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FORM CONSULTA (Pack - Collator) 6 Sations Crimp-Look 20gwuvdb Multiflex Numbering Condition: Good (used) Availability: Immediate
4 pcs. dry offset printing cassettes circumference 23 1/3" for Müller Martini Concept printing press glued (sticky back) blanket cylinder gears, 1/6" gear pitch Bpbgbv2rko immediately available
Size: 350 x 450 cm 2 colours continuous form printing machine Cxossmf Still in production Visits possible after consultation
- Reel to reel - Reel to Fold - 6 Color Mvwvv -Format 24"/25"/ 2 x 22"/ 1x Numbering insert 24"/ 1 x dry Insert 24" +25" -6 x singel dryer IST - Eltromat ink move adjustment - Video - Optional Mueller Martini Sheeter 2088 plus Unigraphica Unistack 2000
4 colour Miyakoshi MSP 18. Dec 1999 (installed new 2000). 2 lamp GEW UV drying. 2 lamps 2 face or 1 lamp face, 1 lamp reverse. Tectonic web inspection cameras face and reverse. Sprocket hole punching and cross perforation. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. 4 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 10", 11", 12" & 16" 3 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 11.67" (A4), &17". Cross perforating cylinders to match all sizes. BST web guide. Rated (and runs at) 150mpm 50" unwind and integral rewind. Fanf...
machine in perfect condition with 3 colors with voltura group, alcoolor wetting, paper light 50 cm double track for double side-by-side production, electrical registers, archive hole group, double perforations we have 24-inch 22-inch 18-inch and 17-inch sizes and all submultiples for the 24 and 22 inches they are in 3 colors, for the 18 and 17 inches in 2 colors., all housed on a table-top counter, see photo. Qrhkfbiz printing both from reel to pack and from reel to reel with electronic regi...
Cutter pack Electronics BOWE 310 Condition: fully functional (used) Availability: Immediate Mvtals
Bielomatik P671 Std. reel collator, year 1981, - 4 paper stations 70 cm (27") - 3 carbon stations 45 cm - crimp lock both sides spacing 2" - cold gluing unit, brand HHS with 12 Nozzles - 1 cross perf. cylinder 24" circumference - spiral folder with counter - web marking device and delivery table additionally we can offer for this machine: 2 additional unwinds 27" or 40", 1 A. Zeiser crash numbering unit,incl. 1 rings and 1 cams 24" 1 trim slitter D60 for both sides Bltuweqta 1 Strayfield ...
Mueller 6611 Automatic Forms cutter Serial Number :23597 Blqbqrqlv8 Form height: min. 12/6“ Form width: min. 88 mm Dimensions: 525x760x1200 mm Weight: 80 kg Form height: min. 12/6“
Web Buffer Module VU6-800 B27ttonc Purpose The vacuum unit stores sufficient paper that any paper web retraction by the printer is ensured if the need arises. In addition, the vacuum unit prevents folding over or creasing of the loops after the printer at high printer speeds and when using lightweight paper. Method of operation The paper web emerging from the printer is drawn into a loop by means of a vacuum. In the event of a printer stop, the loop is sufficient to permit a controlled paper web...
3 colour Miyakoshi MSP 18. Dec 1989 (installed new 1990). Sprocket hole punching and cross perforation station. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. Bfhh2m7bfa No print cartridges or cross perforating cylinders. BST web guide. Rated at 150mpm 40" unwind and stand alone rewind. Fanfold. 457mm web width. 250KG Hoist. Buyer collects.
Pescara Italy
7335 km
ready for operation (used)
ROTATEK RK 200 3 Colors Offset Year: 2000 Reel / Fold Fk7tksv Print formats: 3x12" , 3x11" , 3x8" Double production Archive Web guide Etc. Condition: Good (used) Availability: Immediate
cross glue unit for Bielomatik P6XX Jumbo Reel collator brand Schober will be cleaned and checked before delivery Bozos7bbqd incl. cross glue cylinder, circumference 24" (other sizes available upon request incl. gluing pump
IMER I-120-BF Year; 1990 Web width: 500 mm Encoder electronic register 1 x Unwinder for 50’’ reels 1 x Infeed unit with web edge guide system 3 x Printing units Print sizes : 24’’(3x), 22’’(3x), 18’’(2x), 17’’(2x) Alcohol refrigerated dampening system 1 x Turner bar Remaliner punching unit with 2x single and 1x Double row punching tools for double production Xuke0 File punching unit with 24’’ and 22’’ tools Double cross perforation stations Reel to Fold Reel to Reel
Lasermax/Stralfors. Eolwpq7w Forms folder! Very good condition!!
