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Press Punching force 350 T Bwwkpwcbea Strokes/minute 12-48 Manual slide stroke 330 mm Slide adjustment 215 mm The tools are aligned on the table with centering pins and fixed with screws. The tools are fixed to the slide with screws.
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
Pressure:250 t distance between columns:1650 mm stroke:fix 150 mm no. of strokes:30 - 75 /min distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:665 mm distance (without tool changing system on ram):765 mm Distance between guideways:1400 mm table surface area:1600 x 900 mm Hole in the table:1000 x 300 mm table height over floor:980 mm side window:550 mm ram surface:1400 x 900 mm ram adjustment:100 mm Material width of feeder:500 mm Material thickness feeder:0,5 - 2,8 mm material cross-cut:1200 mm...
pressure: 160 t slide stroke: 250 mm number of strokes - idle run: Einzelhub 13 Hub/min adjustment of stroke: nein / no Bm9jem7gkd throat: 500 mm table surface area: 2000x950 mm ram adjustment: 100 mm ram surface area: 1400x800 mm height over floor: 800 mm distance between columns: 1460 mm dayligth: 600 mm manual operated: ja / yes total power requirement: ca. 32 kW weight of the machine ca.: 21,5 t dimensions of machine: 2,7x2,5x4,2 m dimensions electric cabinet LxWxH: 2,0x0,64x2,01 m Press is ...
Kobližná 683/3, 602 00 Brno-střed, Tschechien Czech Republic
1521 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 5521 Type: LKT 250 Bxcyuf29t8 Producer: ŠMERAL Made in: GO 2010 Characteristic: Pressing force: 250 t Number of strokes: 20 Ram stroke: 250 mm Machine weight: 22 t
Tuřanka 104, 627 00 Slatina, Tschechien Czech Republic
1527 km
excellent (used)
Mechanical press PknZT 500/2500 Producer: Erfurt overhauled: 2008 Nominal pressing force ... 500t Table dimensions ... 2500 x 1600mm Ram stroke ... 850mm Number of rams ... 5.5 / min Ram dimensions ... 2450 x 1675mm Slide adjustment ... 100mm Compression height ... 1650mm L x W x H ... 2380 x 2300 x 3750mm Machine weight ... 17500kg D9usztmj The machine is in good condition and can be tested under power.
The machine is in good technical condition, by prior arrangement the possibility of testing. GO electrical installation 2014, 2018 - replacement of inserted wheel and pinion Dimensions of the machine (from 0 l, W, H) - 5320 mm x 2530 mm x 9000 mm Weight of the machine - about 210 t Functionality of the machine - machine function OK (except cushion - not working, not connected). Bw0qpuxtvu
Crank press HECKERT PKZ 400.1 built in 1980. Technical data : - maximum pressing force: 400 t - working path - lower position of the slider to the maximum pressing force: 21 mm - maximum drawing depth: 125 mm - pressing force using the maximum drawing depth: 160 Mp - idle speed of the slider: 18 min-1 - maximum number of switchings: 9 min-1 N8h8bwzl - ram stroke (min-max): 315 mm - slider adjustment: 200 mm - holding force of the drawing device at air pressure: 63 Mp, 5 kp / cm2 - force of the ...
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
pressure:500 t stroke:40 - 160 mm Vripgm no. of strokes:32 / 48 /min distance between columns:1620 mm distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:660 mm table surface area:1600 x 1300 mm table height over floor:750 mm column travel -side:400 x 430 mm ram surface:1400 x 1200 mm ram adjustment:120 mm pressure of drawing cushion in table:60 t stroke of drawing cushion in table:100 mm drawing cushion surface in table:1300 x 810 mm material width of feeder:1000 mm material thickness of feeder:-...
Press Fabr. Benelli Punching force 800 T Oqstt Strokes/minute 12-20 Manual slide stroke 600 mm slide adjustment 300 mm The tools are aligned on the table with centering pins and fixed with screws. The tools are fixed to the slide with screws.
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
(dealership location)
1521 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 5335 Type: PKZZ 1000 Producer: VEB ERFURT Made in: 1962, GO 1999 Characteristic: Pressing force: 1 t Length of the table: 4000 mm Gxfulk Width of the table: 2100 mm Distance between frames: 4000 mm Door size: 4700x4000 mm Ram stroke: 500 mm Adjusting the ram: 180 mm Power input: 75 kW Machine weight: 145 t 2019: new motor and resistors
Capacity: 500 t Stroke: 400 mm Stroke per minute: 13 - 23 Adjustment of ram: 300 mm Distance between columns: 2,400 mm Daylight between massive bed and ram, stroke down, adjustment up: 1,200 mm Blyrgpnevs Bed area: 2,300 x 1,800 mm Ram area: 2,170 x 1,800 mm Lateral opening: 1,600 x 915 mm Distance between lower edge of lateral opening and upper edge of bed: 175 mm Main engine capacity: 40 kW Weight: 133,000 kg
Press SMERAL LDO 315 Biiutsfa2d Producer SMERAL Type: mechanical trimming press Build year: 1981 Capacity: 3150 kN (315 tons) Ram Stroke; 200 mm Max. distance – ram to table ; 900 mm Table dim. 1380 x 950 mm. Ram surface dim; 1250 x 900 mm Press weight; 27 350 kg Press dimensions: 2300 mm x 2350 mm x (Height)4900 mm. Press intended for sale together with other assets due to the termination of the company's business. Price not include disassembly and transport
Crank press ZAMECH PKRR 400A built in 1974. Technical data : - pressure: 400 tons - clearance between stands: 1020 mm - ram stroke: 315 mm - number of strokes per minute: 20 - maximum distance of the slider from the table closed: 742.5 mm - slider adjustment: 250 mm - table dimensions: 1020 x 1050 mm - main engine power: 40 kW - main engine revolutions: 1500 1 / min. - weight of the press: 40 t Cjqybyuw
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
pressure:500 t distance between columns:3400 mm stroke:850 mm no. of strokes:9 - 18 /min distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:2050 mm table surface area:3100 x 1900 mm table height over floor:400 mm side window:1550 mm ram surface:3100 x 1900 mm ram adjustment:350 mm pressure of drawing cushion in ram:70 t pressure of drawing cushion in table:140 t stroke of drawing cushion in table:0 - 250 mm stroke of drawing cushion in ram:150 mm height beneath floor:6,0 m height over floor:8,3 m...
