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Axis input card NUM 1020/1040 0224205092 F7bt9ck used, tested, 6 months warranty
Axis map, Axiskard NUM 1020, 1040, and similar Pt2bu3 Manufacturer NUM used, tested
BERNARDO MFM 250 3 axis metal milling machine Gxtebzd Manufacturer BERNARDO MFM 250 machine model / type Production year 2007 Machine category Milling machine Cays2euk BERNARDO MFM 250 universal milling machine with digital 3 axis reading. Drill milling machine MFM 250 is a multifunctional machine with a huge spectrum of possibilities. Automatic feed of the spindle and table in 2 axes together with the digital display, stepless regulation. speed, pneum. handle, rotary head on three axes (right ...
Serial No. 7531061993-E Control DU6000 Back gauge Programmable Guards Sick C4000 Capacity 160 ton x 3050mm Maximum length of bend 3050mm Between frames 2550mm Daylight 420mm Throat depth 360mm Stroke length 200mm Input 400/3/50hz Actuated via Wander type footswitch Fitted with Rear and side guards X=Back gauge in/out X Y=Beam rise & fall Y1, Y2 Bgrs2m3hxu Length 3250mm Width 2400mm Height 2730mm Nett weight actual. 8,850 Kgs. / 8.7 Tons.
Deinze, Belgium Belgium
(dealership location)
6182 km
CNC Borer with movable column - 6 axis simultane Bhf2wcywiy
x-axis: 3600 mm Ieutsutao y-axis: 1800 mm z-axis: 1200 mm c-axis: 365° ° spindle head swivable left - right: +/- 120° (a-Achse) ° control: OSAI 10/510 OSwire Winmedia number of spindle speeds: ...40 000 U/min U/min. feed:: x / y-Achse: 84 m/min m/min. feed:: z-Achse: 40 m/min m/min. feed:: a / c-Achse: 30 m/min m/min. tool changer with: 6 tools tool clamping: HSK -Kegel HSK-E 32 DIN 69893 interface: RS 232 + LAN-Anschluß table-size: 3600 x 1550 mm air-pressure connection: 4 - 6 bar total power ...
x-travel:550 mm Ptam0ik y-travel:400 mm z-travel:360 mm control:SIEMENS 840D tool taper:HSK 50 tool change unit:64 Pos. turning speed range - stepless:15.000 1/min total power requirement:51 kVA weight of the machine ca.:6,5 t machine dimensions LxWxH:3,2 x 1,8 x 2,7 m 5-axis simultaneously machining center, NC-rotary-swivelling table, machine protection system BRANKAMP CMS 100, coolant box 1200 l (vaccum filter for cleaning of coolant ICS max. 70bar, chipconveyor throw-off height 1050mm, pn...
Serial No. 6420032 Control Cybelec Modeva 10S Back gauge Programmable Guards Fiessler AKAS Capacity 100 Ton Maximum length of bend 3100mm Between frames 2750mm Daylight 370mm Throat depth 410mm Stroke length 215mm Input 400/3/50hz, Main motor 7.5 kW Actuated via Wander type footswitch Fitted with Rear & side guards X=Back gauge in/out X Y=Beam rise & fall Y1, Y2 R=Fingers rise & fall R Z= Fingers left/right Z1 Z2 Nvf2v Features Crowning Length 4050mm Width 3100mm Height 2570mm Nett weight ap...
Stokkanhaugen 116, 7048 Trondheim, Norway Norway
6106 km
excellent (used)
Biesse Rover C - 5 axis machine for stair case production. First time installed in February 2007 and it is still it original place. With two 18 KW electro spindles and two tool changers Model 6.50 config 3 - Year 2007 from Norway Working field for all axis - configuration 3 X 4 600 mm - Y 1 535 mm - Z 275 mm. Work Table: 8 ATS panel supports L 1525 - 24 sliding bases Automatic positioning of 8 panel supports EPS 8 stops with a stroke of 115 mm. 8 stops with a stroke of 140 mm positioned at 375...
x-travel: 1000 mm y-travel: 1000 mm z-travel: 500 mm B-axis (table): 360 ° Bbhfmammaz spindle taper: HSK A63 working spindle range of revolution per minute : 15000 U/min rotary table: 260 mm control: Andronic 2060PKM feed: 1 - 5000 mm/min rapid traverse X,Y: 15 m/min. rapid traverse Z-axis: 12 m/min total power requirement: ca. 42 kW weight of the machine ca.: 6,0 t dimensions electric cabinet LxWxH: 2,4x0,6x2,2 m dimension machine xH: 3,5x2,4x3,2 m 5-axis BAZ in parallel kinematics suitable for...
