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Surface grind. horiz. from 1000mm grind. length for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Ref. -No.: 10046 Brand: ABA Type of control: CNC Control: Siemens Sinumerik System 3 Storage location: Mülheim an der Ruhr Country of origin: Deutschland X-Axis: 1150 mm Hgbzlzjoc Y-Axis: 485 mm Z-Axis: 540 mm Magnet size: 1000 x 500 mm Speeds Of Grinding Spindle: 1200 RPM more
:FS-D-NC 120200 | FS-D-NC 120300 | FS-D-NC 120400 | FS-D-NC 120500 grinding length:2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 5000 mm grinding width:1200/1600 mm distance spindle nose and table:1000 (Option 1200) | 1000 (Option 1200) | 900 (Option 1100) | 900 (Option 1100) mm max. table load:5200 | 6340 | 7600 | 8700 kg table-size:1200 (1600) x 2000 | 1200 (1600) x 3000 | 1200 (1600) x 4000 | 1200 (1600) x 5000 mm 3awhj0mv2 table speeds:1~25 m/min table guideways:V-Führung automatic cross feed adjustable:0.1 - 40 m... more
CNC control Siemens 840 D Magnetic table 3500 x 350 mm, fixed Bl9qodflku Grinding hight 250 mm Dresser on the table Grinding Motor 22 kW / 2919 rpm Grinding wheel size 450 x 80 x 203 mm Table feed max. 30 m/min. stepless Machine dimensions 7800 x 1900 x 3000 mm Total power requirement 60 kW Machine weight 14000 kg Condition very good, still in the factory under power. more
WORKING RANGE SURFACE GRINDING .. grinding length: 1200 mm .. grinding width: 750 mm .. workpiece height (max) with largest wheel: 600 mm MAGNETIC TABLE .. length: 1200 mm .. width: 600 mm SPINDLESTOCK GRINDING SPINDLE .. spindle revolutions (max): 1440 /min .. drive power: 7.5 kW GRINDING TOOL .. type of grinding tool: wheel .. diameter (max): 400 mm .. borehole: diameter: 127 mm .. width: 100 mm Cpjqiyss DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. total weight approx.: 6500 kg The machine is connected and ... more
grinding length 1000 mm grinding width 400 mm workpiece height 370 mm max. dia. of grinding wheel 400 x 50 x 127 mm turning speed range - grinding wheel 3000 U/min spindle drive motor 15 kW workpiece weight 750 kg clamping plate 320x900 mm weight 7,5 t Dimensions (L/W/H) 2,8x2,5x2,7 mm total power requirement 20 kW Gzzmvplz GOOD MACHINE Serial no. 22293 Coolant device more
grinding length:2500 mm grinding width:750 mm workpiece height:500 mm weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:6000x1500x2400 mm table clamping surface::2000 x 500 speeds for grinding brads with 3 mm dia.:1500 U/min Nw8oj feeding of spindle:Vertikal more
grinding length:3150 mm grinding width:800 mm workpiece height:650 mm table surface area:3.150 x 600 mm magnetic clamping plate:3.000 x 600 mm dimensions of grinding wheel:450 x 100 x 127 mm total power requirement:22 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:11 x 3 x 2,4 m surface grinding machine, CNC Flachschleifmaschine, coolant device 2.500l, magnetical adhesive force control, semi automatic balancing system, Ovf9xww more
grinding length:1000 mm grinding width:550 mm workpiece height:400 mm surface area:1300x450 mm cross feed motor:0,55 kW Rkfjf2vdb grinding wheel speeds:1400 U/min total power requirement:18 kW weight of the machine ca.:4800 kg Used / overhauled surface grinding machine, Make ELB, type SWBE 010 NCK, machine no. 163811079 Machine with automatic notification in all 3 axes. Overhaul scope: Machine completely dismantled, cleaned all the components thoroughly and checked for complete functionality... more
4871 Flachschleifmaschine ELB Kylrwd9p SW 12 VA II 1200 x 300 x 400 / 470 Details in Kürze more
grinding length 2000 mm grinding width 520 mm workpiece height 600 mm total power requirement 35 kW weight of the machine ca. 11.500 kg dimensions of the machine ca. m E L B Horizontal Hydraulic High Precision Surface Grinding Machine Model PERFEKT BD 20 PS-NK Year 1998 Ser.-No. 480 890198 _____ Grinding length max. 2.000 mm Grinding width max. 520 mm Working height under grinding wheel 600 mm ! Table size 2.360 x 590 mm Max. load on table approx. 1.350 kg Travels of XYZ-Axis 2.100/610/520... more
