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Blacksmith vise, bottle vise, anvil vise, anvil, blacksmith anvil, bench vise, locksmith vise, parallel vise Sseq3hwt -Forge anvil: 670 x 265 x 275 mm -Version: with square hole, bore and horn -Substructure: solid wood trunk -Dimensions: 670/520/H825 mm -Weight: 168 kg
square flat size 75 x 75 mm weight 3.7 kg 2 units Yxc39ex0x - price per unit -
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
796 km
Technical data: - Total width approx. 980 mm - working surface length / web length approx. 480 mm - working surface depth / web depth approx. 120 mm - upsetting foot approx. W 150 x D 125 x H 140 mm - Total depth approx. 280 mm - round horn approx. 250 mm - square horn approx. 220 mm - square hole in web approx. 28 mm - anvil height approx. 400 mm Bpglriirjx - Weight approx. 175 kg - Substructure W 700 x D 600 x H 420 mm - Weight of substructure 350 kg
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
786 km
Blacksmith vise, bottle vise, anvil vise, anvil, blacksmith anvil, bench vise, locksmith vise, parallel vise Inh9iux -Forge anvil: 51 kg -with: square hole -Dimensions: 325/250/H240 mm -Weight: 51 kg
Technical data: - total width approx. 650 mm - Work surface length / track length approx. 440 mm - Working surface depth / track depth approx. 130 mm - Compression foot approx. W 100 x D 120 x H 130 mm Bnazjw3s - Total depth approx. 290 mm - round horn approx. 200 mm - through square hole in track approx. 25 mm - Anvil height approx. 280 mm - Weight approx. 105 kg - Base frame approx. W 650 x D 550 x H 510 mm - Weight approx. 15 Kg - 4 pcs. insertion tools
Technical data: Bmfawzd8gd - total width approx. 960 mm - Work surface length / track length approx. 470 mm - Working surface depth / track depth approx. 165 mm - Compression foot approx. W 100 x D 120 x H 160 mm - Total depth approx. 370 mm - round horn approx. 240 mm - square horn approx. 240 mm - through round hole in track approx. 30 mm - through square hole in track approx. 30 mm - Anvil height approx. 420 mm - Weight approx. 205 kg - Timber trunk Substructure approx. W 550 x D 550 x H...
Blacksmith vise, bottle vise, anvil vise, anvil, forge anvil, bench vise, locksmith vise, parallel vise -Jaw width: 135 mm -Span width: 150 mm -Number: 10x vices available -Price: per piece -Dimensions: 450/160/H900 mm -Weight: 35 kg Sssvso
Bruchsal Germany
1071 km
excellent (used)
Anvil 27-06-202 Delivery time: immediately Number: 27-06-202 Machine data L x W x H: approx. 500 x 500 x 600 mm Weight: approx. 600 kg Gipgkcjx0 Very good general condition Equipment: -With substructure Further accessories on request Price and further technical data on request
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
impact energy:207951 mkg ram hammer stroke:660 mm no. of strokes:100 /min impact energy:2040 kJ distance lower die block / ram gudeway:660 mm Throat:750 mm steel forging - rectangular up to:240 mm Me92j steel forging - diameter up to:270 mm power requirement:75,0 kW weight of hammer:16,5 t weight of anvil:15,5 t ram hammer weight:750 kg weight:32,0 t dimensions (WxDxH):3,2 x 1,45 x 3,45 m Mode of operation:pneumatisch
The Peddinghaus marking unit Signomat 05 has an anvil which works as a thrust bearing for the print wheel during the marking process. 3no92b8no
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
991 km
Used machine Condition: completely overhauled in 2019 Blxkrc2ft0 Gluing star with 3 levels After loading one level, the press is turned by 120° with a hand crank by 120° and the next level is in working position. Gluing length 3740 mm Insertion depth 1050 mm Gluing area 11,78 m² Pneumatic hold-down Gluing star with an insertion depth of 1080mm. The insertion depth is limited by a rigid anvil of 80mm height. All machines are equipped with altec PowerLine pressure beams series 065. These pressure...
Scheeßel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
874 km
reconditioned (used)
saw blade width until 300 mm, 5 blade supports 2,1 m high inclusive 10 rollers and 4 adjustable guide rollers, heavy tensioning machine movable by spindle drive, tensioning rollers new grinded by Prinultini, large anvil 600 x 250 mm, including adjustable guide roller hollow saw blades can be rolled out, blade length 8,0 until 15,0 m Bdcgyjgpqq
Blacksmith vise, bottle vise, anvil vise, anvil, blacksmith anvil, bench vise, locksmith vise, parallel vise Bdxpxomvjp -Jaw width: 165 x 35 mm -Span width: 150 mm -on: stand -Dimensions: 780/490/H1030 mm -Weight: 125 kg
68 Glover St, Birmingham B9 4EL, UK United Kingdom
339 km
The PEMSERTER Series 4® press is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 / through M10 / 3/8″ into steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2″ into aluminum or plastics. The Series 4 press is able to place all PEM self clinch and broaching fasteners. Designed for ease of use, fast changeover and speed of production the Series 4 is an ideal choice for most manufacturing requirements. Now updated with a new integral stand/locking cabinet, laser pointer to speed up assembly on blind side ...
