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Digital input module, control, switchgear, PLC Bcv8f023 -Inputs: 16 -24 V DC -Product number: 7DI439.7 -Dimensions: 82/115/H60 mm -Weight: 0.2 kg
B & R Automation B & R 2DI426.6 Digital Input Card Ferromatik Milacron K-Tec, Elektra part Mbekz
PLC extension module, switchgear, control -Inputs: 16 -Type: IB ST ZF 24 BDI16/4 Glu8lfd -Connection: 24 V DC -Protection class: IP 20 -consisting of: terminal part with tension spring connection and module electronics -Dimensions: 118/115/H108 mm -Weight: 0.5 kg
Digital input module 16x24V DC 3ms PS416-INP-400 -Supply voltage at: DC 24...24V -Type of voltage of the supply voltage: DC -Number of digital inputs: 16 -Number of digital outputs: 0 -Input current for signal: 1 8.6mA -Allowable voltage at the input: -3...30.2V -Type of input voltage: DC -Type of digital output: none -Allowable voltage at the output: 0V -Design of the electrical connection: plug connection -Delay time for signal change: 3...3ms -Explosion protection category: PS416...
PLC control, digital input, digital input -Manufacturer: SIEMENS Mznp2 -Type: Simatic S7 6ES7 421-1BL00-0AA0 -Dimensions: 25/210/H290 mm -Weight: 0.81 kg
Veeder-Root TLS-350 4-Input Probe Thermistor Module 330724-001 ,used, normal signs of usage, 100% functional, scope of delivery according to photos Bjizuyc0h9
Lightbus combi input/output module Beckhoff M-1400 / light wave converter from CNC Homag BOF 20 16 inputs and 16 outputs We currently have 4 pieces in our house. I offer several components of our CNC as spare parts. Please also note my other offers ! Pick up in Baden near Vienna Bgo3bq3qal Transfer or collection must be made within two weeks! The latest EU legislation stipulates that private sellers must also assume a warranty/guarantee if they do not explicitly exclude this. Since this ...
Großrückerswalde, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1224 km
good (used)
FIBRE I/o module Beckhoff M 1400 002 Rq9rg3kl used, tested
abb dsdi110a digital input board more pieces ABB DSDI 110A ABB 57160001-AAA/2 have in stock: Vrizii abb ADVANT STATION SERIE 500 abb DSPC171 abb DSPC172 abb DSPC172H abb DSMC113 abb DSCS140 abb DSMB175 abb DSMC112 abb DSCS131 abb DSBC173 abb DSCA114 abb DSAO130 abb DSDI110A abb DSDO110 abb DSBC172 abb DSAO120 abb DSAI130 abb DSSR122 abb DSSB146 abb DSSA165 abb DSTC452 abb DSDX452 abb DSDI452 abb DSAX452 abb DSDX451 abb DSDI451 abb PM630 abb SA610 abb AI620 abb DO630 abb DI636 abb RF615
Input module for valve terminals 9dm0geeik -Manufacturer: Festo -Type: CP-E08-M8-CL -8 inputs: 24 V DC -Signal status display: via 8 LEDs -Status and operating status display -CPI functionality -8x: M8 connector, 3-pin, single assignment -2x: M9 CP connection -PNP -Protection class: IP 65/67 -Number: 2x available -Price: per piece -Weight: 0.16 kg
ABB Advant Digital Input Module more pieces ABB DI 636 3BHT300014R1 Dfvaemid 16 channel
Input module for valve terminals -Type: CP-E16-M8 -16 inputs: 24V DC -Signal status display: via 16 LEDs -CP- functionality Btvdzen -M8: connector -1x: M9 CP connection -PNP/NPN -Protection class: IP 65 -Dimensions: 65/150/H50 mm -Weight: 0.34 kg
Digital Output Module ABB Advant Controller 110/160 ABB DO 630 Advant Controller 110/160 16 channel Yu9j7owp7
Input module for valve terminals -Type: VIGE-03-FB-8 -Inputs: 4 -5- pole -PNP -Dimensions: 132/40/H70 mm Vr7bam -Weight: 0.27 kg