x-travel 1280 mm y-travel 400 mm workpiece height 500 mm table speeds 1 - 30 mm/Hub cross travel 0,001-0,010 mm vertical rapid travel 200 mm/min dimensions of grinding wheel 400x80x127 mm Table 1520x450 Dimensions (L/W/H) 3,2x1,7 mm power capacity 11 kW weight of the machine ca. 4 t level grinding machine with magnetized worktop and automatic depth feed. 9quivxy Accessories: coolant device, flanges more
capacity 1000X500MM fully auto Ystjt8 auto dressing more
very good machine x,y,z 1200 x 550 x 500 mm automatic dressing several cycles cabinet with extra accessories coolant and filtration unit Xladk under power for inspection more
:FS-NC-50AHR | FS-NC-60AHR | FS-NC-70AHR grinding length:1020/1520/2020 mm grinding width:500 | 600 | 700 mm Distance spindle center to table:600 (Option 800, 1000) mm table surface area:500x1000/500x1500/500x2000 | 600x1000/600x1500/600x2000 | 700x1000/700x1500/700x2000 mm table load capacity:800/1000/1000 | 1200/1400/1400 | 1500/1700/1700 kg table speed -stepless-:5-25 m/min Auto. cross feed increment:0,5~20 mm/min rapid traverse cross:900 mm/min autom. vertical feed:0,001~0,999 (Option) mm g... more
grinding length 1200 mm grinding width 450 mm workpiece height 500 mm weight of the machine ca. 10 t dimensions of the machine ca. 4,8x2x3 m 3s9nt38f more
table-size 1500 x 550 mm grinding range 1000 x 500 mm workpiece height 500 mm grinding width 550 mm table speeds m/min grinding length 1000 mm table speeds m/min grinding wheel size mm grinding spindle speed U/min voltage 400 V total power requirement kW grinding spindle drive kW weight of the machine ca. 10 t Control Bjczwzkqp8 Machine has cooling arrangement, dressing arrangement and auto. vert. feed. more
grinding length 300 mm grinding width 150 mm workpiece height 300 mm turning speeds 2800 U/min surface area 400 x 150 mm total power requirement 2 kW weight of the machine ca. 1 t U93bflo automatic vertical feeder, demagnetization, rapid traverse up/down, dressing unit, separate electric cabinet, coolant equipment more
grinding length 1600 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 400 mm magnetic clamping plate, electical 1500x500 mm coolant Bkpng32nj2 total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
grinding length 1000 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 400 mm table-size 1030 x 500 mm max. table load 1000 kg dist. center of grinding spindle - table 575 mm table travel longitudinal 1140 mm table travel cross 540 mm table feed 7 - 25 m/min turning speed range - grinding wheel 1450 U/min grinding wheel size 355 x 38 x 127 mm magnetic clamping plate 1000 x 500 mm dressing device Kopfabrichter coolant voltage 380 V total power requirement 11,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 5,0 t dimens... more
:FS-C 80150/100150AHD | FS-C 80200/100200AHD | FS-C 800300/100300AHD | FS-C 800400/100400AHD grinding length:1500 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 mm grinding width:800/1000 mm distance spindle nose and table:800 [Option: 1000] | 800 [Option: 1000] | 800 [Option: 1000] | 700 [Option: 900] mm max. table load:800x1500 (2000kg)/1000x1500 (2400kg) | 800x2000 (2650kg)/1000x2000 (3200kg) | 800x3000 (3950kg)/1000x3000 (4800kg) | 800x4000 (5000kg)/1000x4000 (5500kg) kg table-size:800/1000x1500|800/1000x2000 | 800/... more
grinding length 2000 mm grinding width 700 mm workpiece height mm Control total power requirement kW Fec2nlzs8 weight of the machine ca. 11,0 t dimensions of the machine ca. 6,2 x 2,9 x 2,9 m - Guides in good condition - Electric cabinet was overhauled in 2009 for the equivalent of € 16,000 more
table-size 1800 x 800 mm grinding range 1500 x 750 mm workpiece height 690 mm table speeds 4 - 36 längs m/min grinding width 750 mm grinding length 1500 mm table speeds 1 - 60 quer m/min grinding wheel size 500 x 100 x 203 mm grinding spindle speed 1000 U/min voltage 500 V total power requirement 36 kW Bjczwpzk27 grinding spindle drive 28 kW weight of the machine ca. 17 t Machine has cooling arrangement, dressing arrangement and auto. vert. feed. more