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
no. of strokes:150 /min impact energy:420 kJ distance lower die block / ram gudeway:435 mm Throat:425 mm Gvawbgqpa steel forging - rectangular up to:110 mm steel forging - diameter up to:125 mm power requirement:22,0 kW weight of hammer:3,9 t weight of anvil:3,0 t ram hammer weight:200 kg weight:6,9 t dimensions (WxDxH):1,1 x 2,3 x 2,4 m
The Old Bank, 153 The Parade, High St, Watford WD17 1NA, UK United Kingdom
460 km
excellent (used)
Manufactured by Kalinin plant (Russia) Year of manufacture app. 1985 Nominal weight of falling parts, kg 1000 Energy of impact, Kj 30 The greatest number of impacts in a minute, 103 Ram axis-to-frame distance, mm 800 Working zone daylight, mm 750 Die impression size, mm 360 x 140 Lower die impression-to-floor distance, mm 750 Optimum workpiece cross-sectional dimensions, mm: - square 160 - rounded 180 Main electric motor power, kW 75 Gyrsdp22y Machine dimensions, mm 4400 x 1780 x 3570 Weight of ...
The pendulum impact tester PW 30 of the company Wolpert corresponds to the technical conditions of DIN EN 10045 part 1 to determine the impact energy by Charpy on metal specimens. The pendulum impact tester has a hammer with potential energy of 300 J. The second-hand machine is checked. - Frame consisting of an anvil bed and two columns H29znbn - Pendulum mounted in ball bearings with very low friction - Hammer lifting by means of a hand wheel (worm gear) - Manual release of the pendulum by two-...
Pneumatic plate nibbler, nibbler, metal shears on air pressure (LUCH-00186). Punch out 1,5mm thick steel (without damaging the edges) Ergonomic handle with soft grip Adjustable head, multiple positioning. Per minute ; 3800RPM Air connection ; 1/4 inch Bar ; 6,3 Bar / 90 Psi Hose connection ; 3/8 inch Pneumatic plate nibbler, longitudinal shear, is a nibbler? A nibbler is also called a tin plate shear. A nibbler is a handy tool that should not be missing in your body shop. These shears are used ...
Forge cone, forge horn, anvil, forge anvil, forge accessories -Diameter above: 38 mm Bdxpylagfs -Diameter below: 270 mm -Total height: 1165 mm -Dimensions: 375/375/H1165 mm -Weight: 85.5 kg
Straightening and rolling bench for band saw blades Complete with anvil and straightening rulers. Blade width up to 300 mm. Roller top and bottom driven. Bmcjildciv Roller adjustable in longitudinal direction.
Hardness scales: Rockwell A, B, C, F Resolution: 0.5 HR / Unit Test force: 10kgf Vorkraft/60, 100.150 kgf total force Display: Analog dial gauge Measurable samples: flat surfaces, cylindrical surfaces down to 3mm diameter Test cycle by moving manually by lever Force duration: Manually adjustable 0-30 seconds Weight: 85 kg Dimensions: 215x500x750 Accessories: diamond indenter, indenter ball 1 / 16 ", 5 replacement balls 1 / 16 " Flat anvil Ø 60 mm, Hardness + -60 HRC Hardness + -40 HRC Hardness ...
Haiger, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
928 km
good condition (used)
Universal Hardness Tester Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers. Fully automated test sequence. Workspace 0-700 mm. Large work surface (Capacity up to 2000 kg). LCD display. Test method: Vickers HV1 - HV120 Rockwell HRA - HRS Super Rockwell HR15T / N - HR45T / N Brinell 1/10 - 1/30 - 2.5 / 62.5 to 2.5 / 187.5 - 5/25 - 5/250 Delivery: - hardness testing machine - Clamping piece - flat table Ø60 mm - V-Anvil Ø60 mm - Replacement bulbs V3xh0 - Spare fuses - Diamond indentor 136° Vickers ...
Second hand hydraulic forging hammer LASCO KH 315. The forging hammer LASCO KH 315 is still installed and very well operating. It has been completely overhauled a few years back. The following overhauling works have been done: -New SPS operation, electric switch cabinet, food pedal (twin pedal) with switch for slow lowering and slow lifting -New piston -Hydraulic drive completely dismantled and cleaned -Main valve with new housing and new piston -Hydraulic cylinder honed -New valves, new pumps, ...