Complete factory clearance. 3 Presses and various finishing equipment can be found on MachineSeeker refs A4093069 / A4093037 / A4093088 / A4093122 / A4093178 / A4093138 / A4093186 / A4093183 / A4093119. Also included in sale is film processor, plate processor, various printers, all office equipment, filing cabinets etc. No computers. Buyer collects. Bhcl2nrrrq
Duisburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6368 km
25“ inch E28xte2qe 3 Numbering machines
Drent Gazelle 6 IMR - K 3p0deedr Print width: 445 mm. Colors: 4 offsets Outputs: Reel to Reel - Reel to Fold Print formats: 4x24", 4x22" , 4x20", 4x18" Perforation: 2x24", 2x22" , 2x20", 1x18" Archive: 24" , 22" , 18" Condition: good Availability: Immediate
24" cut out cylinder for Bielomatik P631/668/671 reel collator used, will be cleaned and checked before delivery. cut out 2x 7.8mm from 24" for 297mm (A4) production 2 addtional cut`s for size A5 production complete with gear, gear pitch 1/3" including fixing bars Fzmjyfrb according to attached pictures
narrow web press COMPUTER-PRINT C38, print repeat 12", 4 colour, Perforation length and cross, sprocket hole punching 24", spiral Folder and sheeter. Bflvbxpqsz
1 Printing unit WEB 48 FIVE, complete, mechanic + electric Bcmd3azgit 1 x 12.5" print insert
4 colour Miyakoshi MVF 18. 1987. Sprocket hole punching. 2 cross perforation stations. Multiple file hole options. Data-mailer thumb notch unit. 4 print cartridges for repeat lengths of 11.67" & 17" 1 print cartridge for repeat length of 13.75". Cross perforating cylinders to match all sizes. 3 x 17", 1 x 23.33", 1 x 13.75". Various sub perforations within each cylinder including 11.67" 17" numbering unit. RotoGraph web guide. 50" unwind and integral rewind. Fanfold with gears to match all sizes...
Duisburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6368 km
5 x Printing Insert 8 1/2 inch 1 X File Hole unit 1 x Cross perforation cylinder 1 x gear for sheeter Myban 3 x gear for folder
1) Offset PRINTING CASSETTE for Drent Gazelle 6 IMR: n° 2 x 23"+2/6 (11"+4/6) - (for type P) n° 4 x 16"+4/6 (A 4) - (for type P) n° 1 x 14" - (for type P) n° 6 x 22" (for type M) !!! 2) DRILLING CYLINDERS for Drent Gazelle 6 IMR - P : Ewa30r9 n° 1 x 23"+2/6 (11"+4/6) n° 1 x 16"+4/6 n° 1 x 28" n° 2 x 17" n° 1 x 10"+4/6 3) MAGNETIC Cylinder AND SLIP HOLDER for Drent Gazelle 6 4) REWINDER for Drent Gazelle 6 (Used) 5) BST BELT GUIDERS for Drent Gaze...
1 used numbering insert for Ref-No. PN501 wet offset printing tower Müller Martini Concept 9goa8vig circumference 24” incl. gears (1/6" gear pitch) incl. 4 rings and 2 cams, without numbering boxes according to attached pictures will be cleaned before delivery
max. web width 480mm GP-Tinter Unwinder 50" Rpg23ygn Paper length control Web guide 6x Offset printing units with 24" and 25" printing cassettes (25" inserts are almost new) automatic ink control Temperature control unit for the inking system Line hole punching unit File hole punching unit 24" und 25" Length perforation Spiral Folder with confetti exhauster Plate bender brand BREW Delivery table Sheeter for DINA4 Sheets and standard insert High pile stacker Rewinder UV-drying System brand Pr...
- Web width 540 mm - Color change system ACC - perfekt condition M0da7
31 print cylinders for Miyakoshi MSP18 / MVF 18 4 x 10" Bzuwdcr 4 x 11" 7 x 11.67" (A4) 4 x 12" 4 x 16" 7 x 17" 1 x 13.75" 1 x 23.33 (A4) 6 perforating cylinders for MSP18. All have intermediate perforations. 10" 11" 11.67" (A4) 12" 16" 17" 4 perforating cylinders for MVF18. All have intermediate perforations. 3 x 17" 1 x 13.75" 1 x 23.33" (A4) 1 x 17" numbering unit for MVF18 1 conversion cartridge to allow MVF18 to take MSP18 perforation cylinders.
Duisburg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6368 km
5 x Printing Insert 12 1/2 inch 1 X File Hole unit 1 x Cross perforation cylinder 8u7ivyoq7
OPPORTUNITY !!! Bogolaiy9f PRINTING CASSETTES for "ROTATEK RK 300" SIZE: N° 4x16 " PERFORATION CYLINDER: N° 1x16 " Note: In good general condition ready for use !!!.
