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Local positioning technology for sale

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Ennepetal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
847 km
x-travel 1400 mm y-travel 1200 mm z-travel 1000 mm Control ZM total power requirement 0,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 2 t 0ghxbkgv dimensions of the machine ca. 2 x 1,5 x 2 m
Dreieich, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1010 km
x-travel 1500 mm y-travel 800 mm z-travel 600 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 2,7 t dimensions of the machine ca. 2,66 x 1,60 x 3,10 m Installation and calibration of the machine can be supplied by the manufacturer MDM at site of installation at extra costs. CNC-controlled Coordinate Measuring Machine for fully automatic measuring of workpieces. Incl. Measuring Software MDM Metrosoft Chggv9g3 Level 2 for measuring of: - Points, surfaces, circles, cylinders, cones, ...
Machine is dismantled by Zeiss and stored professionally. Sale takes place ready for operation and calibrated by Zeiss at the destination within Germany. Export without assembly by Zeiss. Bw0s0x97nq
Make: MITUTOYO, type: B706, ser. no. 06005, measuring range X/Y/Z 700 x 600 x 450 mm, measuring probe, make Renishaw, type PH1/TP20, PC-control, measuring software Micat, MCosmos, calibrating mandrel - pos. 390, no. 76 Pib0l
Measuring range: Hgrtquf X - 700 mm Y - 1000 mm Z - 580 mm Equipment Probe ST3 ceramic ball D:25 mm (dimensional deviation 0,0004 mm) approx. 20 pcs. different probes control panel with 2 joysticks and function keys integrated vibration damping microcomputer control reference stylus probe exchange magazine 5/280/600 with 5 places USOFT PC, 21" monitor and printer Software USOFT Solid Ultra Condition: very good, ready to use condition Regular maintenance and calibration Inspection under power pos...
x-travel: 870 mm y-travel: 870 mm Cpvopjsk z-travel: 800 mm table surface area: BxT: 1.260 x 1.050 mm distance between columns: 1.260 mm total power requirement: machine weight approx.: t dimension machine xH: m Das Meßgerät wird erst erwartet. An Maschine derzeit Schaft mit Tasterstift 60mm (ohne Verlängerung) Zubehör: div. Tastspitzen und Verlängerung, Kalibrierkugel Letzte Kalibrierung 2016
The machine was operated from 2006 to 2013 by Zeiss itself in the Cologne Technology Center. From 2013 we used it in our air-conditioned room for measurement services. As an HTG machine, it could also be used in a non-air-conditioned environment. Further equipment is a multi-sensor rack for automatic tool change, calibration ball, reference stylus, 5 additional adapter plates and a rich portfolio of probes - everything is included that you need for a wide variety of measuring tasks. PC worksta...
Nr. 4128: 1 gebr. 3 D - Oberflaechen- und Rauheits- Messmaschine Fabr. FRT Typ MicroProf MPR 200 Bauj. 2007 Tischgroesse ca. 310 x 310 mm, Zubehoer: Optischer Sensor / Video - Linse Chromatischer Sensor CWL F 6 mm Wthfhkl9s Chromatischer Sensor CWL F 300 ym Doppelhalter fuer 2 Sensoren + Optik Erhoehter Portalaufbau Umhausung PC mit Monitor und Tastatur Sonstiges: Abmessungen (ohne Schwenkpult) ca. 1 x 1 x 3 m Gewicht ca. 500 kg
Ferranti Merlin 1100 Twin – Build1989 Measuring range: Y: 2250; X: 1100; Z: 1000 Controller WPC 2030 3 axes Probe Type PH10T / TP20 Handbox HT400 cable Software Metrosoft CM 3.100 PC system Windows 7 Condition Maintained, yearly serviced by (Wenzel) Bwmgmplzeq Available from september 2021
Measuring range X/Y/Z = 1500/1000/1000 mm 1. Renishaw scale system 2nd Renishaw rotary/swivel head PH1OM 3. Renishaw TP20 touch probe (3x SF modules) 4. renishaw setting adapter AM1 5. Renishaw calibration ball D=19mm Renishaw UCC2 CONTROLLER Kit 8 600W Consisting of: 6. UCC2 Controller 7. SPA2-2 servo amplifier (3 axes/600W) 8. MCU1 hand control unit 9. cable installation kit no. 2 10. software UCCserver (I++DME) In 2019 Retrofit: LK RETROFIT CONTROL NMC 300 consisting of: - Control NMC300 - Mo...
