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Fish processing for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Lugton, Kilmarnock, United Kingdom United Kingdom
177 km
good (used)
Bung type drums made of steel or plastic, drum volumes 50 litres, 200 litres and 250 litres. Muprgs more
Automatic fish cleaning and filleting line. Produced by VMK Sweden, the worldwide leader in this technology. Bfqmssj9hh Size of fish fro 3 to 9 ppk. Speed up to 300 fpm. Able to produce HGT/ HG / single fillet / butterfly fillet. Additional tooling to produce fillets from HGT more
FILLETING LINE FOR FISH Item: D-1640-Baader-FilletingLine Manufacturer: Baader Consist of Model: 478 Year of manufacture: 1985 Has been used for sardines Baader in feed line consisting of: Baader mobile automatic 5 lane infeeder, type: 478 . Baader mobile automatic feeder, type: 478, year of construction: 1985, 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, 5 A, 5 lanes, lane width: (5x) 40 mm, total dimensions: 3350 mm x 1300 mm x 2450 mm. Bdtpzqerig more
Urk, Netherlands Netherlands
6248 km
good condition (used)
Steen pinboner manual The STEEN ST591/K Pin-Bone remover is designed to remove bones continuously, including neck bones, in a flexible way with minimum waste and without gapping. The machine is very gentle to the fish and gives nice looking fillets. The STEEN ST591/K has a proven reliability, it is very robust and popular amongst fish processors. Bhlyyrya2g Improve your profitability: •Speed easily adjusted from the control box •No compressed air connections, nor compressor needed •Very easy ... more
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
6681 km
excellent (used)
Slicer Weber CCS 5000 for sale. In very good condition If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are at your disposal Z02aamg more
Filleting machine for white fish For hake, cod and haddock Fish size 45-85 cm Bg2vcwwe32 Capacity 24-34 fish/minute Just renovated more
Technical data: Product number ESB 4434 / 2P Production year - 2011 Engine power 1.5 kW 400 V power supply. Weight: 120.6 kg Degree of protection IP 69 Machine capacity - 12 tons / 8h The width of the tape is 430 mm Working width of 440 Two pressure shafts, one pumped, the other plastic Cvqvb7u8w Fully demountable for washing Fully functional after excellent service. New bearings New Control New simering New sharpened drive shaft - when you buy a used machine with a blunt shaft, the machine will... more
Misterton, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5811 km
good condition (used)
Nesco 8 station grader Bftnwlpk7d Stainless 8-station grader. Maximum weight range - Up to 1000g. Power - 3 phase. Previously used for grading approximately 600kg/h of frozen fish fillets 5-8oz in size. more
• overall dimensions 3550x1000x1900 mm; • power 3.1 kW; • power supply 400 V; • capacity 75 kg/h (25 g slices, 1,1 kg fillets); • cutting angle 8°-30°; Bfediorc9p • max cutting width 220 mm; • max slicing length 160 mm; • slice thickness 2-4 mm; • product temperature -4 °C to +4 °C; • compressed air 100 l/min, min 8 bar pressure, 6 g water per Nm3 air, max particle size up to 40 μm; • designed for slicing salmon fillets with different thickness of product; • weight 780 kg. more
D-1035-Double bulk feeder with weight Bexwfumahc Stainless Steel double bulk feeder with weight. Dimension: Vat L 1800 X W 850 X H 1300 mm Bigger lift: 460 mm, Small lift 100 mm, flight 80 mm L 2700 + weight 500 mm , Total L 3200 mm more
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
6681 km
excellent (used)
For sale is this skinning machine of the manufacturer WEBER, type ASE 553. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further details. Zx2uid3 more
Baader 189 Fileting machine for white fish cod, saithe, haddock Fish size 45-85cm Capacity 24-34 fish/minute 100% renovated Including 3 months warranty Ncl0l more
Baader 140 cleaning machine for fish. With vacuumsuction. 2rfpkq For makrel and forelle more
A Stand alone de heading unit for fish in the size range 500 grams to 3 Kgs. A vee cut configuration ensures capture of the meat at the top of the head above the gill plate. Bdeyijian9 more
Emergency off switch and safety cover retrofitted, without documentation. Bdrbugh8n7 more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
6256 km
Boleto Fish Gutting Machines for species such as: Trout, Mackerel, Arctic Char, Sea bream, Sea bass or Herring is simple and solid in construction. The Fish gutting machine is plain and strong constructed. It is easy to operate, and maintenance can be carried out by the operator, i.e. no extra costs are involved to outside assistance. Also the maintenance costs are very low. The machine is made to order and built, according to customers information about type and size of fish to be gutted. Th... more
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
6681 km
excellent (used)
Poly Clip, manual Bg2rf0zpty The Cliper is in very good condition If you have any questions, we are at your disposal more
Fileting machine Fish size 30-55cm Bbrgnfpzca Capacity 25-40 fish / min. Electric consumption 1,5kW Water 10ltr./min 100% renovated machine, 6 months full warranty more
• Baader 175 filetmachine for flatfish. Haq99gz • Kapacity : 40 pcs./min. • Water consumption : approx 15 L/min. more
Misterton, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5811 km
good condition (used)
