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Stationary Presses for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Endless printing machine incl. finishing line FC-610EndlessRyobi Small Offset PressModel 985 CFwith finishing unitThe endless has - 2-color printing unit - 6" - 12 " length- incl. The machine weighs about 3 tons and is at ground level - a lift truck is available on site - a truck with loading ramp is recommended for pick-up Delivery conditions: ex location - EXW Payment conditions: payment before delivery/collection Accessories without guarantee. The rule is: "Object bought as seen". The prospec... more
MÜLLER MARTINI PRONTO 2202 Continuous form press with 3 colours Year of Manufacturing: 1991 Reel to pack Z70hp7q Max web width: 420mm Variable size by gears change Perforation Unit Available gears: 7 “to 17” Machine is in production – Test possible more
GOEBEL OPTIFORMA 520Type OPTIFORMA FRR 520Year of manufacture 1981Step: 24 inchesNumber of colors: 3 one verk for dry offsetPerforation cylinder: 24 inches divided by 4Material width: 520 mmMaximum print width: 480 mmSpeed: up to 200 m / minThe machine is in operation and can be tested Bfsww0zn99 more
variable format rotary machine 17 inch4 printing units, paper unwinding max diameter 50 inch pneumatic roll lifter, paper weight approx. 50 to 130 g/m², max printing width 42 cm, capacity roll/sheet 150 m/min (500 feet), many accessoriesroll/sheet Nmyed more
We offer the Business Forms reel collator BIELOMATIK P671 JUMBO, cleaned, overhauled and painted on a modular system basis up to your wishes. Inform us upon your demands and we design your adequate machine out of our large range of Bielomatik collator modules and parts. Just make a request and we send you an individual offer! Bielomatik P671 reel collator for business forms age 1980, overhauled 2019 5 Jumbo unwinds, diameter 1,27 m, Eo7zcfh9c 4 carbon unwinds diameter 70 cm datamail unit 3 ... more
Machine compl. rebuilt 2014 unwinder with web guide Nogqz 5 x Wet Offset unit with 5 x 8", 5 x 12" Print insert File hole punching unit with 8" + 12" tools Line hole unit 24" Folder with 8" and 12" crossperforationcylinder Sheeter with delivery belt + jogger table Turnerbar, Damping system more
Giebeler R 520 10 Offset colours (8+2) Year : 1989 Reel to Reel - Reel to Fold Dpjerxv UV Lamp Printing Cassettes : 10x24" , 10x22" , 8x17" (with these groups you can print 4 colors to 34" !!!) , 4x16" Perforation Cylinders : 3x24" , 2x17" , 2x16" , 1x34" , Hole Cylinder Archive : 1x24" Cranes for format and relative cart Shelves Archive for press groups Possibility Dry Printing and Rainbow Accessories and spare parts Availability: immediate Notes: Video of the machine available !!! more
Ryobi 3202 MCS Year 1995 -Available Immediately - -Can be inspect- Bfe99ikd20 -On stock - Can be test- more
consisting off: Web offset press Concept with new controller (B&RX20) 1 Unwinding: 50" 1 Track edge control 6 Offset Print unit Bdpm7v0bbc 6 printing inserts 24” 1 dampening system Dahlgreen 1 Turn bar station, after print unit 1 and 2 1 Processing unit with: - File hole punching - line hole punching: Schober NG - cross perforation - longitudinal perforation 1 Folder with storage table 1 Rewind unit max. 50" 1 BST Video Web Guide 1 Dryer UV-IST with 2 lamps 1 Documentation more

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Oberzent, Germany Germany
6608 km
good (used)
narrow web press COMPUTER-PRINT C38, print repeat 12", 4 colour, Perforation length and cross, sprocket hole punching 24", spiral Folder and sheeter. Bflvbxpqsz more
3 colour Miyakoshi MSP 18. Dec 1989 (installed new 1990). Sprocket hole punching and cross perforation station. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. No print cartridges or cross perforating cylinders. Bfhh2m7bfa BST web guide. Rated at 150mpm 40" unwind and integral rewind. Fanfold. 457mm web width. 250KG Hoist. Buyer collects. more