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Witzenhausen Germany
989 km
good (used)
Make: Zeiss Model: Prismo Mass Navigator 9/18/7 HTG Serial number: 149687 YoM: 2008 Additional information: 100/110/115/120/125/230/240V~, 1/N/PE 50...60Hz, max. 2500VA Bv2i3qor9r
Optical coordinates measuring machine In very good working condition. Xlazwck Coordinate Measuring Machine The Focus is a universally applicable coordinate measuring machine, which is predestined by the robust building method on hard stone basis connected with high-precision V-guides in the X and Y-axis of the granite cross table and double linear guides in the Z-axis for the employment in the workshop area and incoming goods. The compact design with integrated control technology ensures flexibl...
DEA Hexagon Global Activ 7.10.7 Leitz control unit B3CLC PH10MQ Renishaw rotary swivel head Renishaw TP200 probe system H8mqkvn Probe change bank 6 compartments SCR200 with a total of 3 modules PC-DMIS CAD++ Version 2021 (New) New Refub. High End PC
3D-coordinate measuring machine incl. manufacturer's warranty X-axis (mm): 650 I8wqut0cs Y-axis (mm): 750 Z-axis (mm): 500 Overhauled coordinate measuring machine Actual control Quartis X3M25 FREEFORM New PC system
Horizontal Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine Measuring Range: Daocyvd X-Achse: 2500 mm Y-Achse: 1800 mm Z-Achse: 2000 mm with manual Renishaw MIH swivel head for travel and trade fairs Software & hardware retrofit possible
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
1521 km
good (used)
Axis X: 500 mm Axis Y: 700 mm Axis Z: 400 mm Maximum workpiece height: 510 mm Maximum workpiece weight: 180 kg Table dimensions: 638x1160 mm Breite: 1082 mm Depth: 1458 mm Height: 2285 mm Weight: 615 kg Equipment: Ceramic calibration ball (diameter 20 mm) UD1 Bhqilpiwfa PCI card MCOSMOS Manual V4.x software Measuring head MH20i including SF module Touch set M2 Starter PC DELL MAN CMM LED Monitor (2 pieces) WibuBox / U USB dongle CAT1000S MAN software CAD translator Siemens N...
Condition: used, intact Manufacturer: Hexagon Metrology DEA Pilpx Year of manufacture: 1997 measuring volume: X=2500 mm Y=1300 mm Z= 1000 mm workpiece table: hard stone thread inserts M8 Bearing: Bilz air bearing Vibration damper Control: Hexagon B5 I++ capable Probe: Renishaw PH10MQ Touch sensor: Renishaw TP200 Touch probe bank: Renishaw SCR 200 Operating system: Windows 10 Software: Hexagon Quindos 7
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
Table dimensions: 630x110mm. Bwqyhqy973
Maker:Zeiss Model: SMM-D-ST Year:1994 Range: x:6000mm y:1800mm z:1800mm Resolution: x:1mikron y:1mikron z:1mikron Measuring methode:Renishaw Accuracy: u1: 0,08mm u2: 0,12mm Vlzrnow Without base plate/rail
3D-coordinate measuring machine incl. manufacturer's warranty X-axis (mm): 800 Y-axis (mm): 1000 Z-axis (mm): 600 Overhauled coordinate measuring machine Current control Bwn3s9hakm Quartis X3 Freeform New PC system
ITUTOYO Crysta Apex C916 COORDINATE MEASURING DEVICE 3vbbelqb Machine is in very good condition Has always been serviced Equipment: Incl. PC, software MCosmos-1 dongle Renishaw PH-10T with TP-200. Renishaw SCR 200 changer with 6 x TP-200 modules. Various stylus balls and extensions. Tech. documentation Mitutoyo transport lock PROPERTIES: X measuring range 905mm Y measuring range 1605mm Z measuring range 605mm maximum workpiece weight 1500kg
Measuring volume [mm]: X: 8,000 (optionally X=3,700 mm can be shortened, ) Y: 1.800 Z: 2.100 Features : - no special foundation necessary - on request also available with X=3.700 m only, as measuring plate is 2-part - Level between measuring plate and floor : H=250 mm F30oqjr - Guide track for vehicles (1to/sqm) - Measuring plate fixed with fixators - Measuring plate field in 2 parts, each 4.500 x 2.200 mm, DIN 876II (evenness) - Control B3LC with external switch panel - temperature compensation...
