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Steam turbines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Nominal parameters of fresh steam: 39.5 bar, 390C Maximum parameters of fresh steam 43 bar, 420 C Steam pressure on the outlet 0.15 -0.2 bar abs. BHS transmission, pcs. 1 Type: HD 56 Power: 12.3 MW Synchronized generator cooled with water, item 1 Producer: Jemont Type: JISALT 412 Year of production 1998 Power: 15.000 kVA cos fi 0.8 Voltage: 11000V Oil hydraulics own needs of the turbine and generator set. including The main oil pump item 1 Oil tank with solenoid valves pcs. 1 Heat exchanger near... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Nominal power: 173kW, rotational speed: 2222/min, nominal voltage: 350V, nominal current: 393A, machine is not functional. Buyepsga more
710 KWel back pressure Siemens SST-060 (AFA4 G3a) steam turbine for sale. The turbine is manufactured in 2009 with B0w2m2sq 93 bar inlet pressure and 3bar back pressure. The turbine was driving a feed water pump. more
Steam turbine - back pressure turbine FT7 G315 with accessories. Bhobszrwlr inlet pressure: 11,5 bar Steaming temperature: 215°. Exhaust steam pressure: 8.9 bar Turbine speed: 3550 rpm Output: 481 kW Generator: 950 kVA Year of construction: 2004 Documentation / documents are available. more
15.000 hours since new in 2005 standby, best condition, boiler possible. Vx97ps9 more
Nominal output: 22 KW to 50 KW Speed: 2980 rpm Live steam pressure: 12.3 bar to 30 bar Live steam temperature: 300 ° C to 300 ° C Evaporation pressure: 2.6 bar to 2.6 bar spec. Steam consumption: 43.7 kg / KWh to 33.7 kg / KWh Live steam quantity 0.96 t / h max - 0.41 t / h max Blade length 24mm E83szwv Duese Form: D - Form A Implementation 7 to 10 Valve 4 (6.3 cm³) to 2 (2.5 cm³) more
Technical data : Pair quantity : 39.5 t/h max Input steam parameters :42 bar, 400C Output steam parameters: 2.5 bar, 155C Turbine in very good technical condition . Pufqa3 Upgraded to the current state of the art. Turbine control - Wooworth Serviced every year more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
There are 96 electric motors available, 13x HANNING E7 KA4B-856, power: 0.18kW and 83x HANNING 9LLK2-884, power: 3kW. Dofstqvn3 more
N.1 Brown Boveri 8700 Kw turbo alternator, steam input at 32 bar, steam capacity 87 ton/h. N.1 de Pretto-Escher Wyss 6000 Kw turbo alternator, steam supply at 36 bar, steam flow rate 58 ton/h. N.1 Elin M40 turbo alternator 2500 Kw, steam supply at 35 bar, steam flow rate 34,6 ton/h. Nxonh N.1 Blohm-Foss turbo alternator 2600 Kw, steam delivery at 35 bar, steam delivery at 31,8 ton/h. ** SINGLE PRODUCT SALE, PRICE SUBJECT TO NEGOTIATION**. more
Technical data : Pair quantity : 52.5 t/h max Input steam parameters :40 bar, 400C Output steam parameters: 2.5 bar Turbine in very good technical condition . Upgraded to the current state of the art. Biunw0o0io Turbine control - Wooworth Serviced every year more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 700kW, rotational speed: 1500/min, weight: 2.79t. Bhspz7fquy more
Turbine completely modernized in 2015 Technical data : Pair quantity : 15 t/h max Pair parameters at the input: 39 bar, 390C Output steam parameters: 2.0 bar 220 V 50 HZ generator In very good technical condition. Turbine controls replaced in 2015 with new Serviced every year Hgqfiff more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Power: 700kW, weight: 3.52t. Nv9iz more
