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Size 53 x 74 cm, CP 2000, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Double sheet control, Frontlay control, High pile delivery, Powderspray, etc. Bod7wzbum Machine nr: 625691, Impressions: 105 million
Schijndel, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
723 km
ready for operation (used)
ColorTronic, Ergotronic console, CX Package, Suction feeder table, Anti static device, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 5, Straight machine, SAPC Semi Automatic Plate Change, Varidamp dampening, Automatic inking roller washing device, Automatic blanket washing device, Dampening system: Baldwin , Number of coating units: 1, Water base coating: chambered ductor system, Make Harris & Bruno, Number of Anilox roller(s): 2, IR+hot-air dryer in delivery, Extended delivery, Powder spra...
Ryobi 525 GX Straight machine Age: 2008 Max. Paper Size: 520 x 375 mm Min. Paper Size: 100 x 105 mm Max. Printing Area: 505 x 350 mm Paper Thickness: 0,04 – 0,6 mm Speed: 15.000 sheets/hour Counter: only 12,5 mio. impression Po3vp Equipment: 5 color machine Straight machine Ryobimatic dampening Technotrans alpha.d refrigeration and circulation PCS-H Control Panel PDS-E densitometrical measurement All washing devices Automatic Plate Changer Extended Delivery High Pile Grafix Digital Powder
Deutschland Germany
1034 km
excellent (used)
Grafix: Powder Sprayer Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Automatic Blanket Washing Device PCS-H Off Press Controls RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobi IR Dryer Ryobi Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Extended Delivery Ink. Temperature Control Impression Account: approx. 40 Mio. Condition: Cleaned & Checked & Printtest Possible Technical Details: Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 13.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Largest Sheet Size X :...
Höri, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
1203 km
Ink control system: ErgoTronic; CIP3 Colorimeter: Techkon Spectro Drive 2015 Control: CIP3/JDF Suction belt table Pile plate feeder Double Sheet Testing Unit Ion blower Cylinder chrome-plated Register window operation Bi0ugaaron Automatic disk loading: SAPC Automatic washing systems Sheet decurler Powder sprayer: Grafix Light barriers Stacking plate delivery Compressor Coating unit: Anilox; Harris & Bruno Dryer: Grafix Inking unit temperature control
Impression: 111 Mio. Min. size: 210 x 280 mm Max. size: 530 x 740 mm Max. material thickness: 0,6 mm Straight machine without perfecting Plate punch and plate bending device Bzzd0xf3 Alcolor dampening system autoplate CPC, control system: PrintCenter Inking unit washup device Blanket washup device Powder spray devices: Alphatronic 200 Dryer: HD-IR + HL-Preset Dampening solution circulation and cooling: Combination unit Inking unit combination device, dampening solution temperature: Water-cooled ...
Size 53 x 74 cm, CP 2000, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans cooling and recirculation unit, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Coating unit, IR dryer, Extended delivery, Powderspray Machine nr: 450391, Impressions: 175 million Byalgl79ad
Emmelshausen Germany
939 km
excellent (used)
film damping RYOBI-matic cooling device Technotrans PCS-JX Printing Control System S-RPC semi-automatic plate change Ryobi PDS-E Phez7bs plate register remote control device Bacher register system GRAFIX powder unit Digital 3000 autom. blanket and ink unit washing device electr. + mechanic double sheet control misaligned sheet detector sheet decurler ca. 19 mio. Imprs.
Dollern, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
864 km
impressions 112 Mio. max. printing speed sheets 15000 /h max. paper size 37 x 52 cm dampening system Alcolor automatic blanket wash-up device automtic roller wash-up device Bj2qbab8 impression cylinder wash plate clamping system Autoplate machine control CP 2000 perfecting fully automated 1/4 ink temperature control Contemp
PCS-H Off Press Controls RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobimatic Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Automatic Washing Devices Grafix IR Dryer Preset: Automatic Adjustment of Size Grafix Digitronic: Powder Sprayer Double Sheet Control - electronic High Pile Delivery Extended Delivery Impression Account: 26 Mio. Fully Cleaned! Technical Details: Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Net Weight : 11.900 Kg Len...
