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Liverpool, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
216 km
Masterwood OMB1 ES 2B Swing Chisel Mortiser with Programmable Pusher / Stop - 2000 CE Provisional specification - to be confirmed on arrival 3hp headstock motor 1hp hydraulic motor Max morting depth 130mm Electronic stop length 3000mm [ with working stroke of 2600mm ] 3 Controlled axes.....worktable, head displacement and reference stop all handled by the programmer. Manual working height adjustment to mortise head with mechanical digital readout Electronic stop enables left, right and mirror...
Mortising machine, mortising head for rocking chisel mortising machine, drive Gvmcio -Mortising head for: FE-25 rocker chisel mortising machine -Dimensions: 530/380/H185 mm -Weight: 49.5 kg
- voltage: 3 x 380 v - serial number 3903 Bozokcqq
used, top equipment including setting gauge Dx0xoa Make Maka Type STV-71 Column machine with caulking tools see pictures Workpiece stop 2 pieces Stop rail right / left 2150 mm Workpiece blow-out 2x Foot switch 2-hand safety circuit pneumatic workpiece clamping at the side 1 piece pneumatic workpiece clamping from above 2 pieces Extraction connection D 120 mm Space requirement approx. 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1500 mm Storage location 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked Handover in the current ...
AUTOMATIC SINGLE TABLE SLOT MORTISER machine BALESTRINI SM second hand machine volt. 380/50 Odxzp2lz
Number of agregats 1 St. Bvb8sm8wus Motor output 2,1 kW Electronic fence nein 0
The machine has a work cycle alternating on the two tables, eliminating dead time with the possibility to machine RH pieces on one table and LH pieces on the other table. By stopping the oscillation action boring operations can be performed. Easy and quick adjustment of oscillation length by visual scale. Faster set up times compared with competitive machines. Adjustable feed speed of tables. Specification Maximum mortise length 120mm Maximum mortise depth 80mm Maximum mortise thickness 30m...
1.5 kW main engine ammeter height stroke 150 mm right / left travel 170 mm depth adjustment 140 mm table adjustment at an angle of +/- 45 ° pressure lubricated chisels max. element thickness 130 mm Bj8pizly transport dimensions (length / width / height) 180/80/90 cm
Waregem Belgium
678 km
good condition (used)
Chain mortiser Dyfcae - ref.: e/fa/dc
chain mortiser + two bits two horizontal bits bits span regulation angle regulation of unit drilling depth regulation Qk9vs0c2 chain lubrication manual pressure of material motor 5,5kW
Swing chisel mortiser STV-170 from Maka with many tools for window and door production. The tools are suitable for the tool system IV 68 from Stark on the also offered angle system. The mortising machine is fully functional and can be inspected. Bv88e7tgva
Well maintained Chisel voices Programmable Ready for production Pfyxj
Centauro BETA 3 Axis CNC Swing Chisel Mortiser A new fully programmable 3 axis horizontal CNC swing chisel mortiser suitable for general joinery and furniture production. By a combination of automatic movement of the mortisting head in the x axis and an automatic gripper that positions the timber no manual movement or handling of the component is required other than loading and positioning the timber against the pneumatic reference stop and then unloading when the mortising cycle is finished.T...
Type STV170 Power 2,5 kW Voltage 380 V /50 Hz Air pressure 6 bar Air drill Max 10mm Max. working height 170 mm Made in Germany 1994 y. Bw0m2nnbro Transport dimensions 1740x1200x1500 mm Weight 300 kg
San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine), Italy Italy
(dealership location)
1577 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition of the item: Used Bipa Code: 920616 Manufacturer: Bskpivfn9v Model: Machine condition: Used Manual drawer tonguing machines, used working
Millienhagen-Oebelitz, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
1049 km
excellent (used)
Portable splitting device One-man tool for splitting logs of any thickness and length. Operated by the hydraulics of a tractor or forestry tractor and a 10-metre hose connection for a flexible and effortless operation. Endxl3j
Bastogne Belgium
858 km
excellent (used)
Type CM 72 Gddizy0g8 Manual presser Very good condition 380V
Hinnerup Denmark
851 km
ready for operation (used)
max pieces 275 x 160 mm max mortising depth 130 mm hydraulicmotor 0,75 kw. electronic sidestop max 2600 mm workingtable size 1000 x 310 mm Bh09abt9ox stroke 400 mm longitudial - cross stroke 150 mm
Centauro ALFA NC Machining Centre For Joinery Components & Doors A versatile and flexible NC controlled machining centre suitable for a variety of machining operations including hinge recessing, lock slots, handle holes, key slots and euro grooves etc. Programming is extremely simple thanks to the colour graphic touch screen controller using pre-installed electronic macros. As standard the machine can be equipped with one milling head that automatically moves for either vertical or horizontal m...
