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Dairy plant equipment for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Make : TREPKO Model : 222 KPS Year Of Manufacture : 2004 Machine Dimensions : 1,35 x 1,55x 3,32 metres with conveyor 3,2 meters Bffqn2xy9b Product : Butter / Margarine/soft products Cup Dimensions : 115 mm x 75mm Volume : Min 180ml | Max : 500ml Cleaning : CIP Hours : 688,45 Plastic Cup With Aluminium Lid and Cover Cap Condition : Good more
Dairy-based milk powders offer shelf-stable, nutritious options that can be used as an alternative to fresh milk, as a healthy, instant drink, or as ingredients in a wide range of recipes. Machine - TYPE F. Bfpyct8aoo Capacity: 10 tons of milk powder per day. more
SOLD MILK COOLING MACHINES OUR OWN CONSTRUCTION 125lt, 300lt, 500lt, 600lt, 800lt, 1000lt, 1500lt, 2000lt, THE BEST PRICES ON THE MARKET. Zaarjzm more
Mini Cheese produktions line with pasteurizing for milk capacity 1800 L/h and worked up to 2.000 L/h. Consist of: Plate exchanger Priamo Italy, Separator Seital Italy,Samson valve, Control box with print, Pneumatic APV valves, Double Holding cell 16/26 sec., Balance tank, Pumps etc. Mounted at Stainless Steel frame! Cheese vat open type, Tunnel Press unit with Cheese moulds, receptions tank, gas heating boiler etc. H8uch3g more
TBA 8 1000 SLIM line like new 1999 year include: -TBA 8 1000 SLIM aseptic filler only 60 working hours, like new V100 -TCAP 21 cap applicator only 50 working hours Like new -TCBP 70 carton packer only 50 working hours Like new -Conveyor system Encz7qb -Paper trolley Excellent condition more
DAIRY – EXCELLENT COMPLETE EQUIPMENT   Dairy worked with the reception of milk 45.000 l/day. Objects A. B. and C. are related to one energy production facility. The powered milk production plant  can be sold separately, but other two parts of dairy can be sold separately if the customer has own energy.   Remark: The powered milk production plant: production of powered milk, instant milk, proccesing of powdered whey   The height of production plant: the powdered milk production plant  ... more
Semi - Automatic Butter Extruder and Shaping Machine fited on full stainless steel frame, Control panel. Two Stainless steel screw augers, stainless steel hopper. Manufacture : Dairy Machinery UK Model : DMUK EXSH1 Usage : Butter Extruding and Shaping Machine Shapes : Various Shapes and Sizes Condition : New Warranty : 12 months Bfsvspj9uf Spare Parts : Dairy Machinery UK more
Complet UHT Milk Production Line for Dairy Products , School Milk , Baby Food , Juice Drinks . Elecster EA-7200 Aseptic Packaging Machine for UHT MILK and other Liquid Foods - YEAR 2008 Yr8ef0 - Pouch size from 0.2 to 1 liter - Capacity: up to 7200 Pouches/hours 02-0.5 L - Capacity: up to 6000 Pouches/hours 0,5-1L - Function: electro-mecanical (servo) - Packaging material: LDPE or Heat-sealable - Laminated based film, width 320mm - High sterility level - The packaging machine EA-7200 worki... more
UF concentration of milk - small milk - complete serum we come to mount it and put it into service in your installation 12000litre / hour uf.menbrane ertips-alfa laval Bazmf90ze more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
6256 km
ready for operation (used)
Cheese Cutting machine for cheese rectangular cheese blocks 300 x 300 mm maximum 400 mm, Complete Stainless Steel, pneumatic semi automatic type. Complete with many tools frame. 3cb0bzgid more

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Tetra Brick Aseptic TETRA PAK Filling Line TBA8 1000 Slim 2002 year V 110 Type: Slim Line Complete Tetra Pak filling line TBA8 for 1000 ml. Slim Tetra Cap Applicator for screw caps TCAP 47 HeliCap 23 With Tetra Pak Cardboard Packer TCBP70 Bdcytrhpm Twist & turn Trolley Tetra Easy Ride Conveyer Working hours: 15 100 more
Brand: CFS/Pacproinc/MULTIVAC Bkkk2m0a Slicing/Packaging line Model: Nova/PPI-200/R 240 Condition: Used (for cheese) more
Base frame painted, product contact parts in food grade version, cladding in stainless steel 1.4301 Electrics in own control cabinet Speed ​​control of the drive motors of club shaft and presser via frequency converter. Product: Butter Output: 2,000 - 4,000 kg / h Space required: 6,700 x 1,150 x 2,000 mm Weight: 3500 kg Power requirements: Motor club shaft 30 KW Motor Kneader 11 KW Motor frame pump 3 KW S0ic7du0 Motor dosing pump 0.55 KW Engine vacuum pump 2,2 KW Engine buttermilk pump 2.2 KW Hy... more
SC 150 – This segment cutter is particularly compact and can feed products fully automatically to downstream line components. Whatever size of segment you need, it will find the optimum weight for it. The space marvel: Feeding Center cut-out Cutting into segments Separating the segments Nlztr Discharging All over a area of just 2.5 m2 more
Centrifugal separator-separator 5000litre-hour. Automatic washing with control box location: bulgaria Botnzgb3 more
M-7330-Kit machine-cheese washer APV Stainless Steel Washing Tunnel for cheese. Conveyor width 200 mm. side holders width 400 mm (adjustable) Total length 3100 mm. Brushes horizontal and vertical at both sides Exit to the right side. Bfkdm9diqg Complete with control and pump equipment. more
