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CNC-Processing machines Offers
5-axis CNC work center - like new (approx. 20 working hrs) working field seize X / Y 5510 / 1620 mm Z axis 250 mm PRO-SPACE configuration "TECPAD wireless" control modul with 7" Touchscreen LED light for work spindle tool changer TRB14 (for Y=1620) tool changer FAST14 Kit automatic calibration for 5-axis spindle 1 Vacuumpumpe, capacity 250/300 m3/h at 50/60 Hz central optimised suction hood for drilling RO.AX F31LTC high performance drilling head hinges drilling unit - distance 45/9,5 from ... more
CNC BearbeitungszentrumFabrikat: WEEKETyp: BP 100Baujahr: 1999Technische Daten:Arbeitsfeld: X - Achse 2.800 mm Y - Achse 1.000 mm Z-Achse 80 mm (bis 170 mm mit Einschränkungen)8 Werkstückauflagen mit je 2 - 3 Vakuumsaugern 1 vordere und 1 mittlere Anschlagreihe je rechts und links 3 Anschläge 2-Feld Belegung möglichVakuumpumpe 100 cbm/hAggregateausstattung: 2 Stck. Fräsaggregate 5 kW, 1.500 - 18.000 UpM 1 x rechts, 1 x links drehendBohrkopf mit einzeln abrufbaren Spindeln mit ca. 17 Spindeln ver... more
Machine Built: 2005 Condition: Functionally tested Equipment and technical data: Milling aggeggegat 6 kW, water-cooled Tool holder HSK 63 F Speed 1,000 - 18,000 rpm. Ptzyxq Tool changer: 6 times sideways Drill head: 9 vertical drilling spindles in a 32 mm grid Horizontal drilling spindle: 1+1 Vertical drilling spindle: 1+1 Groove saw in X-direction Control: Twin CAm 32 Vacuum pump 100 cbm/h Incl. vacuum suction snots Travel: X-axis: 2,685 mm Y-axis: 1,095 mm Z- Axis: 140 mm Weight: Approx. 3,... more
x-travel 250 mm y-travel 1250 mm z-travel 770 mm Number of tools 105 St. Required air-pressure 0,6 - 1 bar Weight 24.500 kg C28zyadc -CNC control Heidenhain 350 -with automatic tool changer 105-fold -6 levels -chip conveyor, plus inclined bed coolant system Hedelios SKM 900 -Tank capacity approx. 900 l more
Immaculate Weeke BHX 055 Vertical CNC drill and router only 2000 running hours, and extensions to allow for 3050mm panels. The BHX 055 is a vertical CNC machining centre for processing panels and shaped workpieces. The machine design consists of the workpiece being clamped with a pneumatic gripper. The motion of the X-axis is created through the workpiece motion. Thus, the actual machine only has a very small foot print in comparison to the traditional CNC-machining centre. Technical specif... more
CNC machining center (6.000 x 1.650mm) SMA-REF-6646 Type: machining centres Manufacturer: IMA Hüllhorst Model: APF 15/5 Year: 1998 Working range: X: 6.000 mm Y: 1.650 mm Z: 900 mm Features: Spindle: 12 kW 5 axis Tool changer (34 Pos.) Licom Alphacam NUM control Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Southern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Bgoppp0ksg Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Rover B 4.40 FT CNC Working centre 2006 Technical data: Working area in X 3685 mm Working area in Y 1380 mm Working area in Z 150 mm Table type Flat table Milling motor 3 axes C-axis rotation No. Movement speed X-Y 0 - 100 m / min Warehouse locations 10 Number of horizontal spindles 6 Number of vertical spindles 12 Software type Biesse Works ISO-30 tool holder Xa8hk Engine power cutter 9 kW Vacuum pump 250 m3 Extraction diameter 250 mm Voltage 400 volts Dimensions LxWxH 6000 x 1200 x 2500 mm We... more
CNC BearbeitungszentrumFabrikat: HomagTyp: Venture 18XXLBaujahr 20081. Grundmaschine: - Maschinenbett in stabiler Stahlrahmenkonstruktion - Lackierung Grau RDS 240 80 052. Werkstückparameter: - Werkstücklängen max.: alle Aggregate - Einzel: 6000 mm - Pendel: 2375 mm- Werkstückbreite max.: alle Aggregate - Anschlag vorne: 1450 mm - Anschlag hinten: 1700 mm- Werkstückdicke: - max. 300 mm inkl. Spannmittel3. Aufspanntisch: - Konsolentisch - Konsolen inkl. Anschlag vorne: 10 Stck. - Anschlag hinte... more
