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Offer here a Power Control energy efficiency system 250 A including efficient step switching and control technology with evaluation options, uninterruptible bypass function and digital display for reading the most important system data. Plant is fully functional! With serious interest, gladly announce. Gwzlgc
Fan filter, fan assembly, air cooler, switch cabinet fan, filter fan -Pfannenberg: Filter fan PTF 61000 -Filter: 230 V/125 W Bhuldxfc2y -Dimensions: 470/470/H130 mm -Weight: 5 kg
Switch cabinet, control cabinet, double switch cabinet 2-fold switch cabinet, bayed cabinet system RITTAL Type: TS 8208 Cabinet width: 2400 mm Cabinet depth: 820 mm Cabinet height: 2350 mm Cabinet width inside: 2300 mm Cabinet depth inside: 720 mm Qq0otpo Inside cabinet height: 1900 (without mounting support below) Cabinet height: 2350 mm (with plinth and superstructure) Cabinet height: 2250 mm (without superstructures) Plinth height: 230 mm Door opening per side H x W: 1900 x 1100 mm - Double c...
Control cabinet Weinig, LWH: 80 x 20 x 50 cm. Gskrmhjj8
Trane RTWB 210 control cabinet and components Njvkknvj
The small control cabinet is sold with content, there are 10 pieces in stock Fgp9csbhw
Weiss climatic cabinet Here we offer a Weiss climatic cabinet. Technical data: Test cabinet designation: SB22/160/40 Outer dimensions with hinges and door lock height 1670 mm, width 870 mm, depth 1135 mm Outer dimensions without hinges and door lock without hinges and door lock Height 1670 mm, width 800 mm, depth 1135 mm Test chamber dimensions Height 670 mm, width 540 mm, depth 430 mm Cold / heat operation -40°C to 180°C Climatic operation 10°C - 95°C Humidity 10...98 % r. h. Temperature change...
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet -Switch cabinet: 2 doors -Fuse switch disconnectors: Jean Muller NH2-400A SL2-3X/9/KM2G Ocecl -Electronic components: see photos -Dimensions: 410/850/H2100 mm -Weight: 196 kg
Single cabinet, switch cabinet RITTAL Switch cabinet, control cabinet Type: TS Y01001 WA No: 232562661/10 Cabinet width: 1210 mm Cabinet depth: 800 mm Cabinet height: 2000 mm (with plinth) Door opening H x W: 1700 x 1100 mm inside depth: 740 mm - two-door - with plinth substructure without the long cover plates Fb8kyoh - Cabinet colour coated RAL 7035 (standard powder coating) - Bolt lock for a door Dimensions W x D x H: 1210 x 800 x 2000 mm Weight: 175 kg very good condition - pictures similar
Control cabinet Weinig, Y7cwvzs LWH: 80 x 20 x 50 cm.
Switch cabinet for power and cooling connection of two spot welding guns Mwurdke
7 Aschen CNC control cabinet make SCHARMANN SIEMENS 8 MF Year 1984 Complete. Bexgnvxwwh (If required with all motors and control panel available)
Frequency converter, frequency converter, drive converter, controller, variable speed drive By8ifsec -Manufacturer: Siemens, Micromaster 420 with control cabinet -Type: 6SE6420-2AD25-5CA1 -max. power: 5.50 kW -Input: 380 - 480 V -Output: 0 input V -Protection class: IP20 -Dimensions: 355/380/H600 mm -Weight: 29 kg
for sale 1 piece: Baa73wj9pp Rittal stainless steel control cabinet, electric cabinet 1000 x 1600 x 300 mm with cooling unit Make: - Type: - condition: good condition, checked, ready to use int. storage #: Sch 514 characteristics: with cooling unit hight: 1000 mm total width: 1600 mm depth: 300 mm shipping: Shipping worldwide. Please contact us for further information and prices to your desired location
Control cabinet Weinig, LWH: 80 x 20 x 50 cm. Bubqqemmbm
Used electrical switch cabinet of the manufacturer GET-Elektrotechnik Control cabinet Year of construction: 2016 Nominal voltage: 3AC 400V/ PE/N Rated current: 16A Max. Biactxeutx Control voltage: 24VDC Wide: 760mm Deep: 300mm High: 760mm 1 piece in stock
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet -Analyser sound level meter: in the control cabinet manufacturer Norsonic type Nor 140 -Electronic cabinet for: wind turbines Nwa8h -windtest grevenbroich -Various electronic components: see photos -8 analog, differential measurement inputs: Manufacturer IMC type CS-4108-N -Dimensions: 550/645/H1360 mm -Weight: 72 kg
Electrical control cabinet with SPS control for complete sawmill. RH task, tensioning carriage, sash gang saw, conveyor systems, chipper system. Epv7ahuma Very good condition. Circuit diagrams available.
