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Foundry machinery for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Foundry Service, type crane ladle, year 2004, ladle no. 120.1/10T, capacity 10 t, gear box Bfosfvmoxi more
ONLINE AUCTION Nitrogen generator; Max pressure: 14.5Bar; Temperature range: 0-60ºC; Voltage: 110-230V / 50-60Hz; max. Power consumption: 200W. Includes three deposits. Bfuirr7gtg more
Forklift attachment for transporting and dumping liquid aluminium Unused inventory, built in 2009 Tipping cylinders and parts of the swing device are missing Maximum filling weight 800 kg of melted aluminium in shamotta crucible Empty weight with crucible 2,440 kg Empty weight without crucibles 1,635 kg Empty weight of crucible 805 kg Iwfvtlv Total permissible weight 3.204 kg Payload 800 kg Load focus 700 mm Hydraulic pump needed on forklifts with 100 or 200 bar... more
Constists of: - 1 Vibrating trough conveyor (sound-insulated) Capacity: 90-132 t/h charging capacity Material: Steel scrap, pig iron, return scrap Charge size: max. 12 t Trough width: 1200/1340 mm conic trough Trough length: 5500 mm Trough height: 250 mm Drive: 2 vibration motors, 400 V/50 Hz, load 2x3,5 kW = 7 kW - 1 Feed bunker (sound isolated) Capacity: 12 t Height: 3100 mm approx.. Ptudge Width: 3800 mm max.above 2 m height Width: 2800 mm max below 2 m height Length ... more
Melting furnace (1.600°C) SMA-REF-6414 Type: melting furnaces Manufacturer: AEG Elotherm Model: MTG 2000 Year: unknown Furnace: Capacity: 2 - 2,5 tons Working range: Temperature: max. 1.600° C Power: 1.000 kW Cast: 2,5 t/h Steel:2 t/h Components: Furnace Electric control Operator control stand Water cooling system Spillage protection plates Spare coil (new) Spare parts, pumps etc. No transformer Condition: ready for action refurbished in 2004 Location: Western Germany Dimensions: Weight: 1,5... more
Rüede SC-610/D Melting crucible Technical data: Width overall 1318 mm Length overall 688 mm Height overall 535 mm Bathroom width (medium height) 650 mm Length bath (medium height) 400 mm Height bath 400 mm Operating temperature max. 450 degrees Temperature range at controller 500 degrees Temperature limitation 0...+700 degree Heating capacity kw 24 Operating voltage v -3x400 50Hz Control voltage v - 230 50 Hz Bff90gohcv Max. operating current approx. A 35 Weight approx. Kg 500 Year of ... more
Marx, type B5/4, year 2007, capacity 4 t, empty weight 1,3 to., gearbox Fkgp7cud more
2x Independent electric furnaces Capacity: 6ton; Power: 2500kw; Frequency: 700Hz; Input voltage: 575V, 50Hz Components: Electrical power cabinet. 6ton tilting oven with no magnetic core. Hydraulic and hydraulic control desk. Remote control box. Internal water pump with exchanger. 4 Refrigerated power cables. Muddled copper power. Improvements 1. Integration of 2500 Amp Automatic Switch. 2. Change of thyristor shooting cards. 3. New cooling hoses. 4. New power hoses. 5. New water collectors and s... more
Glow lamp spectrometer GDA 150 HRA glow lamp spectrometer GDA 150 HR is for sale. The device was delivered in 2014 and was practically out of use. It will be sold as new. Possible delivery from March 2018. Technical description on the following pages. The GDOES spectrometer GDA 150 HR is a powerful instrument for quality control and research, designed to take on 24/7 jobs while being maintainable. The GDA 150 HR is a robust, temperature-stabilized CCD spectrometer for depth profile and average a... more

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Mainly consists of: - Casting handling manipulator handling weight of casting 100 kg approx.. - Hydraulic power pack, technical manuals, spare parts Gxu2hbmt Dismantled, as seen, loaded on truck, ex warehouse more
