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Dowel drilling machine, automatic dowel drilling machine, drilling and dowel station, row of holes dowel drilling machine -Drive: 1.5/2.0 kW -Drill speed: 2200/4400 rpm -pneumatic workpiece clamping -15 drill bits from below, grid 32 mm -Bore head: swiveling -Foot switch X38m0kqh3 -drilling depth: max. 185 mm -Height adjustment: max. mm -Max. Clamping height: 110 mm -Dimensions: 950/1100/H1350 mm -Weight: 616 kg
second hand Made by Scheer Type DB 8 Year of construction approx. 1971 Machine no. 8071 Number of spindles 5 pieces Number of drilling beams 1 piece - rotatable hor.-vert. 90 ° Spindle distance / grid 32 mm Drilling from below behind Gfypl7x swiveling manually Drill holder M 12 external thread mobile Space requirement approx. 900 mm x 900 mm x 1400 mm Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current condition as viewed, without overhaul, without guarantee and w...
Pitch 32 mm Working width 640 mm Fdsdaf2mw Boring depth max. 40 mm Workpiece thickness 100 mm Motor output 1,5 kW Overall size 1350x1250x1400 mm Weight 400 kg Number of boring spindles 21 St.
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
991 km
Used machine Year of manufacture: 1981 universal dowel drilling machine with one swivelling drilling unit with fully automatic control with 2 safety air clamps drilling gear motor 2,2 kW with 21 spindles spindle pitch 32 mm with mounted oil damping Eaouoxv2a height adjustment 80 mm drilling depth 80 mm with trolley Weight 420 kg Availability: short term Location: Solingen
Multi-spindle drilling machine Masterwood K21 Gq7i9u2cc Year of construction 2000 330kg 1.5kW 4 Amp
Gannomat KR 800 dowel hole drilling machine 1615 Nuccb Control, pneumatic foot control and 4 program selector switches Bvmnoxgrqi Machine still in use - available from beginning of July
Dowel drilling machine, automatic dowel drilling machine, drilling and dowel station, hole line dowel drilling machine -Workpiece clamping; pneumatic -Number of drills: 21 pieces. 32 mm grid -Bore head: swiveling -drilling depth: max. 80 mm Bnc3i2vyio -Height adjustment: max. 80 mm -Underframe: transport rollers that can be steered on 4 pieces -Dimensions: 1090/1330/H1460 mm -Weight: 433 kg
used, great condition, rarely used, top equipment Ayen make Type DB 1000 K23 Machine no. 838932 GS-approved Number of spindles 23 pieces Vc3wd9i Number of drilling beams 1 Spindle distance / grid 32 mm Drilling from above swiveling pneumatically Stop rulers 3 pieces approx. 1000 mm / 1000 mm / 3000 mm Drill holder M 10 3 pneumatic clamps Hole line drilling device with marking out grid Space requirement approx. 1400 mm x 1000 mm x 1800 mm Weight approx. 350 kg Total connected load 2.2 kW Storage ...
Drilling: number of spindles 23 pcs. distance 32 mm Cso20dug diam. Drilling tool 10 mm motor 1,5 kW spindle speed 2.800 rpm dowel inserting station: number of inserting stations 6 pcs. Dowel diam. 8 mm dowel length 20 - 50 mm each dowel inserting tools is combined with gluing unit gluing unit completely cleaned vibration pot with 8 exits fixing height workpiece 0 - 90 mm working height 900 mm air pressure connection 6 bar with 2 pcs. Stainless pre...
Pos.1) Dowel drilling machine Fabr.: Biesse Type: Techno Logic Year of construction: 04/1994 working width: 3.200mm equipped with: 7 supports from below with 2 drilling units each 1 right/1 left horizontal drilling support 2 supports from above with 2 drilling units each Pos.2) Dowel drilling machine Fabr.: Biesse Type: Techno Logic Year of construction: 04/1994 working width: 3.200mm equipped with: 7 supports from below with 2 drilling units each 2 supports from above with 2 drilling units each...