Lightbus combination input/output module 98c7j2pkg -Type: M-1400.002 -16: inputs and outputs -In-/output specification: 24 V DC, 8 mA/24 V DC, max. 500 mA, short-circuit proof -Price: per piece -Number: 2x available -Dimensions: 270/75/H70 mm -Weight: 1 kg
Profibus single module, Profibus single module, for PLC control, fieldbus, PROFIBUS, I/O modules for field use -Manufacturer: IFM -Type: AC2505 -Active ClassicLine module -AS-i interface to: FK subdivisions -Inputs: 4 -Sockets: M12 x 1 -Number: 2x available Baa8grazeq -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 40/50/H85 mm -Weight: 0.1 kg
digital mixed module, control, switchgear -digital inputs and outputs: 16 -Input: 24 V DC 4 mA -Output: 24 V DC 0.5 A -Number: 14x available Ssucjw -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 82/113/H60 mm -Weight: 0.2 kg
PLC extension module, switchgear, control -Outputs: 8 -Type: IB STME 24 BDO 8/3 -Connection: 24 V DC -250 mA -3-wire connection technology -Protection class: IP 20 -consisting of: terminal part with tension spring connection and module electronics -Dimensions: 116/80/H115 mm -Weight: 0.4 kg M3o7b
Input module for valve terminals -Type: VIGE-03-FB-8-5POL -Inputs: 4 -5- pole Bdiidiakzi -175555 -382344 -Dimensions: 42/67/H132 mm -Weight: 0.37 kg
Digital input module 16x24V DC 3ms PS416-INP-400, bus coupler, bus end terminals, digital output module Bfl7kvu0cs -1 piece: TAC Xenta 452 -1 piece: TAC Xenta 412 -1 piece: TAC Xenta 422 -1 piece: TAC Xenta 401 -3 pieces: Beckhoff Bus Coupler BK1120 -57 pieces: Beckhoff bus end terminals KL .... -see photo: table of contents -Sale: only complete -Dimensions: 400/225/H200 mm -Weight: 4.8 kg
Input module for valve terminals, bus nodes, field bus nodes -Festo type: CP-FB05-E 18238 L907 -Connection: 24V DC -Status and operating status display Bhcnnpxcwy -Dimensions: 195/85/H60 mm -Weight: 0.8 kg
PLC control -Type: M1400.000 -Price: per piece S0x2hgfdj -Number: 2x available -Weight: 1 kg
Converter module, Lightbus combination input / output module -Type: M2400.041 -digital inputs: 8 -digital outputs: 8 -Number: 1x available -Price: per piece Qlwbcufwu -Dimensions: 270/75/H70 mm -Weight: 1.2 kg
Profibus single module, Profibus single module for PLC control, fieldbus, PROFIBUS -Manufacturer: Festo Dunj9e -Type: CP-E16-M12X2-5POL -Number: 3x modules available -Price: per piece -Weight: 0.5 kg/piece
Digital input device, Interbus -Tele-Link Version: 2.0 Siemens S5 -Weight: 1.7 kg R0bw2zsnb
Digital input device, Interbus -IBS Rl 24 Di 16/8-LK-2MBD -Weight: 1.5 kg Hiesdmkae
PLC control, digital input, digital input Vcz8k -Manufacturer: SIEMENS -Type: Simatic S5 6ES5 430-7LA11 -Number: 4x modules available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 45/195/H300 mm -Weight: 0.9 kg
PLC control, digital input module -Manufacturer: SIEMENS B3r9esl -Type: Simatic S5 6ES5 482-8MA13 -Number: 1x modules available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 185/163/H140 mm -Weight: 1.7 kg
Manufacturer, Model:JORG CAD/CAM Digital Cutting System Model: JORG DKS.3 Cutting Area: available in various formats Cutting Speed: up to 1500 mm/s Cutting Depth: up to 60 mm (optional up to 110 mm) Repeat Cutting Precision: up to 0,1 mm Head: Easy Change Multi Head suitable for 3 tools Do you want to cut cardboard, corrugated paper, twin-wall sheets, composites, acrylic sheets, rubber sheets, foam materials, foils or leather? Then the JORG DCS.3 is the ideal tool for your production. Features...