Bosch fire protection system cabinet Xacmsot2 135x196x51cm Modular fire panel Bosch FPA-5000, FPA-1200 in a fireproof cabinet Brandschutzschrank / Brandschutzsystem Serie CW / CS30 Bosch MPC-XXXX-C, FPA-5000 control panel controller 13x LSN bus module, 300mA LSN0300A Battery controller module BCM-0000-B ENO0000B external notification module Communication module, 20mA IOS0020A IOP0008A input / output module Interface module for UGM FPE-5000-UGM Moxa NPort 5110A (Serial Device Server) serial port ...
Switch cabinet, control cabinet is in very good condition. Psychrometric calorimeter Main input power: 4W 415V 50Hz Rating current: 330A Rating power: 237kVA IP Code: IP22 Weight: 1050 kg Drawing is available. The following parts are included: main switch 2 control board Bdk0od0c EUT power supply box Thermocouple Box 3 Condenser set Terminal box with compressor (internal thermostat for compressor INT69), with double pressure switch - PS2-W7A and with oil pressure switch - OPS1
Features & Benefits Used electric switch cabinet of the manufacturer Blume Beqzqsjp8v switch cabinet Year of construction: 2014 Operating voltage: 400V Control voltage: 24VDC Width 600 mm Deep 380 mm High 210 mm 1 piece in stock
Control container, control container, control cabinet -Control cabinet for tunneling -comes from Lemme Berlin -for bentonite pumps -Control panel -SPS control Grsbp3x -Dimensions: 600/350/H1320 mm -Weight: 60 kg
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet, control cabinet TS modular cabinet -Lighting with socket -Switch cabinet cooling unit -Siemens main switch -Load breaker fuse Hitl8z2j0 -3x switch cabinets: 600/3200/H2300 mm Price 1150 EUR net/piece -4x switch cabinets: 600/3600/H2300 mm Price 1250 EUR net/piece -Weight: kg
Control cabinet - cooling device, control cabinet air conditioner, distribution cabinet -Switch cabinet cooling unit Jfkefoi -Dimensions: 600/430/H400 mm -Weight: 40 kg
Control cabinet - cooling device, distribution cabinet -Control cabinet: fan -Number: 1x fan available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 340/240/H150 mm Drsotdsd -Weight: 1.9 kg
Control cabinet - cooling device, distribution cabinet Tgxjoavz7 -Control cabinet: fan -Number: 2x fan available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 240/240/H115 mm -Weight: 1.3 kg
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet Du7wmm -Socket -Transformers -Sagittarius -Siemens PLC control S5-100U -Siemens main switch -Load breaker fuse -Dimensions: 1000/400/H1900 mm -Weight: 244 kg
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet 3fboottna -Switch cabinet: made of stainless steel -Siemens main switch -Emergency switch -Fuse -Dimensions: 800/505/H2000 mm -Weight: 170 kg
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet, control cabinet TS modular cabinet -Load breaker fuse -Dimensions: 595/610/H2250 mm -Weight: 130 kg Haqs0kb
Control cabinet, distribution cabinet, control cabinet TS modular cabinet, profile door Coqcsl9 -Side walls pair -Price: complete -Dimensions each: 1395/460/H15 mm -Total weight: 16 kg
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
786 km
CNC control, control panel, machining center, server cabinet -I/O: Control panel -Dell: Desktop KXGVD Nzts9 -Dell: Precision T1650 Tower -with: scanner -Dimensions: 505/640/H1600 mm -Weight: 74 kg
Leipzig, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1137 km
tank capacity: ReinH²O=280 l percentage of cleaning: 10 µ total power requirement: ca. 1,5 kw weight of the machine approx.: 134 kg dimensions L x W x H: 1,85x0,7x1,8 m Filtering System with steel sheet construction on a pipe frame. Ysx237d3 application area: - filtration of mineral conterminated polluted/dirty water. No oil or chemicals! The pump filtering system modul is for continous operation. - pump filtering system Type P480-EPPFF equipment: - operation hours counter - filtering fleece ...
