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Steam boilers for sale

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1 used steam boiler ----- manufacturer : BABCOCK OMNICAL type : Omnimat 33 HDAE with incorporated ECO capacity max approx. : 2.000 kg/h thermal output approx. : 1,3 mW former allowable working pressure max. : 18,0 bar test pressure : 35,0 bar allowable superheated steam temperature max approx. : 210°C water contents low level approx. : 3.560 l year of construction : 2004 Bwf8bdmrqh CE mark : 0091 equipped with Weishaupt oil burner WM-L20/2-A, yoc 2012, switch cabinet, ...
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
786 km
Heating, burner, gas burner -Gas type: natural gas liquid -Gas connection: 20 mbar to 1000 mbar -Nominal heat output: 3590 kW -Blower motor: 5.5 kW -Weight: 160 kg Qk7t80max
Used steam boiler 3,2 to - 13 bar Sicherheitsventil with economizer, used with gas, complete water treatment, all built in a movable container. Year of contruction 1995, but some components like the water treatment had been changed to new in the 2010ies. Boiler is heatet with a Elco Klöckner heater. The boiler with its components is in normal used conditions and ready for use. The complete container unit: Goe7rwlx - Weissbach 3,2 to - 13 bar steam boiler - Elco Klöckner gas burner - boiler wi...
Steam boiler Jumey conditioner 16 bar, TÜV 2023, high pressure steam boiler 7t /h Steam Steam boiler 16 bar, TÜV outside 2021 inside 2023, High pressure steam boiler Unit runs smoothly 7,0t / h Burner Ray UEN 3 SP-SL Burner capacity min 1100 kW - max 4750 kW Ytpqik Natural gas with control cabinet Unit currently serviced. Documents and inspection book available Steam conditioner, boiler Steam generator Chimney can be purchased separately Further articles - new and used - can be found in our...
1 used superheated water boiler Burcqbfmim Fabricate: BOSCH/ BUDERUS Type: Logano S825M LN3000 Year: 2013 Capacity: 2.700 kW Max. pressure: 10 bar Max. temperature: 170°C CE 0408 Complete with appendages, Weishaupt Low NOx gasburner WM-G30/3-A ZM-LN, Weishaupt controlpanel. Top condition
Steam boiler with gas / oil burner Steam boiler Manufacturer: Uniferro Type: UG-1600/12 Eek9ciyug Year of construction: 1999 Pressure: 12 bar Melting point temperature 130.8 ° C Condition: very good complete documentation Burner data: Manufacturer: G.B. All Type: SGB-140-G / F311S Year of construction: 1999 Connection pressure: max. 200 mbar Power: 1400 kW Mains voltage: 3x400 / 230 V, 50 Hz, 213 kW Additional equipment: Pump - Grundfos Gas valve If you need more information, We are here to h...
1 used steam boiler ----- - mounted on a frame - manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : U - HD heating surface approx. : 31 qm capacity : 1.600 kg/h working pressure : 10 bar increased test pressure : 18 bar water contents low level approx. : 1.707 l water contents full approx. : 2.480 l Bwe0vg00br year of construction : 1993 equipped with Weishaupt combined burner type GL 7 /, 1 - D, switch cabinet laterally built on boiler body, Grundfos feed water pump and the existin...
07046 Porto Torres SS, Italia Italy
1835 km
excellent (used)
Diathermic oil steam boiler in excellent condition and immediately available Ph7jb Price displayed excluding VAT and return ex works Porto Torres Dismantling expenses to load of the buyer
1 x steam boiler Loos, year of fabrication 2001 O7yov output: 10 to / h - security valve 10 bar burner: Weishaupt type G70/1B, NR, yoc: 2004 fuel: gas, with flue gas heat exchanger Loos The steam boiler is ready for using and ready for transport, checked. Please contact us for additional information and dimensions.
