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Paint finishing systems for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Shelf trolley, Paint drying trolley, Shelf transport trolley, Transport trolley, Shelf trolley overall length 1190 mmA total depth 720 mmA total height 1800 mmWeight 66 kg Vqohx3 more
Spray installation complete Heated 2k pump with automatic mixing ratio controller. the frame with the airless pumps and heatable mixing ratio controller is only sold in one piece. content: - Graco Xtreme x45 The new king Series J07a airless pump pressure 313 Bar - 4550 PSI 45: 1 e-Xtreme EX45 Electric Airless Sprayer, New price: € 2,995 ex.btw - Graco Viscon hp Heater EEx d IIB-t2 250 gr. Issep 02atex051 model: 245863 Max amps 16.7 Max. watt 4000 - 240V New price: € 2484.- ex VAT. Graco Prom... more
Spray booth for painting and drying METRON MEGATRON, manufactured in 2004. The temperature and time of painting in the booth is regulated by means of a temperature controller. The cabin has a SECCO metal base made of galvanized, cold pressed sheet, with two rows of grilles, with basic frames and "Paint-Stop" filters retaining paint. Technical data of the painting booth METRON MEGATRON: - internal dimension: 12 x 5 x 4.5 m - external dimension: 12.45 x 5.15 x 5.10 (without the base) - maximum te... more
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
dealership location
6537 km
Used machine economic turbo system: 25% higher plant performance through the most modern application technology and all this with the same space requirement! Shorter throughput times due to optimised automatic program control for fast UV systems - up to 70% cost savings compared to casting and spraying due to the use of solvent-free systems and one-man operation - flexible due to low-cost one-man operation with return air function or optionally in a continuous process for two-man operation - the... more
with water-flooded suction system - Manufacturer CEFLA Finsihing - Type, iBOTIC MW - Year of construction 2008 - RE3005 Patented, endless CFB belt conveyor system with paint recovery unit with counter rotating Roller with squeegee. - Two motorized, foldable belt elements with reliefs in inlet and outlet. - Extraction of paint powder via water extraction system with basin and 6 stainless steel sprinklers on the spray perimeter. - High capacity pump for water circulation, already designe... more
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
7108 km
good (used)
Height: 1700 cm Depth: 600 cm Lenght: 2500 cm Equipment: Stainless steel cabin Bfqgek3kbt Cyclone End filter Spiro pipe more
Tray car, paint drying car -total length 1200 mm -total depth 650 mm Cun9sil -total height 2005 mm -shelf height 90 mm -1x car available -weight 56 kg more
Paint walls incl. extraction Suspensions / Stands Floor Gratings Biakxjuy08 more
Automatic glaze applicator for workpieces up to 100 x 250 mm. Machine was almost not used. Bw88uby Pictures are from the original brochure and the order at that time. New price was 15.325 DM. more
Hüllhorst, Germany Germany
6452 km
good (used)
Working width 1300 mm, passage width 1700 mm, 1 pole rotor with 4 guns,. with dust collectors, working height: 920 +-20 mm, clearance clearance height: approx. 120 mm. Work piece sizes: L x B x H Pjcz0yyd min 300 x 100 x 10 mm, max 2600 x 900 x 50 mm,. Splash media: solvents coatings, water-based paints, Pickling, laboratory conditions. more
- Producer Venjakob - Type HGS-Z Single / CNC 5000 - Year of construction 1999 - Working height 900 mm + - 20 mm Gr8clkq - Operating side, left - Single gun drive system - Spray gun control with new Touch PC and scanner bar - Dry filter system - Diameter exhaust air pipe 400 mm - Transport belttransport System - Feed speed adjustable ~ 2 - 6 m/min - Belt cleaning system with v-belt - Lacquer reclaiming system with v-belt - Number of installed lacquer circles 1 Stk. - Nu... more
Ντόρτμουντ, Germany Germany
6412 km
good (used)
Wet-lacquering-plant in a good condition. 5 chambers for painting. With accessories like mixer for the colour. Bgzpkqpkkz more
Rack trolleys, lacquer drying trolleys -Gesamtlänge 1400 mm Total depth of 960 mm Total height 2000 mm Compartment height 28 mm Compartment capacity max 15 kg -2 x cars available Award pieces Hhnma3rkk Weight 127 kg / piece more
Nieuw-Lekkerland, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6221 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Graco Reactor E-10HP for spraying polyurea. and other hybrid coatings . also suitable for PUR spraying. machine has been used once on pilot project. Dj9sbyxug Runs for 8 hours more
Complete painting line m. Overhead chain conveyor i. electrostatic process w. high rotation disc (OMEGA grinder) Bffxfbiw7t The plant is in operation, so it can be visited in operation. Will probably be free on 01.06.20 Detailed process description: see 2 x PDF documents. Further TECHN. DATA: approx. space requirement: W 20 x L 30 x H 9 m. the height is determined by the lifting device. solvents & paint mist are sucked off & afterburned Plant is definitely complete incl. software, externally onl... more
