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Frost cabinet Koma with 7 doors -with support rails for 60x80cm trays + 60x40cm trays Bo3eacqnkw -with refrigeration compressor -external dimensions approx. 385x110cm and 200cm high
Oberkochen, Germany Germany
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max. workpiece length 6000 mm profile spindle 1 Stück main drive 11 kW Control bwo CNC 900 C axis stroke (X,Y,Z) 6000 x 1250 x 190 mm MAKA HC 57 R, 5-axis CNC machining center ----- Machine still ready for demonstration! - Machine in driving portal design Bs8oxhr2fk - Traverses movable (10 pieces) - Working area in 5-axis operation: 6000 x 1250 x 190 mm (Y, X, Z) - 1 piece milling unit, SK40 holder, 11 kW, max.17,000 rpm. - 1 chain magazine with 32 tool places - Control BWO 900C with mobile ...
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Eching, Germany Germany
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Truck Mercedes-Benz Actros 2544 L 6x2 BLUTEC 5 PRITSCHE + sliding tarpaulin + portal doors at the rear 1 piece Truck Mercedes-Benz Actros 2544 L 6x2 BLUTEC 5 PRITSCHE + sliding tarpaulin + portal doors rear, VIN WDB9302061L449204, EZ. 17.12.2009, 11.946cm³, 320kW, Diesel, TÜV 03/2021, Gross vehicle weight: 40.000kg, Battery is not charged, standing since September except for few trips, KM/Stand per September 2020 362.900, FZ for freight transport, further data see vehicle registration document I...
Code: 0232 Brand: ALBERTI V. Model: DOOR / CN - CE Standard CNC working centre for the complete machining of doors of any size or design - CE Standard The operating head is provided with different working units in order to allow all the door machining in one cycle only (i.e. sizing, squaring, aperture, lock groove, horizontal routings, hinges, anuba, etc.). Technical data: Working area : maximum panel dimensions mm 2500 x 1300 - minimum panel dimensions mm 350 x 140 Maximum panel thickness...
max. workpiece length 3200/5100 mm profile spindle 1 Stück Bfamfuf9t3 main drive 12 kW Control Beckhoff CNC Number of axles 5 St.
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Nürnberg, Germany Germany
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1x workbench, without doors, without contents Category: Workbench Bvuwbsdlqc Award subject to reservation: The award of this item is subject to reservation. A decision on the award will be made as soon as possible, we refer to our terms and conditions, as you are also bound to the award under reserve.
2 extensive milling head sets from Leitz. Have not yet recorded and photographed everything exactly, will still revise this listing. More photos on request. All 40mm mandrel and very well maintained. 1) Front door set. Manufacturer Leitz and "BG-Test". Year of manufacture 2000. approx. You can make frames with thickness 66mm, 80mm or 90mm, each with profiled edge or edged. Sash is always 66mm. Glass rebate is angular, but we have also made profiled (see also window set). Enclosed is a list of th...
max. workpiece length 4400 mm profile spindle 1 Stück main drive 19,2 kW Be0jt7ti9c CNC machining center MASTERWOOD 4 WIN with automatic loading and unloading ----- Specially designed for a rational and flexible wooden window u. door production HIGHLIGHTS: - Various tool magazines for optimal tooling - Simultaneous feeding with up to 6 workpieces - patented clamping system for optimum machining of workpieces - CNC controlled work table with automatic positioning of the beams and Stretcher ...
TLB x TLH = 1995 x 3000 mm Hardware system VS Weight 83.13 kg Air permeability class 3 Resistance to penetrating water class 3 Wind load resistance class 3 Heat transfer coefficient 4.10 W / m2K Pafpl Sound insulation 26dB professionally dismantled, available from late. End of May 2021
Crosshead table with 2 clamping circuits Fkybgmuyi x- 5000 y- 1350 z-450 a-190* Main spindle SK 40 water cooled 8kw up to 17000 rpm chain magazine with 24 places machine has not run much
I sell the 4-Side brushing machine suitable for windows, doors, tables, etc. Futura MS120 Y1 X2, year 2005 Working width 1200mm Working height 200mm Total weight 2500kg Configuration: Side brushing heads left - right H.170mm 2 bottom heads left - right Nylon W.140mm Oscillating top head W.260mm Big brushing heads top - bottom W.1150mm Sq2czrni Machine equipped with heads on the pictures. Available immediately.
