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Finger jointing lines for sale

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Tauberbischofsheim Germany
1094 km
excellent (used)
200445 Finger jointing line for structural timber SMB type TKZ-25/280 Consisting of: 1. heavy duty roller conveyors 2. lifting table with driven roller conveyor 3. vacuum destacking 4. moisture measuring device 5. scanner (Golden Eye) 6. cross-cut system 7. finger jointing cycle milling machine 8. glue feeding 9. finger jointing cycle press 10. electronic length measuring 11. crosscut saw 12. stacking unit Technical data: - Year of construction: 2000 - approx. 7.000-8.000 running meters / 8h - 8...
Working width from to 140 mm Working height from to 20,80 mm endlos mm C08re8b8e
finger-jointing center for the production of solid structural timber, duo beams and glulam Wood lengths after the saw 800 - 5400 m Wood width: 80 - 280 mm Wood thickness: 35-150 mm max. Wood cross-section: 250 * 100 mm or 280 * 90 mm with profil finger-jointing 20/20 mm Consisting of loading station Driven roller conveyor and chain cross conveyor with moisture meter Gann Hydromat DMT-7 Cut saw system with KK-700 double roller conveyor Finger joint machine KTLV-280 Bydovilun2 Finger-...
For sale is a KVH finger jointing line of the company SMB Maschinenbau GmbH Technical data: - Model: TKZ-25/280 - year of construction: 2000 - stack length : 3.000-6.000mm - Stacking width max : 1.500mm - stacking height max : 1.500mm Raw wood stack with or without stacking bars - Wood length after crosscut saw: 800-6.000mm - Wood widths: 80-280mm - wood thicknesses: 30-160mm Bxsjuzjrdv - min. cross section: 30x90mm - max. cross section:125x250mm The plant consists of the following components: ...
Kanzach Germany
1206 km
refurbished (used)
Wood input lengths from 150 to 1000 mm Wood widths from 40 to 180 mm wood thickness from 20 to 80 mm Ø wood cross section 30 x 100 mm max. wood cross section 150 x 60 mm Buex9yv93u wood starting lengths from 4500 to 6000 mm Electric power without control
Achern Germany
1082 km
reconditioned (used)
press for fingerjointing line with hydraulic Bfryfaxtfo
Automatic finger jointing line KVH, endless press Maximum material cross-section: 260x220 mm The minimum length of the input material: 900 mm Maximum length of the input material: 6000 mm Finished material length: unlimited (endless press) Jacdmstu0 The machine is operational. Possibility to check during work. Possible installation of the machine, commissioning and training in the field of operation.
DIMTER finger jointing line, type ProfiJoint HK 1000 Manufacture year 1995 The line consist of: 1. Infeed conveyor J07zah8x 2. DIMTER packet finger jointer type ProfiJoint HK 1000 with Mixon gluing system 3. Universal turn and infeed system to press 4. 2 feeding rollers infeed, type VS 5. Finger jointing press, type PN /SHL 7.2 m 6. Cross chain transport 7. Roller conveyor
LV-3901, Latvia Latvia
1718 km
good condition (used)
High speed automatic finger jointing line Torwegge HK604 Maximum material cross-section: 100x100mm The minimum length of the input material: 200 mm Bxcodd0eut Maximum length of the input material: 1000 mm Workpiece width (min-max): 40 - 100 mm Workpiece thickness (min-max): 18 - 100 mm Finished material length: 3000mm(possible to upgrade for longer material) Volume: 8m3 shift (material 20x45x200-600mm) 80% workload. 16m3 shift (material 40x45x200-600mm) 80% workload. The machine is operationa...
Fan table for finger jointing machine Shelf width 620 mm Compartment length 1550 mm 4 compartments With conveyor belt Qo32au99 Working height 950 mm
-finger jointing machine for wood -entrance length 900-6000 mm -timber output length infinity -HK 400 is a classic among the jointing lines -the system is very well suited for board material -and also KVH dimensions -2x saw motor 7.5 kW, milling motor 2x 50kW Ccskfq9 -you as a customer can choose to buy -in which state the system will be delivered -A) repaired with performance guarantee -B) have been refurbished with 12 month warranty -C) existing Siemens S5 or -D) S7 or a new control from ot...