Maximal cutting speed 6 meters per minute Cold Laminating Maximal image cutting size 310 mm x 430 mm Double mark side web tracking for high web transport precision High precision double mark sensor cutting control Waste disposal THESE ARE NEW MACHINES WITH TWO YEAR WARRANTY AND SUPPORT. Vlft22cl
Castrop-Rauxel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
828 km
excellent (used)
Kornite Storm II P/N: 931-531 year of construction: 2015 prints total: 91.000 pcs Excellent condition The machine was also always very well maintained, stands in an absolutely clean environment and is in excellent condition. Included in the price are the standard pallets. The machine is converted to a quick change system of the pallets (original Kornit). Also the original Konit Humidifyer is included in the price. The machine can be converted to Hexa/HD6 by Kornit. The conversion offers a hi...
In this offer you will purchase a used colour production system "Xerox 700 Digital Colour Press Object of sale: 1 x Xerox 700 Digital Colour Press with the following equipment: incl. Paperdeck JCF-1 incl. Finisher JW-1 incl. booklet finisher JFN-1 incl. Fiery EX700 counter readings: Total: approx. 3,907,279 pages Colour: Approx. 2,494,352 pages Black: Approx. 1,412,927 pages Gtbrpba7e Condition: This offer is for a used device, which under certain circumstances may sho...
Used Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital 250HP /190KW DC Drive. Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital series Model: Dvxz0y Supply Voltage: 550 VAC, 370AMPS, 3 PH, 50/60 Hz Output Rating: 250HP Armature Output: 460 VDC, 450AMPS Field Supply Volts: 500 VAC, 1PH Field Output Current: 20 AMPS DC Auxiliary Supply: 115 VAC, 1PH, 4 AMPS
LC1000 - Laser Label Die-Cutter Maximum Web Width: 450 mm Cutting Media Width: 40 mm - 350 mm Minimal Label Length 10 mm Max. Cutting Speed: 50 Meters per Minute Cutting Precision: 0,1 mm Cutter comes with: Dust Removal Device Sheet Paper Cutter Web Guide Cooling Chiller The Cutter comes with one year warranty. Bocsjk0887 Excluded are the wear and tear parts
Used Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital 150HP /110KW DC Drive. Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital series Model: Supply Voltage: 500 VAC, 222AMPS, 3 PH, 50/60 Hz 9qaohcuov Output Rating: 150HP Armature Output: 460 VDC, 270AMPS Field Supply Volts: 500 VAC, 1PH Field Output Current: 10 AMPS DC Auxiliary Supply: 115 VAC, 1PH, 4 AMPS
BASIC DATA: WIDTH: max. web's width: 380 mm THICKNESS: material thickness: 50 μm - 200 μm PRODUCTION SPEED: max. printing speed: 100 m/min max. die cutting speed (rotary mode): 160 m/min max. die cutting speed (semirotary mode): 90 m/min ELECTRICAL: power supply voltage / frequency: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz POWER: installed power*: ~15 kW AIR: average air requirement*: ~1 m3/h ; 0,6 mp PRESS DIMENSIONS: size (L x W x H)*: ~2400 x 1500 x 1750 mm weight*: ~1...
Used Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital 20HP /15 KW 590 Regenerative DC Drive. Baumbukq Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital ssd Supply Voltage: 500 VAC, 29 AMPS, 3 PH, 50/60 Hz Output Rating: 20 HP Armature Output: 460 VDC, 35 AMPS Field Supply Volts: 500 VAC, 1PH Field Output Current: 10 AMPS DC Auxiliary Supply: 110 VAC, 1PH, 4 AMPS
DLP VP320C CMYK HD Toner LED low temperature technology Real resolution 1200x2400 dpi (not rendered) Print speed 7,26 meter per minute Max. substrate width 320 mm Max. printed image width 304 mm Min. printed image width 210 mm Max. printed image length 1200 mm Ion dust and particle removal Auto web guide tension system Ready time 28 seconds Data ports: 10 BASE-T 3jpow3mj 100 BASE-TX THIS A NEW SYSTEM. INSTALLATION AND 1 YEAR WARRANTY ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. THE LABEL PRESS HAS BEEN L...