We sell an extraction unit for grinding dusts of the company DCE Typ. ADT12 with automatic shaking of the filter and adjustable suction channel. Since 1983, the extraction system has stood next to a milling cutter grinding machine where the grinding dust was extracted directly from the grinding wheel via the extraction channel. When the extraction is switched off after operation, the vibrating mechanism for the filter is activated, so that the sanding dust falls out of the filter into the rem...
Suitable for heavily soiled surfaces ideally suited for company grounds or public space Brush diameter 110 cm Ccsovcx Required hydraulic DW Required capacity 50-70Ltr/min ᐳ 45 hp Brush parts 6 x 7 brush plucks Swivel Hydraulic Brush adjustment – forwards Hydraulic Brush adjustment – backwards Hydraulic Soil pressure regulation recommended. As a specialist for municipal technology, agricultural and cleaning machines, we constantly have more than 100 devices in stock and can tailor your purch...
5-axis milling machine type "PW XYZ" with ball screw movement, suitable for continuous machining Working area: X = 2,500 mm * Y = 1,500mm * Z = 800mm - Speed: 3,000-9,000 rpm - Motor power: 3.7 kW - Clampable tool diameter: 20 mm Bucweol0tv - Length movement: on linear wire, with ball screw, with servo motor. - Rotary movement: worm drive with stepper motor. - C = 2 * 360 ° B = 100 ° + - - Movement speed max .: 220 mm / sec The milling machine works with a standard ISO G code. The devic...
Description: Equipped with wirless radio contorol. table length 1300 mm table width 800 mm stroke height 820 mm F8kxf7axc weight max. 2000 kg total power requirement 1,5 kW Lifting time 17sek weight of the machine 237kg 2 pieces for sale
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
786 km
CNC control, control panel, machining center, server cabinet -I/O Control: control panel -Dell: Desktop KXGVD -Dell: Optiplex 390 Tower -Dimensions: 505/640/H1600 mm -Weight: 72 kg Bivfdoyow8
D.C Servo Drive Type 100x25/50 Output 0-115 Vdc F3xk3zr 2.5kW 25 Adc
Edge cutting, cultivate, brushing and blowing in one step. Itvxo2a80 Heavily manual work is no longer necassary for the removal of overgrowth grass edges. Brush diameter 30 cm Required hydraulic EW 25L /min Brush adjustment Hydraulic Knife adjustment – height Hydraulic As a specialist for municipal technology, agricultural and cleaning machines, we constantly have more than 100 devices in stock and can tailor your purchase, financing, rental and / or hire purchase offers.
Breitscheid, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
903 km
good condition (used)
6 Monate Teilegarantie Boy 35 M VV Procan Control Abgelesene Betriebsstunden: 685 Plastifiziereinheit 24 mm, offene Düse R 35 Dekompression Ausblasvorrichtung Wasserverteiler 4 fach Neu Materialtrichter Schutzgittersteuerung S22 Hydraulischer Auswerfer 80 mm mit Hubbegrenzung Bd8hck9zeb Hydraulische Schließsicherung Lichte Weite zwischen den Holmen: 280 mm x 254 mm 4 Maschinenfüße Schließkraft 350 KN 400V 50 Hz Maschinenfarbe Grün
Combi Compact swivelling to the left and right, working width 75 cm, LPG gas tank 84 litres, parking support to remove the gas tank, Egholm 2100 II year of construction EZ 2008, 1485 operating hours, first hand machine, further attachments for winter service, sweeper or lawnmower, front shovel etc. available The Egholm can be converted from weed removal to winter maintenance etc. within 4 minutes price on request Bk7oypp2gj
Module converter -Type: S 909 -Price: per piece 20ypqmv7 -Number: 2x available -Weight: 6.3 kg