Ingot casting conveyor SMA-REF-6563 Type: casting machines Bfnygpnd3d Manufacturer: Rauch Model: MGB 520 Year: unknown Working range: Ingot size: 520 x 90 x 55 mm Dimensions: 2.500 x 1.000 x 1.500 mm Condition: ready for action stored Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Melting Furnace BTG 10/6 with conveyor. Melting furnace BTG 10/6 with conveyor belt. Aluminum Furnace with Conveyor Belt / The BTG 10/6 aluminum casting furnace is designed to melt and hold liquid aluminum and its alloys at a working temperature of 1100 ° C as measured in the melting chamber of the furnace. Jcddlmn Technical data of the oven: - Total heat output of gas burners: 2500 kW - Minimum gas pressure at the burner inlet (at full power consumption): 80-90 mbar - Rated voltage of the powe... more
Striko, year 1982, fill weight max. 7.000 kg, gearbox Bfosl7ve27 more
For sale is a complete foundry equipment for the production of aluminium mouldings. The plant consists of:1. double silo plant with extraction2. 2 pcs. sand cleaning machines3. Molding furnace Morgan4. Moulding boxes see list5. Pouring crucible StrikoThe system also includes various small tools, a new spare crucible and consumables, and has been very well maintained and organized. Bfnstvlujl more
1 piece die casting machine Frech DAW 125 Manufacturer : Frech Schorndorf , Description :Used die casting machine DAW 125 S DV with Datavario control for the use of zinc alloys. Year 1995Hot chamber die casting machine - Vertical FRECH DAW 125S Clamping force: 1250 kN Clamping platen: 620x620 mm Distance between columns: 400x400 mm Machine weight approx.: 6 t closing stroke: 340 mm D2xlrzaf Ejector force: 80 kN Ejector stroke: 90 mm Mould height: 170-500 mm Column diameter: 75 mm Casting... more
consisting of: - 3,7 kW Connected load - Wire injection equipment - Ø Wire 5-16mm - Treatment chamber (LxWxH) 2450 x 1300 x2000mm - Suction pipe without filter plant - Switchboard with SIEMENS S5 Control Mzgbx - Programmable wire length - injection speed step-free dismantled more
Continous mixer SMA-REF-6573 Type: casting machines Manufacturer: Axmann Model: TMVS 10 Year: 1983 Working range: Mixing capacity: 10 tons/h 16 kW Reach: 2 m + 1 m Features: new in 2015: Mixing paddle Hvmvjwx Motor Mixing rod Condition: in use ready for your test Location: Southern Germany Availability: 12/2019 Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
The gas furnace HINDENLANG KLVE 800 was built in 1999. Technical data : - melting: aluminum - efficiency: approx. 1000 kg Beycrwwvet - crucible size: BUK-800 - plinth weight: 450 x 350 mm fi - working temperature of the alloy: 780 degrees Celsius - maximum temperature of the alloy: 900 degrees Celsius - burner power: melting u. furnace: 400,000 kcal / h - melting time, approximate values: warm furnace, 2/3 batch: approx. 150 min. (performance data vary depending on the condition and age of the ... more
Marx, year 2009, ladle no. B7/4, capacity 4 tons, net weight 1.500 kg, gear box Coqc7dx more
Manufacturer SKODA Pqlip7ap Model 16MN Nominal Extrusionskraft 16 MN Operating pressure 250 bar Piercer thorn hub: 640 mm. Container - container available: No. 5 Ø 155 mm. -Hub: 1500 mm. -Length: 750 mm. -Outside diameter: ø 800 mm. Inlet material - diameter: Ø 135-250 mm. -Maximum length: 600 mm. -Maximum weight: 150 kg. Raw material - pipe outside diameter: Ö1 7-60 mm. -Hollow bars: from 29 - 15 mm. up to 55 - 48 mm. ext / int diameter - hexagonal bars: 16-52 mm. -Square: from 15 x 15 m... more
- Turbo-Mixer Make GF / DISA Type SAM 3/40; Batch: 1000 kg; connected load: 85 kW Bztcyeki - Sand hopper with load cells - electrical controls more
The battery of 2 induction crucible furnaces. The theoretical efficiency of one furnace (when working with two furnaces simultaneously) is about 9 Mg / h furnace capacity - about 6 Mg power consumption - about 4 500 kW connection voltage - 2 490V frequency - 250Hz power consumption to melt up to 1500 ° C - 515 kWh / Mg cooling water demand for the furnace - about 33 m3/h required cooling water pressure - 0,45 MPa Xii8ihzm more