Höri, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
1203 km
Alcohol dampening system: RYOBIMATIC Monitoring + Control Technology: PCS-H Colour control system: PDS-E; CIP 4 Powder sprayer: GRAFIX DIGITRONIC Cooling unit: TECHNOTRANS Electronic double sheet control Extended delivery Automatic plate feeding Blanket washing system Impression cylinder washing system Ink roller washing device Ejno8n0d Perfecting device: 5/0; 2/3
-Pressure figure approx. 445 mio. -Still in production - can be tested -electronic page mark control -electronic double sheet control -Electronic duck electrification WEKO -register system BACHER -Plate and Film Punch BACHER -Automix AMX 225 -external compressors -blanket washing device BALDWIN -Damp water cooling unit BALDWIN -atomizer WEKO T 77 CS with Ionomat system -sheet decoiler OXY-DRY -IR-Dryer ELTOSCH (2 segments) -gallery cladding (sound insulation on the drive side incl. heat extracti...
We are proud to offer you the following machine: Heidelberg CD-102 5 colors with varnish in a very good condition: Year of manufacture: 2002 Impression: 162 mio. Equipment: - CPC Control: CP2000 - All washing equipment - Combistar - Color inspection light - High pile delivery (feeder with ramp), Non-Stop delivery - AutoPlate - 3 - roller - system and much more. complete equipment list available on request. Penbf Video of the machine in operation on request.
Only 13 mio impression UV Dryer before Varnishing (1 lamp) UV Dryer after Varnishing (2 lamps) - Varnishing unit - One-man operation via mobile touch-screen console - Print Job Manager Jxb0py - High performance stream feeder - Remotely adjustable sidelays - Double sheet sensor - Fully automatic plate change - Ink temperature controlUV Dryer at delivery
Johannesberg Germany
1035 km
excellent (used)
Manroland 705+LV DirectDrive Year: 2008 Impression: approx. 185 Mio. Available: 01-02/2022 Equipped: Inline Color Pilot Blanket washing system with Brush Impression cylinder washing system Brush Ink. Temp. control Technotrans Beta.C Chiller Anilix Roller Chamber doctor blade system Dmlw9w2 Powder Exhauser IR/TL Dryer WEKO Powder Sprayer
PCS-H Off Press Controls RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change Ryobimatic Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Automatic Washing Devices Eltosch IR Dryer Grafix Digitronic: Powder Sprayer Double Sheet Control - electronic High Pile Delivery Extended Delivery Techical Details: Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Net Weight : 11.900 Kg Length : 7.459 mm Width : 2.355 mm Height : 1.717 mm Max. Sheet Size X : 520 mm Max...
Höri, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
1203 km
CP 2000 CP-Tronic Suction belt table Double Sheet Testing Unit Alcohol damping unit: ALCOLOR Biuetb9wn2 Perfecting device: 5/0 2/3 Ink unit temperature control: TECHNOTRANS COMBISTAR Automatic plate feed: AUTOPLATE Automatic washing systems Coating unit IR dryer: DRYSTAR 2000 Powder sprayer: GRAFIX ALPHATRONIC 200 Sheet decurler Extended delivery Cooling unit: COMBISTAR COMPACT ALPHA.C 90 L with ALCOSMART AZR
CP 2000 Autoplate Automatic ink feed on top Perfecting 2/3 Print count 104 mil Alcolor Technotrans All 3 washing devices Plvel IR dryer DI imagesetter in each station Punch and Bigger B2 Immediately free
Freising Germany
1299 km
excellent (used)
Very well used cx package Biozqufi
Ryobi Matic D Ryobi PCS Ryobimatic dampening Bxxlwmuvdn Ryobi RPC semi automatic plate change Automatic blanket washing device Automatic impression cylinders washing device Automatic ink roller washing device Ink temperature control Technotrans cooling, circulation and dosing system AMS SC 400 UV Dryer Grafix Digitronic X - Rite Image Control
CP TRONIC CPC 1.04 Suction belts on feeder Preset : automatic size adjusting by CP TRONIC on feeder Steel plate on feeder Electronic side lays control Eltex antistatic in feeder Preset on feeder: Syde laycontrolled by CPTronic for the paper size Double sheet electronic detection Alcolor damping Technotrans cabin cooling and circulation with automix device Technotrans ink temperature control Automatic ink wash-up device controlled by CP TRONIC Automatic blanket and impression cylinders wash-up de...
Perfecting 1/4 - 5/0 CP 2000: Touch Screen Console Coating System Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer IR Dryer Btdb3ju2hd Antistatic Device on Delivery (Eltex) Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Impression Cylinder Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Blanket Washing Device Impression Account: 55 Mio.