Automatic finger Jointing Line GOMA FC-10KZ6 + FC-10 PZ6/2 Year of production: 2008 Technical condition: Very good after renovation Tenoning machine FC-10 KZ6: Saw headstock: Spindle revolutions: 3000 rpm Chipper diameter: Ø300 mm Saw motor power: 6 kW Chip extraction: Ø100 mm Milling headstock: Shank diameter: Ø50 mm Useful length of the spindle: 210 mm Tool diameter: Ø250 mm-Ø150 mm Spindle revolutions: 6000 rpm Cutter motor: 18.5 kW / 3000 rpm Chip extraction: Ø150 mm Scoring headstock (o...
Handling equipment for a finger jointing line. Roller conveyors, wide- and narrow belt conveyors, a trim saw conveyor, trim saws, etc. See pictures. With documentation. Good condition, made by Martek in Finland. Vsmfvy
Hello. milling plus press two presons operator first to press hydraulic and second to press To offer I have MILLING FOR FINGERJOINTING FC-10 MLK produced by Gorzowska Machine Factory "GOMA" Sp. With o.o. The machine was manufactured in 1998. And was repurchased in November 2012 from a carpenter's company, which was not used for a long time. After the redemption was dismantled "small parts" and renovated. The machine was carried out, among others. The following works: "Replacement of milling h...
Oblouková 1001, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice, Česko Czech Republic
1338 km
refurbished (used)
endless frieze line Specifications: - year of manufacture 1996 after total overhaul - input length of elements min / max 150/1400 mm - material thickness max. 80 mm - slat width max. 200 mm - press length 8000 mm Bhdxnsn92w   - milling machine: double-sided automatic   - clamping force 12000 kg - Main motor 15kW   - total connection power 37 kW - area min. length / width 16000/4100 mm   - weight approx. 7400 kg - The power of 5000-7500 m / 8h depends largely on the size of the wood
Kanzach Germany
1206 km
reconditioned (used)
Fully automatic finger jointing line: Type Doppel-Pack with automatic feeding With multiple crosscut saw With automatic stacking machine Specification: Wood input length: min. 150 mm max. 1000 mm average 400 mm wood cross-section: min. 20 x 40 mm max. 80 x 180 Wood exit length: 6030 mm max. Wood cross section with 10 mm tine size: Hardwood 120 cm² softwood 150 cm² Tine design vertical and horizontal Glue type. PVAC white glue, 2-sided glue application El...
Achern-Gamshurst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1082 km
good (used)
Functionality: the glued wooden slats up to a max. Duration of 24 m, are quickly lifted from the roller conveyor and transported upwards. the slat is reached the top transverse process and stored on the lifting device. The lifting device is clocked each time by the strength of the wood as long downward until the desired binder height up to max. 2 m is reached. Then the binder is driven down and the presses handed over Dolly -consisting of: -a driven roller conveyor (1) on which you can adjust ...
Automatic finger jointing line FAMAD PDFD - 2 TENONERS Year of production: 2011 Machine after general renovation, replacement of bearings, new pneumatic and electric installation (tapes, chains, belts, etc.) Technical condition: Perfect (after general renovation) The price includes installation, commissioning and training of employees in the use of the machine. (in Poland) As a company servicing wood joining lines, we provide full technical support and access to spare parts throughout the l...
Line for finger jointing GRECON DIMTER ULTRA TT - type of PVAC glue - year of production 2005 - wood moisture 8-12% - gluing station, FlankenJet gluing system TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Input length of elements min / max 150 - 1000 mm Average entry length 425 mm Element thickness min / max 18 - 80 mm The width of the elements min / max 30 - 205 mm Wood section 23 × 65mm Output length of elements min / max 3000 - 6100 mm The average output length of the elements is 5500 mm The length of the mini...
Kłodawa, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1247 km
Location Gorzow Wielkopolski. Conditions of delivery Pick your own Cost of delivery Client cover startup type negotiated Description Comments The dimensions of the raw material wsdowego Bj92u3pti The length of the elements batch mm 170 ÷ 900 The amount of cutting mm 20 ÷ 155 The width of the package of workpieces 600 mm Capable of milling tools with a length of 10 mm teeth (5, 15, 20 optional) Duty cycle automatic with manual loading of the material Air working pressure of 0.6 MPa Compress...