The HINDENLANG KLVE 800 gas furnace was built in 1999. Yr2xqw Characteristic parameters: - melting: aluminum - efficiency: approx. 1000 kg - crucible size: BUK-800 - plinth weight: 450 x 350 mm fi - working temperature of the alloy: 780 degrees Celsius - maximum temperature of the alloy: 900 degrees Celsius - burner power: melting u. furnace: 400,000 kcal / h - melting time, approximate values: warm furnace, 2/3 batch: approx. 150 min. (performance data vary depending on the condition and age o... more
Marx, year 2007, capacity 4 tons, tare weight 1.3 tons, gearbox Stgspw more
automatic forming line on the basis of the equipment of the company IMF 1. Performance - 10 forms/hour 2. Maximum coma size - 1600х1200х500/500 A) HTS acid process: - Acid hardener furan resin - Phenol resin acid hardener - Phenol - furan resin acid hardener B) HTS phenolic-alkaline process (phenolic resin ether) C) CTS phenol - uretan process (phenol resin isocyate resin hardener (amine). D) HTC liquid-glass process (liquid glass ether or СО2) Bfmtp9dh38 The main components of the line are: - F... more
X-Ray control unit (through feed) for castings SMA-REF-5768 Type: other machinery Manufacturer: Yxlon Model: MU 59 Year: 2001 Control: Windows NT 4.0 PXV 5000 Conveying system: Pallet system 8 workpiece holders 2 liftig units Working range: Field dimension (test piece): 200 x 200 mm X-Ray tube: MIR - 160/20 HDR-technology Dimensions: Space requirement: 5 x 9 m Condition: ready for action under power Location: Eastern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Bdou7mcziq ... more
Mainly consists of: - Low-Pressure die casting machine Mould mounting area: 1080x1360 mm Stroke closing plate: 1100 mm Clamping force: 240 kN C3by9f23 Air pressure: 6 bar Electr. Connection: 380 V/ 50 Hz No. of cooling circuits: 4 No. of core cycle: none - Gas heated crucible holding furnace capacity: 300 kg - Hydraulic power pack - Electrical control panel - Technical manual more
for smelting alloys lead/tin or similar metals K 80 / 12Sn with controller 3504 - article 101660104 Technical specification: Tmax. furnace700 c Tmax. melting 600 c Power: 50 kW Power voltage: 400 v 3/N 50 Hz B9tf2rv Including crucible: TP 287 SF1 Capacity: about 700 kg Energy consumption (cover open/closed): about 4/10 kW Weight: about 1950 kg External dimensions: about 1800 x 1700 x 1180 mm more
Dortmund, Germany Germany
dealership location
6409 km
external dimensions (approx.) width 1200 mm height 1400 mm 99y0bvl depth 1200 mm temperature: 300°C - 1250°C connection value: 41,5 kVA more
Marx, year 2007, serial no. 66/4, capacity 4 t., empty weight 1,3 t, gearbox Bfosilhblr more
MW50-2V - 40kW microwave system Description: - as new condition, few operating hours - clocked continuous system with automatic lifting doors - energy-saving vacuum operation or increased drying capacity - 2 pcs. Electrically driven heavy duty roller tracks outside - 1 pc. Electrically driven heavy duty roller conveyor in the chamber - Microwave power can be retrofitted up to 100 kW - Operation via Siemens Touch Panel 6 " - Automatic mode Dimensions of the system: - Length incl. Outer roller t... more
Vacuum pressure casting machines VC600 of the company Indutherm with large crucible and large vacuum chamber For casting of jewelery, sculptures, prototypes, miniature parts etc. into flanged flasks or cylindrical flasks. Gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, zamac and other metals with a melting point up to about 1,600 C can be melt and cast in a vacuum and or inert gas atmosphere. Melting capacity 10 KW, crucible capacity approx. 386ccm = approx. 4,000g silver, cuvettes up to approx. 160mm diamet... more