DESCRIPTION: Müller Martini Grapha 520 (standard machine) OFFSET (5) Five colors (24" print) Year: 1981 Print width 520 mm. Reel diameter: 1270 mm. Bfrqhm89o2 Reel diameter (rewinding): 1270 mm. Outputs: Reel to Reel - Reel to Fold Printing cassette: 5x24" Drilling cylinders: 1x24 " UV lamps Webb Guide Inversion bars Cooling unit Double production Accessories and spare parts Availability: immediate Notes: Video of the machine in function available !!! more
Platebender for Progress or Concept Bdky00bomf more
MÜLLER MARTINI CONCEPT Ref-No. PN501 age 1998 web width 520 mm unwind, max. diam. 50” (125cm) web guide, brand BST 6 wet offset towers 6 wet offset inserts 24” ink remote control, brand Microcolor, for towers no. 2-6 motorized side register UV drying, brand IST (towers no. 1-5) and GEW (tower no. 6) including cooling unit Beyim2zcih ink agiators 6x ink dust exhaust hoods 5x processing group with 1 file punch station with 1 insert 24” length perforation, length slitting station 2 cross perfor... more
Lasermax/Stralfors. Forms folder! Eolwpq7w Very good condition!! more
Size: F9p3htphy minimal 105,8 x 250 mm maximal 485×431.8 mm pile height 800 mm. more
4 colour Miyakoshi MVF 18. 1987. Sprocket hole punching. 2 cross perforation stations. Multiple file hole options. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. 4 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 11.67" & 17" 1 print cartridge for repeat length of 13.75". Cross perforating cylinders to match all sizes. 3 x 17", 1 x 23.33", 1 x 13.75". Various sub perforations within each cylinder including 11.67" 17" numbering unit. Bfhhvxwwin RotoGraph web guide. 50" unwind and integral rewind. Fanfold with gears to matc... more
Seailles & Tison FLEXIBOBINE 480 Fksnmdvl 3 Colour Offset Year : 1985 Reel to Fold Printing Cassettes : 11", 11.4", 12" , 14", 16", 17", 18" + Perforators With : 480 mm. Available : Immediately Conditions : Good Price : 24.000 (Loaded) more
max. web width 480mm GP-Tinter Unwinder 50" Paper length control Rpg23ygn Web guide 6x Offset printing units with 24" and 25" printing cassettes (25" inserts are almost new) automatic ink control Temperature control unit for the inking system Line hole punching unit File hole punching unit 24" und 25" Length perforation Spiral Folder with confetti exhauster Plate bender brand BREW Delivery table Sheeter for DINA4 Sheets and standard insert High pile stacker Rewinder UV-drying System brand Pr... more
1 Printing unit WEB 48 FIVE, complete, mechanic + electric + Bcmd3azgit 1 x 12.5" print insert 3 x 17" print insert more
25“ inch 3 Numbering machines E28xte2qe more
4 colour Miyakoshi MSP 18. Dec 1999 (installed new 2000). 2 lamp GEW UV drying. 2 lamps 2 face or 1 lamp face, 1 lamp reverse. Tectonic web inspection cameras face and reverse. Sprocket hole punching and cross perforation. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. 4 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 10", 11", 12" & 16" 3 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 11.67" (A4), &17". Cross perforating cylinders to match all sizes. BST web guide. Rated (and runs at) 150mpm 50" unwind and integral rewind. Fanf... more
Manufacturer :MIYAKOSHIType :MSP-18Descriptions :Business Form - Two colours Paper with 18" Web offset Printing units available: 2x11", 2x12", 2x9", 2x16', 2x17", 1x10 "Perforating cylinders: 11", 12", 9", 10", 16", 17" Unwinder FolderPlate benderWebb Guide BSTMiyascalePaper tension control, Recirculation system Availability : ImmediatePrice : euro 17.500 (Loaded) Note: Machine disassembled and ready for loading !!!! Dwlv23 more
28 inch print tray with electrical pages register Eco print 520 mm Quantity €7,500 Ber8nk3ccp more