Mariano Comense Italy
1395 km
good (used)
MORTISER machine type PADE MDO second hand machine Max oscillating length mm. 120 Q0lkllin Max. mortise depth mm. 80 Spindle collect diameter mm.13 Max. bit diameter mm. 20 Spindle motor power: Hp 3 Oscillating motor power: Hp 1 Spindle rotation: rpm 9000 Volt. 380/50
1 X FRAMAR AUTOMATIC HOLE CUTTER TYPE MBO-T25 - very heavy machine, partly cast iron - CNC controlled height, depth and length adjustment - automatic push table with electronic length measurement (2700 mm) - 4 hp engine, 400 Volt - more than 100 programs possible. 0dzuvzu More info on request
Masterwood OM B1 hydraulic chisel mortising machine Igkfh3a8e
Hinnerup Denmark
851 km
ready for operation (used)
see data on file Xqf9hvg7
Liverpool, United Kingdom United Kingdom
(dealership location)
216 km
Three axis NC control mortiser 4hp headstock motor 3rswicep 1hp hydraulic motor Max morting depth 130mm Rise and fall od chisel head 100mm 2 vertical and 2 horizontal hydraulic workpiece clamps Rotatable turret stop for vertical positioing of chisel head Manual working height adjustment to mortise head with mechanical digital readout Electronic stop length 3000mm [ with working stroke of 2600mm ] Electronic stop enables left, right and mirror image mortising. Can be seen operational until en...
Reken, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
797 km
M.Nr. 2304, Baujahr: 1952, Wandgeraet - robuste Ausfuehrung, 380 V - 1,5 kw, max. Stemmtiefe 200 mm, Rcoso08t Aussenmasse: H/B/T ca. 1300/900/700 mm !!! weitere Bilder siehe PDF-Datei !!!
Vejle, Denmark Denmark
(dealership location)
821 km
good (used)
PADE MSO slot mortiser for drilling long holes in fx chair manufactoring etc.. Ya9v9nebw pneumatic clam and automatic cycle.
Chain slotting machine Centauro CVS20 Work table dimensions 460x150mm Manual lowering with a lever Bu8jvtx7mk Automatic lubrication Working table can be tilted +/-45°. Motor 2.2kw Dimensions 1500×800 H1890mm Weight 420kg Year 1993
Masterwood hydraulic chisel mortiser - Type OMB1 ES 2B - with overhanging control panel - vertical and horizontal pneumatic holding cyliders Boizwkciya
Chain pruner Manufacturer: Zelisko Type: KFM 2 No. 411 upper head 45° rotatable support 45° swivelling motor: 2,2 kW mortising depth: 150 mm Incl. chain set Condition: very good and overhauled Bvfkqgjgcx
Stemm-Maschine Maka Type ED 10 Maschinen-Nr. 562 Boxn87sc2i Motorstärke 0,75 kW
Reken, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
797 km
Wall mounted, Motor data: 380 V - 50 Hz, Holder, Chain width 16 mm, Sword size: 12 - 17 mm / 50 x 175 mm, max. mortising depth approx. 200 mm, Weight approx. 200 kg, Outer dimensions: h/w/d approx. 1300/800/800 mm 3rmtsvjs8 !!! more pictures see PDF file !!!