CP 2000 console touch screen, axial, circumferential and diagonal register remote control, ink ductors rotation control, job memorization Bsbdet8ym CP 2000 MasterLevel CP 2000 Instant Gate CP 2000 DryStar Advanced SpectroDrive Techkon + CCS Sw ink auto adjusting Preset Plus Feeder Head feeder 3 more suctions for paper transport Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control before front registers Front sensor on flap of the feeder Suction belt feeder with 3 sections of transport of sheets to the frontal...
Size 36 x 52 cm, CPC 1-03, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation unit, Powderspray, Plus version, Perfecting 2/3 or 5/0 Ytt7pc Machine nr: 712399
Automatic inking roller washing device Komorimatic dampening system PQC-S - Print Quality Control Automatic impression cylinder washing device SAPC Semi-automatic plate change KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function Komori PCC software for CIP3 connection and transmission to the control center Komori AMR fully automatic ,, One Touch "job change system PDC-S II Komori Smart Feedback program-controlled density changes PQC Off-Press controls Ivpgko0lu
NEW HEIDELBERG MAN ROLAND KBA KOMORI SHEETFED WATER PAN/ WATER VIBE ROLLERS - MULTIPLE MODELS AVAILABLE Bx0bvoksp3 Some of the parts we can offer are: • Idler rollers • Ink Fountain rollers • Ink Vibrator Roller • Knurled Metering Rolls • Harden Nip Rolls • Harden Slitter/Anvils Rolls • Water Pan Rolls/H20 Water Vibrator • Traction/Draw Rollers • Web Idler Rolls
15.000 s/h, CP 2000, Autoplate, Alcolor, Non stop feeder, Non stop delivery, Technotrans refrig., Rollers washer by CP2000, Blanket+impression cyl. by CP2000, SEPARATED COATING UNIT, DryStar 2000 dryers, Eltex ionizing blow., EXTENDED DELIVERY, Grafix Alphatronic excellent condition, refurbished recently Hz8rgba3u
Öpfingen Germany
1202 km
ready for operation (used)
Perfecting 1/4 - 5/0 RCI: Remote Control Desk CPL: Semi-Automatic Plate Change Washers Wekotron: Powder Sprayer Cardboard Guide Rolandmatic Dampening Bhfbzdb3 Technotrans Cooling Device Coating System with Doctor Chamber Blade Grafix IR/TL Dryer Cleaned Impression Account: 165 Mio.
Format size 720x1050 mm – Impress.counter 200 millions c.a Colortronic: ink, axial, circunferential, diagonal register remote control DENSITRONIC - Basic : Spectrophotometric and densitometric Color Measurement Suction belts on feeder Double sheet electronic detection CX Package Ink Temperature control Automatic blanket washing, rollers and impression cylinders Alcolor dampening Varidamp APL Automatic Plates Change Refrigerator Technotrans beta Non-stop feeder delivery Preset automatic adjustmen...
Size 36 x 52 cm, CPtronic, CPC classic center, Alcolor dampening, MGE Eco cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Impression cylinder wash, Roller wash, Sheet decurler, Mediprint powder spray, Eltex anti-static device. Fully rebuild in 2019 Bmlykkjffs Machine nr: 200849, Impressions: 140 million
approx. 90 million impressions, AxisControl, CP 2000, Alcolor Vario, Autoplate, ink unit washing device, preparation ink temperature control Version 1, blanket cylinder washing device, Technotrans central aircooled, high pile delivery, ultrasonic double sheet control, dryer HD IR-HL, dryer cabinet aircooled, powder device Alphatronic 200, antistatic device Compact Bwdn2eaz2f
HARRIS Offset Printing machine Completely reconditioned in 2005. Origin Year 1980 - new cylinder plate, blanket and printing cylinders. - CPC (color adjustement by units). - Automatic register. - Automatic format change. - Semi-automatic plates change. - Automatic wash system : blancket, rolls. - Max.size: 1340 x 1940 mm Ft3iizl - Min.size: 1000 x 1350 mm - Max.speed: 4.500 sheets/h. - Nbr colors : 5 colors ( whithout varnish). - Machine print with Alcool : 10% - Powder system : Grafix system. (...
STC-Ref:G-022-7057 Heidelberg GTO-F-52 ,Year: 1995 ,Impressions: 27 Mio. format: 360x520 ,5 colors equipped: - Plus-version: prepared for numbering and perforating - powder sprayer Grafix - extended delivery - quick release plate clamps - Lowpile Delivery - CPC 1-02 disc & lightpen Bo0vk9ntge - dry offset - ink unit temperature control - UV dryer Eltosch - UV-end-of-press drying - ELTEX anti-static with bar at feeder
Perfecting 2/3 - 5/0 PPL: Semi-Automatic Plate Change Briz8hhb3y RCI: Remote Control Desk Colorpilot Densitometer Rolandmatic Dampening Roland Seccomatic IR/TL Dryer Technotrans Cooling Device Grafix: Powder Sprayer Automatic Washing Devices Preset: Automatic Adjustment of Size Airglide Delivery Impression Account: 149 Mio.
