which you can ... ...

Folding Machine
Folding Machine Shoei Star Mach Eight

Size: 470 x 640 mm Equipments: Folding configuration 2 platebuckles + 1 knife Size Min: 150 x 210 mm / Max: 470 x 640 mm Dpckrp Delivery belt delivery Feeder suction wheel + stree... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine Multigraf EuroFold 235SM

Now in stock at Glendale we have this Refurbished MultiGraf Eurofold 235SM Paper Folder. This Swiss made folder had been used within a digital printer and is in excellent cosmetic ... ...

Folding machine
Folding machine Mathias Bäuerle FoldNet 52-6-4-FSA-AM 52

Fully automatically adjustable 1st folding unit with 6 buckles and downstream slitter shaft, transfer table, with 21 million folds 2nd folding unit with 4 buckles and downstream ... ...

Horizon AF-406 F | folder | 6 | 26 mio
Horizon AF-406 F | folder | 6 | 26 mio Horizon AF-406F

Horizon AF-406F Fully Automatic 6-Buckle Folder for High Precision with Flat Pile Feeder This versatile folding machine is perfect for brochures, inserts, and pharmaceutical appli... ...

Horizon PF-40 L
Horizon PF-40 L Horizon PF-40L

3 MONTHS WARRANTY offer consists of: Horizon PF-40L folder with table - roller condition: 50% - feed table - 6 folding patterns - 10 memories for individual jobs - on mobile t... ...

Horizon AFC-504 AKT | folder | 4
Horizon AFC-504 AKT | folder | 4 Horizon AFC-504 AKT

Horizon AFC-504 AKT - 4-Pocket Cross Folding Machine Unlike combo folding machines that mix different folding techniques, the Horizon AFC-504 AKT is a specialized cross folding ma... ...

Folding Machine
Folding Machine Stahl KC 56/4 KTL

Size: 560 mm Equipments: Bhhbcdx3T0 vertical pile feeder 2 Knife 4 buckle plates... ...