Steam boiler 16 bar, TÜV outside 2021inside 2023, High pressure steam boiler 7,0t / h Chyev3wy Burner Weishaupt Burner type G70/1-B Design ZM-NR Burner capacity min 800 kW - max 7400 kW Electric 22,47 kW Natural gas with control cabinet Unit currently serviced. Documents and inspection book available Steam conditioner, boiler Steam generator Chimney can be purchased separately. All documents Tüv and test reports are available. Of course, you will receive them with your purchase. The boiler...
1 used steam boiler installation Fabricate: VKK StandardKessel Type: Condorkessel 12 t/h Year: 2006 Steamcapacity: 12.000 kg/h Rmwqkde9 Max. pressure: 18 bar CE 0045 Complete with appendages, SAACKE Low NOx dual fuel burner GLS95, controlpanel, VKK economiser, VKK condenser, automatic blowdown valve. Top condition
Certus Universal (natural gas) high-speed steam generator in a container With all accessories: - Water treatment plant Bi7r9da9bd - gas control line - Weather protection for gas control line - Chimney Comes from an industrial park with remote control New value over 250.000€
1 used steam boiler ----- manufacturer : LOOS Gunzenhausen type : U - HD 1250 heating surface approx. : 20 qm boiler capacity max. : 1.250 kg/h thermal output : 937 kW working pressure : 16 bar increased test pressure : 28,8 bar water contents low level approx. : 993 l water contents full approx. : 1.365 l year of construction : 1999 equipped with Weishaupt-natural gas burner type G7 / 1-D, Dydz2y capacity 300-1.750 kW, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, feed w...
Used Ygnis steamboiler. Type HDR 250, capacity 1860 Kw. Bsqttjixgo Equipped with a Junkers 3N/PE/380 oil/gas burner. Runs currently on oil. Out of service due to purchase of another boiler.
Used Loos steam vessel with leaky Economizer. O7cne7bz The steam vessel is in good condition, checked by the german technical service. All documents available. technical specifications: Loos UL-S 1250 kg - 10 bar year of construction: 2012 If it would be needed we can replace the Economizer and make a complete technical service for the vessel.
Used solid fuel plant hot water max 120 degrees consisting of oven / grate, hot water boiler, mylticyclone, flue gas fan, chimney 30 meters, primary fan, secondary fan, hydraulic unit, fuel conveyor, hydraulic cylinders & fuel scrapers, ash discharge. the plant is not in operation and is installed on Gällö Timber AB Öhn 160 843 41 Gällö Bvcgjfmi8o
1 used steam boiler installation Fabricate: LOOS Type: UL-S7000 Year: 2008 Steamcapacity: 8.000 kg/h Max. pressure: 16 bar Btlezuvs93 Complete with appendages, Dreizler Low NOx gasburner M5001.4 ARZ, LOOS controlpanel with Siemens PLC, LOOS economiser type ECO1, automatic blowdown valve. Top condition
Feedwater tank 3000 litres stainless steel B2oye7ea including 2 feedwater pumps, plant still in operation. Price is for self dismantling
1 used steam boiler ----- manufacturer : LOOS, Gunzenhausen type : UL-S heating surface approx. : 50 qm capacity : 2.600 kg/h working pressure : 13,0 bar increased test pressure : 24,7 bar water contents full approx. : 4.060 l year of construction : 2001 CE mark : 0036 Pe2lt equipped with Weishaupt oil burner type L8T, 595 – 2.740 kW, switch cabinet built on boiler body, feed water pump and the existing small and large-scale fittings.
1 x container, 1 container, L 10 m, H 3.300 mm, W 3.200 mm, 2-door, weight 20 t, steam generator/steam boiler, make Aprovis, type SGCE-26,9-600-1000/4000-1H, year 2018, heat output 421 (376 kW + 45 kW economizer), exchange area 79 m2, steam quantity 640 kg/h, L approx. 6,500 mm, shell-Ø approx. 1,016 mm, fittings, attached control cabinet, flue gas heat exchanger, type N-30-550/3000-1H-4AX-P, primary silencer, type SDR-1265-7801/2300-3-1H-2A-K, ser.No. 18180678-SD-01, catalyst, type F-700-120/14...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
With boiler, gas regulator module, pump module, water container and various other elements. Ytm99s
We offer a large capacity steam boiler/steam generator LOOS company Type UND with a capacity of 500 kg/h Low pressure max 1 bar, fuelled by oil or gas Year 1998 Gxig9c together with new container boiler house and new water treatment plant.