Machine Built: 1997 Nnz2f Condition: maintained Control: ESA TRIA 10500 Console table with a working area of 2600 x 700 mm workpiece thickness max. 55 mm 9 vertical drilling spindles Milling spindle with 3 kW Saw unit in X Availability: short-term Location: Röllbach more
HOMAG OPTIMAT BOF 211 Venture 10 CNC Machining Centre with Flex5 - workpiece length Max. 4000 mm with single occupancy Max. 1375 mm with pendulum assignment - Workpiece length for milling with WZ diam. 25 mm Max. 4175 mm for single use Max. 1950 mm with double occupancy Max. 1550 mm with pendulum assignment - workpiece width stop front: (operating side) - Max. 1220 mm for milling with tool Diameter 25 mm - Max. 1150 mm for all aggregates (not drill head) - workpiece width stop rear: - Max. 1730 ... more
Pod and rail - Machining dimension 3600 x 1500 mm - 6 TV support bars L= 1500 mm - 4 Panel lifting devices - Laser device for positioning suction cups Iefm8pg9 - 16 suction cups 145 x 145 H 50 mm - 8 rotating suction cups 145 x 55 H 50 mm -Router head 12 HP rotation speed 1500/24000 rpm HSK63 - Rear tool changer 12 positions, positioned to rear (moves with beam in X axis) - Drilling unit 12 vertical chucks and 4+2 horizontal chucks + blade - Predisposition for angular head - Automatic centrali... more
- only 5700 man hours - Working area 3250 mm x 1400 mm - Carrier length - Milling field 1600 mm x 125 mm - 4th axis - 2 magazines with 14 seats = 28 seats Bgoxmg9nmw - 21 vertical + 10 horizontal drills (6 in the X-axis, 4 in the Y-axis), - 12 kW milling machine - 0-90 degrees saw more
SCM Record 125 CNC Router with flat table bed, drilling routing and auto tool changer. Technical Specification: Model No Record 125 Serial No AA1/013353 Year of manufacture 2003 Working Dimension X 3050 mm Working Dimension Y 1200 mm Working Dimension Z 330 mm Number of Routing Spindles 1 Main Motor kW 11kW [S6] 7.5 kW [S1] Tool Changer Positions 12 Number of Axis Controlled 3 Type of Table Matrix Vertical Drills 5 Horizontal Drills 4 ... more
CNC - processing centerBrand: COMECType: MD TOPThe ideal CNC solution to process narrow and complicated work piecesEASY with COMEC processing length up to 2.000 mmHead configuration individually customizable for: - saw with 360° - axis - milling unit for horizontal and vertical processing - drilling head with separate jumping spindles vertical and horizontal - multiple spindle drilling heads separate jumping even horizontal - horizontal milling unit with 360° C - axisSpecial developed clamping t... more
Machine Built: 2000 CNC machining center with glue part Length 6760 mm Width 3750 mm Height 2400 mm max. workpiece size 3000 x 1050 mm with C-axis Positioning aids with laser Drilling unit with 17 spindles with 12-fold plate changer with Woodwop programming system interchangeable with edge gluing unit 0mxayms Availability: short-term Location: Külsheim more
Well maintained and high-end equipped BIESSE Rover 37 XL CNC Router with EPS: Electric Suction & Console Positioning System for a rapid and flexible retrofitting of the production. Work area for milling: 6000 x 1850 mm work area for drilling: 6000 x 1530 mm Pendulum processing: 2 x 2300 mm Equipped with: - main spindle, stepless rotation speed 1000 - 24000 rpm - grooving saw unit in X- and Y-direction - chip transport conveyor belt Including following tools and aggregates for the tool changer: N... more