Used stainless steel tank with agitator 3 units available Article 10265 Last purpose: food Volume: 17000 L operating pressure: ATM Type: Standing on feet Material (media contact): 1.4301 / AISI304 Version: Einwanding Underbody: Cone bottom Topsoil: Cone bottom Dimensions tank: Bdx8i8zjcj Container diameter: 2400mm Cyl. Height: 3000mm Total height: Approx. 4580 mm Height of feet: 1010mm Distance from drain to the ground: 230 mm Materials: Inside: 1.4301 / AISI 304 external: 1.4301 / AISI 30... more
For sale is our pasteur from the company Asta Eismann from 2017. The power is 1000l per hour. The system has just been serviced by the manufacturer without any defects. The plant is sold due to operating tasks Jva0zy more
Complete with tools fo bowl, baseplate, motor, cyclone Djjzklr more
Interior: working pressure 50 bar working temperature 150 °C content 16.2,4 ltr Jacket: working pressure 20 bar working temperature 150 °C 07twsbzxj content 4x9,7 ltr 1200 l/h more
Standing, insulated stainless steel tank - 2 pcs. Bey8ynqghi Insulated with 100 mm finished with stainless steel plates Conical bottom with 4'' outlet, conical top with CIP, access door in the top, strongly pipework and heating coil. Exterior dimensions: Dia Ø 2800/3000 mm Total H 5200 mm Cylinder height 4150 mm. AISI 304. more
There are 100 Double Seat Mix Proof Valves APV SPX DE34-70 and DEX34-80 available, were only recently disassembled and regularly maintained. Bdcyrqmjeg more
Description Brand NIKOS Model RCS6-2SPC ID 442341 Status Active Price 1.500 € + VAT Year of manufacture 2008 X8fachgz Location Dobrich (BG) Mozzarella and cheese processing line | NIKOS RCS6-2SPC manufactured in 2008. The necessary refurbishment is around 9.600 EUR and includes: • Replacement of all augers and seals’; • Replacement of hot-water tanks and the heat-exchanger with a bigger one; • Replacement of all pumps • Replacement of all motor-gears (variators) • Additional work on the auger... more
MRPX514 HGV-74C, complete with motor, cabinette, baseplate, cyclone and tools for bowl. 9vpwxchwy Capacity 20.000L/H more
Heidenheim, Germany Germany
dealership location
6719 km
Technical details : 6 channels clip seals 2005 reconditioned, top condition Kvpud documents of Technical Control Board available more
Silo 30 tons with thermal insulation and agitator Bfm8mlryvp Diameter 3,00m more
M-4840-Washing tunnel for crates Stainless Steel Washing Tunnel for crates etc. Conveyor wide 600 mm. Length 8200 mm. Total length with in feed and out-feed conveyor 14.000 mm Complete with pump and filter equipment. Big capacity. Product By "JEROS" Denmark Betn0i38jr more
Volume: 12000l, double jacketed, frequency controlled stirring and cutting tools, 4-step whey extraction, CIP cleaning possible, wihtout control. There are 3 units available. Mttcis more
7909 km
excellent (used)
Milk seperator 5000-7000 lt/h Brand: Reda Bezqcoka7l more
Complete with cyclone, motor, baseplate and tools Vizhyfm more
Silo 30 tons with thermal insulation and agitator Diameter 3,00m Bazpfltbo more
Alcross M - Tetra 3 x 76 The Tetra Alcross Bactocatch plant is designed to eliminate the risk of a late blowing of cheeses without having to add a chemical inhibitor to the cheese milk. 9yca8lhw9 The Tetra Alcross Bactocatch system is an integrated solution that uses a combination of microfiltration and heat treatment to eliminate the risk of spoilage by removing the bacteria and spores from the milk. plant is designed to eliminate the risk of a late blowing of cheeses without having to add a ch... more
Cheese wheel diameter: 250-420mm. L8yhmye more
MRPX413SGV-34, complete with motor and tools for bowl. 0j83taxf more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
6256 km
good (used)
We can offer Butter silos Rothenburg, Item: A-15202/1 Butter silos make Rothenburg 2 horizontal worm augers Complete Stainless Steel Capacity 2.100 kg We can offer 1 piece in very good working condition. M0v77 Extra option: Butter pump more
Nominal cooling capacity: approx. 720kW max., volume: 209l, 2x8 fans a 800mm, previous use: cooling of brine with approx. 15000l/h. 7dypna3pq more
Item: A-4002-Damrow-Cheesevat 20T type Double-O, capacity 20.000 l, Double jacketed, Insulated, Curd master with agitators and control unit. Dimension: L 5.000 x W 3200 x H 3000, weigh 4.000 kg. Jb7kxnhfs more
APV Curd Master type Double-O, capacity 22.000 l, 7amezt2ea Double jacketed, Insulated, Curd master with agitators Double-O. 2 pieces identical at stock! more
DK-Thisted, Denmark Denmark
dealership location
6256 km
good (used)
A-4200-Tebel Cheese Vat 2ecocwpe9 Cheese Vat, capacity 10.000 L, Alfa Laval - Tebel , Good condition, 2 pieces, closed Type with agitator, double jacket, Insulated more
L-2017-APV-Prepress 10.000 L APV Cheese PrePress Type OPD 5,5 OCD in very good condition, capacity 10.000 L. Complete line still i function! APV Cheese Prepress unit with curd distributor. Ek7d3bnd Year: Denmark 2000. more

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