SPRAYBOOTH trustworthy brand serial no.: cvf023/02 year: 2002 cabin size : width 520 cm x depth 230 cm reinforced galvanized sheet metal structure Bh2aycrbet including 1 suction motor external suction hoses excluded electrical panel excluded supplied already disassembled and ready to be assembled... viewable at recanati (mc) more
- Producer Venjakob - Type HGS Single CNC5000 - Year of construction 1999 - Working width 1300 mm - Operating side, left - Prize for overhauled machine - Actual condition, machine is not overhauled - Single gun drive system - Dry filter system - Transport belttransport System - Feed speed adjustable 2 - 8 m/min - Belt cleaning system with v-belt - Lacquer reclaiming system with v-belt - Gun control CNC 5000 - Number of installed lacquer circles 1 Stk. - Number of instal... more
part w=900 h=2000 ss tunnel 3 stages dry and curing ovens 1 powder booth fast color change p & f conveyor Gutngbz more
Rack trolleys, lacquer drying trolleys -Gesamtlänge 850 mm Total depth 780 mm Qkqvwx97j Total height 1970 mm Compartment height 25 mm Compartment capacity max 15 kg -1 x car available Award pieces Weight 70 kg / piece more
Water Curtain Liquid Paint Spraybooth The booths can be manufactured from galvanized or stainless sheet. They can be designed so as to be integrated into the Automatic and Manual systems. There is a platform for material and personnel safety on the pool. The platform covers the entire pool. In Elboy Filterline Wet Paint Application Booths, environmental pollution is prevented by applying 3 different filtration systems at the same time. Wet paint particles vacuumed through suction fan in the ... more
Variable adjustable painting rotary table • Many setting options for small and large massive workpieces • stable • From one person to handle, rigid arms and adjustable swivel arms • Height-adjustable Technical data: Length: 1850 mm Width: 800 mm Height: 1000-1300 mm Load capacity: 300 kg P3nxntgef Top goods Can be sent by us via UPS. Must be built then. Location: Off the shelf Bitburg more
Sehr guter Zustand, sehr saubere Maschine Very good condition, very clean machine. - Producer Venjakob - Type HGS-Duo - Year of construction 1994 - Working width 1.300 mm - Working height ~ 900 mm + - 20 mm - Operating side, left - Single gun drive system - Exhaust air 7.000 m³/h - Steel belt transport system 10 Bänder, Breite 15 mm, ES, Teilung 140 mm Bidvvgrojy - Feed speed adjustable 2 - 7,5 m/min - Gun control EPS-F2 - Number of installed spraying guns 4 Stk. - S... more
Liebenfels, Austria Austria
7096 km
excellent (used)
Painting robot plant Hsnqtbf SAMES Kremlin dosing system more
Rack trolleys, lacquer drying trolleys -Gesamtlänge 1300 mm Total depth 780 mm Total height 2000 mm Compartment height 28 mm Compartment capacity max 15 kg -2 x cars available Award pieces Weight 114 kg / piece Uzjfg more
used Kremlin flow heater type HP60, in perfect condition, M8gptd immediately ready for use, adjustable temperature controller and temperature display, in stainless steel version suitable for water-based paints, (no ex-version) ideal for water-soluble thick-film lacquers or glazes, thus a super the varnishes and glazes run smoothly (no orange peel formation) Can be fitted to all makes of independent aimix and airless pumps (Kremlin, Wagner, Graco etc.), simply insert the pump and spray gun hose a... more
These units are manufactured from galvanized sheet and are designed to be fully screwed. This takes up very little space during shipment. Suction system is designed separately and specially for each booth so that the booth provides perfect suction. Thanks to the suction system, it is not possible for the personnel applying wet paint to be disturbed by the paint. Bczjaulm7x In Elboy Wetline-KF Wet Paint Application Booths, environmental pollution is prevented by using accordion and cartridge o... more
Suction wall with water sprinkler and water basin Npxbj more
Blomberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6496 km
- Producer Venjakob - Rollentransport System - Feed speed adjustable - Distance part transport roller 85 mm - Diameter roller 60 mm F9ykuet - Roller gummed - Length 1000 mm - Width 2000 mm - Colour 400 / 50 - Location, on stock more
Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland Poland
7170 km
as good as new (ex-display)
EMME ELLE NEW POLISHING MACHINE Automatic polisher for continuous operation, designed for flat panels. Manufacturer: EMME ELLE Model: LBA 1350 2015 year NEW machine Automatic Polishing and Polishing Machine Model L.B.A. 1350 is intended for polishing and polishing panels finished with polyesters, polyurethanes and other types of paints. The concept of polishing and polishing L.B.A. completely revolutionizes traditional polishing. The main group consists of four rotary polishing rollers made o... more
Rack trolleys, lacquer drying trolleys -Gesamtlänge 1400 mm Total depth 780 mm Total height 2000 mm Compartment height 28 mm Compartment capacity max 15 kg 3vg22wov -9 x cars available Award pieces Weight 129 kg / piece more