PK0604 Digital Cutter Cutting Area: 600 mm x 400 mm Basic Features: High precision Frame Vacuum Pump Electric Motors Auto Feeder Control Software GUI Tools: Kiss Cut Tool - Label Cutting, Vinyl Cutting Universal Cutting Tool - Drag Cutting Knife used for Cardboard. Vinyl Nzqkj Creasing Tool for Box Production CCD Camera for increased Cutting precision ONE YEAR WARRANTY AND INSTALLATION ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. IN WARRANTY ARE NOT INCLUDED CONSUMABLES AND WEAR PARTS.
Xerox iGen4 de-commissioned and removed from customers site after an upgrade. 12million impressions on the meter. Price includes installation anywhere in the world subject to buyer paying engineers expenses (flight, accommodation, vaccines, tests ect..) Machine was working upon removal and a video of it printing on the day of removal can be made available to prospective buyers. Shipping at buyers cost. Xerox iGen4 Digital Colour Press 2 Feeder stations Stacker unit Jwu8yy Xerox Freeflow RIP syst...
Xante Excelagraphix 4200 + iQueue X Workflow Rip Digital Packaging Printer Corrugated Full Colour High Speed Printer Memjet Ultra fast inkjet capable of 416 42” (106.7cm) x 24” (60.9cm) full colour sheets per hour Corrugated flat sheets up to 5/8” (15.9mm) thick x 42” (106.7cm) wide x 8′ (2.4m) long Print, folded, and glued RSCs and Die Cut Sheets Bustvtfvnm Change job in seconds with no plates or clean-out Variable Data and Personalized Printing within the same job
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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482 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used Fwswzoum3 This listing is for a Zymark Multifill Sample Collection Module
Frequency converter, frequency converter, drive converter, controller, variable speed drive -Siemens Sinamics Active Interface Module: 36 kW -6SL3100-0BE23-6AB0 -Input 3 AC 380-480 V 50/60 Hz -for: maximum 36 kW -Number: 2x available -Price: per piece S3cllh -Dimensions: 150/270/H490 mm -Weight: 18.5 kg
turning length 3000 mm turning diameter 660 mm turning dia. in gap 900 mm turning diameter over slide 460 mm turning speeds 25 - 1600 U/min quill: 5 MK quill travel 235 mm spindle bore 105,0 mm engine output 7,5 kW spindle taper DIN 55029 D 1-8 weight of the machine ca. 3.300 kg. dimensions 4.630 x 1.200 x 1.529 mm characteristics - Versatile application possibilities in general mechanical engineering, Production, one-off production, ... - Central, handy switching for feeds and threads with...
Console universal milling machine Manufacturer : FEXAC Type : UMS -A Year of manufacture : 1990 table size 1300 x 300 mm T-slots quantity 5 x 16 H7 T-slots distance 60 mm swivelling in both directions 45 °degree Longitudinal stroke x 950 mm automatic Cross stroke y 275 mm automatic Vertical stroke z 590 mm Milling spindle cone SK 40 ISO Number of speeds 16 Minimum/maximum speeds 40 - 1750 rpm. Distance between spindle axis and milling beam 152 mm bottom surface Feed rates 12 Minimum/ maximum lon...
Canon iR Advance 8595 digital copier included: - X1 booklet finisher - Paperdeck - PS / Direct Print - Duplex Color Image Reader Unit- AS1 Counter reading: 527,887 pages Bdcboniiww Features: - 95 A4 pages / minute b/w - Paper sizes: DIN A3 - DIN A5R - Grammages: 52 - 256 g/m² - Cassette: Max. 7,700 sheets - Eco-label: Blue Angel & Energy Star Digital printing system for professional and demanding environments High print speed up to 105 pages per minute in black & white. Even with heavy sub...
Magnification up to 122 x Camera resolution: Full HD 1080 (1,920 x 1,080) The microscope is technically tested, is in a very good condition and is ready for