Condition: used, intact Manufacturer: Hexagon Metrology DEA Year of manufacture: 2001 measuring volume: X=2000 mm Y=3300 mm Z= 1500 mm Workpiece table: steel plate threaded inserts M8 Xnwuiwt Bearing: Mushroom air bearing Vibration damper Control: Hexagon B5 I++ capable Probe: Renishaw PH10MQ Touch sensor: Renishaw TP2, TP20 Touch probe bank: Renishaw ACR 1 Operating system: Windows 10 Software: Hexagon Quindos 7
used measurement taster - thread M5 Styli for tactile measurments, hard metal shaft, ruby ​​ball and various extensions Yzlao
MEASURING ARM FARO MODEL EDGE 2.7 METERS YEAR 2014 SERIAL NUMBER: E09-05-14-30241 FARO Edge, 9 ft (2.7m), 7 axes. FARO's most advanced touchscreen measurement system integrated and basic metrology applications. - arm, base plate, standard probe kit (3mm, 6mm), - rechargeable battery, cables, - A removable handle Cunoxx7y - custom cover, hard suitcase. - Calibration Certificate issued on 10/31/2020. FARO Laser Line Probe for Edge SERIAL NUMBER: LLP001416134
3D-coordinate measuring machine incl. manufacturer's warranty X-axis (mm): 800 Y-axis (mm): 1500 Z-axis (mm): 700 Option 1: LH2121 Probe system: PH20 | TP20 | 1x SF | 1x MCR20 Software / Software: WM | Quartis Liberty GEO Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: 18-teiliger Taststiftesatz M2 / 18-piece stylus set M2 Bpoj3csg Option 2: LH2221 Probe system: PH10M | TP 200 | 1x SF | 1x SCR200 Software / Software: WM | Quartis X3 FREEFORM Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: 18-teiliger Taststiftesatz M2 / 18-piece stylus ...
Weilheim an der Teck Germany
1162 km
good condition (used)
Zeiss DuraMax HTG year of manufacture 2017 as new Bwacpg3283 measuring range X=500, Y=500, Z=500 mm Stronger insulated casing Especially temperature stable Extended temperature range 15°C to 40°C Length measuring deviation according to E0 in µm 2,2+L/300 at 18°C - 22°C Control C99 with operator panel BP26_SE Standard Automatic temperature compensation HP workstation with monitor Software Calypso Option QS Stat interface Sensor system VAST XXT TL3 Stylus changing magazine 6-fold stylus changing p...