MANUAL FINGER-JOINTING LINE mod. FJ-2000 Semiautomatic finger-jointing line, including:  Milling unit with hydro-pneumatic feed mod. IFJ 2008 Manual gluing unit mod FG 2002 Bbivczeb33 Hydraulic press with pneumatic crosscut saw mod. PFJ-2041-SA   The trimming, milling, gluing pressing and crosscutting of the workpieces is performed by 1 or 2operators during a semi-automatic working cycle. Production capacity: up to 2 / 3 m³/8hrs Finger jont line composed with brand new machines
Finger jointing line Scharpf and Kögel - Milling machine with turntable width 870 mm - with scoring - automatic transfer Nvqkl - press 6100 mm - White glue D3 Plant is dismantled and available at short notice. With functional guarantee We can also set up the system for you and commission it.
I sell the finger joint line Howial HVP-15. Input length 400-2000mm Input width 50-140mm Fq2hrhb Input thickness 15-100mm Capacity 3 cyclus / min. Suitable for tough construction connections. Automatic cross input conveyor Automatic feeding Automatic finger joint unit with glue spraying Automatic end - cutting saw Automatic outfeed and cross output conveyor LEITZ - tools Year 2001 Sellable immediately.
Automatic Finger Jointing Line GOMA 2FC-10KZ6 + FC-10 PZ6/2 Industrial Lines For Connecting Wood On Length (On Zigzag and On Line) Manufacturer: GOMA The perfect line for the production of FURNITURE boards and BLATS. Equipped with trimming units! Full automat. Full technical documentation! Milling machine FC 10 KZ6 - TWO PIECES Headstock: - Spindle revolutions: 3000 rpm - chipper diameter: Ø300 mm - Saw motor power: 6 kW - Swarf extraction: Ø100 mm Milling head mill: - Shaft diameter: Ø50...
Sliven Bulgaria
2561 km
ready for operation (used)
Fully functioning Ultra 3 Finger-jointer from Grecon. Hnijhk7d
Kłodawa, Poland Poland
(dealership location)
1247 km
Location Gorzow Wielkopolski. Conditions of delivery RECEPTION IN THE PRICE OF OWN STARTING AND TRAINING WORKERS Cost of delivery Client cover startup type negotiated Description Comments The line connecting timber on fingerjointing double milling Industrial GOMA Type / Model: FC-10KZ6 + FC10PZ6 / 2 Condition: Very Good (Efficient Line, regularly serviced) Production Year: 2007 Technical data: Milling FC-10KZ6 "Milling spindle:? 50 mm "Engine: 18kW "Spindle: 6000obr / min "The dimensions o...
Doubletech + 4 Semi Auto - 4 Cycle per/min. 150 mm Thickness - 6.600 mm Pres Lenght . Double Feeding Units, Easy supplying dijital Touchpad Control Unit , Differences Cutting Lenght on Touchpad Control . Bsglhjgy3t
Coulter and Kögel finger jointing line C - Milling combination Automatic - fan table - 520 mm table width - Press 6 m - White glue D3 Plant is dismantled and available at short notice. With functional guarantee Bhobgsrpwi We can also set up the system for you and commission it.
Öztürk Sk., Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye Turkey
2838 km
Singletech - 2 Cycle per min , 150 Thickness - 6.600 Press Lenght , Two feeding Line on Press , Easy Supplying Touchpad Control Unit, Memory System for differences woods , Differences cutting lenght on Press. Oztub
Kanzach Germany
1206 km
reconditioned (used)
Fully automatic finger jointing line: Type Doppel-Pack Machine is dismantled Machine is overhauled specification: Wood entrance length: min. 150 mm max. 1000 mm average 400 mm Bft0prnxma Wood cross section: min. 20 x 40 mm max. 80 x 180 Wood exit length: 6030 mm Max. Wood cross section with 10 mm tine size: hardwood 120 cm² softwood 150 cm² Tine design vertical and horizontal Leimart. PVAC white glue, 2-sided glue application Electric power: Supply volta...
Finger jointing line Huckle Biapadapfj

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