web width max. 20 1/2" number of print Units 8 print circumferences 24" and 25" B8ob0baa turner bar after unit 1,2 and 4 with rewinder; Folder or sheeter can be attached numbering insert 25" in unit 8 ink temperature control web dust exhaust KELVA blanket wash ELETTRA UV- System IST with 6 lamps watercooled OFFCON-2 ELTROMAT with 2x 3chip cameras more
Ruggell, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
dealership location
6751 km
good condition (used)
4 color Reel to reel Reel to Fold 8bbr7ew90 Format size 8 1/2" 24" Price ex side more
5 x Printing Insert 12 1/2 inch 8u7ivyoq7 1 X File Hole unit 1 x Cross perforation cylinder more
Unwinder with Web-Guide 4xWetoffset 16 2/3" Bhyf09f File hole punching unit Sheeter with deliveryband and table jogger Platebender,Documention Elc.Cabinet more
1) Offset PRINTING CASSETTE for Drent Gazelle 6 IMR: n° 2 x 23"+2/6 (11"+4/6) n° 1 x 14" 2) DRILLING CYLINDERS for Drent Gazelle 6 IMR: Ewa30r9 n° 1 x 23"+2/6 (11"+4/6) n° 1 x 28" n° 2 x 17" n° 1 x 10"+4/6 3) REWINDER for Drent Gazelle 6 (Used): n° 1 more
letterpress unit for file hole punching station of Goebel Optiforma FRR520. circumference 24" according to attached Fotos will be cleaned (before delivery) Could also be adapted for numbering purpose at extra cost, Cil0gh2j price upon request!! more
5 x Printing Insert 8 1/2 inch 1 X File Hole unit 1 x Cross perforation cylinder Myban 1 x gear for sheeter 3 x gear for folder more
Web 48Five unwinder with Web-Guide 2x Wetoffset unit with 24" inserts Turner bar 9khsyh8om Sheeter with deep pile stacker utensil Documents more
MULLER MARTINI PRONTO 3 Offset Printing (with only gear change !!!) Delivery : Reel to Pack - Pack to Pack Note: Repeating package system for subsequent color additions !!! Maximum Size : 420 mm Unwinder for reel : mm. 1.270 Cross perforation unit Folder Sprocket punching unit File hole station Wet offset - variable size (with only gear change !!!) Sizes (Variable) available : 7", 8", 8"2/6 , 8"3/6 , 9", 10" , 11“, 11“2/6, 11"3/6, 11"4/6 , 12“, 14“, 15“ Accessories, spare parts and techn... more
Griesheim, Germany Germany
6558 km
good condition (used)
trolley storage for printing inserts, cross perforation cylinder,.... fuer Mueller Martini Concept 520, Concept NT 520 according to attached pictures on stock, shortly available Hapnldb more
Max. signature size 355x275 mm Min. signature size 120x70 mm Mech. speed 40 cycles/min. Length approx. 1720 mm Height approx 1600 mm Weight approx. 850 kg Manual feeding Bfek7xizfg more
Topkapi - Istanbul, Turkey Turkey
dealership location
8418 km
6 stations, ERHET CONTROL Glue Unit model LR-03, N+P Xpqknawiz more
FOR SALE (Except Sold) N° 4 x 25" printing cassette M. Muller Progress Vcb2gt7y N° 4 x 20" printing cassette M. Muller Progress N° 3 x 16" printing cassette M. Muller Progress Note : It evaluates offer in bulk !!! more
Griesheim, Germany Germany
dealership location
6558 km
good (used)
Opti forma plus printing 520 mm 8ukru7ckd more
file hole punching insert for Bielomatik P668/671 reel collator used, incl. 2 pair of rings 24" B2dehiu9 cleaned according to attached pictures immediately available more
- rebuilt condition Ltl2uhktu - Distributer . Ulmer and Roller new coatetd - Pneumatic new. - Optional - format 22/24"/25" - without autom. Ink adjustment and Agitator more
Max. signature size 355x275 mm Min. signature size 120x70 mm Bfek7egn7e Mech. speed 100 cycles/min. Length approx. 2720 mm Height approx 1520 mm Weight approx. 930 kg Semi-automatic chain feeding more
Topkapi - Istanbul, Turkey Turkey
dealership location
8418 km
6x24', 3 x UV, Camera Vowzxqq more
for continous forms reel collator for Bielomatik P631/668/671 reel collator we offer used cross cutting/cross perforation cylinder: 23 1/3" cross cutting/cross perforation cylinder for Bielomatik P631/668/671 reel collator used, complete with gear and fixing bars Ba0t3jif will be cleaned before delivery more

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