grinding length:2500 mm Gxjks2kqy grinding width:500 mm workpiece height:500 mm table surface area:2600x500 mm magnetic clamping plate:2500x500 mm grinding wheel diameter:400x50 mm number of spindle speeds:1450/1750 U/min :6,8 kW total power requirement:6,8 kW weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:6,0 x 1,5 x 2,4 m with automatic vertical feed, vertical rapid traverse, central lubrication, demagnetising device, wet grinding device, automatic dressing device, stepless cro... more
Specific Details X stroke: 1350 mm Bsts2a30 Y stroke: 550 mm Max grinding length: 1200 mm Table length: 1200 mm Table width: 450 mm Magnetic table: Yes (1000x550) Max wheel diameter: 400 mm Wheel width: 60 mm Spindle power: 15 kw more
grinding length:1250 mm Dyhex3l grinding width:500 mm Clamping area:1720x400 mm weight of the machine ca.:5200 kg dimensions of grinding wheel:400x40x127 mm more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
grinding length: 1600 mm grinding width: 750 mm workpiece height: 600 mm Lsr8d control: Unicon feed: 0,001 - 2,0 mm rapid traverse cross: 2500 mm/min feed: z=quer/pro Hub: 0,2 - 150 mm mm feed: y=vertikal/ vertical.:3-375 mm/min interface: RS 422 + V 24 + 20ma table surface area: L:2000xB:740 mm magnetic plate size: 1500x750 mm table load: 1,5 t spindle cone: 90 (1:5) mm dimensions of grinding wheel: 650x160x304,4 mm grinding spindle speed: 1000 - 2000 U/min grinding spindle drive: 37,5 - 75 kW ... more
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
7113 km
excellent (used)
Surface grinding machine BPH 320 A Producer: TOS Hostivař YP: 1983 Max. Grinding length ... 1000mm Max. Grinding width ... 320mm Clamping table surface ... 320x1000mm Main engine power ... 4kW L x W x H ... 4100 x 1750 x 2125 mm Machine weight ... 3200kg Total power requirement ... 6.8kVA Max. Table load ... 280kg Gwnmi8 Axis X ... 1060mm Y axis ... 350mm Z axis ... 420mm The machine is in good condition, possible to test under power. more
Table dimensions 1,600 x 550 mm Maximum Width to Grind with Wheel 100 mm 650 mm Bgqfol9w Maximum Length to Rectify 1600 mm Maximum Longitudinal Travel 1700 mm Maximum Height to Rectify 600 mm Spindle speed 1150 rpm Grinding Wheel Dimensions Ø 500 x100mm more
magnetic plate 1000x400mm. free loading. the machine is fully operational. cooling system is also included N2ght more
grinding length 1500 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 400 mm table surface area 1900 x 350 mm table speeds 0 - 25 m/min grinding spindle speed 1400 / 2800 U/min grinding wheel size 300 / 50 / 76 mm cross feed autom. 0 - 60 mm/Hub vertical feed autom. 0,002 - 0,06 mm/Impuls vertical rapid traverse 0,15 m/min total power requirement 11 kW weight of the machine ca. 4 t dimensions of machine L x W x H 4,23 x 1,93 x 2,52 m - retrofitted in 1986 - - with autom. vertical adjustment - Acces... more
grinding length 650 mm grinding width 400 mm workpiece height mm grinding height 600 mm table-size 800 x 350 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 3,5 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Rbwz0aud jakobsen grinding maschine plan type 824 very nice more
Surface grinder fuer profile grinding Table length: 1050 mm Table width: 240 mm Grinding length: 1000 mm Grinding width: 320 mm Grinding height: 365 mm Yrcyzk Max. distance from table to spindle-centreline: 515 mm Longitudinal travel (X-axis): 1130 mm Transversal travel (Y-axis) 270 mm Automatic cross-feed: 7 m/min Table feed: 30 m/min Automatic vertical feed: 0.030 mm Vertical rapid traverse: 0.30 m/min Diameter of grinding wheel: 300 mm Width of the grinding wheel: 160 mm Grinding wheel speeds... more
TOS - BRH 40B II -1996 Bhu3b0p3qt more
- Favretto Auto Controll control with 3 axis digital display- automatic working cycle- automatic dressing with compensation- dynamic compensation- magnetic table with 1000 x 400 mm- main spindle bearing defective- working range X x Y x Z: 1200 x 485 x 645 mm- grinding wheels dimensions: 400 x 127 x 100 mm- rotational speed: 1400 rpm- grinding surface: 1000 x 400 mm- max. Weight on magnetic table: 715 kg Motor power: 9 kW Operating voltage: 400 V Dimensions WxHxD: approx. 4500 x 2550 x 2950 mm We... more