Tacker with staples, stapler, stapler (WERK-00260). Brand : Hfftech Includes 600 staples (200 x 8 mm & 200 x 12 mm staples and 200 x nails 12 mm) Tacker with staples, Stapler, Tacker. A classic among office supplies: the stapler. Who does not have one? The ordinary stapler (stapler) is operated manually, and has a sled with staples, the front of which can be pressed through a stack of paper. The staple is bent at the bottom by a specially shaped groove in the anvil plate. C309lltc8
Print roller, printer roller, spindle, anvil roller, pressure roller -Print roller: unfortunately no type designation -Technical dimensions: see photos Gr9igiq -Dimensions: 295/100/H100 mm -Weight: 5.7 kg
Rotthalmünster, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1381 km
good (used)
Forklift attachment - Hydr. Bale tongs Manufacturer: Kaup Aschaffenburg Germany Type: 1 T 214 Year: Jan / 1982 No. 3422 Capacity: at 500 mm / 900 kg hydr. Pressure in bar; Max. 150 / min 125 bar D9sh87 Dead weight: approx. 600 kg Anvil weight: 135 mm
Auction ended
Badalona Spain
1604 km
ready for operation (used)
- 1 CNC Working Center WEEKE-HOMAG Optimat BP60 (year 2000) - 1 Shear GIBEN type 178MOS82, with control, cutting length 4500 mm -1 Shearing Center GIBEN Prismatic 301, max. length 3100 mm with tables and conveyors -1 Shear SMC-GIBEN working length 2400 mm -2 Machining Centers HOMAG type VFL79 P/A -2 Hydraulic Presses CAMP-Rexroth with heated plates, tables 900x560mm and 550x530mm 2sc7ea -2 Diesel Forklifts LINDE HD-80 for 8000 kgs (year 1997 and 2007) - 4 Electrical Forklifts LINDE E20 x 2, E25 ...
Haiger, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
928 km
good condition (used)
Properties → robust housing made of cast → automatic load and discharge the test force → Switching between lens and Indenter automatically → LED lighting → digital measuring eyepiece → color LCD display touch screen → Conversion in other Haertescalen (E.g., HRC) → easy operation Technical data → Test loads in kg (0.3 / 0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30) → Testing Vickers → eyepiece 10 X → Lenses 10 X / 20 X → test force application 50 µm/sec → maximum specimen height 210 mm → Max sample depth 160 ...
Kehl, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1078 km
ready for operation (used)
Used forging hammer HUTA ZYGMUNT MPM 1000 A. The hammer is still installed on site but no longer under power. The mechanical condition is very good. 2ikoymbb Year of manufacture: approx. 1974 Working force in kgm: 3500 Ram weight in kg: 1250 Opening between the stands in mm: 650 Approx. weight of anvil in kg: 22500 Approx. total weight of hammer in kg: 35000 Height above floor in mm: 3800 Stroke per minute: 110 Stroke in mm: 900 Ram size (lxb) in mm: 630 x 500 Overall size (lxbxh) in mm: 2500 x ...
The Hammer is simmilar with Huta Zygmunt MPM 3150. -maximum energy of impact at maximum stroke - 3600kgm; -ram weight - 1250kg; -mode of operation – pneumatic; -table size (front to back) - 700mm; -stroke - 800mm; -number of blows per minute – 110; -working pressure - 5 - 7bar; -max. weight of upper die - 400kg; -die height - 220mm; -ram (front to back) - 500mm; Cfnul9ios -air consumption - 15m3 / min; -anvil weight - 24 t; -height of machine above floor - 3750mm; -total machine's height - 4380...
Outside micrometers, micrometer screws, outside micrometers Eytxl20fc -Manufacturer: Preisser, outside micrometer with ev. anvil -Measuring range: 200-300 mm -Reading: 0.01 mm -Locking device -Accessories: see photos -Other sizes: also available -Dimension box: 305/505/H35 mm -Weight: 3.1 kg
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
5686 km
- extra long - one piece - planing tables (2250 mm) from cast iron - simultaneous opening and closing of planer tables with locking system - heavy duty industrial style main motor - fixed suction hood - planer fence dimension 1200 x 150 mm with small parts fence - feeder with 4 feed speeds and separate motor - thicknesser table mounted on 4 solid spindles and linear guides - high quality steel anvil roller - rubber coated outfeed roller - digital display of thicknessing height - autom. star tria...
Massey 10cwt (500kg) Pneumatic Power Hammer ex NZ Navy Dockyards This machine was acquired by S.A.F.E ex the Royal NZ Navy Devonport Naval Dockyards in the 1990’s. It has a 500kg hammer 'ram' that is powered downwards by compressed air from the motor-driven rear cylinder. It has not been installed at our forge and has spent the intervening 25+ years sitting as per the pics. Unfortunately water has gotten into the rear piston, and most likely also migrated through the connecting galleries, so th...
Long-Stroke Deep-Drawing Hydraulic Presses (2) made by Perry Engineering in Adelaide, Australia S.A.F.E has two big Perry long-stroke hydraulic presses that were brought to NZ in the mid-1980’s to make high-pressure CNG bottles for the automotive fuel-conversion project. S.A.F.E acquired both presses in 1988 (when that venture fell over due to govt import tariff removal), and have been operating the ‘smaller’ one (max 680 tons) since installation in 2000. It has done excellent service, doing a ...

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