Boreci, 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru, Slowenien Slovenia
1678 km
excellent (used)
Dowel boring machine Ytygs
The second-hand double-end high-performance machine for just-in-time production for drilling and dowel insertion into stock ends. The drill and dowel pattern is processed on point-to-point basis and so it can flexibly be applied to all necessary drill/dowel patterns. Dowel diameter: 8 x 30 mm Stock length: 264 - 2,500 mm Stock width: 100 - 560 mm Stock thickness: 15 - 30 mm EQUIPMENT Horizontal drilling station - Each side 1 drilling unit with 2 individually controlled drilling spindles Glue...
Dowel drilling machine, automatic dowel drilling machine, drilling and dowel station, row of holes dowel drilling machine, knothole drilling machine -2x drive: 1.1 kW Bdqebcphct -pneumatic workpiece clamping -Holder: collet (existing Ø 12.5-13 mm) -Foot switch -drilling depth: max. 90 mm -Height: adjustment -Dimensions: 1115/640/H1780 mm -Weight: 270 kg
Gerolzhofen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1110 km
used, great condition, little run Make Ganner Type Superdrill 300 Year of manufacture 1990 Machine no. 656 952 Number of drilling beams 1 Number of spindles 19 pieces Spindle distance / grid 32 mm Drilling from below swiveling manually hydraulic feed brake Working width approx. 700 mm Drilling depth 95 (110) mm Drill holder D 10 mm Pendulum stops 5 pieces Clamp 3 pieces mobile Hole line drilling device Frame dowel device Iheby9jxa Space requirement approx. 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 1200 mm Total conne...
Hardware drilling machine Manufacturer: Ganner S7c3lx Type: 191 Year of construction: 1986 Power: 0,75 kw
- Workpiece length (mm): 130 - 1800 - workpiece width (mm): 15 - 100 - workpiece thickness (mm): 10 - 40 - saw blade Ø (mm): 300 x 30 - Speed (rpm): up to 6000 - Drill holder, horizontal Ø (mm): 10 - drill length (mm): 70 - Speed (rpm): 2800 - Dowel dimensions Ø (mm): 8 x 30 + 8 x 50 - dowel projection (mm): 7 - 14 + 20 - 30 D9rtewe9 - adjusted to (mm): 14 + 25 - Dowel length tolerances (mm): +/- 1 - Dowel diameter tolerance (Ø mm): +0,1 / -0,2 - Sawing station suction socket (Ø mm): 1 x 100 - H...
Slot drilling machine Mabo Brj3jbgi29 Type Unicmax with dowel drilling device 16-22-25-32 mm table size 580 x 285 mm drilling table height 800 mm drilling length 250 mm drilling depth 150 mm height adjustment 200 mm Motor power 2,2 kW 2800 rpm 2 suction connections, 100 mm hardly used authority machine function tested operating instructions
Machine for frontal drilling of wooden profiles. The division of the drill holes is freely programmable. The machine is still connected and can be viewed and demonstrated at any time by arrangement. Bmywmn7yc8
Dowel drilling machine, automatic dowel drilling machine, drilling and dowel station, row of holes dowel drilling machine -Drive: 2.2 kW -pneumatic workpiece clamping -21 drill from below, grid 32 mm -Bore head swiveling -Foot switch -drilling depth: max. 80 mm -Height adjustment: max. 80 mm -Dimensions: 1300/1200/H1400 mm Hi2phyz7a -Weight: 450 kg
Dowel drilling machine Jonsdorf with tiltable drilling beam type JB 10/19 drilling beam with 19 drills in 32 mm distance drilling beam tiltable for horizontal or vertical position tilting movement supported by gas pressure spring throughfeed width 1040 mm drilling height on table top up to 50 mm clamping height up to 120 mm motor 1,5 kW drilling lift 100 mm table height 900 mm Hfi0ultik spindle turning speed 2800 rpm drill shaft diameter compressed air supply 6 bar weight approx. 400 kg
Dowel and slot drilling machine SMA-REF-6607 Type: dowel hole drilling machines Manufacturer: Ganner Model: Gannomat 120 Year: 1985 Power: 1,1 kW Working range: Stroke: 120 mm Features: incl. drills Condition: ready for action under power Location: Norhern Germany 2kqyfsw Availability: on demand
- Drilling machine: for panel materials - feeding: type PBA-62-SM - automatic drilling machine: 1 type BAT-DTW-CNC - Drilling machine 2 with dowel insertion machine: Type BAT-DTW-CNC - destacking: make Alberti - Machining: Drilling from above, below and horizontally; glueing dowel holes; setting dowels - workpiece length (mm): 300 - 2500 Cd78nm9o - workpiece width (mm): 150 - 800 - workpiece thickness (mm): 16 - 32
Art-No.5-80 Ytoyq8 Type: 110 Machine number: 50830 The Gannomat Combi was specially developed for universal use in medium-sized operations. - A completely new, patented stop system guarantees absolutely precise edge and surface flushness even with gross angular errors in the cut. - Since in practice a 100% angle cut is almost never given, this stop system is extremely important. - Another advantage of the Combi is the quick and easy changeover. TECHNICAL DATA: Drilling unit Number of spindles,...