Impression count: 179 million Specification: Silver machine Phgl7 CP 2000 Alcolor with Vario Preset Autoplate Technotrans Beta C refrigeration and Ink temp control Programmable roll/bla/imp.cyl.wash via CP2000 All cylinders chrome Electronic sidelays Steel plate in Feeder and Delivery Heidelberg coater Preloader Non stop feeder Nonstop Extended delivery Grafix exactronic powder spray Heidelberg Dry Star IR Dryer
MAN ROLAND R305 HOB P Year built: 2001 max. Size: 530 x 740 mm counter ca. 181 mill. standard equipment MAN Roland 305HOB Rolandmatic dampening RCI CCI color measurement system CPL automatic plate change CPL plate punch automatic roller washing automatic blanket washing perfecting 2-3 / 5-0 Bzwhjjr high pile delivery powder spray card board equipment incl. compressor
Alcolor film dampening CPC 104 Ink remote control Heidelberg Autoplate (Semi automatic plate change ) Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device CP TRONIC self diagnostic, control and monitor console High Pile delivery Rfcei9ql Automatic Perfecting 5/0 - 2/3 Impressions: 190 Mio.
5 Color 2005 8 Mio. Size 52 x 74 cm Oofxt Auto. Ink remote control Autoplate Grafix Powder Location: Germany / in production Available: immediately
Verl, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
876 km
good (used)
Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5+, age 1998 370x520 mm (14.5x20"), approx. 59 mio. impr. Alcolor CP-Tronic CPC 1-04 Autoplate Autom. blanket- and ink roller wash-up device Autom. Impression cylinder wash-up device Urpdnd8d Plusversion Powder sprayer Etc. Available: immediately
Topkapı, Davutpaşa Cd. 73/A, 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Türkei Turkey
2844 km
good (used)
CPC 1-04: Off Press Ink & Register Control CP Tronic Control System Perfecting 2/3 - 5/0 Alcolor Dampening Technotrans Cooling Device Grafix Alphatronic 200: Powder Sprayer Semi Automatic Plate Change High Pile Delivery Impression Cylinder Washing Device Ink Roller Washing Device Blanket Washing Device Number of Printing Units : 5 Units Print Output Maximum : 15.000 Sheets / Hour Print Output Minimum : 3.000 Sheets / Hour Max. Sheet Size X : 370 mm Max. Sheet Size Y : 520 mm Largest Print Forma...
Impression: 74 Mio. Ej0db8 Alcolor continuous dampening Washing devices Blanket washing device - automatic Machine controls Classic Center (Ink & Register remote control) Plate change EasyPlate Feeder Double sheet detection - electric Pull lay control - electric Delivery Powder sprayer (Grafix Alphatronic 200)
approx. 145 million impressions, RCI, Rolandmatic, semi automatic plate change, perfecting 1/4 or straight 5/0 Bffihtncdr
Cardboard equipment Grafix Hitronic powder spray ROLAND DELTAMATIC dampening system TECHNOTRANS Bvjdyowijt CPL semi automatic plate change Straight machine printing PECOM Press Centre Prepress Link with JobPilot PressMonitor RCI Remote Ink Control with CCI Grapho Metronic FM19 Impressions: 110 Mio.
Neuwied Germany
918 km
good (used)
Heidelberg SM 52-5 Egrmeb7ao CIP 3 The meter reading 130 mln Location Moldova Kichinau The price is incl. loading on truck .
5 colors printing machine Bvzligjbix Perfecting 5/0, 2/3, 1/4 Printing number approx. 50 mio. CPC 1.03 Alcolor film dampening system Baldwin Cooling Still in production
max. size 52 x 75 cm age 2008 5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery chamber duct system Harris + Bruno ink remote control COLORTRONIC ink quality control Techkon Spectro Drive ERGOTRONIC Bdzowcze3x VARIDAMP film dampenings ink unit temperature control semi-automatic plate change SAPC automatic washing devices dry sprayer GRAFIX IR dryer GRAFIX shown totalizer: approx. 47 mill. impressions Delivery time: immediately from stock