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Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
1360 km
Length: 10 m Between chains: 100 mm Chain conveyor, board package spacers. Bwpv20gics
Scheemda, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
719 km
Technical data baler Manufacturer Bollegraaf Iqhvwwr Typ HBC 80 A Year of construction 1997 Hours of operation 21,545 hours Press power main press 78 tons Press power of pre-press 42 tons Feed channel 1,485 x 720 mm (l x w) Filling volume 2,9 m³ Theoretic cycle time 22 sec. Bale size 720 x 1,100 mm (h x w) Drive power 45 kW Connected load 60 kW Tying system 5-fold, vertical, fully automatic Throughput capacity at a bulk weight of 20 kg/cbm approx. 9,0 tons/hour bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx....
Plastic chain conveyor, conveyor belt, belt conveyor, conveyor belt, belt conveyor, chain conveyor -Drive gear motor: 0.37 kW -Belt width: 700 mm -Length: 1000 mm -Speed: 9.1 m/min -Dimensions: 1100/1000/H200 mm Hin9dp3hw -Weight: 136 kg
Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor for Rock and grain Material; speed 0,2 m/s (frequency controlled); delivery rate 800 t/h; total lenght 12,2 meter. Bw0rzvnm8b
Roof chain cross conveyor or discharge table with pull-off cross conveyor. Bvrssvvwck Chains with roof chain driver. 5 chain strands. Length 5.900 mm. Weft width 2.000 mm. Total width 2.400 mm. Chain spacing: 750 - 750 - 1250 - 2000 mm. Full sheet metal. Drive by gear motor with 3 KW and adjustable slipping clutch. Chain wheels with tensioning elements. Also free carrying. Chain 80 x 40 x 6 mm. Technically inspected and tested. Test run possible.
Indoor optiflow/chain conveyor: (very fine condition) 1 ea. 80 meters + 1 ea. 36 meters = TOTAL 116 METERS Bwk2ojodyn Function: With optiflow installed, the consumer has the functionality of being able to connect one to many machines for future expansion, without having to change the piping out to the filter. The dust that is heavy will settle in the optiflow and be scraped out to the lock which empties pressurelessly into a container or conveyor. CONTROL BOX
Bale press Europress 6100 V5, constructed 1999 / completely refurbished in 2011, press force 90 t, including chain belt conveyor Westeria Technical data baler Manufacturer Europress Typ 6100 V5 Year of construction 1999 / 2011 completely overhauled Hours of operation 66,156 hours Press power main press 90 tons Specific press capacity 97 N/cm² Feed channel 1,450 x 1,100 mm Filling volume 1.2 m³ Theoretic throughput capacity 400 m³/hour Throughput capacity under operating conditions 320 m³/hour ...
Technical data conveyor belt Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBT 600/2000 x 21.986 Year of contruction 2000 (overhauled 2020) Btsoxwez32 Drive power 7,5 kW Length infeed conveyor over all 6,723 mm Length module infeed conveyor 5,500 mm Height infeed conveyor over all 1,300 mm Height side wall infeed conveyor 500 mm Length elevating conveyor over all 13,923 mm Lenght module elevating conveyor 13,300 mm Height side wall elevating conveyor 800 mm Gradient of elevating conveyor 30° Length gooseneck 1,3...
Curve belt, plastic chain conveyor, conveyor belt, belt conveyor belt, conveyor belt, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, modular belt -Belt width: 300 mm -Belt thickness: 15 mm -Length: 9,000 mm -Div. Locking pins 3n9x9vhrv -Weight: 28.2 kg
2nd hand TUBE CHAIN CONVEYOR from Schrage Germany, Bu393c03ac pipe dia 200mm, 15,2m long and 200m x 25m lang, built 2008
Chain cross conveyor with Dublex roller chain Eisenmann Brwd839x Picture 1 is only an example how to build up, without roller conveyor and rest pictures are original length 12850 mm width ca. 3800 mm see drawing height approx. 500 mm
Double-plate chain belt The plate chain conveyor is used as a transport system for machined and unprocessed workpieces. The workpiece transport takes place directly on the chain. By using a hardened plate chain, raw parts can be transported with cast or forged skin as well as workpieces with a smooth contact surface. Field of use: -Werkstücktransport directly on chain -Dry and wet processing -Rohteile Workpieces: for medium weight workpieces -stable bearing surface Properties: - hardened pl...
Motor 2,2 kW Working width 1.100 mm Length feeding belt 2.000 mm Length of ascending belt 7.000 mm Height of drive axle above ground 5,000 mm (transfer height) Bvyezb9ylu Feed belt height 1.15 m Belt speed 0.5 m per second Side wall height 0.5 m The running chain, rubber belt and ball bearings have been renewed recently. The conveyor belt is in a very good condition.