Dowel drilling machine Ayen Horivert 2-46 Bhhz7pjpbs 2 drilling beams with 23 drills each (2.2 KW each) 32-part pitch also suitable for hole line drilling rear drill beam infinitely variable swiveling drill feed, workpiece clamping and swiveling process pneumatic Control with 5 different drilling programs Weight 640kg
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Max. compressed air supply: 7bar, connected load: 3kW. Ceg27eym
Drill head can be swiveled horizontally and vertically Drill head with 15 spindles in a 32 grid 1 additional drill head as replacement Bthhlixnc8 Very finely adjustable drilling speed pneumatically Inside diameter of the chuck: max 10mm Height adjustment of the workbench: 160 mm Easy to move because it is mounted on a roller frame 2 pneumatic hold-down devices 2 stops Motor 380 V; 2 kW Accessories as in the pictures If necessary, a video of the running machine can be sent!
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Nominal power: 8.5kW, max. compressed air supply: 7bar. C2g9yylc
Technical characteristics Power and Motors Bmdgqoajo0 Overall dimensions
Tauberbischofsheim Germany
1094 km
ready for operation (used)
900208 CNC drilling and dowelling machine REM (SCM/Morbidelli) for drilling, milling, grooving and fitting on both sides, boards in longitudinal passage in vertical position and subsequent dowelling, incl. stacking and destacking of the boards Consisting of: - Mechanization RUNNER - Drilling machine REM type Pilot - Dowel drive OMAL Puhlm3 the plant is still in operation and can be inspected at any time Further technical data on request.
Aluminium fence with 2 stops (composed by 1 right fence 1500 mm and 1 left fence 1500 mm) M7kz9vbf0 N. 5 Bushes N. 2 Patented safety clamps Fitted to install dust collection system according to EC STANDARDS Quick changes chucks Cast iron made boring head Cast iron made working table Patented Spiral System Pneumatic head rotation, lock and stop from 0° to 90° at any angle Adjustable fences on table, accurate positioning with a ruler and magnify glass Digital counter for regulation of drills heig...
Precise and accurate multi boring machine for casegoods, furniture fittings, line drilling and framework in SYSTEM 32 mm. The DB is a semi automatic boring machine with 21, 27 or 35 precision drilling spindles. Short introduction: Hgd73jg2i • Universal drilling machine for panel and solid wood construction • Holes in the SYSTEM 32 mm • Massive precision drilling unit from GANNOMAT • Easy settings via mechanical digital counters for side and front stops and for drilling height position • To...
NEXT 2 + 3K to NEXT series drills are designed for companies expecting high performance. Finished drilling takes a few seconds, which significantly speeds up the production process. The machine is equipped with 2 horizontal units and 3 vertical units. Each of the horizontal aggregates is equipped with 7 spindles. Vertical units slide on linear guides. Positioning of the aggregates is done using electronic counters. The machine has a material feed with the help of actuators, a pneumatic feeder wi...
Pollenzo, Italy Italy
(dealership location)
1436 km
ready for operation (used)