Cold Box for vertical parted core boxes Dimensions: shooting cap.: 85 L max. core box size: 1.550 x 800 x 290+290 mm max. opening: 790 mm Irau3v0d max. locking force: 450 kN without gassing device cycle time: total appr. 45 sec. Already dismantled more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
For five flat connections. Nkjgz more
rotary drum dimensions: length: 6000 mm inside: Ø 1600 mm outside: Ø 2280 mm max. temperature: 1200 ° C heating: gas eating power 2700 kW melting capacity: 6000 kg / h The plant consists mainly of: - furnace - hydraulic power pack and tilting mechanism - heating system - carousel with molds - charge box - measuring and control system Whsrau9bh more
Die cast machine for counter weights - steel rims Zinc SeSerial no: 02887 SPS-Type: Siemens S7 incl. conveyor RNA Type SR8-B-250-2L Voltage: 3x400V, 50Hz, contoller voltage: 24V, pneumatic: connector 3/8, Bpressure: 5bar, Lyzi0m8jq Dimensions: LxBxH: 2900x2380x2410mm, Weight: ca.1800kg, air volume: ca. 100l/min, electro cabinet with siemens equipment more
Automatic molding line with horizontal division of boxes. Equipped with a manipulator for heavy cores. Molding sand supplied by belt conveyors from the Mass Processing Station. Hydraulic devices powered from own PUMP STATION. The process of making molds in the version ADIABATIC version A. Automatic rotation of the turntables.flask insiide dimension - 900x750x300x300 production rate 70/h sand consumption- 60 Mg / h minimum working pressure - 0,2 MPa power - 190 kW three-phase tension ... more
Induction, Vacuum and Pressure Casting Machine VPC 300 from Schultheiss For casting from jewelery, sculptures, prototypes, miniature parts etc. into flanged or cylindrical flasks. Nk3l7 It can melt and cast gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, zamac and other metals with a melting point up to about 1,200 C with vacuum as well as inert gas atmosphere. Melting power 9 KW, crucible capacity approx. 300ccm = approx. 3,000g silver, flasks up to approx. 160mm diameter and 300mm height Documentation as ... more
Electric driven and remote control - Planetary gear box, Type SPG 650-144 Clvhybx3 - Ladle book More data: see the photos Steel Weight: 3550 kg, ceramic lining: 1800 kg Mechanical refurbished without UVV-test, as seen, ex works Iserlohn more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical details on demands. Iz32gn3k8 more
(Dimension mm) 5000X7500X4000 (Supply power kVA)" 59kW Bbg9cialhu (Max. weight kg) 5250 kg more
MF induction furnace with capacity 30 tons, as new condition, used for approx 100 melts only, with cooling automatics, Safeway protection system, available immediately. Be2q9vnn9f more
The list of equipment for sale from molding unit: 1. Moulding Machine HSP-2D (22kW, 70f / h) 2. Lifting table 3. Pressure plate 9vgmwknxq 4. The dispensing sand tank more
Technical data: Capacity: 123 kW Air-cooled Serial number: AIF 082228 Max. working range 10 bar Working hours: 91.000 h D93pif0cc Last inspection at 80.000 h Incl: 1. Air dryer MD300 and 2. Air dryer FD750A VSD, 430kg 5,1kW, T max 55°C 3. 2m³ Air tank more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Technical details on demands. T88absw7 more
Furnace charging machine JOST model OUL 800/850 - 200 X 4000 Aplication: furnace charging trough material: 1.0122 Lining : 1.8705 Dislocation Buffer NK-SCHW Oscillating weight 1650kg Stroke 6,0mm Operating frequency 16,7Hz Length 5,5m Width 3,5m I0kxif2bq Height 2,8m Weight 5000kg very good condition For more information please contact us. more
Electro arc furnace, UHP, with nominal capacity 25 tons, working range 15-40 tons per melt, with Siemens step 7 controls, 15 MW power, hydraulics, cooling and dedusting systems, available. Pmfotato more

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