Stainless horizontal fish slicer with adjustable thickness, adjustable stroke and speed. Nhdwb more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
Medium: Fish, output: 2x1200fillets/h, fillet length: 25cm, voltage: 3x400V, current: 4A. 8hr3msoo2 more
Automatic fish skinning mashine Brand : STEEN Type : ST600 Bfee3amqi3 Voltage [V] : 380 50/60Hz Current [A] : 6,1 Power [W] : 2200 more
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
6681 km
excellent (used)
Poly Clip, manual Bg2rfrij9x more
Steen ST600 Skinning machine Universal regarding species Nxolfztr Removeable blade Has never been set up in production more
Baader 421. Cpymoqbu With exit conveyor. more
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
6681 km
excellent (used)
Slicer Weber CCS 5000 for sale. In very good condition Bg2rfhxelw If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are at your disposal more
Fomaco Needle Injector Set up for fish 2to000u Includes filter for salt brine Tested more
Baader 415 denecker. Bee3brih8v In good condition. more
For sale is this frozen meat slicer from the manufacturer Magurit. Type: Starcutter 348 Maximum block dimensions: approx 350 x 600 x 800 mm Bg2re8f8xv cutting thickness: 14mm, 17mm, and 20mm adjustable Cutting capacity: e.g. at approx. 17mm cutting thickness, Block dimensions approx. 400 mm wide, 550 mm long, 160 mm high, approx. 30 kg block in approx. 12 seconds, approx. 9000 kg/h Anti-vibration: 13.5/17.5 Kw= 18/24 PS Operating voltage: 380 V. Control voltage: 220 V., 50 Hz Rated current: 26/3... more
Automatic fish feeder For processing herring and other pelagic fish Ioyk22z8w Fish sizes 20-40 cm Capacity 150-200 fish/min Dimensions (LxWxH) 2900mm x 1100mm x 1700mm more
• Cabinplant blancher. • Infeed conveyor - • Lenght - 177cm. • Width - 45cm. • Approach - 185cm. • Blancher - • Length - 429cm. • Width - 80cm. • Take off - 117cm. • Bringer - 3cm. • RGG. Bep0fecrjo more
Separator Capacity: 400 kg / hour Electric consumption 2,2 kW Length: 1270mm Width: 1000mm Zd8820bv Height: 1230mm Weight: app. 245kg more
Fomaco FGM 16/64 injector. Conveyor dimensions : Length : 130cm. Width : 24,5cm. Height : 120cm. Berfi9grse Opening : Width : 28cm. Height : 14cm. more
Baader 426 Header for salmon and white fish Fish size from 30-70cm Inhrklp Cuts of head including collar bone so the fish is ready for filleting more
Koppens Preduster. Type : PU600. Conveyor dimensions : Length : 265cm. Width : 60cm. Height : 96cm. Opening : Width : 60cm. Height : 11cm. Fcarapxu more
Skinning machine For cod, saithe and haddock Up to 150 filets / min 100% renovated machine Juwc2q Tested with filets prior to shipment Six machines in stock Mechanically renovated from € 10.000,00 more
• Fomaco injector • Type : FGM 80/320. • Conveyor length : 240cm. • Conveyor width : 70cm. • Conveyor height: 115cm. • Opening : • Width : 70cm. Height : 19cm. • Total dimensions : • Length : 245cm. • Width : 120cm. • Height : 220cm. • FÆR. Berg8kjatx more
Cooker for shellfish Water volume 300 ltr Batchsize 25 kg Oil heated Temperature controlled Oil consumption 2 ltr/hour Manual emptying of basket Be0wcvyqq3 Automatic cookers are also available more
• Koppens ER/ERT600HD batter • Conveyor dimensions : • Length : 135cm. • Width : 60cm. • Height : 102cm. / adjustable height Ffi03a0s • FÆR. more
Baader 427 V-cut header for white fish Fish sizes 50-100cm Capacity 31 fish/min. Physical size (l*w*h) 2120mm*1615mm*1950mm We have three Baader 427 in stock, under renovation Cozoley more
Marel portioncutter with conveyor weight. (2 lanes) Nlzgx We are mounting 2 set of new lasers for the machine at final order. more
Baader 421 V-cut header for white fish Bdx2pryri7 Fis sizes 40-80cm Capacity 28 fish/min Physical size (l*w*h) 2300mm*1550mm*1765mm more
• Complete STORK fryer line. • Heat unit : CHILLER, Type: SB 400 H. • Performance : 400Mcal/H. Ffl0hzc3 • Max temp. : 300 celcius. more
Baader 185 Filleting machine for white fish Bdx28fce8o Fish sizes 50-100cm Capacity 24-32 fisk/min Physical size 6880mm*1890mm*1500mm Can be delivered including collarbone cutter We have two Baader 185 in stock When renovated we offer an 6 months warranty on the renovation excluding wearing parts more
• Cabinplant belt blancher. Berkpiwu2s • Length - 490cm. • Width - 160cm. • Height - 180cm. • Conveyor width - 78cm • Cooker zone length - ca. 250cm • 3x380v • For steam. • RGG. more
• Baader Bone Separator. Hmopaib • Drum is with 3mm holes. Is new milled and with new knife. • New belt is with the machine. • Mechanically and electrically reviewed and tested. • 380v • Kapacity- 1800kg./h. more
• Cabinplant belt blancher. • Length - 490cm. • Width - 160cm. • Height - 180cm. • Conveyor width - 78cm • Cooker zone length - ca. 250cm • 3x380v • For steam. Berku739yf • RGG. more
• Arenco filetmachine for herring and sardines • Model : SFA-11. • Length of conveyor : 150cm. • Width of conveyor: 15cm. • Heigth to conveyor: 120cm. • Total dimensions : • Length : 210cm. • Width : 110cm. • Heigth : 165cm. Jib0foj • LYK more
• Buus icemachine • Type : SM550UL. D9z387 • Ice capacity : 550Kg / 24H. • Cooling liquid : R404A. • Electricity : 3x400V / 50hz. • Opening : • Width : 25,5cm. • Height : 4cm. • Total dimensions : • Length : 85cm. • Width : 70cm. • Height : 131cm. more
• Koppens EPR-400 batter. • Length : 135cm. • Width : 40cm. • Height: 103cm. / adjustable height • 3x380V. Nlzpz more

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