Scheemda, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
719 km
Technical data for the conveyor belt Manufacturer Paal Type KEM 1200 Year of manufacture 2004 Drive power 4 kW Length feeding belt 3.310 mm Length ascending belt 10.100 mm, incline 30°. Length of gooseneck, 1,580 mm, slope 10° Mv8oi8 Effective width 1,200 mm Transfer height 3,260 mm Height of side wall of infeed conveyor, inside 527 mm Height of side wall, inside 777 mm Centre distance 15,125 mm Remarks: The conveyor belt is in really good condition and can be reassembled and used straight away...
Conveyor Belt, Belt Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Belt, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor Belt, Pallet Conveyor -Drive: geared motor SEW-Eurodrive with brake 0.55 kW/15 m/min Gcy2ef7 -Weigh cell: Bizerba HLC-C3 -Chain track width: 750 mm -Dimensions: 1995/990/H480 mm -Weight: 334 kg
Pipe chain conveyor Fabr.: Pantucek, Type: P-180404-6, Y.O.M.: 2018 Riu92m8
Chain cross conveyor with slat-band chain plastic Unix XLB Jwtxtu Eisenmann Picture 1 is only an example how to build up, without roller conveyor and drive as Omega drive rest pictures are original length 15880 mm width ca. 4000 mm see drawing height approx. 500 mm
12-metre chain conveyor. Dheymz0d Available immediately. In working condition. Visit by appointment with the equipment manager.
Heilbronn, Germany Germany
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1103 km
Chain conveyor for baler BALOGUN count HBC 40A, 8,000 x 8,000 x 800 mm wide, year of manufacture: 1992, price: €3.900, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle 0p8t9nqw
Scheemda, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
719 km
Technical data baler: Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBC 100 AF Year of construction 2000 Press power main press 100 tons Press power of pre-press 50 tons Feed channel 1,600 x 1,100 mm Filling volume 3,15 m³ Theoretic cycle time 22 sec. Bale size 1,100 x 720 mm, lenght variable Drive power 75 kW Tying system 5-fold, vertical, fully automatic Throughput capacity at a bulk weight of 30 kg/cbm approx. 12 tons/hour bulk weight of 50 kg/cbm approx. 25 tons/hour bulk weight of 100 kg/cbm approx. 47 tons...
Conveyor belt, belt conveyor, conveyor belt, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, pallet conveyor belt, pallet conveyor Bg3gnksk2a -Drive: geared motor SEW-Eurodrive with brake 0.55 kW/16.6 m/min -Chain track width: 540 mm -Length: 1510 mm -Height: 280 mm -Price: per piece -Number: 1 Stück -Transport dimensions: 1510/650/H280 mm -Weight: 146 kg
SEW Eurodrive gearbox 1.1 kW, 1400/38 rpm The upper level of the track: 630 mm Working width: 1540 mm Total width: 1570 mm Pefhxwy Length: 3000 mm Stainless steel frame, steel chain!
Chain cross conveyor with slat-band chain plastic Unix XLB Eisenmann Picture 1 is only an example how to build up, without roller conveyor and drive as Omega drive rest pictures are original length 21560 mm width ca. 4000 mm see drawing height approx. 500 mm Bt3pawy9hr
Lift table with a built-in chain conveyor. Load capacity 3 tons. Platform size approx. 3200 x1200mm. Technical description : Single scissor lift table type TT3000Bsp. - 3000Kg load - useful stroke 1600mm - Height 350mm - platform approx. 3200 x1200mm - Hydraulic unit drive with 2.2 KW motor - Switch up / down with manual switch Bh8l9hcfam Chain conveyor with 3 conveyor chains installed on the lifting table. - Length about 3200mm - Distance of the outer chains is 1100mm. - Drive gear motor SEW 1...
Estavayer-le-Lac Switzerland
1189 km
excellent (used)
- Material: Stainless steel - Length: 3000 mm - Width: 600 mm inside 1200 mm external Beuucr2fz7
We have 1000 running metres on stock. Track as requested, we can offer it in custom-made size, assembled. 8uly9yi8h
Conveyor belt, belt conveyor, conveyor belt, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, pallet conveyor, pallet conveyor -for Euro pallets -Drive gear motor: 0.55 kW -Chain track width: 740 mm -Length: 1950 mm Bfpjvyfi -Height: 400 mm -Speed: 18 m/min -Support rollers: Ø 50 x 68 mm -Transport dimensions: 2000/1000/H500 mm -Weight: 314 kg
SEW Eurodrive gearbox 1.1 kW, 1400/38 rpm The upper level of the track: 630 mm Working width: 1540 mm Llishri7 Total width: 1570 mm Length: 5000 mm Completely stainless!
Chain conveyors are driven by one or two chains. Unlike belt conveyors, chain conveyors are capable of transporting high temperature loads, heavy loads and other complex loads. Chain conveyors are characterized by high performance. Driven by cylindrical-conical gear motor "Bonfiglioli" (Italy) 1) Type of belt - traction plate conveyor chain 2) The material of the rollers is alloyed high carbon steel. Jllczlm 3) Version: stationary, Z, L, I-shaped, modular 4) Chain tension mechanism: Mechanical...