Basic machine Workpiece transport facilities: -rolling block link chain with ball bearings on running and guiding surfaces -Pitch drive frequency controlled Top pressure: -with powered compound v-belts Siemens S7 control -modern control system based on Windows PC -PLC control Compact double Hogger lengthwise and cross 6.6 kW/12 kW -POS. 1: -1 motor 400 V, 5 kW, 120 Hz, 7.080 1/min. -POS. 2: -1 engine 6,6 kW, 100 Hz, 6,000 1. -1 motor approx. 12 kW, 100 Hz, 6,000 r.p.m Standard milling unit pne...
max. workpiece length 5150 mm profile spindle 1 Stück main drive 16 kW Control Beckhoff CNC Number of axles 5 St. Bllnlpfp CNC machining center Masterwood Project 385 WL, NEUMASCHINE The all-rounder for Windows, round arches and doors interior Post and beam 5-axis machining of all kinds Detailed description in the adjacent PDF file! HIGHLIGHTS: - Working range: X = 5150 mm; Y = 1500 mm; Z = 200 mm - 1 pc. 5-axis high-performance spindle, 16 kW, double bearing with HSK 63 F recording - fix...
Code: 0316 Brand: SIMAL Model: S/98 - CE Standard CNC working centre for doors and windows - CE standard- Year 2003 Max drilling centre distance mm 2780 Vertical displacement Z axis mm 600 Head inclination -15 +90 degrees Depth of anuba drilling mm 80 Screwing drilling spindle Hp 2,5 Drilling spindle rpm 5000 with inverter Spindle screwdriver 500 rpm with inverter Milling motor Electrospindle ISO 30 kW 8 - turns 1000 to 18000 with inverter Max. milling centre distance mm 3000 Transversal stro...
For sale are 2 high-speed doors with the dimensions (clear dimensions) W 3950 x H 4000 mm, 1x with drive on the right, 1x drive on the left. The gates can be purchased as a pair or individually: - Tear-resistant fabric door leaf approx. 1 mm, with horizontal, flexible door reinforcements. N8rrv - Frame profiles (130mm) as "supporting" profiles in anodized aluminium with frame and shaft cover. - Drive GFA Elektromat 970 - further details in the pictures in the appendix New price: € 18.235,-- Dism...
CNC especially for door processing SK 30 Receptacle 8-way changeover contact Drilling units Control unit NUM 750 B Bl2tfc3kwi max. machining dimensions x 1500; y 2250 ; z 220 mm
Automatic CNC Working Center (through feed machine) to perform on the doors the milling operations (for the lock, the key and the handle) as well drilling and screwing of ANUBA hinges. Machine composed by: - Perimeter security grid - N° 2 in feeding motorized belts - Separate Electric cabinet and programming PC (CNC) a) "LOCK" side (to process holes for locks - keys - handles): - N° 2 vertical pressure pads - N° 1 Vertical top Electric Spindle (milling system, Kw 3,3 aprox.) - N° 1 Vertical...
Pollenzo, Italy Italy
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max. workpiece length 3200,5100 mm profile spindle 1 Stück Rlqaorh8 main drive 12 kW Control Beckhoff CNC Number of axles 5 St. Masterwood Project 385 CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum ----- 5-Achs CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum in Portalbauweise zum Einsatz für Rundbogenfenster, Türen, Pfosten-Riegel, Innenausbau, Treppen Kurze Zusammenfassung: ----- Arbeitsbereich: X = 3200 mm (Optional 5100 mm) ; Y = 1500 mm; Z = 200 mm 1 Stk. 5-Achs-Hochleistungsspindel, 12 kW, mit HSK 63 F Aufnahme 1 Stk. fest instal...