Condensing Extraction Turbine 40- 45 bar, 425°C, 23 t/h Extraction parameters : 2.4 bar (0 - 20 t/h) Steam condenser type: ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) Generator parameters: 6.250 kVA, 6.3 kV, 50 Hz – Schorch/LDW Commissioning year : 1999 Note: Plant is not in operation since June 2015 Dwwogu more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
There are two induction motors available, 1x 2AD180D, 1x 2AD160B, weight: 205kg, condition: 1x new, 1x used. Bfpj2hzl8w more
One second hand KKK backpressure steam turbine CFR5 G4 manufactured 1988 in good working condition for sale. FCA free loaded on truck / container. The turbine is located in our warehouse in D-Bergisch Gladbach. Alternators with other voltages are also available. Scope of supply: control panel, two pallets with small parts type: KKK CRF5 G4 Iqvq3i3ua el. power: 1240 KW generator end: AVK 400 volt,1170 KVA, 50 hz, 1500 r/min steam consumption: 16 to / h at 1240 KW el. output steam inlet pressu... more
Kühnle, Kopp, Kausch back pressure steam turbine, with Avk generator DKB 80/500-4TS, revoultion 1500 1/min, input steam pressure 42 bar, temperature 400, exhaust pressure 3.5 bar, throughput 2800-4800 kg/h B2crtyunu more
1300 KW KK&K Type: CFR3 G5A / AFA 4G5A Tandem condensing steam turbine 40 Bar (HP) 10 Bar (LP) Inlet pressure with 50.000 operating hours from 1997 for sale. Scope of delivery: Generator and turbine, Documents, sound insulation hood. Brand: KK&K Type: CFR3 G5A / AFA 4G5A Power: 1300KW Bizclsn8ph Operating hours: 50.000 Live steam pressure: 40 bar (HP) 10 bar (LP) Year of construction: 1997 Generaror: AEM Type: SE 500 M4 Power: 1830 KVA Voltage: 400 Volt rpm: 1500 rpm Frequency: 50 Hz A suitable ... more
A used Siemens Twin AFA 46 GT6 Condensing steam turbine from 2009 for sale. Brand: Siemens Type: Twin AFA 46 GT6 Power: 3,273 KW Live steam pressure: 26 bar Live steam temperature: 400 ° C Year of construction: 2009 General: AVK Voltage: 6,300 V Power: 4125 KVA RPM: 1500 RPM Frequency: 50 Hz Bixquehdyl Steam turbine with generator costs € 163,000. A water-cooled condenser costs € 75,000 extra. FCA free loaded Bergisch-Gladbach shop. more
One second hand KK&K Siemens Twin AFA 46 GTA condensing steam turbine manufactured in 1999 with only 35.000 working hours in canopy for sale. Include is generator switchgear 10 KV with the control panel Wuq2grxd and a Serck-Como vacuum- condenser from 2006 (20 to/h). Additional we can offer many many spare parts like spare rotors and controllers. Scope of supply: control panel / generator switchgear 10 KV vacuum condenser / condenser pumps / canopy turbine: KKK Siemens type: Twin 46 el. power:... more
8250 KWel Allen H3-PO-800 condensing steam turbine package 10.180 KVA. FCA in our warehouse D-Bergisch Gladbach. Allen H3-PO-800 condensing steam turbine from 1999 with two condensers and the control pannels for sale. . Scope of supply: two condensers,control pannels, pallets with valves and pumps, two pallets of documents. turbine: Allen type: H3-PO-800 el. power: 8250 KW running hours: time since new 70137 steam consumption: 32 to/h at full load steam inlet pressure... more
A used Peter Brotherhood Frame 22 condensing steam turbine from 2008 for sale in operational condition with only 4,000 operating hours. Complete scope of delivery: Switch cabinets, condenser, cooling tower, documents, etc. Brand: Peter Brotherhood Type: Frame 22 Output: 900 KW Live steam pressure: 12 bar abs. Live steam temperature: 192°C Year of construction: 2008 N0w0f Generaror: Leroy Somer Type: LSA 52.2 XL75-4P Power: 1125 KVA rpm: 1500 rpm Frequency: 50 Hz Purchase price: 127.000 € includi... more

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