rewinder 50" (127cm) for Müller Martini Progress 520 max. web width: 520mm (20.5") max. rewind diameter 127cm (50") incl. air shaft, diameter 70mm (be be modified for 76mm, 3" cores) incl. electrical cabinet B92dh0rh on stock, immediately available
Oberzent, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6608 km
web width max. 20 1/2" number of print Units 8 print circumferences 24" and 25" turner bar after unit 1,2 and 4 with rewinder; Folder or sheeter can be attached numbering insert 25" in unit 8 B8ob0baa ink temperature control web dust exhaust KELVA blanket wash ELETTRA UV- System IST with 6 lamps watercooled OFFCON-2 ELTROMAT with 2x 3chip cameras
- centrum rewinder 50" - Airshaft 70 mm Deliip9tg - dancersystem
Endless printing machine incl. finishing line FC-610EndlessRyobi Small Offset PressModel 985 CFwith finishing unitThe endless has - 2-color printing unit - 6" - 12 " length- incl. The machine weighs about 3 tons and is at ground level - a lift truck is available on site - a truck with loading ramp is recommended for pick-up Delivery conditions: ex location - EXW Payment conditions: payment before delivery/collection Accessories without guarantee. The rule is: "Object bought as seen". The prospec...
Unwinder 50" with webguide 1 Print unit with 12,5" Print insert Sheeter with delivery belt Vsych3 High Pile Stacker A2 Rewinder 50"
unwinder with Web-Guide Ig8zzdwl 4x Wetoffset unit flie hole punching unit sheeter with delivery belt eltric cabinet,plate bender
SNAP OUT DELIVERY WITH STACKER and backward numbering capability (RWZ) Ref-Nr. CR151 for Bielomatik P631, 668, 671 Booijlng72 used, will be overhauled, cleaned, painted - max. working width: 500 mm - incl. drive gear - cut off size: 3 ¼“ - 17“ - max. stack height: 80 mm
EDELMAN FORM ALL - V 38 machine Year of construction 1991 Rotary Off-set mm. 380 - 6 colors (with the possibility of reverse print) - Reel to Reel, - Reel to Fold, - Reel to Sheet Equipment for punching and printing cassettes: PRINTING Cassettes : N. 6 x 12" N. 6 x 11" N. 4 x 11"+4/6 PERFORATION : N. 1 x 12" N. 1 x 11" Blvrt2zzi2 N. 1 x 11"+4/6 Available: Immediately
- 3 x Goebel Optiforma printing insert 24" - cylinder in top condition Bzkdt32k - fair price !
Maltepe, Davutpaşa Cd. No:73/A D:A, 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Türkei Turkey
8418 km
good (used)
2 Colours Quick Action Clamps Blcycrqdon Water Dampening Colour Rollers Water Rollers
Machine compl. rebuilt 2014 unwinder with web guide 5 x Wet Offset unit with 5 x 8", 5 x 12" Print insert File hole punching unit with 8" + 12" tools Line hole unit 24" Folder with 8" and 12" crossperforationcylinder Sheeter with delivery belt + jogger table Turnerbar, Damping system Nogqz
Web 48Five unwinder with Web-Guide 2x Wetoffset unit with 24" inserts Turner bar Sheeter with deep pile stacker utensil 9khsyh8om Documents
Inline sheeter with integrated high pile delivery, Ref.Nr. SoA 239 brand Müller Martini, type 2009 age approx. 1980 max. web width: 520mm (20.5“) cardan shaft driven format variable by format gears min. format 5 2/3“, max. format: 13“ with integrated high pile delivery max. pile hight: 600mm according to attached data sheet, drawing & description Onaux on stock, immediately available.
DESCRIPTION: Müller Martini Grapha 520 (standard machine) OFFSET (5) Five colors (24" print) Year: 1981 Print width 520 mm. Bfrqhm89o2 Reel diameter: 1270 mm. Reel diameter (rewinding): 1270 mm. Outputs: Reel to Reel - Reel to Fold Printing cassette: 5x24" Drilling cylinders: 1x24 " UV lamps Webb Guide Inversion bars Cooling unit Double production Accessories and spare parts Availability: immediate Notes: Video of the machine in function available !!!
Ruggell, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
(dealership location)
6751 km
good (used)
- 22" Printing insert - Optional Crossperforation 3500,- 7adfufk - Optional Filehole insert 2500,-
Topkapi - Istanbul, Turkey Turkey
(dealership location)
8418 km
6x24', 3 x UV, Camera Vowzxqq
1 Müller Martini Sheeter type 2088 Ref-Nr. G7112 year 1995 max. working width: 520mm (20.5") servo driven variable, max. cut off length 26” Onatz cut out capability to cut size A4 out from 24” paper grammage from 50 - 180g /sqm with batcher Unigraphica Ministack - min. format 6“, max. format: 12.5“
MULLER MARTINI PRONTO 3 Offset Printing (with only gear change !!!) Delivery : Reel to Pack - Pack to Pack Yfb0zqb8 Note: Repeating package system for subsequent color additions !!! Maximum Size : 420 mm Unwinder for reel : mm. 1.270 Cross perforation unit Folder Sprocket punching unit File hole station Wet offset - variable size (with only gear change !!!) Sizes (Variable) available : 7", 8", 8"2/6 , 8"3/6 , 9", 10" , 11“, 11“2/6, 11"3/6, 11"4/6 , 12“, 14“, 15“ Accessories, spare parts ...