Nieuwkoop Netherlands
648 km
good condition (used)
Vertical hot oil boiler Ferroli Type Elicoil 400 Year 2011 Nominal power: 465 kW Designpressure: 10 bar Max. designtemperature: 350 Celsius CE Bssouowgir Complete with natural gasburner, Unigas type LX60, controlpanel with temp. controllers Top condition
Donatistraße, 3321, Österreich Austria
1485 km
repair required (used)
Pure steam generator has been idle for 2 years, therefore in need of repair Working pressure 4,5 Bar max. Temp. 192 Nfsq0ig Volume 112 L
1 used quick-steaming unit ----- manufacturer : CERTUSS type : Junior 500 capacity : 500 kg/h working pressure : 16 bar Bvjh8shl9v water contents approx. : 42,9 l year of construction : 2009 yoc heating coil : 2018 CE mark : CE 0035 equipped with Certuss gas burner, switch cabinet built on boiler body and the existing small and large-scale fittings. with feed water module, mounted on basic frame, consisting of: switch cabinet, feed water tank, Speck feed water pump (water s...
Model sixen is a steam generator with reverse flame it produces steam athigh pressure 12-15Kgf/cm.sq. Hdn3gvx8q The boiler tank has acapacity of 1000 liters
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Capacity: 6030l, output: 4t/h, operational overpressure: 10bar, with Burner WEISHAUPT G10/ 1-D, power: 700-3950kW. O9vx7
Used steam boilers Manufacturer: LOOS Type: Year of manufacture 1995 Steam output:8000 kg/st Operating overpressure: 16 bar Weishaupt RGL 70/1-A gas burner - ZM: Output 850-8550KW: Dwz9v3 year of construction: 1995 OIL RATIO:150-720kg/h With existing fittings Dungs DN80 Tüv certificates and CEOC available
1 used steam boiler Fabricate: I.VAR Type: XVAP Oqqbaxpt Year 1992 Steamcapacity: 3000 kg/h Max. pressure: 10 bar Testpressure: 18 bar Max. temperature: 184°C
Pure steam generator MMM Group, Pdoed
1 used steam boiler ----- Su2ws0 manufacturer : LOOS; Gunzenhausen type : U-HD heating surface approx. : 31 qm capacity max : 2.000 kg/h max. allow. working pressure : 10 bar water contents low level approx. : 1.740 l water contents full approx. : 2.480 l year of construction : 1995 equiped with Weishaupt gas burner G7/1-D, version ZMD, 300-1.750 kW, 15-500 mbar, fittings for gas supply, switch cabinet, feed water pump, water level gauge glass, steam valve, safety valve, and t...
High pressure packaged steam boiler, with large steam chamber and large evaporator for high steam quality. The BAHR'12 series is a family of inverted flame wet bottom type smoke tube steam generators. It can work with liquid or gaseous fuels. Boiler body: consists of cylindrical shell and wet-bottom, flat tube plates made of high quality steel. All materials have certificates confirming their chemical and mechanical properties. Due to the three-pass design, the flue gases in the combustion chamb...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
There are two identical coal boilers available, heating output: 750kW, fuel consumtion: 95kg/h, water capacity: 2140l, length: 3006mm, height: 2720mm, with bunker, feed and discharge screw. Bz89emc
Steam boiler used Manufacturer: Viessmann E9ka2mxke Type: Vitomax 200 Year of manufacture 2003 Nominal heat output: 375kw Boiler water capacity:1400l Operating overpressure: 8 bar Gas burner Weishaupt G/1E -Version ZMD-LN Power 80-550KW: year of construction: 2003 Connection pressure 15-500mbar. With existing fittings Dungs DN40 Мы говорим по русски! Visits please only after telephone arrangement! Preferred sale to dealers, tradesmen or export. All information without guarantee,...
