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Laboratory equipment for food for sale

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A new, fully functional flour analysis device from Perten (Perten Inframatic IM 9140) is being sold.The device is designed for determining the quality parameters of flour in less than 1 minute. The following parameters are measured: Jwybgy - Protein - Moisture - Ash - Water-Absobtion - Sedimentation Gluten
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
(dealership location)
772 km
Maselli Misure, Analysis System IB-01 for carbometric analyse in brewery and juice production, Good condition 2ht3tkgzv
The Double Z Mixer is a powerful mixer for mixing high viscosity products. It is used by pharmaceutical companies, food companies (energy bars, protein bars, chewing gum), in the chemical industry (silicone rubber, sealant, adhesives, pigments, etc.) or construction. Capacity: 50 litres. All parts in contact with the mixture are made of food-grade stainless steel. CE certified for food use High power motor: 5 KW. Bubk0uqj0l External heating jacket (electric). Electric tilting of the tank (it is ...
DN10 4ES, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
275 km
H Wolff 6L pilot plant jacketed vacuum mixer 10029 6L stainless steam jacketed mixer with stainless agitator and scrape surface, variable speed, with vacuum. Bq08afb3
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
410 km
excellent (used)
The Hiperbaric 55 is the perfect machine for food companies serving to niche markets, seasonal production, or R&D centers. It's robust and compact design, with one integrated single intensifier, makes it easy and quick to install in almost any facility. HPP business with its 55 litre (14.5 gallons) vessel and a Bvkicx97tp 200 mm (7.9 inch) diameter. With a throughput around 270 kg/h (590 lbs/h). Fully complete and ready to go.
Microbiological protection and PCR cabinet with vertical airflow General characteristics Vertical hood with laminar flow, Class 100 is used for handling different samples in a sterile environment without turbulence and without impurities in the working room. Protects the work area both against microorganisms and other air contaminants, chemically toxic vapours and unpleasant odours, .. etc. An automatic electronic monitoring system that controls all functions and all safety alarms of the system ...
new ! all stainless steel capacity 200 L. mobile 40 kg quality Cnt2mso8 According to DIN 9797
400V three phase 50hz, installed power 20kw 32 A 5 poles. Maximum capacity of the loading hopper 6kg. Kjjc2dm3 Dimensions h1610,l840 ; p1120 Must be connected to a source of compressed air 180lt/min minimum 6 bars, filtered, dry, de-oiled. Must be connected to a small chimney diameter 100mm. Served only 3 times.
Laboratory dishwasher, thermo disinfector, disinfector, dishwasher 1 piece G7736 CI 2 pcs. G7883CD with extra strong pump. Perfect for all injector applications! Ihkfml2 With micro computer control. 15 fixed programs and also the possibility to freely program the machine according to your own specifications. Operating hours of the G7736 C1 ONLY 1732!!! PRICE PER UNIT
Bewamat Duo water conditioner Gowfi9f -Dosage -Softening -Filtration with description
King trailer equipped with the kitchen, oven, fridges, and so other Year 1999 Wmt329e eletric system owned by Renault, Formula 1
ANALYTICAL BALANCE KERN ALT 220 – 4 M Year of manufacture 2007 Display (d) = 0.1 mg Weight range (Max) 220g Reproducibility 0.2 mg Linearity ± 0.2 mg Minimum weight for the counting function 0.2 mg Internal adjustment weight Verification value (s) = 1 mg Accuracy category 1 Weighing units mg, g, ct Stabilization time (typical) 4 seconds Permissible ambient temperature +15° C - + 30° C Earthing weighing device - output meshes attached in series Measuring plate = 80 mm Air humidity; m...
The T60V is a high-performance compact visible range spectrophotometer with a fixed 2nm spectral bandwidth and a wavelength range of 325 – 1100nm. Product Description Nyuxp The T60V (Visible) has a wavelength range of 325 -1100nm. The instrument has a switched-mode power supply accepting voltages in the range of 95 – 240V AC and supplied with either universal pathlength 5 cell changer or fixed path length 8 cell changer as standard. The T60 delivers the functionality and accuracy of an advance...
Mineralization system ASTORI - DIGI-6, KJELDAHL, model Digestor 67185 Description: The DIGI-6 Kjeldahl Digestion System allows the parallel digestion of up to 6 samples at the same time. Its strong and space-saving structure was studied to provide excellent heating efficiency and insulation. As a consequence, power consumption is reduced dramatically, meanwhile ensuring an optimized digestion procedure. The temperature is controlled by a digital thermal regulator: the selected value is kept with...
DISTILLER DNP 2000 SEMI-AUTOMATIC STEAM DISTILLATION SYSTEM - PROTEIN-NITROGEN Raypa DNP-2000 Year of manufacture 2006, unused Protein-Nitrogen distiller based on Kjeldahl method. Automatic, to analyse proteic nitrogen in raw material samples or processed material for food industry. Specific methods availables. Results complies with regulations: EN/ISO, AOAC. NITROGEN DISTILLER – DNP-2000 Features • Twenty user free programs. • Additionally, the system has three fixed programs: – Ammonium sul...
Colony Counter FUNKE GERBER COLONYSTAR, 2007, Optimal contrast conditions By the customization of the color (pat. pend.) and the brightness - an effortlessy work is made possible. Color choice: 65 color variants, made from the primary colors red/green/blue - are available. Brightness: The brightness can be adjusted in 65 steps. ColonyStar with reducing insert Automatic counting The counting impulse is activated by the pressuresensitive counting plate. The pressure sensitivity for the count can...
Nitech Pol Eko CLN 53 laboratory incubator, year 2007, series CN5ED08442 Applications: - Incubation of samples for microbiological determinations; - Analysis of the thermal resistance of the samples subjected to higher temperatures; - Antibodies; - Bacterial tests; - Crystallization observations; - Cultivation of thermophilic microorganisms; - Pharmaceutical stability tests; - Food industry distorting tests. Specifications: - Working capacity: 56 kg; - Temperature range: + 5 ° C above ambient t...
Mono water still - 2 identical GFL units type 2002 from 2007, have never been assembled and used. Each has the manuals and technical specifications in Romanian, German and English Comfortable and reliable Models 2002 with automatic operation supply two litres of distillate per hour. The built-in distillate storage tank accepts double the hourly capacity of the Water Still. All models have successfully proved in every-day laboratory routine. They dispose of an electronic monitoring function wh...
SOXHLET EXTRACTION UNIT -SEMI-AUTOMATIC RAYPA SX-6 System for extracting fats or solvents soluble in a solvent using methods Soxhlet and Randall. Compatible with a wide range of samples. Extraction system with solvents, according to Randall method for fat and soluble materials determination, in food, feeds, soils, detergents, polymers, paper pulp, fibres, rubbers, textiles, petrochemical products, pharmaceutical products, etc. Furniture in stainless steel, epoxy resin painted. Heating by an el...

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