grinding length:5000 mm grinding width:ca. 1500 mm Y7kbaiy03 workpiece height:1000 mm weight of the machine ca.:40,0 t dimensions of the machine ca.:16,0 x 5,00 x 3,50 m Fully New Retrofitted in 1995 by Naxos-Ingersoll, since then only 80 running hours!!!! Universal Horizontal and Slideway-Surface Grinding Machine. Machine fully equipped with all available accessories, running video available. Grinding length: 5000 mm, grinding width ca. 1500 mm, height travel ca. 1000mm machine mechanically ... more
grinding length 1250 mm grinding width 350 mm workpiece height 450 mm CNC control Sinumerik 840D rotary table dia. 1200 mm Table dimensions 2 x (760 x 325) mm longitudinal stroke 800 mm vertical movement of grinding slide 450 mm Bfsksz8q9j cross movement of grinding slide 350 mm Distance table / spindle centre (horizontal pos.) 600 mm grinding motor 50 kW grinding wheel size 400 x 160 mm feed range (X /Y/ Z) 30 / 3 / 3 m/min min. input value 0,001 mm turning speed range 200 - 4000 U/min total p... more
Surface grinding machine make ELB type SWBD 15 VA II Digital Masch.# 61120766/0996 Year of construction 1966 overhauled 1996 Technical data: grinding area 1500 x 600 x 400 mm Table load 1250 kg magnetic plate 1500 x 500 mm Table speed longitudinal 2 - 26 mm/sec. longitudinal stroke max. 1300 mm with - Paper band filter - advanced controls - modernized by Stöckl in 1996 - overhauled, spindle new mounted - Balancing electronics - various flanges and grinding wheels Npdnp used, in good condition more
Grinding range 1200x400x500mm Table size 1200x400mm Bkpdittuyp Table speeds 0,3-30 m/min Grinding Wheel diameter 400mm Integrated balancing device Magnetic plate 1200x400mm Coolant with paper clarifier MARCELS MASCHINEN CH more
MININI - 610 CNC - 1989- system ELCON 6- max grinding moves 1100x610 (width)- max grinding height 400 mm- table 400x1000 mm- books- in very nice and good condition Bhlvwguai3 more
grinding length 3000 mm grinding width 1250 mm workpiece height . mm grinding height 1100 mm Table dimensions 1100x3150 mm table load 1050 kg grinding wheel diameter 457 mm turning speeds 1200 total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Blm3amrgfl Stepless automatic feed for table 3-40 m/min Return feed for table Filter attachment Hydraulic unit Coolant more
grinding length:1000 mm grinding width:500 mm workpiece height:max. 580 mm distance table - spindle center:580 mm magnetic clamping plate:1000 x 400 x 80 (BxTxH) mm table surface area:1300 x 350 mm grinding wheel diameter:300 x 50 x 76 mm grinding wheel speeds:1400 / 2800 U/min table speeds:1 - 30 m/min rapid traverse cross:1,2 m/min autom. cross feed adjustable:1 - 60 mm/Hub rapid traverse vertical:0,15 m/min total power requirement:ca. 5/6 kW weight of the machine ca.:ca. 4,4 t dimensions of t... more
grinding length 1250 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 650 mm CNC control Sinumerik 840 D Table dimensions 1250 x 500 mm longitudinal stroke 1250 mm vertical movement of grinding slide 650 mm cross movement of grinding slide 505 mm Distance table / spindle centre (horizontal pos.) 800 mm grinding motor 50 kW grinding wheel dia. x width 400 x 160 mm peripheral speed 45 m/sec feed range (X /Y/ Z) 30 / 3 / 3 mm/min min. input value 0,001 mm rotary dressing tool, table mounted type Strq3g... more
Surface grinding machine ELB Blfiiq22dp Strokes X Y Z: 1000 x 500 x 500 mm Surface of the magnetic plate: 1000 x 500 mm. Machine overhauled. more
The surface grinding machine SPD 30C has been expertly overhauled and modernized in our workshop and meets all technical standards and parameters of a comparable new machine of this type. Ptvepy more
EUROGRIND MAX grinding machine is the heavy duty knife grinding machine. I contains many useful features: 1. Variable feed modes 2. Precise linear guides Blhhnd92hl 3. Strong magnetic chuck (magnetic force - 15 kg/cmˆ2) 4. double linear guide protection. 5. Overall weight - about 6000 kgs: extremely low vibration and stable structure. 6. Reliable electronics more
Surface grinding machine Favretto MB100, good general condition, guides very good, coolant system, oil cooler, magnet 1000x400 mm, disc diameter 400 mm, bellows left new, spindle bearing new! Machine is under power. Bjngfkpo9p more