CNC drilling and dowel insertion center for doors (rails and stiles) and window components for a rational and professional production of doweled frames. Short introduction: • Universal CNC controlled drilling and dowel inserting machine for door stiles and rails as well as for window profile processing • Glue shot monitoring via GIC • Closed gluing system • Optional, additional horizontal drilling spindles Bcrjc8udc9 • Relieves CNC machining centers
CNC for doors and frames Horizontal milling machines for locks and hinges Btdegqjuc3 Vertical milling machine with automatic tool change Saws for frame cutting Useful working length 5.500 mm
Type 41 67 D9uu8iuz0 Chain mortising for locks Milling spindle for hinges and handles 16000 rpm 2 drilling-milling units Working width up to 2100 mm Working height up to 1000 mm 3 motors 1/1/1,1 kW Hydraulic station Made in Norway 1967 y. Transport dimensions 2500x1500x1750mm Weight 500 kg
C.N.C. Working Center (through feed machine) to perform drilling, milling and screwing ANUBA hinges on doors. Machine composed by: - Perimeter security grid - N° 2 in feeding motorized belts - Separate Electric cabinet and programming PC Ul9gibrv a) "LOCK" side (to process against-plate and locks): - N° 2 vertical pressure pads - N° 1 Vertical top Electric Spindle (milling system, Kw 3,3 aprox.) - N° 1 Vertical bottom Electric Spindle (milling system, Kw 3,3 aprox.) - N° 1 Horizontal Elect...
max. workpiece length 4400 mm profile spindle 1 Stück Nlmo7 main drive 19,2 kW Dimensions (L/W/H) 7580x4550x2700 mm weight 5000 kg CNC-processing centre for windows and doors MASTERWOOD 4 WIN - exhibition machine out of our showroom HIGHLIGHTS: - small place needed - huge flexibility because of big tool magazins - fast production: Always four pieces on the machine - unique and patented clamping systems: work piece always is clamped. This guarantees most accurancy - CNC-controlled table, auto...
Working field 6.000 x 1.210 mm. 1 Electrospindle Brcs0gda3t 1 automatic tool changer 18 position Horizontal milling motor Pressing units for windows
max. workpiece length 4000 mm profile spindle 1 Stück main drive 15 kW Control CNC HOMAG OPTIMAT BOF211 VENTURE 12 HOMAG MACHINING CENTER - VENTURE 12 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE BASIC EQUIPMENT: - Console table with LED display system for console positioning in the X direction - Side stop ruler - main spindle 15 kW - C axis with unit interface - Chain changer 30 times - 12-spindle drill head - High performance saw unit - 4-spindle drilling / milling unit - POWER CONTROL - control with PC85 - ...
LPG Forklifts Capacity: 5000kg Load Centre: 600 Lift height: 4100mm Free lift: 1250mm Overall Length: 3300mm Overall width: 1400mm Closed height: 2250mm Lhfn9egf Overall weight: 7960kg Mast type: Triplex YOM: 2010 Condition: very good Engine: GM Bereifung vorne Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung vorne Grösse: 3.00-15 nicht kreidend Bereifung hinten Typ: Super Elastic Bereifung hinten Grösse: 28x9-15 nicht kreidend Description: Wir haben neben diesem Yale Modell noch ca. 200 Schwerlaststapler, Kompakts...
Magnet crane Brand: Vem Electric version Diameter 70cm Recording 3 point chain Weight 450kg Stocknr: UR0390 Magnet crane Brand: Vem Electric version Diameter 70cm Recording 3 point chain Weight 450kg Stocknr: UR0390 Bqzfip2nmy
Magnet Electric version Diameter 70cm Weight approx. 900kg Stocknr.: UR0389 Bqzfhth3qv