Press, Spiertz Type F2E-32-22 Punching force 320 T Bpqhevoomx Strokes/minute 17-29 slide stroke 400 mm slide adjustment 325 mm Feed rate Feed height from table 280 - 430 mm coil width 800 mm Coil weight 1400 kg Sheet thickness 4 mm The tools are aligned on the table with centering pins and fixed with screws. The tools are fixed to the slide with screws. The press works with progressive dies.
General repair in 1996 Smeral Czech republic Ekebjrp Rated force 5000 kN Passage 2800 mm Ram clamp 1000 mm Ram stroke 500 kN Slide adjustment 180 mm Lower ejector force 160 kN Lower ejector stroke 200 mm Working surface of the ram 2530 x 1800 mm Table working surface 2800x1800 mm Performance hl. engine 110 kW Press weight 98000 kg No accessories
4 presses available Capacity: 800 to Stroke. 600 mm 2stzu3 Numer of Strokes per minute: 14-20 Size of table: 2000 mm x 1600 mm Height of table over floor: 550 mm Power Supply: 550 V, three-phase, 50 Hz, 130 kW Weight: 147 to
Specification: Nominal force: 2500 tons Ram stroke: 190 mm Number of strokes in 1 minute: 14-20 Cxpytfv Shut height: 800 mm Bolster plate-to-ram adjustable stroke: 15 Ram course in bottom position with max. power: 4,5 Table size: 1250x1400 mm Ram size: -Front-to-back: 900 mm -Left-to-right: 1250 mm Lower knockout: -Stroke: 50 mm -Force: 100 kN Upper knockout: -Stroke: 40 mm -Force: 100 kN Main motor: 77 kW, 380 V Overall dimensions: 4770x3050x5890 mm Weight: 125 tons
Tatabánya, Hungary Hungary
(dealership location)
1736 km
good (used)
Used for seal flanging Min seal diameter: 40mm Uuuq9wmt2 Max seal diameter: 180mm
Eislingen, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1164 km
Pressure:630 t distance between columns:1600 mm stroke:fix 250 mm no. of strokes:20 /min distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:900 mm table surface area:1550 x 1200 mm L7kkx table height over floor:800 mm side window:620 mm ram surface:1360 x 1200 mm ram adjustment:160 mm height over floor:5,9 m height beneath floor:0,6 m power requirement:32,0 kW weight:59,0 t dimensions (WxDxH):3,0 x 2,2 x 6,5 m clutch:pneumatisch overload protection in ram:hydraulisch ram adjustment:motorisch r...
Lại Yên, Hoài Đức, Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam
9243 km
good (used)
CRANKSHAFT PRESS MACHINE Brand: PATEC (GERMANY) Model: L-250 Capacity : 250 ton No. of strokes: 30-60 S.P.M Bwzngoao2h Slide stroke : 200 mm Die height: Max 450mm (min 400mm) Slide Adjustment: 50mm Slide Area: 700x2000mm Bed area: 850x2000mm **No die cushion Main motor: 22KW (4P) Year: 1994
Large Mechanical Crank Press Upsetter available. This press is designed to forge flanges on shafts, make big bolts and other big metal components in a single 2-second cycle. Capacity: 1200 tons (main vertical crank), 600 tons (side-acting clamp) Bsgbrboyic Weight: 112 tons Manufacturer: Coventry Machine Tool Co, England (Circa 1940's) Cast steel frame. New bronze bearings in flywheel. Currently installed and working, but MUST find a new home as soon as possible as land has been sold for developm...
pressure:600 t distance between columns:3640 mm stroke:350 mm no. of strokes:11 - 44 /min Distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:1550 mm table surface area:3600 x 2500 mm sliding table:3600 x 2500 mm ram surface:3600 x 2500 mm Side window:2200 mm ram adjustment:400 mm material width coil line:500 - 1950 mm Material thickness at 1200 mm material width:0,6 - 2,5 mm Material thickness at 1850 mm material width:0,6 - 2,0 mm Material thickness at 1950 mm material width:0,6 - 1,75 mm Coil w...
Drury New Zealand
17999 km
good condition (used)
This is a mechanical crank press made in Derby, England. Capacity is 96 tons. Btans3ssqi It has a long-stroke (19” – 480mm), and plenty of ‘daylight’ in the work area. The square hole in the base allows excellent flexibility of tooling and types of work. The clutch is pneumatic, and can be disengaged at any time throughout the stroke, with the brake stopping the press in short order. Stands 4.7m high with the motor on, and 4m without the motor. Estimated weight 7 tons. This machine came to Auc...

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