As good as new 3D measuring scanner form Keyence with license key for comparison module calibration plate etc....Measurable range 300 mm base, Win 10 PC for VL-500-Siere, LCD monitore for VL Pf8vt
Tesa 3D Micro-MS 343 Coordinate Measuring Machine for Sale Complete incl. computer keyboard, screen, probe tips and instruction manual. Function could not be checked, because the computer can not be booted. Pg9ov
Pick up price! First commissioning: February 2001, Condition: good, used and fully functional! Measuring range: X-axis=500mm / Y-axis=700mm / Z-axis=400mm outer dimensions: width=1100mm / depth=1390mm / height=2180mm Weight: 660 Kg (with base frame), without base frame 550 Kg Motorized swivel head: Type Renishaw PH10ME Indexability A-axis 0-105° in 7,5° steps Indexability B-axis +-180° in 7,5° steps Reproducibility of the position +-0,5µm Switching electronic probe TP200 with strain gauge Stylus...
Mönchengladbach, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
810 km
excellent (used)
I am offering a very good 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine. Service and calibrated constantly. The machine was always located in a climated measuring room. This machine is excellent equiped, which means you can directly start to use it with all features. Bnmxu0l0 Transportation, Installation and calibration can be included in the offer, so you do not have worry about it! Specifications see attached PDF. Leasing possible. (All prices are NET)
3D-coordinate measuring machine incl. manufacturer's warranty X-axis (mm): 1500 Y-axis (mm): 3000 Z-axis (mm): 1200 Option 1: LH2421 Control system: WPC2040/3, HT400 Probe system: PH10M | SP25M | 1x SM25-2 | 2x SH25-2 | 1x FCR25 | 1x MRS400 Software / Software: WM | Quartis X3M25 FREEFORM Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: 19-teiliger Taststiftesatz M3 / 19-piece stylus set M3 Option 2: LH2521 Steuerung / Control system: UCCS5, HT500 Bwn3pmy30a Probe system: REVO-2 Basic Kit (new) Software / Software: W...
Weilheim an der Teck Germany
1162 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Based on the Strip light projection and an optimized housing (IP 62) guarantees Heavy duty Quadro precise measurements in harsh environments. For reverse engineering. non-contact inspection and rapid prototyping in many industries. Advantages Two measuring ranges for parts of different sizes, without that recalibration is required Precision certified according to VDI / VDE guidelines Laser counters for easy positioning Carbon fiber carrier Jadkcon33 Temperature and shock resistance High resista...
FUSION faroarm 2.4m, 6 axis in original transportbox Bue2zlvxjm Probe ans tool set Optional: Magnetic base New Magnetic base Used Faro Smartinspect License
Make: WERTH, Type: Video-Check-IP 400 x 200 3D CNC, Year of construction: 2008, Ser.-No. 07-00772, Measuring range X/Y/Z 400 x 125 (200) x 200 mm, Measuring method optical/ tactile, Control, Controller, PC, TFT Monitor, Control panel w. Joystick, Measuring software WinWerth - Pos. 22, Nr. 72 Jwvek3
Optiv Performance 322 with base frame 6x CNC Motorzoom with digital monochrome camera and 8-segment LED ring light HP-S-X1C scanning sensor (LEITZ LSP-X1) HP-S-X1C/H Stylus holder (1x M3) M3 stylus kit for HP-S-X1C sensor HR-X stylus rack for HP-S-X1C/H (3 ports, l=220) Glass standard Adjustment ring Ø 20 mm J9yjub Sensor calibration unit without calibration artefacts Ball standard Ø 25 mm Measuring and evaluation software PC-DMIS CAD PC-DMIS Q-DAS Converter Dell™ 27" LCD monitor (only 1 x monit...
Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany
1160 km
excellent (used)
Mahr XC 20 CNC #2 Acquisition 2007 Software MarSurf XCR 20_v9.00-25 Accessories Various probes Specifications Probe distance 200mm positioning speed 0,2 B mm/sec Measuring speed 0,2-1 mm/sec Measurement uncertainty straightness < 1µm/200mm Bu8qjql7or Measuring principle: stylus method
3D-coordinates measuring machine incl. manufacturer warranty X axis (mm): 5500 Y axis (mm): 1600 Z axis (mm): 1800 Latest WM | Quartis Version New PC system Please note the currently valid action (attached as document) Bjql9twtze
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
X-travel: 4400mm, y-travel: 1600mm, z-travel: 1800mm, including PC and Measuring Software ZEISS Holos NT. Bv3dxw3nvu
Workpiece diameter max. : 1600 mm base circle diameter : 0 - 1590 mm Module : 1-25 mm Angle of inclination : 0° - 90 Tangential (x) travel : 320 mm Radial (y) travel : 850 mm Wheel width (z) travel : 750 mm Center distance : 75 - 1800 mm Table load 5000 kg The machine was overhauled in 2016 . New rake system New inspection software for : Spur gear , bevel gear with alignment software , probe management and calibration software . Conversion of the control firmware from 1.03 to 1.04 to correct geo...
Glass plate new Mouse + keyboard new PC used Optiplex 380, Intel Core 2Duo, 2GB Ram, Win7 32Bit hard disk 250GB Measuring software:TESA Vista 2.4.2 (Win7) Measurement variants: In picture measurement / automatic edge detection / crosshairs Zoom levels from approx. 30x to 190x 3 illumination modes: Transmitted light, Incident light ring light, Incident light coaxial Laser: For quick orientation on the part Hhu0sdilk
Taylor Hobson Talyrond 385 Acquisition 2013 Software Ultra 5.3.20 Accessories 5-jaw chuck Specifications Measuring range height 900mm Measuring range depth 160mm Measuring range diameter 350mm Movement range horizontal axis 200mm Workpiece weight max. 75kg Horizontal straightness guide 0,25µm/100mm Jwxjyy Concentricity tolerance spindle +/-(0,02µm/0,0003µm/mm) Taylor Hobson Talyrond 365 Acquisition 2013 Software Ultra 5.3.20 Accessories 5-jaw chuck Specifications Measuring range height 300 Meas...
Wiesthal, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1051 km
refurbished (used)
3D-coordinate measuring machine incl. manufacturer's warranty X-axis (mm): 5500 Y-axis (mm): 3000 (2x1600) Z-axis (mm): 2500 Option 1: RSD1621 touch probe: 2x PHS | 2x TP20 | 2x SF module | 2x ACR2 Option 2: RSD1721 Touch probe: 2x PH10 | 2x TP20 | 2x SF module Hdsfqdl
Berlin, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1143 km
ready for operation (used)
X-travel: 2000mm, y-travel: 1000mm, z-travel: 1300mm, including accessories. Ha90rx
Easy-to-operate 3D CNC measuring system. G0tnfhmcw High efficiency, flexible applications and excellent platform. No permanent presence necessary during measurement operation. Size of measuring area: 250x200x150 mm. Further functions see attached brochure.
Measuring machine is fully functional Btxlqb7
Exhibition machine, only used for some training courses. FY 12-2018 TIGO SF 5.6.5 PC-DMIS CAD++ CAD measuring software 2020 worth 21.600,-€ incl. Wvlv9uk7 DC241 control system HP-S-X1C Sensor HR-X1C automatic probe changing bench with 3 trays Standard stylus set Tigo SF PC-DMIS CAD++ measuring software version 2020 PC-DMIS Push Button Change Support Software Workstation DELL™ Precision T5810 HIGH with monitor Swivel arm for monitor and keyboard Wireless keyboard and mouse Ceramic calibration sta...
Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany
1160 km
excellent (used)
Measuring machine ZEISS ACCURA II 15 VAST XT #4 Acquisition 2013 Software Calypso Accessories Touch probe VAST XT/RDS CAA with XXT, PC system Specifications Measuring range X up to 1,600mm Goq00uc9 Measuring range Y up to 4.200mm Measuring range Z up to 1.500mm Measuring uncertainty 3,5+(L/300)µm Workpiece weight up to 5.000kg