Galvanized paint booth Outer dimensions: width: 3,20 meters depth: 2,35 meters height: 2,15 meters The painting cabin is dismantled by experts and stored on pallets. Dispatch: Of course we dispatch the goods for you, please contact us under naming your postcode so that we can submit you an offer. You can find more articles - new and used - in our shop! International shipping costs on request! Nud97 more
Wet Painting Dry Filter Exhaust Units for Huge Booths Exhaust systems are used when large hangars or areas need to be converted into a painting booth. Exhaust and fresh air units placed in these areas ensure perfect wet painting. Filtered air is supplied to the environment by fresh air units. The air is sucked and filtered by the exhaust unit, which contains paint particles, and the air is exhausted. These units are manufactured from galvanized sheet and are designed to be fully screwed. This ... more
Automatic Continues or Tact function powder coating plants are suitable for industrial production.Kigo manufactures and installs complete automatic plants according customer needs. Molmj more
Mechanische Komponenten eines Papiertransportsystems ohne Schaltschrank. - Producer Venjakob - Working width 1300 mm - Voltage / HZ 400 / 50 - Colour 7035 - Location, on stock Bidviwacao more
For sale due to liquidation. The machine is from 1987, but completely overhauled in 2004. Only the control box is still from 87. Description : Venjakob HGS Single Painting machine. With light barrier. Conveyor belts are steel belts. Incl. 4 pistols from devilbiss. Pulling and pushing splashing. Incl. paint pump. Accessories like air hoses, filter mats on roll, labyrinth filter, spare steel belts, welding equipment + accessories for changing the conveyor belts also included. As well as the switch... more
Wiesbaden, Germany Germany
dealership location
6525 km
Step By Step Wet Painting Systems Elboy Industrial Solutions designs and manufactures full range of paint shops for your product. With ELBOY, you can navigate through your facility with virtual reality in the design phase, enabling you to make the desired changes in the design phase and not to encounter the surprise results. It provides designing and manufacturing services for your application by paying special attention to environmental pollution and work safety issues for the processes of Sa... more
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6555 km
- Producer Elmag Superfici - Type Magnum 3.2.2 - Year of construction 2008 (2010) - Working width 1.350 mm - Working height 900 mm + - 20 mm - Operating side, right - Prize for overhauled machine - Actual condition, machine is not overhauled - Duo gun drive system - Spraying gun carrier independently controllable - Dry filter system - Exhaust air 13.500 m³/h - Transport belttransport System - Feed speed adjustable bis 18 m/min - 2 belt cleaning units - Belt cleaning sy... more
Mit Fan TECHNISCHE DATA AWD 2000 Flexair: Connection: ø 500 mm Pressure : 100 Pa Yp803o Flow: 7.000 m³ / h Dimensions (LxBxH) : 1.960 x 2.000 x 800 mm Motor: 0,75 kW / 1.450 r/min. EEX-e-II-T3 Main voltage: 400 V / 3 Ph Noise: 74 dB (A) more
Rack trolleys, lacquer drying trolleys, professional trolley, trolley floor car -Gesamtlänge 1130 mm Total height 690 mm Zj7uvm2v Total height 1840 mm Holders 660/695/H225 mm Weight 106 kg more
450218-two paint spraying equipment, Druckluftgetriebene piston pump, no. 1: K. Schmidt type DC 30.20 / 4, no. 2: BEDE AIRLESS, max. approx. 36 l / min. Bc0rxtabwl more
Sochaczew, Poland Poland
7170 km
excellent (used)
MITO CEFLA automatic MITO CEFLA automatic varnish machine with varnish recovery unit Manufacturer: CEFLA 2010 year Working time only 1000 hours Includes:  Transport system with continuous self-centering webbing made of CFB material, electronic speed control  Rolls on input, electronic scanning of the element through 128 photodiodes  2 oscillating interchangeable support arms for 4 guns, quick clamping system, electronic speed control  JIT-KIT system for quick paint change for small quant... more
DÜRR Ecopaint painting robot RP6 / RP7 / HS Serial number: 905590 - R11 Bqwkacl Flame unit Control cabinet Electrics Price on request (2 pieces in stock) Furthermore, we offer various spare parts individually or spare parts packages for many Dürr and ABB robots. (Price and spare parts list on request) more
- Producer Elmag Superfici - Type TWIN SPRAY - Year of construction 2001 - Working width 1.300 mm - Working height 890 mm + - 20 mm - Operating side, right - Prize for overhauled machine - Duo gun drive system - Dry filter system - Exhaust air 8.000 m³/h - Transport belttransport System - Belt cleaning system with roller - Belt cleaning system - Belt cleaning system, behind the machine - Lacquer reclaiming system with v-belt - Gun control system - Number of installed sp... more
With fan and motor in spraybooth TECHNICAL DATA AWD 2000: Blow out: ø 500 mm Pressure : 300 Pa Flow: 7.000 m³ / h Vaxuo Dimensions (LxBxH) : 1.960 x 2.000 x 800 mm Motor: 1,5 kW / 2 HP , 1.450 r/min. EEX-e-II-T3 Mains voltage: 400 V/ 3 Ph more
Celiber spray booth, we deliver to any country and install it Idhlgceys more

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