Marxen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6489 km
Serial No. 3001023391 Control Fanuc OI-MD Table size 950mm x 560mm Longitudinal traverse X Axis - 720mm Cross traverse Y Axis = 460mm Vertical traverse Z Axis = 510mm Speeds Up to 8000 rpm Feed rate Variable Spindle taper BBT 40 Automatic tool changer Yes Number of tools 30 Input 415/3/50 15 HP approx Fitted with Coolant and Twin Augers Length 8'4" / 2.54m Width 7'2" / 2.18m Height 7'10" / 2.38m N3uob
Trenčín, Slovakia Slovakia
(dealership location)
7216 km
ready for operation (used)
manufacturer: Tajmac - ZPS Czech republic number of mth 4057 machine weight 8100 kg FANUC Oi control system USB port voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz spindle speed ISO 50 = 8000 rpm-max clamping cone ISO 50 two-speed planetary gearbox spindle drive power 20/28 kW Siemens digital feed and spindle drives one magazine for ISO 50 = 24 tools direct measuring Heidenhain SMC pneumatic components automatic central grease lubrication automatic blowing of tool holders full side door cooling unit with tool coolin...
x-travel: 500 mm y-travel: 320 mm z-travel: 400 mm control: Siemens Sinumerik 810M/GA30 tool taper: AXA Direkt Stirnaufnahme spindle speed:: 30-6000 U/min table-size: LxB: 800x420 mm table surface area: LxB: 600x420 mm tool turret: 12-fach total power requirement: 18 kVA weight of the machine ca.: 3,3 t dimension machine xH: 3,0x1,9x2,5 m Machining Center 4-axis via rotary table (index head) A-axis 360° - swarf conveyor ( hinged belt conveyors ) ejection height=650mm - coolant device - index he...
Wilbertoord, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
6299 km
x-travel 500 mm y-travel 350 mm z-travel 610 mm weight of the machine ca. 3.2 t Bng0lzvclr
Warendorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6424 km
x-travel: 690 mm y-travel: 400 mm z-travel: 550 mm B-axis (table): 360° mm control: Siemens 840 D spindle speed max.: max. 12 000 U/min turret head: 6 Plätze/places tool taper: HSK-A63C-M Ik total power requirement: 200 kW weight of the machine ca.: 10,5 t dimension machine xH: 4,2x2,2x3,0 m dimension swarf conveyor LxWxH: 3,0x1,3x1,65 m Traveling Column Milling Machine Ssltj0 The tool changing unit consist of 3 -NC axis and 1 NC- rotary table axis ATC ( with magazine) rotary table Type SKH-NC 4...
Serial No. B971002 Control Operateur Back gauge Programmable Guards Sick Capacity 25 ton x 1200mm Bmpyylqzar Maximum length of bend 1200mm Between frames 1000mm Daylight 320mm Throat depth 200mm Bed width 60mm Input 415/3/50hz Actuated via Wander type footswitch Fitted with Rear & side guards X=Back gauge in/out X Y=Beam rise & fall Y R=Fingers rise & fall R1, R2 Length 2100mm Width 1600mm Height 1860mm Nett weight actual. 2,000 Kgs. / 2 Tons.
Fröndemberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6433 km
x-travel: 1220 mm y-travel: 820 mm z-travel: 610 mm c-axis: 360 ° b-axis: 100 ° control: Siemens 840 C clamping plate: 750x750 / 800 Ø mm table load: 600 kg range of rpm - spindle: 20 - 8500 U/min tool taper: SK 50 distance between columns: 1400 mm distance spindle nose and table: 90 - 700 mm number of tool tapers: 60 Stck. / pcs weight of tools max.: 25 kg tool length - max.: 400 / Ø 260 mm tool changing time: 8 sec feed: 1-15000 mm/min capacity at 100% load: 15 interface: RS 232 fixed mounted ...
Derby, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
5791 km
ready for operation (used)
IN STOCK - Nvi3r to suit Prima /Bravo Amrys
Serial No. 551 Control Fanuc O - M Spindle taper BT 40 Automatic tool changer Yes Number of tools 20 Equipment Tool Presetter, Swarf Conveyor, Coolant, Filtration Unit, Bht72pdo Length 2750mm Width 2450mm Height 2800mm
Suhlendorf, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
6553 km
x-travel: 690 mm y-travel: 400 mm z-travel: 550 mm B-axis (table): 360° mm control: Siemens 840 D Mt3fz number of spindle speeds: max. 15 000 U/min tool clamping: System nach DIN 69893 tool taper: HSK-A63 tool changer magazine: chain magazine: 12 places Stück traversing speed: x/y/z Axis: 40 total power requirement: 195 kW weight of the machine ca.: 13,0 t Traveling Column Milling Machine - the tool changing unit consist of 3 -NC axis and 1 NC- rotary table axis - ATC ( with magazine) - rotary t...
Yaskawa Robot Motoman MH180 7 axis for composite with a 16.6 m rail and table B3u82cl 2017
x-travel: 3 500 mm y-travel: 2 200 mm z-travel: 1 200 mm c-axis: +/- 200° distance between columns: 2 500 mm distance spindle /table: vertical: 1230 mm control: Heidenhain TNC 426 clamping surface area: Tisch: 3000 x 2000 mm table load: 10 t tool taper: HSK A 63 feed:: X/Y/Z: max. 20 m/min. compressed air: 8 bar total power requirement: ca. 100 kW weight of the machine ca.: 40 000 kg dimensions of machine: 18,0 x 6,0 x 5,8 m 5 axis Portal Milling Machine Milling spindle: make Hauser type HS 256...