Nieuwkoop Netherlands
648 km
good condition (used)
Gasburner Saacke GLS95-30 Good condition Low NOX Suitable for natural gas LAMTEC burner manager LAMTEC O2 Lambda controller Including control panel with Siemens PLC Frequency drive on burner fan motor Bk7xftftoq
Electric steam generator with feed water tank Bveclnmiqa 30 KW 2 pieces available Price is per piece
1 used quick steaming unit ----- manufacturer : CERTUSS type : Junior capacity : 350 kg/h working pressure : 16 bar water contents approx. : 34,6 l year of construction : 1997 yoc heating coil : 12 /2017 Bu8ontpsui equipped with Certuss oil burner, switch cabinet built on boiler body Speck feedwater pump, feed water tank, mud blow down tank, and the existing fine and coarse fittings.
Steam boiler Kessel, 10 bar, 2,5 t/h with gas burner DeDietrich G53-2S, 2 vnt. Willo water pumps. Write for more information. Yf9mlv3b
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Heating output: 20-25kW, max. operational overpressure: 3bar, water capacity: 51l. Yccg7087
Used steam boilers Manufacturer: LOOS Bolocm9ede Type: year of construction 1986 Steam output:6000 kg/h Operating overpressure: 16 bar Dual fuel burner Weishaupt RGL 11/1D -Version ZMD Power 1250-5100KW: year of construction: 1986 ÖLDURCHSATZ:107-438kg/h With existing fittings Dungs DN65 TÜV certificates and CEOC available MACHINE IS IN OPERATION AT THIS TIME ! AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY
1 used steam boiler Fabricate: LOOS Type: UL-S 4000 Year 1990 Steamcapacity: 4000 kg/h Brv9xdjhea Max. pressure: 10 bar Testpressure: 18 bar Nominal thermal power: 2.6 MW Max. temperature: 184°C Complete with appendages and weishaupt gasburner G9 Tüv certificates and CEOC document included
Steam boiler Hoval 3250 KW Bkzfjq9 Test pressure 29,6 Bar Burner Weishaupt G 11/1-D GAS
1 unused steam boiler ----- - mounted on a frame - manufacturer : BOSCH type : UL-S 1250 heating surface approx. : 25 qm capacity approx : 1.200 kg/h thermal output : 837 kW allowed working pressure : 10,0 bar test pressure : 19,0 bar efficiency gas : 94,7 % water contents low level approx. : 1.785 l year of construction : 2019 CE-mark : CE 0036 Pcxbl boiler measurements (LxWxH) : 4.200 x 1.730 x 2.300 mm weight : 3.740 kg equipped with Weishaupt gas burn...
Jeziorany Poland
1556 km
as good as new (ex-display)
STEAM GENERATION SYSTEM + WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM Bfjbbiqqu3 - ICI AX1200 GENERATORS STEAM - CIB-UNIGAS burner - production 2500 kg / h - power oil / GAS - made of stainless steel INOX - automatic computer control - a system that legally does not require supervision by the operator up to 72 hours - Water treatment plants system - year of production 2010 You can also buy a complete boiler room with: - water treatment (softening) brand: ICI CALDAIE mod. ADD - VARISCO water vapor tank wit...
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. overpressure: 10bar, steam output: 2.6t/h, capacity: 2.65t, with Burner WEISHAUPT L7T D: fuel: heating oil, oil consumption: 27-165kg/h. Yrwtow
Unused steam boiler with 3 bar operating pressure, was purchased and stored in 2017. Bgolxmqpjt Technical data: see photo
Nieuwkoop Netherlands
648 km
good condition (used)
1 used steam boiler Fabricate: HKB Year 1996 Steamcapacity: 600 kg/h Bnyihsb Max. pressure: 10 bar Complete with appendages, Giersch gasburner, Grundfos feedwaterpumps, Controlpanel Certificates and CEOC document included