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Complete production lines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
WE ALSO HAVE A COMPLETE EPS PRODUCTION LINE FOR SALE BLOCK MOULDS (vertical) HIRSCH MONOLITH COMP E4 with width adjustment. One of the best if not the best in its class BLOCK MOULDS world leader in the production of EPS lines. Automatic control of density and weight. All data displayed on a liquid crystal touch screan monitor. - The internal dimensions are 4000x1300 x 0.800x0,600 mm - production size 18-22 blocks / h (depending on the size and density of the final product) - automatic cycle of ... more
Robotised stand for multi-stage cavity treatment We are one of the few companies in the robotics industry dealing with robotic cavity treatment. We design workpiece deburring, grinding and polishing stations. Robots working in 6 axes allow to process elements with very complicated geometries. In addition, the implementation costs are much lower compared to multi-axis CNC milling machines equipped with more than 3 axes. The offer includes the design and execution of a robotized workpiece machinin... more
SIRIUS automatic welding and cleaning centre (3 axes) The centre is designed to weld and ring the four corners of PVC profiles - minimum frame size 350x400mm - welding and cleaning - maximum frame size 2540x4000m - welding and cleaning - Welding and cleaning min size of the profile: 30mm height, 30mm width - welding and cleaning maximum profile dimension: 200mm height, 150mm width - welding seam thickness 0.2mm - pneumatic operation - automatic frame rotation - large work programming memory - s... more
4,0 Pieces of complete Line of Production Disposable Tabelware with Injection Molding Machines with 6 Pieces of Molds, Packaging Units and Printing Machine 4,0 St. Produktionslinien zur Herstellung von Bechern bestehend aus den nachstehenden Einzelkomponenten: 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,3 Liter 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,2 Liter 1 x 6 - Fach Werkzeug Becher 0,1 Liter 1 x 6 - Fach Werkzeug Becher geriffelt 0,2 Liter 1 x 4 - Fach Werkzeug Becher Automat geriffelt 0,2 L Ibmaj8bt 1 x 4 - Fa... more
I offer The Comerio Ercole calender line Italian calender - (Comerio Ercole) - calender used for the production of tapes above the width of 1400 mm. The line is equipped with a four-roller calender, in the inverted "L" system. The equipment of the line gives the possibility of complete confectioning of multi-ply belts, starting from the process of fabrication of impregnated fabrics, through the confection of the core of the tape, to the retreading. Kalander is fed with plasticized rubber on rol... more
Complex for processing solid plastic. (Capacity up to 1000 kg / h) LINE COMPOSITION 1. Belt conveyor with metal detector 2. Washing crusher 55 kW 3. Screw conveyor Bkypwrofes 4. Automatic washing and drying line 5. Air separator 6. Cyclone cumulative 7. Cyclone cumulative more
BARCELONA, Spain Spain
dealership location
6521 km
This manufacturing line consists of the following machines: - 20.000 liters capacity reactor (item no. 1) - 5.000 liters capacity reactor (item no. 2) - Spray dryer (item no. 3) - Additives Mixer. 600 litres. With weight sensors (item no. 4) - Basic soap, additives and colour and perfums injectors Mixer. 2000 litres (item no. 5) - SIGMA Linear multi-blades mixer with speed variator and weight sensors (item no. 6) - Special vacuum pumps for the transfer of basic ph (item no. 7) - Special vacuum ... more
Bottle preparation plant of the IKV GmbH from Premnitz For more than 10 years IKV GmbH has been recycling PET bottles for the production of high-quality flakes for the production of regenerated fibres or for the production of strapping bands. The plant has been successfully operated for many years. The plant was taken out of operation as fully functional. The plant can be used in both semi-continuous and fully continuous operation. The line was modified to meet the changing bottle qualities on t... more
Extrusion coating line for : Paper / PE Carton PE Or as laminate for example Paper PE Paper or Paper PE Alu, Carton PE Carton, Working width 1300 mm Die width = 1500 mm, Speed mech = 300 m / min The line consist off. 1.Unwinder (turret) max Roll diameter = 1250 mm, 2. Second Unwinder with Corona station ( renewed 2017) Max. Roll diameter = 800 mm 3. Laminator Daw2bdmas 4. Moveable Extruder 4,5 “ with manual Die 5 Thickness measurement (renewed 2017) 6. Corona station 7. Rewinder ( pope... more
Manufacturer: MERCATOR MCTR Production year: 2017 Equipment: - initial mill - belt conveyor - control cabinet - console - buffer tank - extruder - cutting head - screw conveyor - accessories Biga8vg2g more
Complete line to piping P.E. with inserter dripping system in automatic. Brand TRIMEC. Year 1994. Compounded of: Beezxueuw7 A- Extruder TRIMEC TM 75/30D. 57.5 kw engine. Charger over hopper. B- Pipe head. C- Charger pieces to the dripping system with accumulator tank and insertion the pieces to the dripping system TRIMEC. D- Vacuum stainless steel tub and calibration 5 meters VC/1. E- Cooling stainless Steel tub 5 meters long VR/1. F- Cooling stainless Steel tub 5 meters long VR/1. G-Drilling in... more
Complex for processing film and woven material. (Capacity 500 kg / h) Line composition 1. Band conveyor with metal detector GP-LTM-600 2. Washing Crusher GP-DR-30M 3. Screw conveyor GP-ST 4. Flotation bath GP-VF-5000 Gme0kgjiq 5. Flotation bath GP-VF-3000 6. Centrifuge GP-C-55 7. Cascade drying GP-KS №1 8. Cascade drying GP-KS №2 9. Cyclone storage GP-CN 10. Plastic compactor GP-PK-55 more