Voltage 400V 4.7 kW engine power Workpiece length 2750mm Vertical travel 80 mm Bvbqsphozt Max depth 110 mm Head rotation speed 2840 rpm Head travel speed 20 m / min Weight 2000 kg
Nersingen Germany
1208 km
ready for operation (used)
A mortiser for lock cases and rectangular holes of any kind. Gjuulzcfo
MAKA chisel mortiser - with vertical and horizontal holding Boiz2vxoas - over hanging control panel - foot activation
Chain pruner Manufacturer: RGA Type: SM 400 upper head 45° rotatable Guvixkr support 45° swivelling motor: 2,2 kW mortising depth: 150 mm Incl. chain set Year of manufacture: 1985 Condition: very good and checked
CATALOG NUMBER 6075 TECHNICAL DATA - 200mm chiselling depth - 1.85kW engine - adjustable chiselling machine up / down, right / left, front / back and at an angle - material pressure - established chain with a width of 6mm - dimensions length / width / height 730x610x1800mm - weight 178 kg ADVANTAGES Ozut7 - Belgian production - unpainted - made of cast iron - used chisel, very good condition Net price: PLN 2,900 Net price: 667 euros depending on the price, 4.35 euros (Prices may vary with high...
Types:SL 100 Machine nr:1861 Current:380V/50HZ /1,7 Kw Brm2vmq8eb
Horizontal Mortiser Mortiser MAKA Horizontal Mortiser MAKA Type / Model: DB 5 Year of Production: 1969 Condition: Very Good Specifications: "Pneumatic control table "The number of swing arm: 3p. Comments Duaize
AUTOMATIC SLOT MORTISER machine type PADE MDO second hand machine Technical details : Max. slots width mm. 120 + thickness Max. slots thickness mm. 20 Max slots depth mm.80 Coller shank mm.13 table inclination 20° Spindle motor power: Hp 3 Oscillating motor power: Hp 1 Spindle rotation rpm 9000 net weigth kgs. 600 Volt. 380/50 Jva8he
Automatic slotting machine with two oscillating tables BALESTRINI 2CAP Maximum length of the groove 120 mm Maximum recess depth in mm 80 Spindle speed 9000 rpm Spindle motor 3 Hp Oscillating motor Hp 1 Bs0bf3d2sm Pneumatic clamp for the workpiece Overall dimensions: mm 1000 x 900 x 1250 Weight kg 500
Chain chiseler RGA Bispecial the engine. with 2.2 kw Hz0ldonys chiselling depth 180 mm additional spindles drilling the keyway turnkey drilling spindles and handle automatic guide lubrication 400V power supply the weight of the machine: 500 kg
CATALOG NUMBER 6027 TECHNICAL DATA - chiselling depth 150mm - 1.5kW engine - adjustable table top at an angle, front / back 45 degrees - material pressure - established chain with a width of 12mm - diameter of the extraction stub pipe 80mm - dimensions length / width / height 1000x600x1800mm - weight 351 kg Net price: PLN 3900 Net price: EUR 896 Net price, calculated at the rate of 4.35 PLN / EUR (with larger exchange rate fluctuations the price may change) Gjkoo9d
Mortising machines Maka Db-6 v Second hand 1977 Make: Maka Model: Db-6 v Description: VERTICAL MORTISER MAKA DB-6 V Year of construction: 1977 Machine condition: very good afer repairs capital Offertype: used machine offer Location: Poland Technical data: AFTER REPARIRS VERY IMPORTENT VERTICAL Nvchn Year: 1977
Morticers Haffner KF-412 bj1995 Moel7
OMB hydraulic combing machine 2.2 kw engine power stroke adjustment of chiselling depth and width 4 hydraulic material pressures infinitely variable chiselling speed the dimensions of the machine: 1400x1000x1400h mm Stm09k
21-14-8060/3 PADE Double side mortise (used) Type MDO Max. mortising length 150 mm Brdyxofyh0 Pneumatic mooving table 2 Spindles 2 Motor 2,2 kW 380 V Chuck diameter 13 mm Table dimensions 450x230 mm Made in Italy 1991 m/y/г Transport dimensions 1400x1300x1500mm Weight 500kg
Tamsalu Estland (Reval)
1811 km
excellent (used)
For making lock holes in doors; mortise and tenon joints for doors, windows, gates etc. Bi7dlgk8ib

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