CNC milling machine SCM ROUTRON Bgp9ibzcgp the machine operates in 3 X-Y-Z axes tool magazine for 10 pieces table dimension 2200 x 900 mm Becker pump 100m3/h NUM 750 control unit has all tool holders dossier more
The Biesse has had very light use - please see the Rover's Statistics screen grab - used in my small furniture design one-man workshop. The machine was bought new and has had one owner (myself) It has the standard 6 position tool changer, horizontal and vertical spindles and grooving saw. Running NC500 All documents available Can be seen in operation Bfxixrm9v8 Please contact me for additional information. Sale of workshop equipment due to retirement. more
axis stroke (X,Y,Z) , mm Number of spindle head vertical , St. Number of spindles head horizontal , St. Weinig Conturex ----- Bfe08a8ag7 in use for the production of furniture parts. Machine can be inspected in production until end of week 44 in 2019. Technical specifications: ----- Working width 25 - 260 mm Working height 10 - 100 mm Working length 150 - 3,000 mm 1st processing unit: ----- Engine S 1 with brake 10.5 kW Tool holder HSK F 63 Speed ??electronically adjustable 0 - 18,000 rpm ... more
CNC BohrmaschineFabrikat: AlbertiTyp: Vector SHNeumaschine Diese CNC Bohrmaschine bearbeitet Werkstücke von oben mit 29 Spindeln und verfügt über 4 gesteuerte Achsen. Wahlweise ist die Vector als "Modulo-SH" mit insgesamt zwei Bearbeitungsköpfen (oben mit 30 Spindeln und unten mit 7 Spindeln) erhältlich. Bearbeitungskopf, von oben arbeitend Manuelle oder automatische Beschickung und Abstapelung mit Werkstücktransport längs Monolithischer Rahmen im geschweißten starkem Stahl Unabhängige Steuer... more
Used machineYear of construction: 2001Condition: function-testedEquipment and technical data:Trimming unit 4.4 kWTool holder HSK 63 FTurning speed 1,000 - 18,000 rpm.water-cooledTool changer: 4-fold lateralBoring head: 9 vertical drilling spindles in 32 mm gridHorizontal drilling spindle: 1 1Vertical drilling spindle: 1 1 Grooving saw in X-directionControl: Twin CAm 32Vacuum pump 40 cbm/hIncl. Vacuum cupsTravel:X-axis: 2,685 mmY-axis: 1,095 mmZ-axis: 140 mmWeight: Approx. 3,500 kgAll mechanical,... more
Completely overhauled machine, for linear and arc process Work fields: X-axis 4850 mm (Working length) Y-axis 1500 mm (Working width) Z-axis 250 mm (Working height) C- Axis Tool changer with 22 positions 12 KW, Drilling head composed of 8 vertical spindles on X-axis and 5 vertical spindles on Y-axis, 8 spindles for horizontal drilling. Saw unit Table divided in 2 working areas raising table, waste evacuation carpet, 8 self-locking bars, 4 pressors, 2 side stops with positioner, ATS type, NEW BE... more
Motor power: 16.3 HP / HP (12.0 kW), year of construction: 2018, motor voltage: 3 x 400 V, type: profit H500 16.38, motor frequency: 50 Hz, optical status indicator of the machine, chip conveyor for waste pieces and remaining chips, additional sealing of all tours, automatic Length measuring systems of the tool in Z, vacuum and compressed air activation for each console 6 consoles with 3 controlled compressed air connections per console, continuous fence in the direction of Y, 2 pieces screwed, ... more
1 x clamping device for grid tables from Schmalz -Vacuum clamping system for CNC machining centers with grid table -Suitable for all common Rastergeometrien - dimensions: 4, 5cm high, 10cm lang10cm wide -State is new 1 x Schmalz Innospann vacuum cup -360 ° Bdo82vkrz3 -Is specially designed for CNC HolzHer evolution -Also fits standard Schmalz Innospann vacuum head shots -Dimensions: 8 cm wide, 8, 5cm long, 4cm high State's new 3 x gaskets for Spannungsmittel from Schmalz Dimensions: All 8 x 8c... more
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