The multi-flexible plastic chain conveyor systems with aluminium guide profiles enable horizontal and vertical distribution of products. Quantity: 600 m In different sizes, I2mlezbmk We also build customer-specific length sizes !
New chain conveyors for wastes, plastics, papers etc. All dimensions by request. We can find best solution and produce chain conveyor as you need. Write dimensions and transporting materials what You need. We prepare drawings, calculate price and production term. We produce different types and dimensions conveyors. Belt conveyors; Chain conveyors; Espp8ynwu Screw conveyors. Chain-tube conveyors Motecha, UAB products: Conveyors; Dosage bunkers with moving floors systems; Waste plastic washing ...
Chain conveyors are design for the transport of rails, pipes and other profiles. Robust design manufactured with Hardox wear plates ensures heavy-duty transporting process. The conveyor is mounted on three base plates, two of them are with compression spring to absorb shocks. They can be also mounted on fixed base plates without compression springs. Suitable for dirty and oily environments Simple design with exceptional durability Ideal as a single or multiple line system Steel driver tooth with...
Chain Conveyor, Conveyor Belt, Belt Conveyor, Conveyor Belt, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor Belt -Transfer: in the current condition as seen -without: The drive can be installed at an additional cost - Execution: body made of steel, conveyor chain made of nickel - Execution: each chain stored individually, see pictures (one chain is missing) - Belt width: 1100 mm -Length: 3800 mm -Number: 1x conveyor belt G7tq0q3t -Dimensions: 1510/4020 / H350 mm -Weight: 500 kg -no further data visibl...
without gearbox. upper level of the track: 630 mm working width: 1250 mm Bvdlxhdbmc total width: 1280 mm length: 3600 mm Completely stainless!
A mass production washing machine where parts are transported by hanger conveyor and washed by passing through tunnels. Washing is done by spraying or immersion ultrasonic dipping. Working Principle: Parts are transferred by hanging on to the hooks of the top loading conveyor belt. Bes3haovgp General process cycle: Washing - Rinsing - Optionally Ultrasonic Immersion Washing - Drying All of the HANGWASHes are tailor-made and have lots of options depending on your needs. Please feel free ot cont...
Rubber Pressure Roller Wheels for Edgebanders Edge Banding Machine This rubber roller is one of the edge banding machine accessories. It is an edge conveyor roller, also called pressure roller. It is the important edgebander part, press the workpiece, work with conveyor chain pad to get edge banded. Different edgebander manufacturers the edge band pressure wheel in different sizes and shapes. Mainly there are smooth roller with bearing, gear roller with bearing, smooth roller with/ without cou...
Chain belt conveyor. Used in good condition. Feeding length - 3 m; Blar2x9vg0 Ascending length - 7,5 m; Nominal conveyor width 1,2 m; Side borders - 0,8 m; Electric motor drive - 1,5 kW More info by request
Ermelo, Netherlands Netherlands
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685 km
good (used)
Roller conveyors/chian conveyors Jluk0an
Chain conveyors are a particularly robust, low-noise, durable means of transporting heavy loads such as pallets or mesh pallets Bhpulaz272
Upper belt scraper chain conveyor Make Singer & Massager 9,3m straight 4m ascending Bgypovxwh2 Arc 45° Width inside 700mm complete with chain Motor 2,2kW
We offer reconditioning / complete re-building of conveyor chains for double-sided (Homag-) machines: • (double-sided) edge banding machines with heavy-duty version of conveyor chains. • double end tenoners • Combination machines • Postforming machines • Flooring machines The chains are being re-built based on existing quality-tested block links. All other (wear and tear-) parts e.g. studs/pins, needle bearings, track rollers, guide bearings, seal rings, etc, will be replaced by new parts. For ...
The entire range is: S3kh0qpim -260 St. 2-way links like abgelildet. Length 200 mm; Width 55 mm, height 36 mm -2 PCs rear wheels outer(-) 420 mm; FlanchØ 140 mm; inner(+) 70 mm, keyway width 20 mm -4 wheels contour drive wheels, inner(+) see 65 mm
Conveyor with a drive for a three knife trimmer Adjustable height, speed. Conveyor with a 90 ° turn Czulkqhy 380V power supply The structure is installed on wheels
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
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1577 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine condition: Used Bipa Code: 920503 Manufacturer: Conveyor, Sames and others Model: / Bnr7vv9o9y Machine Condition: Used Year of manufacture: 1995-2005 Water painting plant complete with 865 linear metre chain with cleaners, rails, supports, spray booths, Sames reciprocators with rotating cups, generators, painting pumps, blowers, drying tunnels, sanding benches and accessories.
Capacities: Nknflrmz Saw blade diameter, max mm 275 Cutting diameter mm 75 Max rectangular mm 120 x 75 Weight of the machine kg 250 Excl. roller conveyor Pneumatic feed and clamping Machine in good condition. Under power and ready for inspection.