COMPLETE LINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF WPC PROFILES - WITH WOOD AND PVC FLOUR The machine is brand new Production year 2018 The price includes commissioning assembly and knowledge of profile production technology The machine consists of the following components: Bfqhl9iwjy - GWC 80-156 twin screw extruder - GWC 65-132 twin screw extruder - CAL 14000/6 calibration table - ROL 240 two-track haul extraction - saw 240 - Cheyenne SP2 brush - SR-RP700 wide belt sander - storage device - 500 / 1000L mix... more
For details Please see attached PDF document. We are selling a group of injection molds and used machines for the complete production of urine collection bags 2000ml, Urine specimen cups 60ml and 120 ml, oxygen masks and nasal canulas for oxygen therapy. (see document attached). (Machinery incudes: 3 extruders, 4 HighFrequency welding machines with the welding plates for all bag products, 5 Injection machines & 25+ injection molds, Blister Packaging machine, Sterilization chamber 7m3, flexopri... more
Selling complete switch production with know how. Production include: 1. aprox 64 moulds for plastic parts, two diferent design of switch type programs, ALL MOLDS ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION. 2. 25 stamping tools for steel parts underconstruction of bottom switches and plugs 3. Complete assembly line with tables pneumatic screv drivers delivery vibration machines for screews and other parts 4. Row half product aprox 50000 parts on stock to assemblle 5. Packed finished stock of switches ready to se... more
I will SELL a production line for the production of EPS polystyrene (EPS Polystyrene Production Line) Possibility of transport and / or connection of machines by our technicians. AUTOMATIC POLYSTYRENE EPS PRODUCTION LINE TECNODINAMICA / HIRSCH / POLIMEC / DAL ZILIO MECCANICA The production line includes: --PRE-EXPANDERS-- 1. BATCH PRE-EXPANDERS BATCH PRE-EXPANDERS (discontinuous) TECNODINAMICA mod. TV925, made of stainless steel INOX + dryer + injector + automatic dense control system, contro... more
For production of polypropylene tapes , Power supply 3 x 380V AC, compressed air, water, Machine capacity 700 kg / 8 hours, Dimensions 3.5 x 21m, Working width 1100 mm, Extruder Screw diameter 90 mm, Screw length 3000 m, Supporting mechanism - diameter of galettes 320 mm, Stretching and stabilizing mechanism - Dia. of norms cylinders 320 mm, - Dia. of heating cylinders 320 mm, Damaged screw gear and V2 motor, no V1 motor, grinding mill and water pump Behfc78epy more
Technical and commercial proposal for supply of industrial equipment. «Complex for processing PET bottles». Industrial high-tech line intended for the processing of badly polluted PET bottles into very high purity flakes. The line is designed specifically for work in Russian conditions (highly contaminated PET bottles, sloppy sorting, using of rubber glue when sticking labels etc). Line composition 1. Band conveyor with metal detector GP-LTM-600 2. Washing Crusher GP-DR-55K 3. Screw conveyor GP... more
PVC pipe production line WEBER, BATTENFELD, SICA A complete working line for the production of PVC pipes, efficient and in good condition. The line consists of the following devices: Chseilvu - WEBER DS.10.6 extruder - WEBER cooling bath - EBS 6000 printer - BATTENFELD extraction - SICA planetary saw - SICA Expander The machine is equipped with heads for the production of pipes fi 50mm, 75mm, 110mm more
Coating/-laminant system for solvent-based resin systems on carrier films or for the production of composite laminates. Constructions: -One-sided coating of carrier film also possible with separation film feed -Kashieren/Bonding 2 slides Possible insertable film thicknesses are material-dependent. Guidelines for film thicknesses: Plastic films 25-250 μm Metal foils (copper, aluminium) 20-150 μm Total thick composite laminate max. 500 μm Plant data: Production speed 0 – 150m/min Production width... more
High quality machine High speed production Easy maintenance Good technical condition. Available including the whole pipe line for 110 and 200 mm corrugated pipe manufacturing. Included components in the line are : Extruders with gravimetric dosing system Yipnirn Die heads for 110 and 200mm pipes Puller Corrugator Perforator Cutting saw Pusher (machine that pushes cut pipe aside) Winder more
Power supply voltage: 400V; amperes: 185A; safety cabin soundproofed; intake hopper; 3 work compartments; maximum pet size: 5 liters; h: 393 mm; diam: 220 mm; number of containers / cycle: 44; required compressed air: 90 mc / h The machine does not have the mold Refurbishata by the manufacturer in 2008 Nxoez more
continuous sheet thickness measurement by X-ray; sheet width: 152 cm max. 750 kg / h; Vmax: 500 m / min; Nwpdb   3 x 400 VAC; approx. 650 kW    air pressure; 6 -10 bar up to 70 m³ / h more
Line Complectation is produced with following equipment: 1. Band conveyor with metal detector GP-LTM-600 2. Washing Crusher GP-DR-22M 3. Screw conveyor GP-ST 4. Flotation bath GP-VF-3000 5. Centrifuge GP-C-37 6. Cascade drying GP-KS №1 7. Cascade drying GP-KS №2 Bkxbncjgnh 8. Cyclone storage GP-CN 9. Plastic compactor GP-PK-22 more
mouthpiece working width: 1000mm;   Release Vmax: 280m / min; Bhxgyixcpi    connected power: 361kVA; screw diameter: 90mm; snail length: 270cm;   screw rotation: up to 110 / min; screw drive: 110kW; produced tapes: from TP060 / 1.25MM to TP270 / 5.0MM; installation of covers and locks - ZUS project 2019. ADDITIONALLY FREE: PP Tape Starlinger Starex 1000 90/30D ( A3982840 ) more

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